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Commencing with this article, this page briefs on the available FBS partner models. Aspirants can get a hold of the options of starting a business venture with FBS.

There are a lot of perks attached with all the business models and as such we give you the end-to-end detail.

Best Partner ProgramAffiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPAUp to 50%
Second Level commissionUp to 10%
Commission WithdrawalWeekly
Partner Code Activation3 Days
Affiliate Cookie TrackingUp to 60 days

Often being associated with FBS is appealing, as also claimed by the present business partners.

They have denoted how worthy of an option FBS Sub Broker is and therefore we urge you to take a look at this article.

FBS Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEOChristos Kakourides
Established Year2009
Publicly TradedNo
Total Employees200+
RegulationsCySEC, IFSC

Partner programs that are briefly structured to benefit the partners have aspired, and the FBS Partner model is the replica of the said parameter.

FBS Partner or FranchiseOffer from the broker is not limited to one business model, rather 2 which would be a perfect match for the need of potential partners.

Furthermore, with the availability of high-profit potential, partners are as well subject to added perks and assistance.

Assistance from the FBS consists of marketing assistance, i.e. vast library of promo materials and also a personal manager.

Such assistance is great for starters, as partners generally find it quite difficult to establish their business as associates.

Both the partner models are rather efficient and keenly constructed for a different kind of partner.

Individuals can check them both and choose the one which provides the best assistance and reward.

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    Types of FBS Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner TypeAffiliate ProgramIntroducerWhite Label Partnership
    Revenue Sharing or CPAUp to 50%$16 for every CPA $80 commission per lot traded by the client
    Cost AssociatedMinimalNoNo
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTDNANANot Required
    Code Activation Time3 Days3 Days2-4 Days

    If you wish to be accustomed to the broker via its partner model, you need to watch out for the partner structures.

    We have briefed on both the models the broker offer, so you can check the factors and make a likely investment decision.

    Make sure you check all the terms and conditions of the models which will help you through the decision-making process.

    FBS Introducing Broker

    The suitability of this model is in context with the IBs, local representatives, Forex experts, for personal contacts and local activities.

    This is basically a referral model where referring individuals to the broker will fetch you returns.

    This is a great FBS Franchise initiative that the broker has taken. It lets the partner earn in the form of commission which is paid on the basis of the trades in the client’s place.

    Payments are processed in a daily fashion which is quite intrusive and exciting. This system keeps the partner motivated to get on the business strongly and fetch high potential leads for the broker.

    Partners can check the exact entitlement for the model with the partner, which we have provided in the next section.

    This will let you evaluate your earning potential and on the basis of which you can choose to purchase the model.

    Basically, there are certain terms and conditions attached to it. Partners will get a unique link, and the clients must register through the link.

    This model is however available for web clients with MT4 or MT5 accounts and the mobile users of FBS.

    FBS Affiliates

    The compatibility of the affiliate model is for webmasters, SEO, PPC, and other online traffic specialists. The model’s structure is that you can monetize your web and mobile traffic.

    In terms of the availability of the model, it is available for Mobile Personal Area, FBS CopyTrade, FBS Trader, etc.

    Furthermore, this model is divided into two further models, i.e. the revenue share and CPA.

    The facilitation of the model is that permission is to use extensive traffic analysis which caters for the optimization of the quality of the leads.

    This lets you hike up your earning potential by providing personal affiliate managers who help the partners out.

    Partners also get support from the company in their regional language and the support is present 24/7, therefore easily accessible.

    FBS Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate ProgramUp to 50%
    Introducer$16 for every CPA
    Authorized Partner $80 commission per lot traded by the client
    White Label PartnershipNA

    We have the insights into the revenue you shall be entitled to in case you choose either of the FBS Business Partner programs.

    Taking into account the same you need to know that, IB or the introducer broker is entitled to $80 worth of commission per lot, on trades placed by their clients.

    The payments are as well done on regular basis. Since we have already mentioned, the FBS Affiliate partner model further has 2 subcategories.

    The revenue share model has a revenue-sharing offer of up to 70 percent from the profit of the broker from the referred clients. This is basically based on the profits the company makes via spreads.

    Furthermore, we also have the draft of the revenue provided to a CPA. CPA basically means Cost Per Action, and the revenue of this model depends upon performed target action online.

    Revenue is not fluctuating, rather fixed at $16, provided on the basis of each and every CPA.

    Now, that you are well accustomed to the likely aspects of the FBS Franchise model revenue sharing, you can make a call of action.

    On the basis of the rewards provided stick with one model and research it thoroughly. Also, check the next sections which provide you with the details of the security deposit and more.

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    FBS Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate ProgramNo Deposit
    Introducing Business PartnerNo Deposit
    Authorized PartnerNot Required
    White Label PartnershipNA

    Basically, all the broker models which the broker provides are referral models.

    Partners can earn on the basis of the people and clients they refer, and hence there is no general deposit cost associated with it.

    Security deposit is basically the initial payment the partners are required to make, as in, the price for purchasing a franchise model.

    However, there is no such obligation with this particular broker. FBS Sub Broker can get registered and get started with the business process instantly.

    On the contrary, in case there is any charge in context with the partner model, it would be put forward at the time of registering with the broker.

    The broker would convey all the terms and conditions of joining, prior to the process of registration. When you are registering, you need to agree to all the terms and conditions apparently.

    FBS Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit schemeYes
    Real-Time Commission calculationYes
    Second Level CommissionUp to 10%
    Personal Account ManagersProvided
    Multiple Payment SystemsAvailable
    Sub-Affiliate systemAvailable

    Offers are definitely required for a partner program, without these offers the brokers will not be as competitive as other forex brokers.

    These offers are available is all types of business models that FBS Franchise Program provides. If you avail of it, you do not need to keep up with any kind of extra payment.

    This is indeed a perk for FBS Partners as they can promote these set of offers & generate more & more clients which further will help generate more revenue for both the parties.

    As you can check the table above, FBS Affiliates Model provides all sorts of these offers.

    FBS Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age18+ Years
    Business ExperienceMinimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification No basic qualification/degree
    Desired ProfileBusiness in Similar Field

    There is no specified set of requirements deemed as the eligibility criteria. But there are some unsaid requirements that the brokers look out for.

    We wish to state the same to you, so you can keep yourself updated with the requirements, and there is no major delay in the registration process.

    Firstly, the essential aspect is of an under-graduation degree. This is basically an assurance that you acquired a specific skill set.

    This shall be sufficient in terms of the educational qualification requirement the broker would have.

    A graduation degree basically teaches an individual a lot of aspects which is why it is indeed a requirement set by a lot of franchise businesses.

    Also, having a good network base would deem as a requirement profitable for you.

    If you can establish a network base and quickly refer people to the broker, you would earn a lot through them all.

    Furthermore, there is a documentation requirement which is discussed in the further section.

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    How to Become an FBS Business Partner?

    The process may seem lengthy but we have cut it short, giving you access to the broker domain from this page.

    Keep up with the process we mentioned in the following points and you can become an FBS Business Partner instantly.

    Here is how the process goes out.

    • Locate the button which reads “Become a Partner”, which is probably located at the bottom of the screen, and click on it.
    • When you click on the button, you are likely to find a quick pop-up form, enquiring about your contact details.
    • Enter in your contact details and submit the form, following which you would reach the registration portal of the broker.
    • You now need to fetch all the documents which are mentioned in the next section and carry on with the registration process. This process basically begins shortly, or you would receive a call from the company.
    • Now, you need to fill in the details related to you, as and when asked.
    • The website may basically enquire a lot of details from your end and it is crucial for the registration process.
    • Check each and every column of the form and enter in the same details and make sure they are right. Any wrong answers and unverified details will lead to avoid business relationships.
    • When you are done filling in all the details as asked, you can furthermore submit it.
    • The broker would go through all the details, verify them and then create a partner account and the entire setup for you.
    • The broker will send you your personal partner link, which you can use to register clients under your account.
    • Each time the client trades, partners are rewarded as per the reward mechanism.

    Documents required to Start FBS Franchise

    The registration process requires creating a relationship, rather mutual relationship of trust.

    Therefore, to ensure the partners are genuine, the broker asks for a bunch of documents. These documents can be used to verify your FBS Partner account.

    • PAN Card
    • Government ID and Residence proof
    • Education certificates or degree
    • Experience certificates
    • Photographs
    • Documents of partnership
    • Ownership of business proof

    Support Provided by FBS Partner Program

    Back Office SupportAvailable 24/7
    Trading SupportYes
    Dealing SupportYes
    Marketing SupportYes
    Multilingual Promotional MaterialsYes
    Training SupportYes
    Commission TrackerProvided

    The broker provides the feasibility of owning a business, by helping the partners fulfill a dream of acquiring wealth. The models basically are risk-free and help the partners make a lot of profits.

    In terms of the support provided, the broker extends support in the field of marketing. Partners can choose from a wide range of free promotional materials.

    They basically own a vast library of promo materials, and they let you choose from them. You can ask for help in regard to the offering they have to make to you.

    Also, there is assistance via a personal manager that the broker provides. Help via the manager is available round the clock, i.e. 24/7 and you can avail of it anytime.

    Benefits of FBS Sub Broker Program

    If you still wish to crosscheck all the points because of which you should get associated with the broker, it is here.

    This section briefs on the benefits which the broker provides, so you can conclude your decision of being an FBS Partner.

    • The commission is rolled out regularly, as per the transactions and profits which partners make.
    • Payments are done every day, which is another attractive aspect of the FBS partner business model.
    • Broker extends support 24/7, i.e. round the clock, and in your native language especially.
    • Personal affiliate managers are designated to each and every partner, to help them reach out for help instantly.
    • Risk is not a part of this business model, which is aspired by a lot of people willing to own a business.
    • Partners basically have entire control over the profits they make, since it is in sync with the people they refer.
    • Marketing materials such as promo activity-related staff are provided to the partners.

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    FBS Partner Program – Conclusion

    FBS Partner model is a great source or medium of commencing your own business.

    You can own a business with FBS and choose to enjoy massive profits and rewards with a great degree of help.

    If you have been through the entire article, you should be able to make up your mind for the final decision.

    We have included literally everything you would need for the decision-making process.

    FBS Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Check out FAQs on FBS Franchise or Sub Broker Program here –

    Does FBS have Introducing Broker Model?

    Yes, introducing a broker is one of the two business models that FBS provides. You can choose from the IB model or the affiliate model as per their terms and conditions.

    You need to know that; the affiliate model is further categorized as revenue share and CPA.

    Is FBS having multiple Franchise models?

    Basically, FBS provides 2 franchise models to the aspirants. Individuals can choose from the IB model or the affiliate models.

    The terms and conditions of both the models are the same, however, there are further two branches to the affiliate model, i.e. revenue share and CPA.

    What is FBS Sub Broker Commission?

    If you consider the IB partner model, you shall be entitled to up to $80 commission per lot traded by your client.

    In case you avail for the affiliate model, you will get 70 percent from the profit of the broker from the referred clients, specifically for the revenue share model, and $16 for every CPA of your client for the CPA model.

    How much is FBS Franchise Cost?

    There is no franchise cost associated with either of the franchise models, which is good news for all the aspirants.

    As for the final consideration, it is better to get in touch with the broker and check out the cost of availing of the models. This is crucial in order to get into a contract of partnership.

    Does FBS have Referral Program?

    Yes, in fact, all the sub-broker or partner models which the broker offers are referral programs.

    Individuals can closely check all the models the broker provides and then choose to avail for the one which best suits their need.

    The revenue of each of the models is however different.

    What is FBS Referral Model Revenue Model?

    If you consider the IB model in general, you are likely to earn up to $80 commission per lot traded by the client.

    On the contrary end, the revenue for the revenue share model is up to 70 percent from the profit of the broker from the referred clients, while it is up to $16 for every CPA of your client for the CPA model.

    Is FBS Partner Program Free?

    Yes, the partner program which the broker offers is all free to avail for. You do not need to provide any fee for the purpose of establishing yourself as a business partner of FBS.

    You can register online and become a partner of FBS instantly without any fee.

    Does FBS provide Training Assistance?

    Training assistance is unfortunately not a part of the business deal and you are on your own while creating networking.

    However, you can seek out the broker’s help in terms of marketing assistance and can also reach out to the personal manager.

    How to own FBS Franchise?

    You can kick start the process from the page, by clicking on the button “Become a Partner”. Fill in the pop-up form and then, you must go ahead with the next registration process.

    You need to do as directed in the next set and provide all the details and proofs, and then submit your application.

    Does FBS Franchise provide Support?

    Yes, but the support FBS provides is only limited to two areas. Firstly, you get access to the marketing materials of the company, which are in bulk and you can choose from.

    Secondly, the broker also provides a personal manager to you, in your regional language.

    Become a Partner Now! – Fill up the Form

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