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Check out everything about XTB App here.

Usage of mobile apps for trading has been capturing popularity with every passing day. No wonder this shift from desktop to the mobile trading account is highly appreciated.

However, mobile trading apps’ popularity is largely driven by their features that bring flexible solutions to the trader’s hands.

As, the XTB app is one of the best apps built for traders who love trading currencies, stocks, CFDs, and much more through their mobile devices.

The app is widely known for its unmatched versatility that helps traders keep an active eye on market movements, including their portfolio.

If you want to gather more details on the XTB trading app, read along and discover more in this review.

About XTB App

XTB mobile app is swiftly gaining recognition in the trading sector since the app helps you make a flexible money-making stream in no time.

XTB AppYou pick the best-performing assets with thorough market research together at once using your Smartphone.

The app is managed by the XTB group, founded in 2004 and regulated by KNF and CYSEC – one of the biggest supervision authorities in the world. Hence, it doesn’t take a while to appreciate that this is genuinely a dedicated trading app.

You learn to trade on the app in minimal time and get skilled hands over every activity that draws profits.

Daily stock prices change market crashes, putting people into either horrifying losses or unexpected profitable states.

At such events, having a trading app installed on your Smartphone means you can instantly access your portfolio and make swift moves in no time.

Mainly when a trading app like this is available, overcoming challenges turns out to be pretty easy.

With a rating of over 4.5 stars on the Google play store, the XTB Mobile Trading app appears in forming a reputed spot for itself.

After all, the app has lots to give to its mobile users that we’ll discuss below.

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    XTB Mobile App – Top Features

    XTB mobile app is witnessing a sharp surge in its demand solely because of its best-performing features.

    There’s no wonder that these features are the key contributors that engage traders with the app. These features include:

    Trade 2100+ assets

    This isn’t a joke; you can genuinely trade 2100+ assets at XTB mobile app.

    This certainly surprises many traders, but it is an eternal truth that traders can trade a big list of assets using the app.

    Be it forex, indices, stocks, commodities, or ETFs, and you can trade any asset at the XTB app.

    Technical Analysis Tools

    The app features ten well-constructed charts to ensure you get a thorough market analysis on the go. You can forecast prices to enhance accuracy.

    Drawing tools and technical indicators are further useful add-ons as a part of the mobile app’s features.


    Get a quick glimpse of margin, pip value, and risk exposure using an in-built calculator inside the XTB trading app, ensuring you trade every asset with the utmost transparency and accuracy.

    Price Alerts

    This brilliant mobile trading app even gives you important price alerts on numerous assets, so you could make a speedy move as soon as the market spins and hits a desirable price point.

    Real-Time Market Insights

    XTB – the award-winning app even shares some important news that may likely impact market prices.

    This ensures you prepare a robust plan and stick to it in the upcoming time.

    Economic Calendar

    Every day the ups and downs of macroeconomics are shared via the economic calendar – one of the most notable features in the app.

    Customizable aesthetics

    Users can even switch from light to dark or vice-versa, as the interface is tailored to meet the varying needs of traders.

    Demo Account 

    A demo account is unarguably the most vital feature that every online broker must provide to its users.

    And luckily, the broker does care about it as it offers you a well-designed demo account in its mobile app.

    Educational Tool

    The app is loaded with educational tools, which is great support offered to beginners by the XTB forex app.

    24×7 Hours Customer Support

    Customer support time is all-time ready to sort out your queries and issues you encounter at the XTB trading platform.

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    How to Set up XTB Trading App?

    The account set-up process at the XTB Mobile Trading app is conveniently easy. With a few steps, you can build your trading account with the broker.

    And the best thing is, your log-in details are applicable even on the XTB web-based trading platforms.

    Let’s have a look at the entire process of setting up a trading account at the XTB –

    1. Start with the sign-up process, submit your email id and password and become a registered user at the XTB Mobile Trading app.
    2. Before you enter the app, the broker may ask you to verify your account’s authenticity.
    3. Once the broker approves your account, use your log-in details and access your XTB trading account.
    4. You can view the market and can use every feature except for trading until you submit your KYC details. So, make sure your ID proof, address proof, and bank details are at hand since you’ll need them to meet E-KYC conditions.
    5. Once the E-KYC process is over, start trading as soon as you can!

    (Note: If you don’t want to start trading right now but want to explore the mobile app in-depth, going with a Demo account is a suitable idea.

    There’s no need to submit e-KYC documents if you are using a Demo account as it is a free virtual trading platform for all.)

    How to Use XTB Mobile Trading App?

    XTB trading app brings you advanced trading solutions on mobile devices since every trading activity you were used to doing on desktop devices is now possible on your phone.

    In a nutshell, the app enables you to trade 2100+ assets which itself is a surprising thing.

    The best thing is, any user can access these assets by entering a few sign-up details and becoming a registered user with the app.

    Users also receive technical tools supported to run a thorough market analysis. These tools range from technical indicators and charts to risk management features.

    There is a trading calculator where users can sort out any confusion regarding the margin, prices, and pip value.

    At any step, if a user or an inexperienced person encounters issues in grasping the basics and advances of trading, they may take the help of education tools provided by the broker in their trading app.

    One can even take help from a demo account as it gives a quick trial to the users on varying trading steps involved with trading at the XTB Mobile Trading app.

    Thanks to news articles shared on the app, which keeps XTB users up to date with varying ups and downs of the market.

    From macro to micro-economic factors, every detail is shared with users related to current events.

    Advantages of XTB Mobile App

    XTB Mobile Trading app is unarguably the best platform for traders who have varying trading goals.

    One can capture some great benefits by trading their favorite assets on the XTB mobile app. In a nutshell, the benefits include-

    • Trade 2100+ assets
    • The trading calculator brings transparency
    • Price alerts are available
    • Get special news on special topics
    • Stay up to date with macro and microeconomic factors
    • Brilliant customer support services
    • Customizable features are available
    • Educational tools make trading more informative
    • Demo account suits for beginners
    • Get real-time market insights
    • Conduct a thorough technical analysis on the go

    XTB App – Conclusion

    XTB app is unarguably the best trading platform bringing easiness for traders who prefer trading via mobile either partly or entirely.

    Using the XTB Mobile Trading app, you can expect more from your every trading move since the app has some brilliant features that deliver fast and smooth functionality.

    The most notable thing is that you can access 2100+ tradable assets. Besides, a trading calculator helps a trader get a clear-cut insight into the margin, pips, and prices of the assets.

    Technical tools support and active customer services are some added benefits you get alongside.

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    FAQs on XTB Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the XTB Mobile trading app:

    What is the XTB mobile app called?

    XTB mobile app is named as XTB Mobile Trading app that you can download from Google Play Store, Apple App Store by simply typing “XTB Mobile Trading app” in the search box respectively.

    The app with maximum downloads is on your radar, so end up installing it to start trading.

    Does XTB provide an iOS App?

    XTB app is available for iPhone users.

    If you also want to start trading on your iPhone, go to the apple app store, search for the Mobile Trading app and download it to your smartphone.

    Is the XTB app free to use?

    Yes, the XTB app is a free app that you can download from your respective app store.

    There’s no need to spend a single penny on app purchasing since it is free to use. But app usage comes at a certain cost.

    Users are required to pay a significant fee to start trading at the Mobile Trading app.

    How to download the XTB Forex app?

    There’s no tricky process involved with downloading the XTB forex app.

    As soon as you wish to start trading at platform, download the app from the Apple app store or Google Play Store.

    Once downloading is done, open the app on your Smartphone. Register yourself and start trading.

    What features does the XTB app have?

    XTB mobile app has several features, which makes it a well-packed trading platform for mobile users.

    The most notable features include a trading calculator, price alerts, breaking news, technical tools, 2100+ tradable assets, demo account, educational tools, etc.

    Can I trade in Shares via the XTB app?

    Yes, you can trade shares via the XTB app. Register yourself at XTB. Get qualified in the document verification process.

    Once your account is verified, fund your account and start trading your favorite assets. The brokers share some related news on every share that you trade on the app.

    Thus, you can expect a lot from this brilliant trading app.

    Is the XTB Android App good?

    XTB android app is a brilliantly performing trading app since you get every feature in the app that elevates your level of trading.

    You make more with valuable tools. News and other educational tools in the app help you make a wise decision for trading.

    Thus, it won’t be wrong to call the XTB android app the coolest thing you might have installed on your Smartphone.

    Does the XTB app have an e-KYC feature?

    Yes, the XTB app has an e-KYC feature that asks you to submit your details, including your ID, address proof, bank details, etc.

    Qualifying in the e-KYC process means you are ready to become a certified user of the XTB trading platform.

    In case your e-KYC details aren’t approved, get in touch with the customer support team.

    Or re-submit your e-KYC details as a network issue or modest errors can cause such problems.

    Does the XTB app provide any tips?

    Yes, the XTB app is a comprehensive trading platform that doesn’t just help you out in achieving your trading goal but even helps you study by giving some mind-blowing educational tips.

    By using a demo account, you can get yourself up in the basics of trading.

    The broker also shares news articles and further news related to micro and macro-economic factors.

    It helps you make a solid plan, so your every effort gets you more than targeted earnings.

    How to buy currencies via the XTB app?

    To buy currencies via the XTB app, you need to sign up for a trading account with XTB.

    Explore available Currencies and invest in the ideal one that suits your trading goals.

    You can’t skip market review briefly picturized on the charts.

    Taking the help of technical indicators, calculators, and price alerts, you can generate a good income from forex trading at XTB mobile app.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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