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Find out all details about the Trade360 App here.

Should you start trading on your smartphone? Of course, yes. But there’s a catch. Not every trading app is reliable.

Hence, this article intends to direct you to the correct path.

Such as, we believe Trade360 mobile app is one of the best platforms for mobile traders.

If you are also on the hunt for a fast and responsive trading platform you can trust upon, the Trade360 app might be the best fit for you.

But before you end up installing it on your smartphone, let this article provide you with a clear picture of this app.

About Trade360 App

The explosion of the mobile app has taken the trading industry by surprise.

Trade360 AppSmooth operations, instant trade execution, and responsive features are all that make a mobile app the best trading tool in this modern age.

And Trade360 mobile app shows it because this app is geared up with every essential trading tool and feature to deliver you the smoothest trading experience.

Your fingers glide smoothly on the screen, exposing you to the flexibility, convenience, and swiftness of trading on mobile devices.

However, the interface of the Trade360 app isn’t that impressive.

The translation tools don’t work that well. Apart from that, the app has been capturing positive reviews from clients.

Though, commission and hidden charges associated with trading on this app are a matter of concern for many traders out there.

Hence you are also advised to look into this critical term carefully before proceeding.

Trade360 is CySEC regulated; hence the app is 100% reliable.

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    Trade360 Mobile App – Top Features

    Mobile apps are changing the face of mobile trading now.

    Thanks to these features that make this digital weapon are the best approach to conquer trading challenges attached to daily lifestyle.

    The critical features inside Trade360, the mobile trading app are clearly express why you should give mobiles a quick try.

    Crowd Trading

    Crowd trading is one of the unique features that not so many brokers provide on their trading platforms.

    How traders around the world are buying assets at Trade360, this feature inside the app provides you with a quick glimpse of it.

    Similarly, you can get better about your trading decision and uplift confidence in trading.

    A Multi-Trade Platform

    At the Trade360 mobile app, you aren’t limited to a specific asset because it is a multi-asset trading platform where you can find stocks, currencies, commodities, indices, ETFs, etc.

    In addition, users can also trade CFDs on this mobile trading app.

    Simply register yourself at the Trade360 trading platform, tap into the desired asset section and execute your orders.

    Receive Important Market Alerts

    The most substantial benefit that almost every trading app brings you is important to market alerts.

    You daily receive updates on financial news, latest announcements, and market reports on your mobile devices, allowing you to trade with smartness and cleverness at Trade360.

    Desktop-quality Data Visualization

    Even though that app isn’t receiving a good response for its display and interface, we would still give a plus point to the Trade360 trading app because it delivers a desktop-quality data visualization experience.

    You can feel the vibe of a desktop trading platform on your smartphone devices.

    Connect on the Go

    Since your account will be registered with Trade360 and not the app and desktop trading platform, the market, assets, and trading activities can be accessed on all devices.

    But make sure you are using similar log-in details.

    Live Chat Support

    In the interim, if you fall into trouble or face issues with trading activities, use live chat support provided right on your mobile screen.

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    How to Set up Trade360 Trading App?

    Setting up a mobile trading app is also one of the biggest challenges, and many traders don’t even know how to deal with it.

    If you are also one of these folks, then we have kept this simple and easy for you.

    If you want to use Trade360 mobile trading app, simply follow these steps –

    1. Download Trade360 mobile app first on your smartphone (make sure you download the Android app from the Google Play store and iOS app from the Apple App store)
    2. Install this app on your smartphone device and run.
    3. Sign-up and enter your Gmail ID.
    4. Here you may be required to select an ideal trading account. In short, the broker provides a total of five trading accounts. These include Standard360, Mini, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond trading accounts.
    5. Submit the minimum deposit amount, which may vary in every trading account. The maximum deposit amount is fixed at $250.
    6. Now, the entire trading world is ahead on your small screen. Try avoiding other things, keep everything aside or on OFF-state in your mobile that may obstruct you from using the Trade360 trading app during a trade execution.

    The only downside of trading on mobile devices is that. Even a single call or notification pop-up by a third-party app can be highly frustrating.

    So make sure there’s no such app on your device when you are trading on your mobile.

    How to own Trade360 Mobile Trading App?

    Most users believe that the Trade360 mobile app usage is a bit complex. But on the contrary, it is extremely easy to trade with the Trade360 trading app.

    If you successfully created your trading account at Trade360, done logging into the app, you are just a few steps away from executing your first trade.

    Still, if you are a bit unconfident about your trading style, mainly when you are a beginner, then consider taking help from the virtual trading account.

    This platform provides you with a virtual simulation of trading attached with real-market conditions.

    You neither lose nor win in the demo account but only grab practical knowledge, which is precious above all. However, the demo account facility can be accessed on the broker’s website only.

    Similarly, once you feel confident, embark on a trading journey and start using the Trade360 trading app. You can instantly execute an order via the Trade360 app.

    Simply tap into the asset section, click on the desired tradable instrument. Click on the buy or sell button and start trading.

    CFDs trading is also available at the Trade360 trading platform.

    But for that, seasoned expertise is required. Although, the broker itself helps you in easing out the entire trading process through its educational content.

    Still, you are required to become a bit careful.

    Advantages of Trade360 Forex App

    Let’s decode the advantages linked with Trade360 mobile app usage. The key benefits are as follows –

    • Live chat support has been provided
    • Desktop-quality interface is a plus point but negative for many
    • Trade360 is CySEC regulated, so feel free to fund your account
    • Automated trading features are offered
    • Crowd Trading is available
    • Free access to educational resources
    • Free access to the demo account
    • Execute orders instantly
    • It is a fully functional mobile app
    • Trade multiple assets through this single trading solution

    Trade360 App – Conclusion

    Use Trade360 mobile trading app when you seek a convenient approach to start trading online.

    Whether it is your first time or you are well-versed with the grounds of trading—download the Trade360 app and rock the financial market with your capabilities.

    The app is geared up with trading tools, analytics tools, unique features, and functions to up your trading game.

    However, not so many people are satisfied with the broker’s services, mainly because commissions are high and the interface isn’t that appealing.

    But overall performance and services offered by Trade360 broker speak it all that it isn’t that bad to trade on this app.

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    FAQs on Trade360 Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Trade360 mobile trading app:

    What Is Trade360 Mobile App Called?

    Trade360 mobile app is powered by Trade360 Ltd. company.

    The app allows you to trade multiple assets on a single trading platform and can be found easily on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

    Simply tap into the search box and type Trade360.

    You will have an app offered by Trade360 Ltd. So download it.

    Does Trade360 Provide An iOS App?

    Yes. Trade360 provides an iOS app for iPhone users.

    If you are also using your iPhone for trade execution at the Trade360 trading platform, download the app from the Apple app store. In case you don’t find the app there.

    Go to the broker’s official website and get the link to download the iOS app right on your smartphone.

    Is Trade360 Forex App Free To Use?

    Yes. Trade360 app is free to download. However, maximum features are free but not all.

    You need to submit $250 in your account – termed as the minimum deposit amount.

    Only then you can access trading facilities and think about carrying out trading activities.

    In addition, you can also take the help of a demo account if you aren’t yet sure about trading or submitting the minimum deposit amount at Trade360.

    How To Download Trade360 App?

    You can download the Trade360 app from the Google play store and Apple app store. Another method of downloading is available on the broker’s official website.

    You can find the link to the app that redirects to the respective play store, where you can find the app ready to install on your device.

    What Features Does the Trade360 App Have?

    In the mainstream, the Trade360 app is famous for its revolutionary Crow Trading feature. Apart from that, multiple assets can be traded online on this trading platform.

    You can trade stock, indices, commodities, and currency pairs on this trading app.

    Real-time market insights and essential notifications can also be obtained from this trading app.

    Desktop-quality visualization is a plus point.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via Trade360 App?

    Yes. You can trade in shares via the Trade360 app.

    The broker gives you a wide selection of stocks related to popular companies, each with the best response rate in the market.

    Moreover, you can also trade CFDs on this trading app.

    Conducting Market research is pretty easy on this trading platform since highly useful charts and indicators are within your reach.

    Is the Trade360 Android App Good?

    Yes. Trade360 app is a good choice. But due to certain reasons, the app is receiving negative reviews from clients.

    Many claims that the interface of this trading app looks old.

    But in reality, the broker offers you a desktop-quality interface, which means you receive a mirror version of the desktop on your mobile screen.

    Does the Trade360 App Have Ekyc Feature?

    Yes. Trade360 app has an EKYC feature. Giving a Gmail id and signing up for a trading account is a mandatory step.

    But submitting documents, Identity proof, address, and related details are a part of the KYC process.

    It may take time because the formality must be fulfilled for security reasons.

    Does Trade360 App Provide Tips?

    Yes. Trade360 app trading platform does provide trading tips to its mobile users.

    However, the app might not have these features, but the broker may provide them all to you on its web portal.

    Apart from that, no tips or clues are shared with users during the live market.

    However, crowd trading can be the best option to derive some of the best signals.

    How To Buy Currencies Via Trade360 App?

    You can buy currencies via the Trade360 app.

    Simply log in to the app, go to the asset section, and click on currencies/forex.

    Choose the currency name and type what you want to trade and execute your orders.

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