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Know everything about 101investing App here. The broker provides the application for mobile phones so traders can trade anywhere anytime.

This article will guide you about the Forex mobile app features and how useful they can be.

This app is available for Mobile phone users. It is not available for windows and other operating system platforms but it is available for all android and iOS platforms.

The 101investing mobile app for forex trading makes one-click trading available for traders at any time.

Users are very satisfied with the notification alerts and real-time trading chart updates available on the 101investing Forex app. Maybe this is the reason why its app is popular among traders in Europe.

About 101investing App

With 101investing forex trading applications, traders can trade with ease. Everything is incorporated in this app, aside from the opportunity to analyze the top traders’ insights and be the best.

101Investing AppIt also offers a demo trading account with virtual funds worth USD 1000 to help inexperienced traders get started in the world of trading.

It is thereby considered one of the top choices for forex traders. The App uses the MetaTrader 4 terminal for safe and secure trade and to provide the users with top features.

The 101investing trading application can be used through Android and iOS platforms.

The traders can be at ease and trade from anywhere around the world. This app makes the trading experience rich through and through.

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    101investing Mobile App – Top Features

    The 101investing mobile app comes with many features. It features educational services to provide novice traders with enough knowledge so that they can learn how to invest in forex markets and trade with 101investing brokers.

    This mobile app features email alerts, hence the traders get updated information on their email address about their trading portfolio and market.

    Be it the execution update or the market news, everything is conveyed through this feature of email alerts.

    The 101investing Mobile trading app also features many functions other than these, such as Trailing SP/TP, VPS services, trading from chart feature.

    Above all, the best feature is it provides the hedging feature which reduces the risk of trades executed.

    Lastly, the one-click trading feature allows traders of 101investing brokers to execute the trade at any point in time by offering a one-click trade execution option.

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    How to Set up 101investing Trading App?

    Don’t be concerned about how to set up the 101investing mobile trading app.

    Here are the steps on how to set up your profile on the app:

    • Download the app from the genuine website of the 101investing forex broker.
    • Set up the application, give the app all the access approvals, and then either create the account or Log in to your account if you have already created it.
    • If you don’t have a trading account with the 101Investing broker, then you can directly create through the app. Locate the create account icon and it will move you to the account creation page.
    • Before you open a genuine trading account, you must first open a demo account and study all of the features. Then for the actual live trading account, all that you need is proof of residency and proof of identity.
    • After creating your account, you must contact the broker, who will provide the user with login information for the account.
    • After gaining access to the account, go over all of the application’s features.
    • Then, deposit funds to your trading account.
    • Now you may purchase or sell based on your requirements.
    • You may view all of your transactions in the app’s order book. After that, you are ready to proceed with your trading account on the 101investing mobile trading app.

    How to own 101investing Mobile Trading App?

    This is how you may configure the 101investing apps:

    First and foremost, if you are an iOS user, the app can be found in the Apple Store, and if you are an Android user, the app can be found in the Google Play Store.

    Remember that apart from these two, the 101investing forex app is not available for any other operating system platform.

    Begin by putting the app’s name into the search field, and then click the install button when you see the trusted icon.

    After the 101investing mobile app is downloaded, set up your account or log in to your existing account if you have any. And now trade at ease.

    The traders can use all the features that come with the app while trading.

    They can directly watch over their trades in the order book and put the hedging feature in use to do risk-free trading.

    Now with this app traders can continue trading from anywhere at any time.

    Advantages of 101investing Mobile App

    This 101investing trading software offers numerous advantages in addition to being extremely simple to use. Here are a few examples:

    User Interface:

    Absolutely simple UI to ensure that the user does not encounter any difficulties in the trading world.

    It is quick and efficient, so the user does not waste time.

    Rapid Execution:

    The user may trade on the move from any location and at any time. The deals are executed at a rapid speed which saves time when the user is trading in real-time.

    Cryptocurrency Trading:

    It facilitates the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

    The software offers extensive user help to both novice and experienced traders.

    The 101investing trading app makes it very easy to track your orders as well as your earnings and losses.

    The different features such as hedging make it simpler for users to trade without worrying about the risks of trading.

    There are several sorts of executions available to the user, as well as exchange rates, interest rates, and other data tabs necessary for an optimum trading experience.

    101investing App – Conclusion

    To conclude, the 101investing mobile trading app is the fastest growing and preferred app among thousands of traders worldwide.

    The best two adjectives to describe this software are “easy to use” and “efficient.” It has a 4-star rating on Google Play and is gaining traction in the Apple App Store as well.

    The software is free, and there are no hidden fees for future transactions. It doesn’t get any better than this in terms of no hidden fees or complications along the route of utilizing it.

    Users can trust the ratings of the app and go through the review section.

    This will back up all the features and uses we have mentioned about this 101investing mobile app in this article. Get this app for a rich trading experience.

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    FAQs on 101investing Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the 101investing mobile trading app:

    What is the 101investing mobile trading app called?

    101investing Forex trading app is the name of the 101investing trading app.

    Its name is simple to remember and does not differ from the original firm’s name, leaving no room for mistake.

    Does 101investing provide an iOS App?

    Yes, there is a 101investing trading app available in the Apple App Store for iOS users.

    Users may simply locate and download this mobile trading application, which allows them to access the trading platform.

    The iOS mobile trading software has a user interface that is interactive and easy to use for traders to have a rich trading experience.

    Is 101investing App Free to use?

    Yes, the 101investing mobile trading app is completely free to use, with no hidden fees.

    All expenses charged by traders are determined by the type of trading account they use.

    There are no additional fees associated with installing the app.

    How to download the 101investing trading App?

    Go to the google play store app or Apple App store and search for the 101investing forex trading application. Download the app and install it.

    The download and installation are done with ease without any glitch.

    What features does the 101investing trading App have?

    The 101investing trading app has a plethora of features such as educational services, email notifications, trailing SP/TP, hedging, and so on.

    Readers may learn more about the 101investing mobile trading app by reading the Features section of this article.

    Can I trade in Shares via the 101investing trading App?

    Yes, you may trade stocks using the 101investing trading app.

    This mobile app offers all trading functions to help traders keep up with market developments.

    The app is technologically advanced and was designed with all of the popular demands of forex traders in mind.

    Is 101investing Android App good?

    Yes, the 101investing trading app can be considered to be good. It is now the fastest growing and top trading app on the market.

    The App is reliable and in high demand. It is highly valued by traders, particularly in Europe, and is frequently used for Forex trading.

    Does 101investing App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, the 101investing trading app includes EKYC capabilities, which means that the user may get verified by uploading photos of the needed papers from the comfort of his or her own home.

    It’s simple to upload, and the verification is done safely. There haven’t been any reports of data breaches or identity theft.

    Does 101investing App provide Tips?

    No, the 101investing trading app for mobile phones does not provide tips to users while trading.

    It provides enough features like educational services and hedging for traders to make an informed decision and have a risk-free trading experience.

    Traders can use the demo account which guides the user in the dos and don’ts of trading and get accustomed to the trading world.

    How to Buy Currencies via 101investing trading App?

    The app’s interface features a variety of markets from which the user can choose and begin trading.

    Users may learn more about currency trading by watching the video “How to Get Started with Trading Currencies” in the educational services area.

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