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Find out everything about ThinkMarkets Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here.

The forex broker offers a demo account for new traders and various trading accounts for professional trading purposes.

ThinkMarkets is the trading platform that has proposed a demo account to help beginners understand the technicalities involved in trading.

This article will give you comprehensive exposure to each of the aspects of the ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading account to help you open the demo account and learn the basic trading traits.

To know more about the ThinkMarkets Virtual Gaming its features, charges, set up process, and Advantages, read on.

ThinkMarkets Demo Account

Demo Account is designed exclusively for traders who are new to the trading field and who want to learn the various aspects of trading without facing the monetary risks involved.

ThinkMarkets Demo AccountThinkMarkets provides a demo account to let the traders practice forex trading in a completely risk-free situation.

A demo account is also useful for professional traders who are not familiar with the particular trading platform.

With a Demo account, they can go through the entire account and understand how to operate it and its functions.

The broker provides a particular sum of virtual money to the traders to experience trading in the real market without incurring any monetary losses.

ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Platform is the best platform to learn and practice trading as there is no monetary risk involved, and hence you can employ various automated trading tools and learn the importance of its applications in different situations.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    ThinkMarkets Demo Account Features

    Demo Account comes with many features and offerings to the traders.

    ThinkMarkets Demo Account provides its traders to do various trading activities without any limitation.

    It is a vast platform for learning. Its excellent features make beginners pro in trading before they switch to a professional trading account.

    Provides various platforms- it offers various platforms to use demo accounts on, such as Think Traders platform, MT 4, and MT5.

    While opening the demo account, the account holder can choose their preferred platform.

    Offers virtual money for trade practices- the brokers offer a sum of virtual money to the traders to trade in the active market without the fear of any monetary loss.

    ThinkMarkets Demo Account provides $ 25 000 to its traders for virtual trading.

    Opportunity to invest in forex without risk- with a demo account, you can actually trade in the real forex market without any risk involved.

    You can experience the forex real market fluctuations and conditions by trading with virtual money.

    Use all the options to learn efficiently- in a demo account; the beginners can go through the entire account and check the various options it offers.

    They can use various trading tools and other services it offers and gets efficient self-training.

    No charges involved- ThinkMarkets virtual trading involves no cost for its operations. The traders can open the demo account without having to pay any brokerage charges or other fees.

    Confidence booster- before moving to the professional trading account and investing the real money, if you get a demo account to access and virtual money to trade, it provides practical knowledge of trading and boosts the confidence of the new trader to invest more confidently in the professional trading account.

    ThinkMarkets Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual MoneyNA

    While opening any kind of trading account, there are certain charges involved that have to be incurred by the trader in the beginning and at different intervals of time depending upon the types of account and the trading tools that are to be used.

    But Think Markets provides its demo account to its traders for totally free. There are no commission charges, spread charges, inactivity fees, etc., involved in the ThinkMarkets Demo account.

    However, it involves a minimum deposit amount that is to be paid as the initial deposit to access the account.

    The traders have to invest $500 as a minimum deposit balance in the Think Markets demo account. It also involves trading fees, but it is also kept minimal.

    How to open ThinkMarkets Demo Account?

    Think Markets has designed an easy to use online trading platform where opening a demo account and all other trading accounts requires few easy steps to follow, such as –

    Go on the webpage and open the Demo Account page. Provide the data in all the sections with the required information.

    Also, choose your preferred trading account and trading terminals out of the three options available.

    Now click on the option “create an account.”

    • Fill the personal information application form to register as an account holder.
    • The next and the most important step is the verification process. Keep all your important documents such as PAN card, passport, residential proof, etc handy to present to the broker whenever asked.
    • After the verification process, your application will be processed and the broker will provide you with your personalized demo account. After applying, it might take 24 to 48 hours to open your account.
    • Also, the traders are free to create a password and select whether they would like a Standard or ThinkZero demo account before clicking on ‘Start now.’

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    Advantages of ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Platform

    Check out benefits of ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Platform here –

    • A demo account is the model of the ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Platform. With a demo account, you can examine the Forex market, execute in the market and also check and track your trading orders.
    • You can also examine the live trading account via the demo account.
    • You can polish your trading approaches by practical trading learning in a demo account with virtual money where no risk is involved.
    • Demo account also offers various tools such as automated charts and indicators to help you evaluate the market and prepare you well before going live to execute trades.

    The best part about the demo account is the risk-free atmosphere it provides for trading. You can actually execute your trade in the real market by using your virtual money instead of your real funds.

    ThinkMarkets Demo Account – Conclusion

    In this article, we have now provided you with a comprehensive idea about ThinkMarkets virtual trading.

    Since you have all the information, you can decide well whether you want to opt for the demo account before opting for the professional trading account or not.

    Use the wide range of automated trading tools ThinkMarkets offers along with various other features in both demo accounts and another trading account.

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    ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is a list of Top FAQs related to ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Account –

    Does ThinkMarkets provide a Demo account?

    Yes, ThinkMarkets provides a Demo account, along with different types of accounts, including Standard account, Think Zero Account, Islamic account, and segregated account along with globally recognized trading terminals.

    So, now you can open a demo account with all the three platforms of ThinkMarkets -Think Trader platform, MT4 and MT5.

    How to Set up a ThinkMarkets demo Account?

    Setting up a ThinkMarkets demo Account is very easy and straightforward.

    You can simply browse the website, search for the page that provides the Demo Account opening option.

    After reaching the page of Demo Account, fill in the sections asking for necessary details.

    Then pick the most suitable platform as per your preference and click on Create Account option.

    Now, you will get an Application form for registration followed by the process of EKYC.

    Once the verification is done, your account will be opened within 24 hours, and you will get login credentials to access your demo account.

    Is ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Account Free?

    Yes, ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Account is absolutely free.

    It does not involve any kind of brokerage charges or fees to access the ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Account.

    However, there is a requirement of a minimum balance of USD 500 that you have to maintain in your account. It also involves trading fees but at very minimal rates.

    The minimum deposit amount and trading fees charged for the demo account are very nominal and need to be paid off at the beginning.

    What are the fees of the ThinkMarkets Demo Account?

    ThinkMarkets provides a demo account for free to all of its traders to look around the account and understand all of its different trading tools and functionalities.

    There are only a few charges involved while opening the demo account that is to be paid at the time of beginning only.

    The first is the minimum deposit amount of USD 500, and the second is the trading fees which have been kept low. It varies depending upon the type of platform you are opting for.

    Is AMC levied on ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Platform?

    No, AMC is not levied on ThinkMarkets Virtual Trading Platform or any other trading platform.

    A virtual account is free to use and does not involve any kind of maintenance cost associated with it.

    You can access any of its features or service for free without paying any kind of fees to the broker.

    Is ThinkMarkets Trading the best?

    Indeed, ThinkMarkets Trading is the best.

    It provides a demo account with all the necessary features and automated trading tools to let the new traders learn the traits of trading and develop trading skills before switching to the professional trading account.

    The best part about the demo account is its low trading fees and initial deposit.

    It is free of all other costs and hence provides more liberty to the traders to utilize the services of ThinkMarkets trading account.

    What Documents are required for ThinkMarkets Demo Account?

    Verification is one of the most important aspects of the account opening process. EKYC is essential to authenticate the identity of the account holder.

    While opening a demo account with ThinkMarkets, there are certain documents required –

    • A valid passport.
    • A PAN card.
    • A valid government ID, such as a Driver’s License or State ID.
    • A valid National Identity Card.
    • Bank statements or credit card statements,
    • Residential proof.

    Is PAN required for Opening ThinkMarkets Virtual Account?

    Yes, PAN is essential for Opening ThinkMarkets Virtual Account. PAN card is important proof that reflects your financial status of the Account Holder.

    Does ThinkMarkets Charge Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No, ThinkMarkets does not charge any opening fee for Demo Account.

    It is a free of charge account that can be used by any of the traders to take a tour of the entire account and get complete know-how of the professional trading account of ThinkMarkets.

    However, there is an initial deposit amount involved that needs to be paid at the time of opening the account, along with a nominal trading fee.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in ThinkMarkets Demo Account?

    ThinkMarkets Demo Account provides virtual money worth $25,000 to its traders to let them test their trading skills in real market conditions.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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