Find out all information about Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here. A demo account on a trading platform is a free feature that you can’t skip to use.

It provides a clear picture of the live trading account where all trading activities come at a certain price.

Without losing even a single penny, you can teach yourself various trading concepts. Though, not every demo account is that useful core point of a live trading account.

It must be engaging. Virtual currency helps further to recognize basics in one go.

Since the trading platform keeps all these vital points in mind, it offers you a well-built demo account. How the demo account serves you, know right over here.

About Demo Account is a globally known trading platform founded by Joe Rundle in 2008. The platform works as a dealing desk broker where traders visit and trade in millions of dollars. Demo Account

But before you access a live trading account and end up putting the real money in, you must use the demo account.

The broker offers a demo account for free. Beginners learn the basics of trading platforms.

But, it’s worth noting that without log-in, you can’t access the demo account. So keep that email id and password ready.

You will be creating an account with in the initial round. Apart from that, the platform is fully encrypted.

You feel fully secured over your practices at the demo account. adheres to the rules set by ASIC, CySEC, FCA, and FSCA, which builds more interest among traders for.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades Demo Account Features

    Now, let’s stretch this discussion and catch a glimpse of the notable features that the virtual trading platform offers.

    Free of Cost

    The demo account offered at broker is free of cost.

    The only thing needed is a simple sign-up. Enter the email-id and password and land at your demo account.

    Use to the Infinity

    The Markets demo account isn’t a trial account.

    Unlike other demo accounts on the trading platform, trading at virtual trading platform can be continued until you get fully satisfied.

    Practice with Virtual Money

    The demo account also includes $10,000 virtual money, which serves real-life trading experiences to the traders.

    Use the virtual amount for the good or bad without being worried that you will lose anything.

    Sharing the Real-Experiences

    The entire demo account mirrors the live-trading account, which has its own benefits.

    In simple words, when you switch from practice to real account, you won’t encounter any issues as every option will be familiar to your eyes and mind.

    Switch Accounts on One Click

    One a single tap, you can switch from a demo account to a live trading account.

    But make sure that you know on which platform you are when you are using real money in your live trading account, as both look similar.

    Next, we discuss the charges if there are any on using the demo account. Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 10000
    ChargesFree virtual trading account is free of cost. The broker doesn’t ask you for any pre-specified fee or deposit to use the demo account.

    It is entirely free and intended to educate new users more on’s real trading account.

    You can start using the demo account following a simple log-in process. Also, the virtual money you see in the demo account is free of charge.

    There’s no need to submit any amount to your demo account from your own bank account. Moreover, the virtual money you get in demo account has no use in real life.

    Mobile users can also use a demo account by through its official app about which we will discuss next.

    How to open Demo Account?

    Mobile users are also not far from experiencing demo accounts.

    The broker had made the demo account accessible for mobile users.

    Simply download the mobile app from the Google play store or Apple app store and follow the step-by-step process stated below.

    1. Once the installation is over, and the app is ready to use on your smartphone, enter the log-in details you have previously registered with Mcom web-based platforms. Or sign-up if you are a new user.
    2. If you don’t want to use your email ID for log-in, don’t worry, you can do so with your Facebook as well.
    3. A well-built demo account will be available next on your screen once the log-in details have been successfully submitted. robotic engines automatically guide you on how to use the trading platform and reach the features.

    Moreover, users also see the language and dark/light theme option on the top right corner that you can choose as per your comfort and regional choice.

    (Note: users can switch from Virtual Trading Account to live trading account with one click and since both accounts mirror each other, make sure you double-verify the type of trading account on which you are.)

    Advantages of Virtual Trading Platform

    Here are the major advantages you receive when you get your hands-on demo account before live trading account-

    Understand the Core-Points without Losing

    The chief advantage you get when you log in to the Virtual Trading Platform is that you strengthen your basics. You know how a trading platform works and so on.

    Overcoming the Fears of Trading

    Most risk-averse investors find it hard to come out from their mind-built web of concerns that stop them from investing the real amount.

    The fear of losing constantly bites them from inside, but a demo account wipes out this issue for all. Since you don’t deposit even a single penny in your demo account, you lose nothing.

    Virtual Currency Turns Experts into Pro-Level Traders virtual currency encourages advanced traders to keep analyzing their strategies, mainly if they are planning to make a strategic move for long-term or short-term trading.

    Beginners Learn a Lot

    For beginners, a demo account isn’t less than a gold mine.

    If you are also the one, you will see a big boost in your confidence level once you access the demo account at Demo Account – Conclusion

    Ultimately, you can now feel fully assured and make a wise step. Without a doubt, virtual trading platform can go beyond your expectations.

    If you also want to raise your expertise in trading and wish that you could practice your strategic move without losing a big buck, consider taking help from the demo account. demo account is free of charge; there’s no need to pay even a single penny. A simple log-in is needed and your demo account is ready for your use. Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Virtual Trading account:

    Does provide demo a/c?

    In addition to live trading, the broker offers you a demo account that mirrors the live trading account thoroughly.

    Users can experience a clear reflection of every feature they get in the live trading account.

    How to set up a demo account?

    Users can set up a demo account without getting stuck into complexities.

    Visit the portal, enter the log-in details (e.g., email id and password), or continue with your Facebook account.

    Your personal demo account will be available on your screen.

    Is virtual trading platform free?

    It is a pretty good thing that users can use virtual trading platform for free.

    The broker only asks for simple log-in details, and on the next step, you are at your demo account.

    From virtual money to additional tools for technical analysis learning, everything is within reach in a free demo account by

    What are the fees of the demo account? doesn’t charge any fee from its users.

    The demo account is entirely free, and a user can access it through a simple log-in, no deposit, and no pre-specified fees.

    It hardly takes a few seconds to get your demo account next to your screen.

    Is AMC levied on virtual trading platform?

    No, doesn’t charge AMC (Annual Maintenance Fees) from its users. Since the demo account is built for learning reasons only, users can use it for free.

    Is demo account best? demo account can be counted among the best demo accounts as it mirrors the live trading account you get on’s official trading interface.

    What documents are required for the demo account?

    The demo account doesn’t ask you for any documents. Only your log-in details are needed.

    Since everything is offered for free at the demo account, there’s no need to qualify for the verification process or submitting your documents.

    Is pan required for opening a demo account?

    No, there’s no need to submit a pan number for using the demo account.

    It is free, and the platform doesn’t ask you for any security to proceed.

    Does charge a demo account opening fee?

    No, online trading broker never asks you for any opening fee if you are using a demo account only.

    How much virtual money do you get in the demo account?

    Traders get $10,000 virtual currency in their demo account, which has no use in real life nor the live-trading account. It is only provided for practice reasons.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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