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Check out InvestLite App detailed Review here. InvestLite is a popular Forex broker which works under the parent company Bayline Trading Limited.

The broker is regulated and monitored by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) operating from Belize.

The company also offers three types of live trading account called the Silver account, the Gold account, and the Platinum account and offers a maximum level of 1:500.

InvestLite also provides free access to the traders on trading research, education resources, daily news blogs, trading blogs, video on demand, and many other educational options.

The customer service is available Monday to Friday from 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

For all the traders who want to trade on the go and from any corner of the world, InvestLite has designed a powerful and advanced InvestLite Mobile App that has been made available both for Android and iOS users.

So, in this article, we would be discussing in detail the InvestLite Mobile Trading App.

About InvestLite App

Smartphones have added technical advancements to everything in your day-to-day life.

InvestLite AppLikewise, mobile trading applications are now dominating the market due to the user in a friendly interface, easy to access, on the go feature and as all the exclusive features are also present.

The standout feature is that you can control all your trading actions from anywhere at any time. The mobile application is also available both for Android and iPhone users.

The user can download the InvestLite trading app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to embrace and use 350 plus underlying assets that include Bitcoin, gold, stocks, forex pairs, and indices.

InvestLite claims that it’s InvestLite Mobile App offers a rich choice of underlying assets and various other premium features.

The registered users can use the app to trade from any corner of the world and open positions at the right time for performing their strategies.

With the mobile trading application, the users can start forex trading and invest in various derivatives on popular and exotic currency pairs.

The stock market can also be customized in the application if you are willing to invest in the top companies behind the stocks.

The cryptocurrency market might offer some innovative digital coins via derivative options.

With the mobile trading application, the users will have the financial world in their pockets, get non-stop market analysis, get price alerts or notifications, trade from the customizable charts, and various other features.

All the premium features of the MT4 trading platform are also available on the InvestLite Mobile Trading Application.

Even if you are used to the web trading platform, you won’t be having any issue with the mobile trading application as all the premium features, charts and every other option is available.

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    InvestLite Mobile App – Top Features

    In this section of the article, we would be discussing all the exclusive features, benefits, and functions that the InvestLite mobile trading app has.

    The user is allowed to choose from various underlying assets that include:


    Tesla common Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft stocks, etc


    Ethereum, Repel, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and various others.


    Gold, palladium, coffee, crude oil, etc.


    Dow Jones, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, FTSE 100, etc.

    Forex Pairs


    Trading Strategies

    You can easily execute trading strategies from your smartphone.

    As the trading application has been developed on the structure of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, they have delivered a wide set of features to develop and execute various types of trading strategies.

    Day trading, swing trading, and various price action approaches can be completed with a few clicks.

    Trade on Commodities

    Trade derivatives on commodities like gold, shares, indices, or cryptocurrencies with convenience and full flexibility can also be performed directly from the InvestLite mobile app.

    • InvestLite app is powered by MetaTrader 4 which is a strong trading platform that provides various features that include:
    • Online trading can be performed from any corner
    • Forex signals are available
    • Access to various financial news and update
    • Multiple order types and execution modes
    • A total of nine timeframes
    • 30+ popular technical indicators
    • A total of 24 analytical objects and graphical indicators
    • Interactive charts

    Using the InvestLite Mobile app, online trading has become much easier. The users can opt for forex trading and also use a forex signal.

    They are allowed to select derivatives on various assets for day trading.

    The cryptocurrency market and the stocks can be easily accessed with just a click to open various types of trading positions.

    The leverage may increase your buying power and all this is possible with the mobile trading application.

    Exclusive Features of InvestLite App

    Some of the exclusive features provided by the InvestLite Mobile Trading Application are:

    • Total control of your trading account
    • 24×7 access to the mobile trading application
    • Seamless possibility to perform short term and long-term strategies
    • You get the ability to open short- and long-term positions

    You can carefully design your strategies keeping in mind the opening leverage positions that entail the risk of magnified losses.

    As your exploring the global forex market, the company boosts your trading experience with:

    • Lower spread charges
    • No hidden fees
    • Instant connections to the market
    • A dedicated customer supports
    • Trading with the leverage
    • Some of the other features include:
    • 1:500 is the maximum FX leverage, you can easily use this tool to prove your financial excellence

    The InvestLite Trading App helps you to stay up to date and stand out in the market

    You can easily trade without worrying about the security as the InvestLite App provides top-notch firewalls, SSL encryption, encrypted transactions, and communication data which is used to protect sensitive information.

    Multilingual customer support is available to clear out any confusions

    You can learn and trade directly from the application as there are many educational videos, ebooks, lecture sessions, and one-on-one doubt clearing sessions.

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    How to Use InvestLite Trading App?

    To start using the mobile application, there are a few things that you have to know.

    So in this section of the article, we would be helping you understand the ways by which you can easily place an order.

    If you do not know how to download the application, you must refer to the next section of the application.

    • Firstly, you need to get associated with the trading company, you have to open a trading account with InvestLite.
    • Upon activation of the trading account, you will receive the login details and password in your email. Remember to alter the password after the first login.
    • Now you must try adding funds to your trading account before placing an order. This step is necessary so that you get accustomed to the deposit and withdrawal process. The company provides various types of payment methods and does not charge any extra amount for the deposit or withdrawal process.
    • Now you can start placing an order, choose your favourite investment options, understand the identical reviews and you can be confident to place an order with the company via the application.
    • After your order comes alive you can check the status of your order at any time from the InvestLite Mobile Trading Application.
    • You are allowed to choose from a wide range of tools and some exclusive tools have been provided for all the beginner level traders.

    How to own InvestLite Mobile Trading App?

    The users who have registered accounts with the company are allowed to trade on over 350 financial CFD instruments that cover various asset classes that include Metals, Stocks, Indices, Crypto, Forex, and commodities.

    The trading company has also developed a powerful web trading platform on the globally recognized MetaTrader 4 or MT4 trading platform which is available both for mobile, web, and desktop.

    • So, to start trading with the application, you have to download it. To download the mobile trading application, you can visit the official website or the individual app store, or third-party websites that offer the software.
    • After downloading you must install it immediately.
    • After successful installation of the software, you must run it.
    • A login page appears where you have to put the login ID and password and then click on login.
    • Now the world of trading is in your hands and you can place orders, stop orders view the finance market, and perform various other trading activities with the InvestLite Mobile Trading Application.
    • The company does not charge any extra amount for using this mobile application. This simply means that you can download the mobile application and use it free of cost.
    • During the registration process remember to keep necessary documents like identity proof, bank statements, photographs, and some other documents.

    Advantages of InvestLite Forex App

    Some of the exclusive advantages of the mobile trading application developed by InvestLite are:

    • You have unlimited access to 350 plus trading assets
    • 60 + analytical tools are available
    • One-click operation is available
    • 7-time frames
    • You can check your trading history
    • The trading panel can be customized according to the needs
    • Free education and learning hub
    • Stop-loss feature
    • Customized technical indicators
    • Market alerts, updates, and notifications
    • Multilingual customer support (18 languages) available 24 by 5
    • Live chat feature
    • Full social trading integration
    • Forex trading community support is available
    • High-level security with data encryption
    • Free of course download and installation

    InvestLite App – Conclusion

    The InvestLite mobile trading application is one of the most successful applications in the market. The application was launched on August 25th, 2021 and now has 10,000 plus downloads.

    The current version available is 1.5.69- InvestLite and the application can be used for Android and iOS users.

    The application has a moderate review of 3.1 and is quite preferred both among beginners and expert-level service.

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    FAQs on InvestLite Mobile App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the InvestLite mobile trading app:

    What is the InvestLite mobile app called?

    The mobile training application developed by capital colour is called InvestLite: Forex and stocks for online trading. The mobile trading application is available both for Android and iPhone users.

    Does InvestLite provide an iOS App?

    Yes, the mobile training application developed by the broker is also available for iOS users and they can download it free of course from the Apple app store.

    Is InvestLite App Free to use?

    The broker does not charge any extra amount for downloading or using the mobile application.

    This means that the application can be used free of charge by all the users who have registered with the company.

    How to download the InvestLite App?

    You can download it from the official website of InvestLite, or the Apple App Store and Google App Store or you can download it from third-party websites.

    What features does the InvestLite Forex App have?

    Some of the features include:

    • You can check your trading history
    • The trading panel can be customized according to the needs
    • Free education and learning hub
    • Stop-loss feature
    • Customized technical indicators
    • Market alerts, updates, and notifications
    • Multilingual customer support(18 languages) available 24 by 5

    Can I trade in Shares via InvestLite App?

    Yes, You can trade in shares and other assets via the InvestLite mobile trading application.

    The application is the same as the trading platform and it is very easy to use for any layman trader or investor.

    Is InvestLite Android App good?

    The application has a moderate rating of 3.1 in the Google Play Store and has 10,000 plus downloads.

    Does InvestLite App have EKYC Feature?

    You can also register for the live trading account and complete the KYC verification process directly from the application.

    All you need to do is upload a scanned copy of a government-authorized identity card.

    How to Buy Currencies via InvestLite App?

    You can directly buy currencies using the application.

    The company has provided various payment methods and does not charge any amount for deposits or withdrawals.

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