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Traders now realize the value of a well-structured trading account.

In this digital age, the online trading platform has started using high-tech computer software in their trading account, promoting the best trading environment for users.

Buying and selling assets online has now turned easy with these smartest innovations in the trading network.

Just like Hantec Markets Trading Account that makes all the necessary facilities of trading available to its users.

This multi-asset trading platform ensures you never miss out on even a single trading opportunity.

If you are also excited to use Hantec Markets, then before going ahead, have a look at this article.

Below we have covered up the key features and benefits of the Hantec Markets Online Trading account that you must know.

Hantec Markets Trading Account and Benefits

Hantec Markets Trading Account is available for Android, iOS, and many other devices.

Hantec Markets Trading AccountWhether you are a new trader or a professional one, its trading account is easy to use and works smoothly.

The broker provides friendly customer support, educational content for all level traders with a free demo account.

World-renowned regulators, such as FSC, ASIC, and FSA, give license to this trading platform founded by Hantec Group in 2008.

This certainly makes it clear that the trading account by Hantec Markets is reliable.

You can trade minor to major assets on Hantec Markets anytime, anywhere.

The broker makes its trading account available to both mobile and desktop users.

Millions of users across different nations are using Hantec Markets’ trading services.

All you need to do is sign-up for a trading account at Hantec Markets using the Hantec App and Website.

Register and access the best trading features offered by the broker.

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    Hantec Markets Trading Account Charges

    Trading Account Charges
    Account TypeStandard accountPro AccountPlatinum Account
    Initial Deposit$50NA$30,000
    SpreadFrom 0.2 pipsStarts From 0.2 pipsFrom 0 pips
    CommissionZero CommissionFreeZero Commission
    Leverage1:200its 1:2001:200

    Hantec Markets Trading Account is undoubtedly the best source to generate hefty revenue from trading.

    However, a trading account has lots of great features and benefits to offer. But it’s worth considering the most underrated thing – Charges – that can heavily impact margin and profit.

    However, Hantec markets charge primarily through spreads.

    But in most events, the broker charges direct commission on numerous verticals.

    To simply put, spreads are typically coming in between 0.2 pips and 0.7 pips.

    At the same time, if you are trading CFDs, direct commissions will be charged.

    The broker isn’t a free trading platform at all because, in addition to these charges, penalties are also a matter of concern at Hantec Markets.

    You must be ready to tackle challenges related to fees for all time if you aren’t clear about the structure of fees/charges right from the beginning.

    But as a beginner, you can feel relaxed at Hantec Markets because there’s no need to submit an initial deposit amount.

    Types of Hantec Markets Trading Account

    Types of Trading Account
    Trading Desk TypeCFD
    Min Deposit$50
    Maximum Leverage1;500
    Mini AccountNo
    Premium AccountYes
    Islamic AccountYes
    Segregated AccountYes
    Managed AccountYes
    Institutional AccountYes
    Suitable for beginnersNo
    Suitable for professionalsNo
    Suitable for scalpingNo
    Suitable for daily tradingNo
    Suitable for Weekly tradingNo
    Suitable for swing tradingNo

    You can call the Hantec Markets Online Trading platform the best source to start trading online because, unlike other trading platforms, there are no multiple accounts available here.

    The broker offers only a standard account and uniform services to all.

    No special facilities or services are provided to clients, which is remarkable about this trading platform.

    In addition, the broker provides a demo account and virtual trading account, which are free to use.

    Although, virtual account works only on MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

    $10,000 virtual funds ensure you learn trading without losing a single coin. But unfortunately, demo account services can be accessed for 30 days only.

    Once this 30 days trial period ends, you will have to upgrade to a real trading account or leave using Hantec Markets.

    However, MetaTrader 4 trading account is available to be used on both desktop and smartphone devices.

    Hantec Markets Account Opening and Trading Process

    It’s time to discuss the account opening process because most of the time, beginners get confused when it comes to getting started.

    If you also want to open your first Hantec Markets Trading Account, below we have discussed the key steps that guide you on how to start your journey with Hantec Markets.

    • First, select the device you want to start trading accounts at, e.g., mobile, desktop, or tablet.
    • Second, select between ‘demo account’ and ‘live trading account.’
    • Third, sign-up using your email address.
    • Fourth, submit documents and ID proof to qualify for the EKYC process

    (note: submitting documents isn’t mandatory if you are selecting a demo account)

    • Fifth, submit the minimum deposit amount since you are ready to start your journey at Hantec Markets.

    The overall process of opening a trading account is relatively easy. But now comes the critical point of how you will trade your first asset at the Hantec Markets trading platform.

    For that, you need first to launch the MT4 trading platform on your device.

    The broker provides trading facilities via the MT4 trading platform only.

    If you need any support or tutorials on how to do it, don’t worry! The broker step-by-step guides you on how to trade assets from starting.

    However, a demo account is also a part of this helpful guide.

    So, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert trader, using a demo account first is a smart move because it is a free service offered by online trading platforms.

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    Hantec Markets Trading Account – Features

    Trading Features
    Educational ServicesNo
    Social Trading / Copy TradingNo
    Trading SignalsNo
    Email AlertsNo
    Guaranteed Stop LossNo
    Guaranteed Limit OrdersNo
    Guaranteed Fills / LiquidityNo
    OCO OrdersYes
    Trailing SP/TPNo
    Automated TradingYes
    API TradingYes
    VPS ServicesYes
    Trading From ChartNo
    Interest On MarginNo
    Offers HedgingNo
    Offers PromotionsNo
    One-Click TradingYes
    Expert AdvisorsNo
    Other Trading FeaturesNo

    Now that you know how to launch your first trade via the Hantec Markets Online Trading platform, let’s look at the features offered inside the live trading account.

    Multiple Tradable Instruments

    Hantec Markets provide you access to popular assets.

    Users can invest in currencies, stocks, indices, commodities, and even in crypto-currency.

    In addition, some other popular ones can be found at Hantec Markets.

    MT4 Trading Platform

    Another best thing about the trading account is that the broker offers you an MT4 integrated trading account to conduct trading activities.

    MetaTrader 4 is a popular trading platform that you can access on any device, on any operating system.

    Trading Tools

    Trading tools are a bonus because MT4 integration provides you access to tons of unique tools and features to conduct a technical analysis of the market.

    If you are a day trader, the broker leaves no stone unturned in delivering the best trading experience.

    Advanced Trading Features

    Risk management tools can be seen inside the trading account.

    If you feel that the market is expected to rise or drop, you can command the computer software for a specific trading act.

    So, that the trading account responds against the market in your absence.

    Attractive Leverage

    The leverage facility for each asset may vary.

    To simply put, the broker provides leverage on gold in 1:20 and 1:200 on forex trades.

    However, the exact ratio can go up or down.

    Educational Resources

    Like other online trading platforms, Hantec Markets is also not far from offering the best educational resources in addition to its trading services.

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    Hantec Markets Trading Account – Conclusion

    You must open a Hantec Markets Trading Account if you just want to use your savings for the right purpose.

    However, Hantec Markets offer you a smartly designed trading facility. Still, there are certain factors you must consider before you launch your first trade.

    Even though the broker doesn’t ask you to submit a minimum deposit amount.

    Still, we can’t forget that the charges on trading are relatively higher at Hantec Markets. Penalties can be extremely annoying.

    Apart from that, the overall features and benefits associated with trading at Hantec Markets encourage us to give this trading platform a green signal.

    Mainly because the broker offers a uniform facility to its users through a single trading account.

    Hantec Markets Online Trading – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Hantec Markets online trading account:

    Does Hantec Markets Provide Online Trading?

    Yes, Hantec Markets is an online trading platform. You can use H-Markets to trade any asset online.

    The trading facility is available for both desktop and mobile users.

    No matter if you use an Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac device, trading is easy with Hantec Markets.

    What Are The Commission Charges In Hantec Markets?

    Commission and charges at Hantec Markets vary.

    This is because the broker primarily earns from spreads.

    But this doesn’t state the broker doesn’t charge on trade.

    The broker charges a commission on CFDs trading, and more information on it can be obtained from H-Markets’ official website.

    Does Hantec Markets Provide Demo Account for Trading?

    Yes, Hantec Markets provides a demo account for trading.

    This virtual trading account comes with $10,000 virtual currency.

    But unlike another trading platform, H-Markets, unfortunately, doesn’t provide demo account access for a lifetime.

    Users are only given a 30 days trial period in the demo account.

    Is Trading Free At Hantec Markets?

    No trading isn’t free at Hantec Markets. Although, the broker doesn’t ask its users to submit a minimum deposit amount.

    Still, it is worth noting that the broker charges a commission on trade.

    Penalties are also levied. However, spreads are the principal source of earnings to the broker.

    Does Hantec Markets Provide Spot Metals Trading?

    No, Hantec Markets doesn’t provide spot metals trading.

    Although, you can invest in cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, commodities, and indices.

    Does Hantec Markets Provide Stock Trading?

    Yes, Hantec Markets provides stock trading.

    If you are looking for popular stocks, simply login to your H-Markets trading account.

    Go to the asset section and then Stocks.

    Now you will see a list of available stocks on the screen. Click on the best-performing asset and start trading.

    What Is Spread At Hantec Markets?

    Spreads at Hantec Markets are different for each asset class. More information on spreads can be obtained from the broker’s official website.

    Try not ignoring this point, because spreads are the primary earning source to the broker.

    Is Hantec Markets Safe For Trading?

    Yes, Hantec Markets gets regulation from top-tier regulators.

    Such as FCA, FSA and ASIC provide regulation to Hantec Markets, making it a safe platform to start trading online.

    Millions of users around the world are using this trading platform. Hence it is the safest source to start trading online.

    Does Hantec Markets Provide Trading Tips?

    No, Hantec Markets doesn’t provide trading tips.

    However, users can receive educational support from Hantec Market’s official website and app.

    The demo account is also the best way to catch some ideas on how to trade using the Hantec Markets Trading account.

    Virtual currency inside a demo account is a bonus for users.

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