Know everything about Commission or Brokerage Charges. is a well-liked trading platform.

The platform pays off your decision of choosing it. With a clear interface, wide array of features, Markets appears the best place to start trading with.

Still, many traders are concerned about the budget, which pulls them back when commission and charges are terrifying.

Beyond a doubt, if you have picked, knowing about its prices is certainly the obvious thing you must consider before.

Hence, in this review, we weigh up all the pricing structures that Markets uses on its trading platform.

So, let’s go ahead and begin the discussion for which you paid a visit to this article. Commission or Brokerage Charges

As we all know, features two separate trading platforms. In simple words, users choose between “marketsx” and “marketsi,” which suit their trading goals. Commission or Brokerage Charges

But, before you execute your trade, make sure you first review the features of both trading options.

It is worth noting that both “markets” and “marketsi” have different fees and commission structures.

For instance- “marketsx” enables CFD trading; at the same time, “marketsi” enables share and stock dealings.

Thus, pricing and commissions vary based on the type of platform you choose at

Though, the deposit fee stays at $250 in both accounts, which is mandatory to submit when you sign-up for the trading account. defines its commission and other brokerage charges explicitly on its trading platform. The broker is always transparent with its users, which is a good thing.

Once you check in to the official website, you see that the broker expresses everything briefly.

Next, we get into the depth of the commission plan so you can take a well-informed move.

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    Types of Commission Plans

    Types of Commission Plans
    Account TypeDemo account
    Initial Deposit$250
    Spread2 pips

    Below we break down the commission plans through two different trading options that feature on its website.

    MarketsX Execution & Slippage

    Markets hold a track record of 86% positive slippage on every order that it has executed yet. It states that traders can expect better spread.


    Markets charges margin payment on CFD trading is subjected to the leverage ratio.

    Besides, the type of asset you choose and its contract value equally influence margin payment.

    Commissions on CFDs charges $10 fixed commissions from traders on CFDs trading when they enter or exit the position.

    Overnight Funding

    If you forget to close your position by the end of the trading day, may charge you for overnight rollover based on the type of assets you choose.

    Marketsi Commission Free Trading

    Marketsi users receive a special treat all the way from commission plans.

    New users can enjoy commission-free trading for up to 3 months.

    Market spread

    There’s no mark-up fee, and the average spread for GBP/USD and EUR/USD pairs is 2 pips.

    Custody Fees charges a custody fee at the rate of 0.15% when you are in a 3-month free period; after that, it goes down to 0.12%.

    Conversion Fees

    The broker charges a conversion fee that is as follows- 0.50% in the free period and 1% when you turn the paid user. Account Opening Process

    The account opening process is instant and simple.

    Even though you are just a beginner, you can get quick access to your trading account following this step-by-step process. Let’s have a look-

    Start with a basic sign-up process. Beginners first go to “create account” to get started from scratch or click on the “log-in” button and proceed with the remaining account opening process.

    Meanwhile, users choose the type of trading they wish to choose.

    For instance, users can choose between marketsi and marketsx.

    Similarly, the users are then redirected to a page where they are asked whether they wish to continue with the live account or demo account.

    (Note: if you are a beginner, going with the demo account is certainly the best decision)

    Thereby, the broker takes you through a 5 step verification process in which users have to submit personal and further info related to your profession.

    Upload your ID and residence address once the verification process is over.

    Bear in mind that once Markets verify your account, you are required to submit $250 as an initial deposit amount.

    After doing this, provides you the opportunity to reap the benefit of 1:300 leverage. It makes it obvious that users can trade 300 times more of what they invest.

    (Note: 1:300 leverage also states that if you can earn 300x times more profits, you can incur 300x times more loss on what you invest, which is truly horrific.) Payment or Withdrawal Methods

    Transaction Options
    Deposit OptionsCredit Card, iDeal, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Sofort, Wire Transfer
    Withdrawal OptionsCredit Card, Neteller, PayPal, Wire Transfer

    Here comes the notable point. The more payment modes a trading platform offers you, the better you will observe flexibility to fund your account. brokerage or deposit amount is easy to submit through the following payment gateways

    Deposits are available on- Credit Card, iDeal, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Sofort, Wire Transfers.

    However, doesn’t offer an extensive list of payment gateways when it comes to withdrawals.

    Users can opt for the following network to withdraw the amount available in their account.

    Withdrawals are available on- Credit Card, Neteller, PayPal, and Wire Transfers.

    Withdrawals are free of charge, which also pleases users.

    But the process may take a few days to 1 week based on the type of payment method mode you choose.

    For instance- bank transfer may take 4 to 5 days, and more if you choose credit/debit cards.

    But make sure your request meets the withdrawal requirements, else the broker would deny your request.

    To simply put, you can’t withdraw an amount below $250 from your account.

    If you still intend to do so, the broker would no longer be able to cater to your needs.

    (Note: users can’t fund their trading account with bitcoin or any digital currency)

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    Investment Assets
    Currencies TradingYes
    Commodities TradingYes
    Indices TradingYes
    Stocks TradingYes
    Cryptocurrency TradingYes
    ETF’s TradingYes
    Bonds TradingYes
    FUTURES TradingNo
    OPTIONS TradingNo
    Supported Cryptocoinsbitcoin, bitcoin cash, dash, ethereum, litecoin, ripple
    Total Tradable Assets2000+
    Number Of Currency Pairs0
    Number Of Cryptocurrencies8
    Number Of Stocks0
    Number Of Indices0
    Number Of Commodities0
    Number Of Futures0
    Number Of Options0
    Number Of Bonds0
    Number Of ETFs0 offers a wide array of investment assets to invest in and generate profits from. These assets are as follows-

    • 6 cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple
    • 67 forex currency pairs
    • 43 major stock indices
    • 2,000+ shares on major global companies
    • 21 stock blends of large companies
    • 26 commodities, including metals and energies
    • 4 bonds
    • 59 ETFs
    • Spread betting (UK residents only)

    (Note: doesn’t offer to trade on futures and binary options)

    Before you go further on your investment decision, make sure you first explore the details of the asset type you choose for trading.

    Mainly if you are investing in CFDs, don’t proceed until you catch a glimpse of brokerage. Commission – Conclusion

    This article proves that lives up to the benchmark that it sets. Even though the broker isn’t free still the levied charges are reasonable.

    It is worth noting that no trading platform is free. Every online broker follows a commission structure either explicitly or implicitly that is part of their income source.

    Thus, seems to be a great trading platform to get started with. Review fees again and take a glance at the article above.

    If you are still unclear on any segment that you think is more likely to affect your trading journey with the broker, visit’s official website.

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    Here are a few FAQs related to Charges or Fees –

    Does charge a commission? fees and commission may vary.

    It depends upon the type of assets that a user selects for trading on the platform.

    Though, the broker doesn’t charge any fee directly except for the $250 deposit amount, which is also refundable in case the user wishes to leave. may charge $10 on every CFD trading.

    How much does charge brokerage? brokerage fees are subjected to the types of assets that a user chooses for trading.

    Moreover, if the user is new, the broker in its Marketsi platform allows them to enjoy commission-free trading.

    Users can trade stocks and shares in marketsi. If you are at the marketsx platform, the broker may charge $10 per CFD trade you make.

    What is the minimum deposit required in sets a minimum deposit amount of $250 per user that is fixed for both retail or professional users.

    The broker asks for this deposit amount right after you sign-up to get fully registered with this amazing online trading platform.

    Deposits can be made via credit card, debit card, PayPal, Sofort, Wire Transfer, etc.

    How much leverage does provide? offers 1:300 leverage which expresses that a user can generate 300x times more return.

    But this also states that a user can incur a 300x time loss of their spending. To simply put, it can also become a debt-generating practice if your strategies and luck aren’t merciful.

    How much is spread at

    The average spread for GBP/USD and EUR/USD pairs is 2 pips.

    Moreover, no mark-up fee is charged by the trading platform, which is a good thing.

    The lowest spread makes it certain that a user won’t have to wait extended hours to enjoy profitability.

    High spreads express that a trader would be required to generate more profits.

    What types of commission plans are available on stays transparent with its users when it comes to commissions or fee structure.

    The platform isn’t a free trading platform. It charges a commission on crypto-trading, CFDs, and conversion fees.

    Also, the type of assets you choose decides the final amount you pay.

    Does provide crypto-currency for investment?

    Yes, offers a crypto-currency trading option to aspiring traders.

    Users can trade up to 6+ major cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and litecoin.

    Beyond a doubt, this makes an all-in-one solution to every trader who loves all-around trading experiences.

    Is a legit Forex broker?

    Yes, is a truthful and 100% reliable Forex broker. is headquartered in Cyprus that works under the vision of ASIC, CySEC, FCA, and FSCA.

    It clearly expresses the authenticity of this forex broker, making it a reliable platform to start trading in the forex market.

    Users can trade up to 67 forex currency pairs at, which is on its own an amazing thing.

    Can I invest in for $5?

    Users can invest in from as low as $1, but before they are required to submit an initial deposit amount of $250.

    The user can’t go ahead without submitting this initial deposit amount.

    Even though the amount is submitted, you can’t use it for further trading purposes. Yet, the amount is refundable when you wish to leave using

    Are there any hidden charges available with

    To be honest, doesn’t charge any hidden fee or commission. But it mentions that few charges depend upon the type of assets you choose for trading.

    For instance- margin and overnight funding include some unforeseeable charges that a user comes to know when they are involved in any live trading process.

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