Find out details on OctaFX Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here.

When you are just a beginner, it’s good to learn first rather than dipping your toes directly in.

Mainly when you are up to start trading in forex and planning to join a broker, learning should be on priority.

For best practice, it is always advised to get better in basics by signing- into the demo account.

Without putting any amount at risk, you can figure out lots of great things about the trading platform you intend to use.

Such as the OctaFX demo account that allows you to test strategies, execute your plans without being stressed about losing the real amount.

What does this helpful offering by OctaFX bring to you? Let’s unwrap it.

About OctaFX Demo Account

OctaFX demo account can be accessed free of cost by the official OctaFX trading platform.

OctaFX Demo Account

You can follow the little simple sign-up process to access.

The account gives a perfect test drive of the OctaFX trading account so that you are experienced and not a fresher when applying for a real account.

With virtual currency support, the demo account mimics every feature you get in OctaFX real trading account.

In a simulated environment, you get better in your trading skills you aren’t good at.

But in addition to standard learning concepts, the demo account comes with several great benefits.

In simple words, the demo account unfolds all the chapters of trading via OctaFX broker.

Hence, before you tap into the OctaFX trading platform and submit the deposit amount, get your hands-on demo account first.

It will provide a brief idea about the broker and how it is likely to serve you in a real account.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

    OctaFX Demo Account Features

    The key point that makes the OctaFX virtual trading account worth checking is that you get every real account feature to practice.

    There’s no need to panic about losing your money or bearing expenses. Every feature is free and doesn’t include any paid plan. The major features include-

    Access to charts and tools

    How to carry out technical analysis that drives best results? Know it better with the help of charts and technical indicators provided in the demo account.

    Understanding of trading terminals

    Which trading terminal brings you the most desired sets of assets, including how to set up a trading terminal on your computer? Know this in detail.

    User-friendly interface

    The interface of the demo account is relatively smooth and pays great attention to the user’s experience. Single tap provides you prompt access to every feature.

    That’s how you can find the OctaFX demo account a great thing to get started with.

    Learn how to place an order, buy, sell and hold assets

    Even though you aren’t familiar with the normal activities related to trade.

    Such as how to buy, hold and sell assets; you can learn all these vital things in an OctaFX virtual trading account.

    Analyze your strategies daily

    You can even monitor your strategies in the demo account as the system keeps tracing your trading activities. How are you doing? Where did you go wrong? The demo account helps you monitor your ups and downs.

    OctaFX Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 10000

    Charges have always been the scariest part of the entire selection process. Higher charges end up putting a stumbling block in the midway of your plan.

    Yet, at the same time, lower charges can give you a sense of relief. But surprisingly OctaFX demo accounts can be accessed free of cost.

    Users do not need to subscribe for OctaFX paid plans, nor do they need to submit their payment details first.

    The demo account is free to use; a simple sign-up will provide you instant access to the OctaFX demo account.

    The demo account has $10,000 virtual currency, which eliminates the need for a real amount.

    Use the virtual currency for free without making any real transaction. It won’t be wrong to call it a free training program for new traders.

    How to open OctaFX Demo Account?

    Just like a live account, OctaFX offers multiple languages in its demo account. Users can pick their desired language from the upper right corner (drop-down menu).

    You can access the demo account from the OctaFX trading platform in a few simple steps. These include-

    1. Visit OctaFX trading platform and search for demo account option
    2. You’ll be redirected to a portal lookalike of OctaFX real trading account
    3. Check whether you are on a demo account or a real account. Click on “open demo account” if you are in the demo account.
    4. A small window will pop up asking you to submit some essential information. Use your e-mail id, enter your first name and address, or sign in using your Google account.
    5. Download trading terminals, e.g., MT4 or MT5, making the entire virtual experience pretty much realistic.
    6. Here you go; now you can see the tutorial shared by OctaFX on how to use the demo account. The overall integration of the account is similar to the real account. Thus it’s worth understanding everything about OctaFX in-depth.

    Whatever you will learn at the OctaFX demo account, you can apply and exercise in a real account.

    Moreover, since you spend nothing, you lose nothing. Hence, it’s advised to give time to the demo account as long as you can.

    Advantages of OctaFX Virtual Trading Platform

    Here is the key contributing factor that makes OctaFX virtual trading platform known as the best trading tool to up your trading game in no time.

    No Limit Is Imposed

    Repeat faults and trade as much as you can as there’s no limit set on how much and less you can trade on the OctaFX virtual trading platform.

    Leave a demo account when you are satisfied.

    Free Of Cost

    OctaFX virtual trading is a free offering by OctaFX forex broker.

    All it takes is your e-mail id and password by which you create an account and start using the OctaFX virtual trading platform.

    Includes Every Feature of Real Account

    What else does the broker provide you with its real account you get in its demo account?

    Whether it is charts, tools, or a stop loss/take profit feature, the demo account includes everything.

    Participate In Contest

    The broker even runs some great contests to participate in. And the best thing is, you can even win some exciting prizes.

    Virtual Currency Offered

    Virtual currency adds a cherry on the top as it makes virtual trading relatively more realistic to the traders.

    OctaFX Demo Account – Conclusion

    When you are trading via an OctaFX demo account, the fear of losing money is utterly absent because the account is only provided for learning purposes.

    It’s good to have a trial of the OctaFX trading platform by sign-in to the demo account.

    If you don’t want to submit a minimum deposit amount for the sake of knowing a trading platform better, it’s worth going with a demo account.

    With a virtual currency of $10,000, you can trade any asset in the digital environment.

    Even though you lose, there’s nothing to feel sad about as the amount used in the demo account has no link in the real world.

    Go with a demo account when you aren’t confident about trading at the OctaFX trading platform.

    OctaFX Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the OctaFX Virtual Trading Account:

    Does OctaFX Provide Demo A/C?

    OctaFX offers a demo account to its users, as the broker cares about your knowledge and skills to be improved.

    To simply put, you can know how trading works and how you can excel your trading skills.

    Without putting money at risk, you can access a demo account and start learning.

    How To Set-Up OctaFX Demo Account?

    You can set up the OctaFX demo account effortlessly by submitting the basic sign-up details.

    Username, e-mail id, and password will provide you prompt access to the OctaFX demo account, and you are all set to launch your first virtual trade.

    Is OctaFX Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes, the OctaFX virtual trading platform is free.

    You neither pay fees before sign-up nor do you pay any fee after landing at the demo account.

    You can access every feature of the demo account free of cost, which is a great benefit.

    Another great point is that you can switch from a demo account to a real account with a single tap.

    What are the Fees of OctaFX Demo Account?

    OctaFX demo account can be accessed free of cost.

    There’s no need to spend even a single penny out of your pocket as the demo account is totally free.

    All you need to give is login details, e.g., an e-mail id and password, to set your demo account and start virtual trading.

    Is the OctaFX Virtual Account the Best?

    OctaFX demo account is free, and any person can access this fantastic offering by OctaFX forex broker.

    The broker seems to leave no feature and option to include in its demo account, adding a plus point. Virtual currency makes the entire learning experience truly realistic.

    The best thing is you can use the account for a lifetime. And it won’t be wrong to call it the best overall demo account.

    What Documents are required for the OctaFX Demo account?

    Only your login details, e.g., e-mail id and password, are enough to access the OctaFX demo account.

    Apart from these login details, the broker doesn’t ask you for any other doc to provide you access to its virtual account. But the conditions may be subjected to change.

    Is Pan required for Opening the Demo Account?

    In case, OctaFX broker asks you for a pan or bank details; there’s no need to worry.

    The broker can ask to submit documents due to security reasons.

    Meanwhile, no amount is deducted from your account or charged from you.

    Luckily, if the broker asks for no documents, you can start using your demo account in no time.

    Does OctaFX Charge Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No, OctaFX charges no fee on its demo account.

    The broker does not ask you for any fee before opening or after opening an account.

    How Much Virtual Money Do You Get In OctaFX Demo account?

    OctaFX demo account gets you $10,000 virtual currency which you can use for practice and learning purposes till lifetime.

    You only focus on your trading moves and the system handles for you the rest of the things.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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