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Check out everything about FXTM Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here. Demo accounts are one of the best and most practical ways to learn to trade.

Since, the market is highly volatile and without proper knowledge and practical experience, deploying your hard-earned money won’t be a wise decision.

So, there are demo accounts where you can practice trading virtually with virtual cash and have the real feeling of the market.

This article is going to cover the demo account features, benefits of FXTM.

Apart from that, you will learn about the process to open the demo account, the charges involved and all other details related to the FXTM Virtual Trading account.

FXTM Demo Account

FXTM Demo AccountFXTM Demo account is a trading account where you can trade like real for the money or the currency you use will be virtual or unreal.

In simple words, it is like a trading platform with virtual cash.

The Demo account is used to learn to trade and it can be used by anyone.

The features of the account are a replica of the actual trading account, everything except the cash is real on a demo account.

You can buy and sell, modify and cancel orders.

You can even analyze stocks, commodities, and all other assets which are available for trading with FXTM.

This account will help you understand how to place the orders, how to analyze stocks, and all about trading if you focus on it.

You can trade during the normal market hours as it is a real-time account.

The prices of the assets will be on a real-time basis and thus you can prepare strategies for the investments you make.

So, a demo account can give you the real feel of trading without you losing any money.

The importance of a demo account lies in the aspect that when a trader is new, inexperienced, the chances of losing money in the market are too high.

Moreover, if you start trading on a trial and error basis and for learning you use real money, you may lose it all.

So, to learn properly without losing any penny demo account is the way.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    FXTM Demo Account Features

    The features of the FXTM Demo account includes the follows –

    • The demo account has access to all types of financial instruments that are available with FXTM. You can trade stocks, currencies, commodities, cryptos, and all other asset classes.
    • The demo account helps you get access to the trading platform of the brokerage house as well. It is the FXTM Virtual Trading Platform where you can use the demo account and trade like in real without involved real money.
    • There are multiple technical analysis tools which include technical charts for the different assets and investment options. Ample of technical indicators, and other tools you will find with the FXTM demo account.
    • Then there are different trading options like different types of orders, multiple orders, live-streaming of the prices of the assets, and others.
    • Both MT 4 and MT 5 access is allowed to the Demo account users. So, you can use the most advanced trading platforms for learning to trade.
    • The FXTM Virtual gaming account has multiple investment strategies preloaded and you can also feed your own strategy and use the same.
    • There are options for checking the orders you placed over different time frames.

    FXTM Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 5000

    The best part of using the FXTM Demo account is that you can use it for free.

    Yes, there is no fee or charge that this broker takes for providing the demo account to the investors.

    You can do all the practice and learn trading without paying a penny.

    All you need to do is to open the demo account with FXTM and download their platform and trade with virtual money.

    The amount of virtual money that will be allotted to your demo account is $5000.

    Now you can start trading with this amount and as you trade, the gains will add to this amount and the losses will decrease the value.

    The demo account is free and has all the facilities like a real trading account of FXTM that helps the traders to trade in real terms without having any fear of losing real money.

    How to open FXTM Demo Account?

    Opening the FXTM Demo Account and using the FXTM Virtual Trading Platform is really hassle-free.

    All you need to do is to follow the steps which are mentioned below –

    • Firstly, you need to click on the button/ tab here on this page “ Open an Account”
    • Once you click on the tab, you will see a form appearing right on the screen of your device which you are using
    • Fill the form and make sure all the details you put in there are appropriate and correct to the core. This form will be evaluated by the FXTM associates and verified for KYC purpose
    • Then, click on the ‘submit button and submit the form
    • Once you submit the form, you will have to wait for the call from the FXTM associates
    • They will call and discuss the various services they provide and guide you about the rest of the procedure
    • Then you need to upload the documents like PAN, AADHAAR, and other documents required for opening the account on the website of FXTM only. There you have to choose the Demo account option before filling the final form.
    • Once the documents are submitted to the broker, they will verify the form and the documents, if everything is right, your demo account will be live.
    • You will get the password and the login id in your registered email id.

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    Advantages of FXTM Virtual Trading Platform

    The advantages of using the FXTM Virtual Trading Platform are as follows –

    • With the FXTM Virtual Trading service, you can learn trading from basic. Learning to trade in the real market is crucial and it cannot be learned by reading books. It is a practical job that needs to be learned by using the FXTM Virtual Trading Platform and demo account.
    • There is no real cash which is involved
    • You do not need to pay any deposit or fees for using the demo account
    • You get access to the trading terminals that too Meta Trader 4 as well as 5.
    • There is no risk of losing any money
    • You can use multiple technical charts, indicators, make strategies, test them and do everything like in a trading account for real.

    FXTM Demo Account – Conclusion

    Since there is an inherent risk in trading, it is always important to learn and make sure before you actually start it.

    The best way to learn trading is using the FXTM Virtual Trading Platform.

    You can use all the features of the real trading account, trade like in a trading account but the cash is virtual.

    So, with the FXTM Demo account, you don’t have any risk of losing your hard-earned money while learning.

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    FXTM Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here are the FAQs related to the FXTM Virtual Trading account:

    Does FXTM provide Demo a/c?

    Yes, the FXTM brokerage house provides a demo account facility.

    The demo account is a trading account where the trades take place with virtual currency.

    This is why it is known as a demo account. Though the features of the FXTM Demo account are the same as the real trading account of FXTM.

    How to Set up an FXTM Demo Account?

    The process to set up the demo account of FXTM is given below –

    • Firstly, open the demo account with FXTM
    • Then download the trading terminal or the mobile trading platform. You can use the web trading platform as well
    • Install the terminal on the desktop and open the same
    • Once it opens, you will see a dashboard, where you have to create the watchlist for all the investment options you want to keep monitoring always
    • You can add, remove the instruments anytime
    • You can set alerts for price movements and other market activities
    • There is a live-streaming feature that can help you stay updated about the market

    Is FXTM Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes, the FXTM Virtual Trading Platform is completely free of cost.

    There are no charges that you need to pay for using the demo account.

    When you open the demo account, you can just simply open it without paying any charges.

    What are the Fees of the FXTM Demo Account?

    There are no fees that you need to pay to FXTM for using their demo account.

    The demo account is completely free of cost. When you open a real trading account, then you need to deposit a certain minimum deposit.

    With a demo account, there is no real cash transaction involved.

    Is AMC levied on the FXTM Virtual Trading Platform?

    There are no annual maintenance charges or AMC on the FXTM Virtual Trading Platform.

    Since it is for the demo account, there are no such charges.

    However, when you open a real trading account, the brokerage house levies certain charges towards the maintenance of the account and providing other services.

    Is the FXTM Demo Account best?

    The FXTM demo account is one of the best demo accounts that you can use.

    A demo account must have all the features of the real trading account.

    With the FXTM demo account, you get the same features as the FXTM trading account.

    You get all the resources as well.

    What Documents are required for the FXTM Demo Account?

    The documents that you need to upload for eKYC for the FXTM demo account are as follows –

    • PAN card
    • Government ID proof
    • Address proof
    • Income proof
    • Bank details

    Is PAN required for Opening an FXTM Account?

    Yes, PAN is mandatory for opening an FXTM account.

    Though there is no use of the same when you are using the demo account, generally the broker asks for it for verification purposes and KYC.

    Does FXTM Charge a Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No, there is no opening fee on the FXTM demo account.

    The broker levies no such charges. You can open it for free.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in an FXTM Demo Account?

    You get $5000 in your FXTM demo account when you open the account.

    You can use it for buying investment instruments like stocks, currencies, commodities, and others.

    The earnings will keep on adding to the account and the losses will reduce the balance.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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