Know everything about Fusion Markets App here.

Based in Australia, Fusion Markets is one of the reputed forex trading companies in the world right now. It is a futuristic company that believes in flexibility to its client base.

That is why they have introduced the MT4 Mobile App. Available in both Android and iOS, it is a robust application which you can do for simple to complex forms of trading.

So, in this article, we will dig deep and explore what it is the app is providing to the clients.

About Fusion Markets App

As mentioned before, the company thinks of online trading for the future. That is why they are offering a robust mobile app as a form of a trading platform.

Fusion Markets App

Meanwhile, Fusion Markets is working in collaboration with MetaTrader 4. The app they have developed is FP Markets MT4 mobile app.

What makes it special is the app has all the pre-installed features and functions you want. It is as competent as the MT4 trading terminal.

As mentioned in the highlights, the app is available on both Android and iOS. So, it makes it more accessible to almost every trader on the go.

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    Fusion Markets Mobile App – Top Features

    The Fusion Markets app has so many useful features, which can make the app one of the best in the market today. So, it is time you can check for some of them:

    • When anyone accesses an app, the first thing one notices is whether or not it is user-friendly. It is safe to say that the Fusion Markets app is one you can smoothly navigate around. The options are clean and clearly understandable.
    • Another aspect of this app is the tidiness when it comes to generating any form of a report. From the accuracy level to the reports’ look and feel, they have got this part covered.
    • With this app, you can customize the charts and workspace exactly the way you want them to be.
    • The app generates prompt order confirmation data which is not the case for some of the apps in the market.
    • There are dedicated search functions that you can use to quickly search for your favorite asset.

    App Dashboard

    You can personalize your dashboard as per your preference.

    MT4 mobile app comes with elite customization features by which you can decorate the main screen exactly the way you want it to be.

    App Charts & Order

    Typically, a company is often measured by how much they assist the traders to perform market analysis.

    Fusion Markets have a plethora of charting tools that you can use to get the exact data you need.

    You can choose from 31 in-built technical indications which extract the precise data, and alongside that, there are tools like Fibonacci retracement which you can reap benefits as well.

    Advanced traders need additional features while placing an order.

    With the MT4 app, you can place orders in Market, Limit, and Stop mode.

    On top of that, there are the time limit orders like the Good ’til canceled (GTC) and Good ’til time (GTT) order to make the deal more precise to what you may want.

    Market Analysis

    Market analysis is a part of trading. Most traders who are experienced need to follow some reports to stay up-to-date with the market whereabouts.

    That is why Fusion Markets MT4 app has some of the incredible reporting tools to perform market analysis expertly.

    The likes of Analyst View, Technical Insight, Market Buzz, and the useful News feeds make the analysis accurate and timely.

    MT4 app fetches all these crucial data and provides vital suggestions to the traders as much as possible.

    You need not be in front of your computer to get all these reports, you can check out the app to get them anytime you want.

    Track your Orders

    All the traders, more often than not, need the information of when they made any purchase or sell any particular asset. Therefore, the trading platform should have that feature to assist the traders.

    Fusion Markets understand the vitality of this feature.

    Not only the order tracking feature is available in the app, but you can also filter the transactions as per your requirement.

    You can filter out based on various available parameters to get the sting of data you seek for.

    More Features

    As we have already covered the preliminary features of the Fusion Markets MT4 app, we will now discuss some interesting features that make the platform unique from the rest.

    So, here they are.

    • With the MT4 app from Fusion Markets, you can get a dynamic view of your favorite assets using the Analyst View tool. The Trade set-ups are there in real-time.
    • You also get a ton of features like Key support Levels, Key resistance levels, Alternative scenarios, and many more.
    • There is a Technical Insight tool by which you can get detailed and proactive analytics. There are educational guidance and customizable options that make the analysis more powerful. Other features in this tool are interactive charts, alerts on your favorite products, View Short-, medium- and the long-term technical picture, and so on.
    • Social Media, nowadays, plays a crucial role in dictating the market trends. Therefore, it is essential to know what the majority of people think about a particular asset. With the Market Buzz tool, you are connected with professionals where you can seek help or you may offer your help.

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    How to use Fusion Markets Trading App?

    What we meant by using the app is to let you know that you can’t access the app without opening up an account with Fusion Markets. So, here are the simple steps for that:

    • Go to, which is the official website of Fusion Markets. Find the option “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” located at the top of the page. Then click on that.
    • Then you will get a registration form. Fill it out with an email and a secure password. You can also register using your Google account.
    • After that, you need to complete the eKYC. For that, you need to submit your ID proof, address proof, and your income proof. The documents need to be recent.
    • Then, Fusion Markets will verify your submitted documents.
    • You should get an email with all the credentials, among which there should be the MT4 app login credential.
    • It is safe to change the password and then start trading.

    How to own Fusion Markets Mobile Trading App?

    Fusion Markets can be owned by using some simple steps. So, here they are:

    • As you should know the MT4 mobile app is available to you; be it that you are an Android user or an iOS user. Therefore, all you need to do is to visit the respective stores to get it.
    • First, let us discuss if you are an Android user. You need to simply go to Google Playstore. Then search for the string “mt4 mobile app.” Download the app and install it to use it.
    • Now, let us discuss if you are an iOS user. You need to open the Apple Store and search for the same string of text, “mt4 mobile app.” Download it, then install it, and then use it.
    • You also need the credential of the app to use it. Kindly check the steps discussed previously to get the login details. Once you get that, change the password, and start trading.

    Advantages of Fusion Forex App

    There are heaps of benefits of using the MT4 mobile app from Fusion Markets. So, let us take a look at some of the significant ones:

    • The spreads are as low as 0.0 and the maximum range is $2.25.
    • You can trade US shares for free.
    • You can open up an account very quickly here. eKYC is available, so everything is digital.
    • Fast execution of orders, and you will get flexible trading options too.
    • There are over 50 scripts and indications for the perfect market analysis.

    Fusion Markets App – Conclusion

    The company itself is a specialist in forex trading. So, it makes sense that they will promote it more on every platform.

    The MT4 mobile app is no exception either. However, there are more services that you can check out in this app. So,

    In short, the app is pretty efficient in what it is offering.

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    FAQs on Fusion Markets Mobile App

    Here are the few FAQs related to the Fusion Markets App:

    What is the Fusion Markets mobile app called?

    Fusion Markets calls its mobile trading platform the MT4 Mobile App.

    It is not that difficult to find it in the Google Playstore or the Apple Store.

    Type “MT4 mobile app” and you should be able to see it. Then, simply install it and use it.

    Do Fusion Markets provide an iOS App?

    They most certainly do. Considering you are an iOS user.

    You simply need to go to the Apple Store.

    Then type down the string text “mt4 mobile app” in the search bar. You should be able to get it then.

    Is Fusion Markets Trading App Free to use?

    In simple terms, yes, it is free to use.

    You don’t need to pay any upfront registration fee or a monthly subscription fee to use the app.

    However, you must be a client of Fusion Markets.

    One more thing, there may be charges for processing a trade order. Check out the complete fee structure from the support team.

    How to download Fusion Markets App?

    You can do it in two ways.

    First, you can follow the link –

    There, you can choose from the Android or iOS version. Then download the link from the respective follow-up link. We suggest you access this site from a mobile phone.

    The second step is to go directly to the Google Playstore if you are an Android user, or to the Apple Store, if you are an iOS user.

    Then on the search bar type the string “mt4 mobile app.” You can download it then.

    What features does Fusion Markets Forex App have?

    The Fusion Markets Mobile app or the MT4 app is packed with useful features.

    You can trade from a wide range of currency pairs and other CFDs.

    The market analysis part has some robust tools to assist you like Analyst View, Technical Insight, Market Buzz, and many more.

    Can I trade in Shares via Fusion Markets App?

    You certainly can. In fact, the shares of CFDs in the USA are free from brokerage fees. Learn more about share trading from the support team.

    Is Fusion Markets Android App good?

    The company has 11 years of experience in international forex trading.

    The app naturally is built to promote forex trading primarily.

    So, considering the app is doing the primary job perfectly, the app is good enough. On top of that, you can do much more with the app making it credible in every aspect.

    Does Fusion Markets App have EKYC Feature?

    KYC is a must if you wish to trade financial assets online.

    The good thing is you don’t need to submit any physical documents for the KYC verification.

    eKYC is available in this app. So, you simply need to upload all the necessary documents to verify yourself, and you are good to go.

    Does Fusion Markets Mobile Trading App provide Tips?

    Yes, it does provide relevant and necessary market tips which are essential if you are new in online trading.

    How to Buy Currencies via Fusion Markets App?

    Buying and selling currency pairs is the primary function of the Fusion Markets app. The process is pretty straightforward.

    Choose the pair you fancy and place the order. For selling your owned assets, it is simple too – select the quantity you wish to sell, place a selling order.

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