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Check out everything abut Hantec Markets Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here. The demo account is one of the best features of trading platforms in this digital age.

You practice trade, experience risk, and test strategies in a virtual trading environment that looks totally realistic.

Hantec Markets Demo Account also delivers you the same virtual trading experience. You lose nothing in the process when you are trading at Hantec Markets Virtual Trading Platform.

If you have a serious interest in trading, then selecting Hantec Markets is undoubtedly a brilliant idea.

The trading platform has been an award-winner for its best performance in the industry. Still, you should get a thick idea about the demo account before getting started.

Such as how the demo account facilitates the best trading services? This article has rounded some valuable insights on it that you must know.

Hantec Markets Demo Account

Hantec Markets Demo Account gives you the most pleasing learning experience on online trading executions.

Hantec Markets Demo AccountYou learn to trade in MT4 HM demo account, adding a significant benefit for pro-level traders too.

No matter if you are a beginner seeking an initial push or you are an expert willing to test some recently studied strategies, the Hantec Markets Virtual Trading platform is made for all.

Being a beginner, you might have some questions related to the broker’s credibility and quality trading services. So let’s make it clear.

Hantec Markets, through its best performance in the industry, continue to become the best choice for traders of all levels.

Except for the United States, Iran, and Korea, you can access HM trading platforms from any nation in the world.

Multiple regulators – from FCA, ASIC, FSC, FMA, FSA, GCSE, to JSC – give licensing to Hantec Markets, allowing the brokerage firm to provide trading services anywhere in the world.

Hence, it is one of the trusted sources to begin your learning journey with and start using the demo account.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    Hantec Markets Demo Account Features

    Hantec Markets Demo Account offers a best-in-class virtual trading environment to learners. The major reasons that help the broker make it possible lie in its handy features. These include-

    Free access

    You can start using the HM demo account for free.

    The broker doesn’t ask you to spend even a single penny because a demo account is an absolutely free service.

    Simply register yourself and start using the demo account.

    Practice on MetaTrader 4

    You practice trading on the industry-famous MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

    Even though you are a professional trader, you can take the help of MetaTrader 4 to improve your trading skills.

    Virtual Funds

    You are also offered $10,000 virtual funds in a demo account, making your practice trading look totally realistic. There’s no need to bring a Real amount to fund your account.

    Simply use the virtual currency and execute orders without risking even a single penny.

    Research and Economic Calendars

    The demo account also has a research and economic calendar that assists traders with different trading modules.

    From price analysis, market research, technical analysis, and so on. Simply take the help of these tools and monitor your improvements with time.

    Multi-Device Access

    You can use the Hantec Markets Virtual Trading Platform on different devices.

    From smartphone, laptop, to computer, the demo account facilitates you with the best practice trading services.

    To simply put, besides the web-trading platform, you can also access a demo account on HM mobile app.

    Hantec Markets Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money USD 1000
    Charges Free

    Hantec Markets Demo Account is free to use. Still, few things are important to discuss. You can use a demo account absolutely free. But there’s a catch.

    The broker doesn’t provide you lifetime access to its demo account. Hence, if you aren’t entering for practice with a serious interest in trading, hold on right away.

    You can use the demo account for up to 30 days after sign-up. After that, you will have to switch to the Real trading account; else, you will lose access to the demo account.

    But that’s not enough because you don’t lose access permanently. If you need some time to learn and practice trading on Hantec Markets, simply contact HM customer support.

    You can ask them to stretch the access duration for more days. But at this point, the broker can ask you to submit a significant amount as a fee.

    In most cases, it isn’t necessary, but you need to be prepared to tackle these challenges if you still want to use the demo account for an extended duration.

    Apart from that, the demo account is free for a total of 30 days.

    How to open Hantec Markets Demo Account?

    Many traders claim that they can’t access the demo account because the page redirects them to Hantec Markets’ official page.

    However, this can be due to technical issues, but there’s nothing to worry about because opening a Hantec Markets Demo Account is straightforward.

    If you are unable to access a demo account, let’s introduce you to the exact process.

    First, select an ideal device you are interested in using for trading, e.g., a smartphone or big screens.

    Download MT4 trading platform available in both software (for desktop, laptop users) and app (for mobile users).

    If you want to embark on the Hantec Markets Virtual Trading journey, then click on ‘Demo account.’

    Sometimes the’ demo account’ button on the homepage doesn’t work. So instead of approaching directly, you can either search on Google about ‘Hantec Markets Demo Account’ or you can access the same from the MT4 trading platform.

    Once you find the demo account, enter log-in details – Gmail id and password.

    The demo account will be available on the screen.

    $10,000 virtual fund must be proof that you are in the demo account.

    Now everything is in your hands, practice, make or lose, do whatever you want here because, for the next 30 days, you can use a demo account free of cost.

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    Advantages of Hantec Markets Virtual Trading Platform

    It’s probably challenging to list all benefits associated with Hantec Markets Virtual Trading Platform usage, but the major ones have been rounded up below. So let’s have a look-

    • Simple log-in process and one-tap access
    • Virtual fund availability is a plus point
    • Trading tools, charts, and indicators are available
    • Practice trading on industry class Meta Trader 4 trading platform
    • Access is available on any device regardless of the smartphone, laptop, or big screens
    • Realistic simulation offered
    • Supported by a well-regulated broker
    • Grants more time for demo account when requested

    Hantec Markets Demo Account – Conclusion

    We have covered every essential information in this review that you should know about Hantec Markets Demo Account.

    Unlike other trading platforms, HM doesn’t provide a standard demo account facility. Aspiring learners trade assets in a virtually realistic simulation of the MT4 trading platform.

    This makes HM the best trading platform for experienced traders too. Virtual fund availability in the demo account is not surprising because it is a part of the demo account. Altogether, we can reach some positive reviews about Hantec Markets.

    Still, the thing that hits a trader’s mind badly is 30-day access because, after that, a demo account can be accessed only through a special request.

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    Hantec Markets Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Hantec Markets demo account:

    Does Hantec Markets Provide Demo A/C?

    Hantec Market does provide a demo account facility to the aspiring trader.

    The broker leaves no stone unturned in proving its position as the best trader in the industry, and the demo account facility plays a key role here.

    This practice account by HM looks after traders’ choices that you can access in the MT4 version as well.

    How To Set-Up Hantec Markets Demo Account?

    You can set up a demo account within a few simple steps. First, go to the MT4 trading platform instead of tapping into directly on a demo account on the homepage. In most cases, it doesn’t work.

    Alternatively, you can Google about ‘Hantec Markets Demo Account’ and access it.

    Create a demo account registration id and enter the same on the MT 4 trading platform that must be installed on your device.

    Is Hantec Markets Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes, Hantec Markets’ virtual trading platform is free. But you need to acknowledge that the demo account facility is available for only 30 days.

    After that, the broker automatically cancels your access.

    If you still want to use a demo account, you can simply contact the Hantec markets support team.

    What Are The Fees Of Hantec Markets Demo Account?

    There are no fees associated with Hantec Markets demo account usage. You aren’t required to pay even a single penny as a fee. It is entirely free.

    Is Amc Levied On Hantec Markets Virtual Trading Platform?

    Account maintenance charges aren’t levied on Hantec Markets virtual trading platform, but they can be a concern in the real trading account.

    Is Hantec Markets Demo Account Best?

    The broker provides an MT4 integrated demo account facility, which is an industry-standing trading platform – widely used among traders.

    In addition, the broker offers every needed instrument you want to trade and features you want to use for trading.

    This makes Hantec Markets one of the best demo account service providers.

    What Documents Are Required For Hantec Markets Demo Account?

    No document is required. If you just want to use the Hantec Markets Demo account, there’s no need to get yourself baffled by an extensive list of documents to submit because they aren’t required here.

    Only your email ID is a key to unlock doors to the demo account.

    Is Pan Required For Opening a Hantec Markets Account?

    No, a Pan card isn’t required for opening a Hantec Markets demo account.

    Only your email is needed. Simply, go to Hantec Markets trading platform > submit your log-in details > and access the demo account.

    However, pan cards are mandatory for live or real trading accounts.

    Does Hantec Markets Charge Demo Account Opening Fees?

    No. Hantec Markets doesn’t charge a demo account opening fee, so enter the virtual trading world free of cost.

    How Much Virtual Money Do You Get In Hantec Markets Demo Account?

    Hantec Markets offers a $10,000 virtual fund to aspiring traders that they can use for up to 30 days. The virtual currency is also refillable, so keep focusing on your strategies.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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