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Learn everything about NinjaTrader Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here.

Among the leading online trading platforms, NinjaTrader was launched by Martin Franchi in 2003 in Denver, USA.

The company also runs offices in Bamberg, Germany, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. NinjaTrader specializes in forex and derivatives like futures and options.

An individual trading account requires an initial minimum deposit of $50.

NinjaTrader Demo Account does not charge any fee and is designed as a learning plan.

Simulated trades that follow all the steps of real live trading help especially beginners to understand the system.

Whether a beginner or experienced trader, you need to commence with the demo account to know the procedures and practice slow and patient trading based on researched data.

NinjaTrader Demo Account

NinjaTrader Demo Account introduces novice traders to the accomplished digital platform with extensive research facilities.

NinjaTrader Demo AccountThe award-winning technology offers endless opportunities for high trading incomes but learns your lessons well first from the simulated account.

It is called simulated trading because it is not real live trading though it follows similar procedures. What is the difference? In a real live account, you would invest real money and stand to win or lose the investment and profits.

The reality is that too many traders lose money and sometimes the entire investment.

The simulated account does not run the danger of losing money because it is virtual trading with virtual money invested.

In other words, you experience the thrill and the adventure of trading live without the money loss risk. Beginners would find the experience very interesting.

Veterans would have experienced live trading earlier but they need the refresher simulated trading too.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    NinjaTrader Demo Account Features

    Ample historical EOD data on stocks, futures, and forex put you in the know. Enjoy the benefits of Trade Simulation and Advanced Charting.

    Numerous add-ons allow traders to customize NinjaTrader with indicators, signals, and strategies.

    Get the assistance of Strategy Back-testing and the Real-Time Scanner.

    NinjaTrader Demo Account brings you plenty of educational videos. Attend free product training webinars. Plenty of media ideas come from the super helpful guide.

    Once you launch the demo account, there is no looking back.

    Learning and practice take time and patience. It will be several months before the trading lessons are well learned.

    Avoid the attractive-looking shortcuts and take your time in the learning and practice process.

    No success in any field can be achieved without adequate research and practice.

    So it is worth trading.

    NinjaTrader Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money $ 10000
    Charges Free

    You need not pay any charges for opening the demo account with NinjaTrader.

    It is free to join, and all the facilities offered by the demo account are free.

    When you open a live trading account that includes the risk of losing real money, the opening deposit minimum is $50.

    The virtual money used in the demo account does not run any risk. On the other hand, it cannot be withdrawn because it is not real money.

    How much virtual money?

    When you open the simulated account, the company credits $10000 of virtual money in your account. This virtual money is used for trading like in live accounts with all the facilities.

    The simulated trading gives the feel of real trading since you practice the same steps.

    Enjoy the double bonus with the demo account.

    Firstly, there is no account opening fee or minimum deposit. Secondly, you receive $10000 virtual money.

    There is no time limit and you can continue learning indefinitely.

    How to open NinjaTrader Demo Account?

    You need to fill up an online application and upload scanned copies or pictures of verification.

    Documents required to start the NinjaTrader Demo Account.

    • Find the button that says, ‘Open a demo account’ and click on that.
    • In response, you gain access to a pop-up form that requires personal particulars.
    • Fill in the personal details just as they appear in the legal government documents that are offered as proof. Spellings and dates must be accurate.
    • Get the documents ready, too, as they will be required to support the application. Primarily, identity proof and residence proof documents are required.
    • After the form is submitted online, the company will contact the applicant for the next phase of the procedure.
    • The identity document must contain a clear image and name among several government legal documents like the passport, driving license and Aadhaar, PAN, or Voter ID. One of these will suffice in support of identity proof.
    • The residence proof should be a recent bank or credit card statement not more than three months old. Current utility bills of water and electricity may also be submitted. The document should show the name and address clearly.
    • After the successful verification, the company sends the login details to start working on the account.

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    Advantages of NinjaTrader Virtual Trading Platform

    Using the NinjaTrader Virtual Trading Platform with dedicated effort over several weeks and even months forms an excellent introduction to the risky trading world.

    The first lesson about trading is that the danger of losing investments is forever present.

    The process may be rendered safer with the use of technological software, charts and indicators, expert advisers, and customer support.

    Various automated trading strategies need to be experimented with and a strategy developed for safe and researched trading.

    Slow and patient investments in the buy and sell activities should be preceded by a realistic study of live market conditions that the company constantly supplies traders with.

    NinjaTrader Virtual Trading is the only practical method of reasonably developing trading skills through trial and error.

    As the days pass, you will see where you succeeded and the mistakes you committed.

    Don’t give up on the demo account. If you fail at the demo account, how will you succeed with the real live trading?

    NinjaTrader Demo Account – Conclusion

    An accessible facility that has so much to offer for training traders in live market conditions, the NinjaTrader Demo Account makes successful trading dreams possible to achieve.

    If you accept that hard work is necessary to succeed, here is the opportunity.

    No payments are involved, and the $10000 virtual currency gives the feel of actual trading.

    Though thrilling, don’t get carried away but persevere in exploring the mysteries of trading.

    Get serious about gaining knowledge from the demo account though learning never stops, and constant updates will be required as you progress with trading.

    Get ready with the tricks that will be needed to succeed at trading.

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    NinjaTrader Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the NinjaTrader Virtual Trading account:

    Does NinjaTrader provide Demo a/c?

    Yes. NinjaTrader Demo Account is offered free with $10000 virtual money to provide practical lessons in trading.

    Traders need not pay any account opening charges or any other charges to join the demo account.

    Experimental trading of buying and selling may continue without any time restrictions. Make mistakes and learn from the errors.

    How to Set up a NinjaTrader Demo Account?

    You need to fill up an account opening form with personal details and submit two verification documents.

    The letters and numbers should be exactly as they appear in the government documents.

    The documents offered as identity proof and residence proof should be legal documents issued by the government.

    Is NinjaTrader Virtual Trading Platform Free?

    Yes. NinjaTrader Virtual Trading Platform does not charge any account opening or annual maintenance fees.

    Further, $10000 is offered as virtual money to traders for the purpose of practice trading.

    The virtual money is automatically credited to the account after setting up. The real live individual trading account charges $50 as the minimum opening deposit.

    What are the Fees of the NinjaTrader Demo Account?

    Nil. NinjaTrader Virtual Trading in the demo account does not charge any fee.

    If you join the real live individual trading account after learning from the demo account, you have to deposit the minimum opening deposit of $50.

    As long as you are learning to trade in the demo account with virtual money, there is no payment at all.

    Is AMC levied on the NinjaTrader Virtual Trading Platform?

    No. Annual Maintenance Charges are not levied on the NNinjaTrader Virtual Trading Platform. The company does not get any income from the demo account that uses virtual money.

    The trader cannot withdraw money from the demo account either as it is not real money.

    The buy and sell trading activity is a dynamic learning experience that teaches practical, realistic trading lessons.

    Is NinjaTrader Demo Account best?

    Yes. The superb technological infrastructure has been globally acclaimed.

    You get access to some of the finest trading opportunities at NinjaTrader but try to improve your trading skills.

    Experience makes perfect, and the demo account provides that valuable experience.

    The demo account cannot be rushed through, but several weeks must be spent on learning the trading strategies.

    What Documents are required for a NinjaTrader Demo Account?

    Basically, identity proof and a residence proof legal government document are required for verification purposes.

    The identity proof document should contain a clear image along with the name. The residence proof should mention the name and address legibly.

    The clear color copies need to be uploaded online after filling up a form with personal details.

    Is PAN required for Opening a NinjaTrader Account?

    No. Several documents, including PAN, may be uploaded as identity proof.

    PAN is not compulsory. The identity proof government documents should contain a clear image and the name of the applicant.

    Several documents like Aadhaar contain the name and picture. Upload any one of them in support of identity but make sure of the image and name.

    Does NinjaTrader Charge Demo Account Opening Fee?

    No, NinjaTrader does not charge any demo account opening fee.

    The minimum opening deposit of $50 is charged if you want to start the real live trading individual account.

    When beginners join the company, they need the support of the Demo Account to understand how to trade.

    Each company has differences in infrastructure, and the demo account shows the way.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in the NinjaTrader Demo Account?

    $10000. The amount of $10000 as a virtual currency in the demo account is credited immediately when you join the demo account.

    You can use the money for virtually buying and selling while trading, but it cannot result in any real profit. You cannot withdraw this virtual money.

    Valuable lessons can be learned from the demo trading practice.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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