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Check out all details about FXCM App here. With the increase in usage of electronic devices for trading, mobile applications have become the new go-to platform for traders.

One such application is the FXCM Mobile app that caters to an array of trading functions for its clients.

Overall, the FXCM Trading Mobile app is a savior for individuals who do not have 24*7 access to a desktop or a laptop.

With two account types and a free demo account, FXCM is an application that all traders must get their hands on.

About FXCM App

FXCM offers two types of trading apps to all its investors. There is the FXCM Trading Station for Mobile and the FXCM MetaTrader4 mobile version.

FXCM AppWhile both of these applications have an intuitive interface and are easy to use, they cater to slightly different kinds of traders.

A beginner might want to start on the FXCM Trading Station as it is simple and specially curated for beginners.

You will not need anyone to guide you through while you use this platform as everything on the application is self-explanatory.

This application does offer a trader to view basic charts for every asset class. You can select any instrument on the application and it will lead you to the instrument’s respective page.

Over there, you will have special options on whether you wish to buy, sell, enter, or OCO the instrument.

On the other hand, the MetaTrader4 is another seamless application with advanced tools. An advanced trader who wants to conduct technical analysis can easily do so on this application.

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    FXCM Mobile App – Top Features

    If features are not the first thing that you look for while downloading a trading application, what do you even check?

    The foundation of the FXCM mobile trading is in its abundance of features.

    These are essentially what makes the app a huge success.

    While both FXCM mobile applications offer all basic trading features, here are the few significant features that need to be highlighted:

    • Section for streaming market news and research and a search bar in the section too.
    • A special moving real-time economic calendar.
    • A variety of instruments range from S&P and DAX to Gold and Silver.
    • Live foreign exchange rates for more than 56 currency pairs.
    • Line charts with several time range options (H1 and H2 to M15 and M30).
    • Integrated trend lines on charts with indicators and Fibonacci.
    • Multiple order type options.
    • A free demo account with funds of $50,000.
    • Can deposit funds via Card or ACH.
    • Offers ZuluTrade which is a social media trading platform where individuals can copy trades from experienced traders.
    • Can invest in stock baskets that help in diversifying one’s portfolio and decreasing exposure.
    • Two types of accounts from which traders can choose.
    • A customer service option via SMS, Live web chat, Email, and Phone.
    • Spreads are competitive for active traders.
    • Maximum leverage of 1:30.

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    How to Set up FXCM Trading App?

    Setting up the FXCM Mobile Trading App is not a tough job.

    The first task that you need to complete is deciding whether you want to trade in the FXCM Trading Station or their MetaTrader4 Platform.

    Once you have made this decision, if you have an iPhone, head to the App Store and head to the Play Store if you are an Android user.

    Once you download your respective application, sign up if you do not have an account or log in if you already have one.

    If you are still confused about which application to use, you can download both of them and create a demo account with FXCM.

    With a demo account, you will be able to have access to both applications without actually investing a single penny.

    If you are already clear on which one to use, log into your account and make an initial deposit. FXCM also offers a $20 bonus for individuals who make a $50 deposit.

    Depending upon the type of account that you have, you can start trading on the application as soon as you have sufficient funds.

    How to own FXCM Mobile Trading App?

    To own your own FXCM Mobile Trading App, you must first download the Trading Station or MetaTrader4 from the App or Play Store.

    Once you download the application, do you first want to try out the platform as a demo account holder or become a live account holder directly?

    After making this decision, you can decide to sign up on the respective application.

    If you are opting for a demo account, you will need to put in details like your name, email ID, and number.

    However, if you are creating a live account, you will be asked to submit other information as well.

    An EKYC procedure will also have to be completed from your end in case of a live account.

    Once these formalities are complete, you will be able to start trading through the FXCM Mobile Trading App.

    Advantages of FXCM Mobile App

    Several features act as advantages while using the FXCM Mobile Trading App.

    These advantages make trading simpler for beginners and advanced traders.

    Let us look at each of them separately:

    • A wide range of shares of different countries.
    • Different trading app for beginners and advanced traders.
    • Over 56 currency pairs to choose from.
    • Social trading so beginners can learn from an expert and advanced traders.
    • No inactivity fee until a year of inactivity.
    • Competitive spreads.
    • 24*7 customer service options.
    • Easy user interface for all traders.
    • A welcome bonus of $20 on a minimum deposit.
    • Free demo account with $50,000 as virtual funds.
    • Option to trade in stock baskets so traders can minimize their exposure.
    • Several time ranges for line charts.

    FXCM App – Conclusion

    If you are a beginner who is starting your journey in the Forex Markets, FXCM’s mobile trading applications are the ideal place for you to do so.

    The best part about FXCM is the two options that it offers in applications.

    Since the Trading Station is curated specially for beginners, it makes it easier for them to indulge in the learning curve of trading.

    The commission-free trading along with ready-made stock baskets have made trading on the FXCM app trouble-free and quick.

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    FAQs on FXCM Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the FXCM trading app:

    What is the FXCM mobile app called?

    The FXCM mobile app is called “FXCM Trading Station Mobile” on the App and Play Store.

    It offers traders direct access to their FXCM account at no additional costs.

    With the help of the FXCM mobile app, traders can literally execute trades through the tips of their fingers.

    Does FXCM provide an iOS App?

    Yes. FXCM does provide an iOS version of their application. The name of the same is “FXCM Trading Station Mobile”.

    It is available on the App Store for all iOS devices. Apple users do not have to bear any extra costs while downloading this application.

    They do not have to compromise on any features either.

    Is the FXCM App Free to use?

    Yes. The FXCM Trading Station Mobile and MetaTrader4 are both completely free to use.

    Several applications have a downloading cost associated with them, FXCM is not one of them.

    You can use the FXCM Application to conduct trades as long as you have sufficient funds in your account.

    How to download the FXCM App?

    To download the FXCM Application, open the Play or App Store on your phone. On the search bar, put in the words “FXCM Trading Station Mobile”.

    The first result itself should be the FXCM mobile application. Click on Install/Download on your phone.

    Once it is downloaded, open the application and put in your credentials. Your account will be ready to use.

    What features does FXCM App have?

    The FXCM has multiple features that are worth understanding and using.

    For starters, they have multiple order types for all asset classes. Next, they even have charts with built-in trend lines and Fibonacci.

    Their feature of Stock Baskets shines the most as it makes trading easier for traders.

    Can I trade in Shares via FXCM App?

    Yes. You can trade in shares through the FXCM Mobile app.

    FXCM offers all major asset classes for all their traders.

    With FXCM, you can trade in currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

    Is the FXCM Android App good?

    Yes. FXCM’s android version of the application is very good for traders.

    It has a lot of features that traders can exploit.

    There are no major hurdles or bugs that FXCM Android users have experienced.

    This makes the entire process of trading simple for customers.

    Does FXCM App have EKYC Feature?

    FXCM does ask for several identity proofs in case you opt for a live account with them.

    These documents are in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing regulations and laws.

    They will carry out a verification and identification procedure for all traders that create an account.

    Does the FXCM App provide Tips?

    FXCM has an entire section for insights where traders can read about strategies, indicators, and everything else.

    They put emphasis on education as it makes trading easier for all individuals.

    The more you know about an instrument, the easier it will be for you to trade in it.

    How to Buy Currencies via FXCM App?

    To buy currencies via the FXCM application, you must first log into your FXCM account.

    Once you log in, if you have sufficient balance in your account, the next step would be to find which currency you want to trade-in.

    There are 56 currency pairs on the application. Once you find the currency, you can click on it. This will open the page of the instrument.

    You can then click on Buy/Sell and execute the transaction.

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