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Find out everything about City Index App here. When it comes to forex trading, the mobile trading platform is one of the most prominent platforms.

In the past few years, mobile phone usage has undoubtedly increased, encouraging more users to start trading.

The forex traders are now switching to android or ios City Index mobile app.

The broker aims to focus on developing an app that is not only easy to use but also convenient for traders.

This app leaves no stone untouched as the award-winning broker aims to offer the best trading experience.

The app is available for android and ios devices.

Furthermore, the best part is the app comes with splendid features besides a rich collection in various niches.

Besides forex trading, the traders can use the app to trade on indices, stock, and other trading avenues.

Above all, the app is suitable for both new and professional traders.

About City Index App

When traders choose the City index mobile app, they can expect a safe and sound trading environment.

City Index AppAdditionally, the app offers customized trading services and maintains the best possible integrity.

The dashboard looks fantastic, featuring various buttons and icons.

Whether traders are depositing funds or withdrawing them, they can find a plethora of options on the app which allow them to create a positive impact.

Considering the charting module, traders can see some icons for adding or drawing tools and indicators. The best of all is that the app works in alignment with the industry standards.

The unique part about the City index mobile app is that traders can add research tools to chart and also do fundamental technical analysis.

Besides charts, the app features some rich tools and educational content, which isn’t available on all apps. Above all, the app claims to offer several perks and platforms.

The mobile app has almost everything that traders need besides providing convenience to use. Navigation being easy, traders can head to the app whenever they want.

Lastly, traders don’t need to face any optimization issues here.

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    City Index Mobile App – Top Features

    The traders can trade efficiently on the City Index Mobile App as it offers plenty of features. Firstly traders can access various investment avenues, including forex and indices.

    Besides, traders can also apply for technical tools in the app.

    They can also withdraw and deposit funds with a click of a button.

    The live chat feature is available under customer support, where traders can connect with the team if they are stuck anywhere.

    Thanks to the data visualization, traders can check the trading performance.

    The best of all is that traders can access the market from wherever they want to, even while they are on the go.


    Depending on the trades one chooses, the broker offers various influences.

    Traders can avail a maximum force of 1:400, but traders need to be careful with such high leverage.

    Even though leverage takes traders to high levels, at the same time, they pose high risks.

    Low leverage is ideal for beginner traders, but professional traders know how to make the most of it.


    The spreads include mainly the difference between ask and bid price.

    Above all, the broker offers competitive spreads, and they are higher than average spreads available.

    Trade with several assets- Here, traders can trade with more than 4500 assets available. The traders can choose any asset as per their needs and budget.

    Analytics report- The analysis reports available here allow traders to learn about the forex market and its working.

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    How to Set up City Index Trading App?

    It is pretty easy to set up the City Index Mobile Trading App.

    The process is pretty much similar to other apps, but if one is new to trading, they can follow some basic steps here.

    • To start trading, the traders need to open an account with the broker. If traders are new to trading, they can open a demo account where they can learn about the basics of trading.
    • The broker offers login credentials to traders once they activate their accounts. Traders can use the same to access the City Index Mobile Trading App. They need to enter their login id and password to swipe through the dashboard.
    • Traders need to access various accounts before choosing one. Additionally, before moving ahead, the traders need to explore all the features to learn how the app works overall. Traders are also free to check different trading mediums.
    • Then traders need to check the investment option and start trading.
    • When the trader’s order goes live, they can check the same in the order book.

    How to own City Index Mobile Trading App?

    When it comes to owning the City Index trading app, the traders need to follow some steps to make the process easy.

    The traders also need to know that the app is available for IOS and android users.

    • The traders need to search the app in the ios app store or android play store. They can also use the login credentials in the search bar.
    • Traders can click on the download option once they find the app.
    • The traders will see the app on their respective devices once the installation process is over.
    • Lastly, to start trading, the traders need to login into the app using the login credentials. The demo account is also available for new traders.

    Advantages of City Index Mobile App

    Some of the fantastic perks of the City Index app. Firstly, traders can create several watchlists and observe markets.

    Live customer support

    The mobile app allows traders to connect with the team through live customer support. The feature is available 24*5.

    Through this feature, the traders can resolve all their queries in no time.

    Economic calendar

    The City Index app offers an economic calendar that allows traders to stay updated with the latest market happenings.

    The feature is not only comprehensive but also easily accessible.

    Charting- the app offers full-screen charts that allow traders to analyze trading opportunities.

    The charts are easily adjustable and, of course, configurable with more than 60 indicators and time intervals.

    Additionally, the feature allows traders to get a full-fledged trading experience thanks to the advanced trading features available.

    City Index App – Conclusion

    The city index app is undoubtedly an all-in-one app as it is available for both android and apple devices.

    Even though the app is simple, the traders can access robust features.

    Furthermore, the traders can easily place the orders with a click of a button. Live streaming and secure trading are also available under the app.

    Hence when traders choose the app, they can access the latest global news from various Reuters.

    The app allows trade anywhere, anytime.

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    FAQs on City Index Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the City Index App:

    What is the City Index mobile app called?

    The City index is a global trading app.

    It has all the features which make trading convenient for traders. Besides being available for free, it is available for both ios and android users.

    The users need to download the app, and they can start trading.

    Does City Index provide an iOS App?

    Yes, the city Index indeed offers an IOS app.

    The best part is that traders don’t need to pay any additional charges to trade here.

    Instead, the traders need to visit the app store and download the app.

    But to change here, traders must have an account with the broker.

    Is City Index App Free to use?

    Yes, the app is free to use. It means the traders can download the app for free from the app store or play store.

    But to trade, they need to pay some minimum deposit amount, and it varies from account to account.

    How to download City Index Trading App?

    It is pretty easy to trade on the mobile app. All traders need to do is move to the play store or app store and search on it. Once traders find the app on the play store or app store, they can install the app.

    What features does City Index App have?

    The trading app offers several features which traders can easily find and have their hands on. Besides performing trade analyses, traders can also keep track of their previous orders. It also includes indicators and charts.

    Can I trade in Shares via the City Index Mobile Trading App?

    Yes, traders can trade on the shares through the app—all they need to choose the stocks and earn a good return on them. Additionally, traders can also trade in currency pairs and indices.

    Is City Index Android App good?

    Without a doubt, the City Index android app is ideal for traders as they can avail several features. Moreover, the traders don’t need to pay any extra charges to download the app.

    Does City Index App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, the city Index app has an EKYC feature that allows traders to complete their verification process in no time.

    First, the traders must submit some documents to prove their identity. Once the EKYC process is complete, traders can start trading after they avail of their login credentials.

    How to Buy Currencies via City Index App?

    It is simple to buy currencies through the City Index app.

    Traders need to pin the currencies they want to trade in and accept them as per their budget. Besides, currency traders can also go for the indices.

    Does City Index Mobile App provide Tips?

    Yes, the city Index mobile app offers tips to traders. These tips make trading easy for traders. Above all, with the tips, traders can make the most of their trades.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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