Reliance Tick Pro Trading Platform – Review, Features, Set-up, Charges & more

About Reliance Tick Pro Trading Platform :

The name Reliance is now synonymous with every Indian since the launch of JIO network and mobile data plans. It has caused a major revolution in the internet sector in India. But only a small number of people know of Reliance’s humble beginnings. It was founded in 1966 and its first venture was in textiles. The Reliance started gaining major followers when they entered the communication sector in the year 1996, exactly 30 years since the name of Reliance was formed.

In 2002, Reliance announced that they had discovered oil and natural gas in the Krishna-Godavari Basin. This was the first time when an Indian based private sector company had made such a huge discovery. This find brought in major revenue for the company which helped it grow into the major conglomerate it has now become.

In Sept 2016, Reliance launched JioInfotech 4G services which became a massive success gaining 16 million subscribers in the first month which went on to increase to 50 million subscribers on the 83rd day since its launch.

Features of Reliance Tick Pro Trading Platforms :

In 2005, Reliance started the Reliancesmartmoney venture. This was Reliance’s own trading platform through which traders could buy and sell shares on the various stock exchanges. On the website, they began adding mutual funds, Deemat accounts, insurance, and various other facilities which were not present in trading platforms at that time. Since the launch of mobiles with internet connections, users are using their mobile phones to do all kinds of works.

Keeping up the pace with the recent technology, Reliance released Tick. This was a mobile trading application which connected to the smart money website and catered to traders who wanted to trade through their mobile devices. Tick Web is a web browser through which the trader can trade too. These two entities are connected with each other.

Let’s look at what features of Tick are and how it is different from the multitude of other trading applications on the market.

Analysis & Insight

Tick uses 20 live robots which continuously monitor the market and keep in observing the changes in the behaviors or the stocks. Using Big Data Analytic, over 25,000 contracts and 5000 securities are monitored by the robots every second. These robots do data processing and compile the information into data sheets. These data sheets are then studied by experts to predict and help the trader in making a profitable decision for the trade.


Using robots will easily make the process faster. With all the compiled data in front of the trader and then the advice from experts will surely make the decision-making process fast and easy for the trader.

Option Calculator

This feature lets you compare stocks and plans with each other. The user can evaluate his profile after each and every trade he makes. Risk tolerance, overall performance, and exposure in real time help the trader in making informed decisions.

Reliable Customer-care

No company can sustain a good reputation with handling their customers and keeping them happy. Reliance has been in the telecom sector tor more than 20 years and in the trading-platform for more than 15 years. They are experts in keeping their customers satisfied and ensuring that their customers are taken care of. Their quick response team tends to the query of each customer and then the actions are taken to rectify the error or make changes according to the user.

Reliance Smart Money :

Reliance introduced the concept of smart money along with their trading website in 2004. they were meant to be used as financial security. Bu buying these securities, the trader can then use them for trading and make the process hassle-free. This smart money is not exchange platform specific, the trader can use them to trade on with any stock exchange or Reliance based trading platforms.

Reliance tick or Reliance Web charge a small amount of brokerage amount which is calculated based upon the number of trades or an initial fee based upon the traders choice of plan. The booking and brokerage business has been going on for a great time, it is time that stock traders start recognizing its potential to bring them profits and start using them.

There are an infinite number of blogs and articles online about the stock market and how to trade. The number of these articles increases every day, but reading a few of these articles will only improve the understanding of the market for the trader. The trader cannot become an expert.

Let the experts at Reliance Tick guide you, offer you tips and advises on what trades to make and when. Have an extraordinarily high success rate, the team at Reliance Tick are doing a better job than most.

Conclusion :

Reliance Tick is an amazing platform over which modern traders can make trades across multiple stock exchanges. The application is a one of a kind application and the team which designed it is making strides to keep the application at its peak and try to further improve it. A mere glance on their application review page can reveal major things about the background team.

There are a majority of positive reviews, but when there are negative reviews, the team is quick to respond and work on the bug found by any user. The team has been successful in making an application which is liked by the user and traders alike.


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