In this article, you will get to know in detail about Commission or Brokerage Charges.

Trade commission is the forex trading fee. It is a brokerage fee that is charged when you buy or sell forex.

You can also pay commissions or fees for buying and selling other investments, like options or exchange-traded funds.

If we look at the specialty of as a forex broker, it has the best platforms to offer to its clients. It provides a high-level trading experience to all users.

The act of trading for selling and buying currencies is called Forex. It is the world’s largest fiNoncial market with a daily turnover of about $5 trillion.

Forex trading involves many people and a lot of currencies. In this article, we feature the commissions attached with the account that you open with Commission or Brokerage Charges

The forex market is different from other trade-driven markets. Commission

It has a unique feature to attract traders. They promise no exchange fees or regulatory fees and no commissions.

Trading without transaction costs is an advantage.

But, the thing that might be like a bargain to inexperienced traders may not be the best deal available.

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    Types of Commission Plans

    Types of Commission Plans
    Account TypeMiniStandard
    Initial Deposit$250$2500

    Forex brokers use three types of commissions in total. Some firms even offer a variable spread while others offer a fixed spread.

    Some firms still charge percentage-based commissions calculated based on the spread.

    At a glance, it may seem that the fixed spread may be the right choice. So, then you would know exactly what to expect.

    The spread is the difference between the sell and the buy price of a market maker.

    The buying price is the price at which the market maker buys a currency.

    The selling price is the price at which the currency is sold by the market maker. For example, if you see the following quote on your screen: “EURUSD – 1.4952 – 1.4956.”

    This represents a spread of four pips, the difference between the bid price of 1.4952 and the asking price of 1.4956.

    The fixed spreads are independent of market volatility.

    If the market maker has fixed the spread to 4 pips, it never changes.

    But if the market maker offers a variable spread it is going to change as the volatility in the market changes. Account Opening Process

    If you need a helping hand on the account opening process, here is what they have on hold for you.

    They provide you with a workable way of getting started right from the page itself. Follow the steps to open the account:-

    Choose your account

    First of all, select the right type of brokerage account. Choose the registration page and proceed to the next step.

    Add persoNol info

    The next step is to fill in your details. You will have to fill in your Nome, birth date, address, NotioNolity, employment.

    You will have to answer some security questions to make sure you can trade legally.

    Identify yourself

    In this process, you need to give proof of your identity.

    The broker website might ask you to scan and upload documents to verify your identity.

    It can be a passport, an ID card, or a bank statement. Some online brokers will ask you to mail them physical copies of your documents as well.

    Seal the deal

    After you’ve made it through basic registration and identification.

    The next step for you will be that you will have a chance to review the information you provided.

    After that, you can sign a virtual contract agreeing to the terms and conditions of the broker you chose.

    Fund your account

    Once your account gets confirmed and opened, you can then start trading. Transfer the least deposit and you can work as an investor. Payment or Withdrawal Methods

    Transaction Options
    Deposit OptionsCredit Card, Wire Transfer
    Withdrawal OptionsCredit Card, Wire Transfer

    Forex trading is very exciting. The journey only begins when the trader deposits some money into the trading account. So that one can buy and sell currencies.

    Some forex brokers also provide forex no deposit bonuses. In that case, the trader can transform from demo trading to live to trade in a risk-free manner.

    The most popular ways of maNoging a deposit forex transaction are given below:

    • Credit/debit cards
    • Bank wires
    • Digital wallets e.g. Webmoney, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort ,PayPal, ChiNo UnionPay, GiroPay etc.
    • Cheques

    Apart from the basic payment for spreads, there are some other commissions the stockbroker charges. There are also other charges you need to take care of.

    It includes the per lot round trip payments attached with certain kinds of accounts, bank wire transfer, account opening fee, charges for holding electronic wallets, and more. Investment Assets

    Investment Assets
    Currencies TradingYes
    Commodities TradingYes
    Indices TradingYes
    Stocks TradingNo
    Cryptocurrency TradingNo
    ETF’s TradingNo
    Bonds TradingNo
    FUTURES TradingNo
    OPTIONS TradingNo
    Supported CryptocoinsNo
    Total Tradable AssetsNo
    Number Of Currency PairsNo
    Number Of CryptocurrenciesNo
    Number Of StocksNo
    Number Of IndicesNo
    Number Of CommoditiesNo
    Number Of FuturesNo
    Number Of OptionsNo
    Number Of BondsNo
    Number Of ETFsNo

    You can trade company stocks from around the globe.

    You can trade with companies Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Also, You can access 4,500+ popular stocks with a account.

    You can trade on commissions from 1.8 cents on US stocks. If you choose as your forex broker, there are a lot of assets you can invest in.

    As per the information, you can invest in Currencies, Commodities, indices, stocks as well as cryptocurrency.

    The stockbroker can also let you trade in cryptocurrencies. It supports the following ones – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple. Commission – Conclusion is a one-stop-shop for forex traders. Forex trading has a huge range of tradable currencies, little account minimums, and a spectacular trading platform.

    It is an impressive choice for brokers searching for a home base for their currency trading. New traders will love’s extensive education and research center.

    It provides free, informative forex trading courses at many skill levels. We have walked you through all the commission charges that you have to pay.

    There is ample information included in this article for you to get started with the idea of investing in forex and trade as an investor taking a practical step.

    Furthermore, the type of account and other details are also well mentioned. Charges or Fees – FAQs

    Here is a list of FAQs related to Charges or Fees:

    Do charge commission?

    Yes, this forex broker does charge a commission to trading with the account.

    They only charge commissions on equities or shares or when you trade FX pairs on a Commission Account.

    Commission accounts trade on low variable FX spreads plus a flat $5 commission per standard lot that is being charged at the time the trade is being executed.

    How much does charge as brokerage?

    With a relative fee, a broker may charge approx. $1 per $100,000 of a currency pairing that is being bought or sold.

    If a trader buys $1,000,000 EURUSD, the broker will receive $10 as a commission. If a trader buys $100,000,000 the broker receives $1000 as a commission.

    What is the Minimum Deposit required on requires that the smallest initial deposit be at least 100 units of the selected base currency, though they recommend a deposit of 2,500 units so that the client has more flexibility in their trading.

    How much leverage does provide?

    You can choose 70 forex pairs and you get a 2% margin (50:1 leverage) on major pairs EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and EUR/CAD.

    Most other major pairs lie in between 3% and 5%. offers three different types of accounts. They are commission, standard, and direct market access (DMA).

    How much is Spread at

    In forex trading, the spread is the difference between the selling price and the buy price of a currency pair.

    Most forex currency pairs are being traded without commission.

    What type of Commission Plans available on

    There are a total of three forms of commission that are being used by brokers in forex.

    Some firms offer a fixed spread whereas others offer a variable spread and many others charge a commission based on a percentage of the spread.

    Fixed spreads do not change with respect to volatility in the market whereas variable spreads fluctuate.

    Does provide Cryptocurrency for Investment?

    Yes, Cryptocurrency is one of the many deposit options this Forex broker provides to its traders.

    Other Deposit options you can opt for are FasaPay, Credit Card, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Wire Transfer.

    Check the charges attached with all the mediums before you choose any.

    Is a legit Forex Broker?

    Yes, is indeed a legit stockbroker which has the trust of millions of users online. is a global CFD and foreign exchange broker that was founded in 2001. is considered safe because it has a long track record, is regulated by top-tier fiNoncial authorities, and its parent company is listed on a stock exchange.

    Can I invest in for $5?

    Yes, you can indeed start investing in the forex market with the stockbroker using just $5.

    Specifically, you can avail of the micro account of the stockbroker, which only requires the traders to deposit 5$ and get started with the trading process.

    You will be able to open orders from 0.01 lots and use decent leverage. If you plan to open many trades, a standard account with a floating spread of 0.5-pip should be considered.

    Are there any hidden charges available with

    There are no hidden charges available with the stockbroker whatsoever. believes in transparency between its customers and practices full disclosure at the time of opening the account. charges an iNoctivity fee of $15 per month if there is no trading activity or no open positions for 12 months or more.

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