The Binomo Trading platform is a trusted name when it comes to trading. It is designed in a way to support newly set up traders.

With over 9,00,000 traders from across 130 countries, it has the trust of its traders. It is credible and offers great security and support.

The multiple account options help traders choose the one which they are most comfortable in. The assets spread over a vast variety.

It is possible to trade across the globe through their remote location. Throughout the blog, we have discussed the advantages, features, and more.

About Binomo Trading Platform

Founded in 2014, Binomo is a trading platform. It has seen a target audience comprising mainly short-term traders.

Binomo Trading PlatformThe process of licensing is still ongoing. It is a credible site and rated as Category A under IFC.

The platform is popular owing to the low requirements of trading.

The design of the platform is such that it offers efficient trading options to short-term traders. It sees regular up-gradation with high-quality features.

It has over twenty graphical tools to help in chart analysis.

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    Binomo Trading Terminal – Top Features

    The platform hosts many features let’s explore some of them:

    Distinct Assets

    The design of the platform is such a way that it is easy to use by traders. There are a lot of on-point features.

    It hosts more than forty distinct assets that are tradeable. It provides a lot of flexibility to traders.

    The assets span across several markets and provide the customers with a lot of options to choose from. The greater range is advantageous to the traders who wish to try out different assets.

    Since the platform offers greater flexibility, it is also suitable for a comprehensive range of traders. It helps in trading in high-value stocks and currency pairs.

    Graphical tools :

    One of the nicest and smartest features of the platform is the presence of over 20 graphical tools that enable and enhance chart analysis.

    The graphical tools lead to a better-streamlined trading experience

    Economic Calendar :

    The platform’s refresh rates and calendar feature make it easy to use over all the other alternative options available.

    Designed attributes :

    The consistency of the platform design is such that it is full of rich features and has a plethora of tools and technologies that are offered to the audience.

    Round the clock trading :

    Binomo trading platform offers trading round the clock and has a strong customer support system available to its customers.

    It offers extensive promotions to its clients and limited advertisements. The deals on the platform vary every day.

    Personalized training is also available to speed up the learning curve.

    Pre-defined strategies :

    The sidebar on the platform leads to a strategy section.

    The eleven ready-to-use strategies are an amazing advantage to the traders specially for beginners and experienced professionals as well.

    How to Set-up Binomo Web Trading Platform

    Here is the step-by-step process to set-up binomo web trading platform –

    • To set up an account with Binomo the users need to visit the Website. Once a user opens the website they can click on the sign-in option and enter the email and password.
    • Then, the user needs to select the currency account and accept the necessary terms and conditions. Click on The yellow bottom to create an account.
    • If the trader likes to open an account using social media accounts, they can use the Facebook or Gmail option.
    • You can set up your account with your email and enter the email id and password. The currency on the account can be chosen and it is important to accept all terms and conditions.
    • You should have a real email that is verifiable by the company. It is important to have a strong password for the account.
    • One can also set up the account using the Facebook option. The site would ask you to choose to use your Facebook account on this device.

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    How to Use Binomo Online Trading Platform?

    The usage is pretty straightforward. It is all about identifying the trading strategy.

    Users can use the demo account to understand the depths of trading and then get to a real trading account. The target profits can be set and trading can be done accordingly.

    The trading should be systematic. The higher is the account balance, the easier it is to trade in the future. Traders can introduce a daily usage limit to minimize a loss daily.

    Advantages of Binomo MetaTrader 5

    Here are various benefits of Binomo MetaTrader 5 –

    • The platform is perfect for beginners owing to the low starting requirements. The accounting system maintained on the platform is easy and transparent.
    • One can open the account using a minimum deposit of $10 only. The design of the platform is in such a way that it runs smoothly on mobile devices as well.
    • The options for withdrawal are quick and easy.
    • The demo account feature allows traders to have a trading experience before starting with on-field trading using live money.
    • The high range of analytical tool options leads to easy usage of the platform.
    • There are competitive trading features for customers that are efficient and practical from a trading point of view.
    • The assets range is highly diversified and gives promos, offers, and top-ups too.
    • The gold and VIP accounts help to invest the higher amount in the account.

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    Binomo Trading Platform – Conclusion

    The Binomo trading platform takes customer support and service very seriously. The services are easily accessible and are suitable for newer traders.

    The brand has its client base that is loyal owing to the great features provided by the Binomo platform.

    It is preferable for those who are starting and are looking for easy handy features.

    The safety of the clients is never put at stake and all information collected remains with the trader only. It has all features needed by traders for competitive trading.

    Binomo Trading Platform – FAQs

    Below is the list of few Faqs of Binomo Trading Platform:

    What is Binomo Trading Platform called?

    The trading platform goes by the name Binomo only. This trading platform is an LTT platform. It means Limited Time Trade.

    It is useful for those who want to develop trading skills. Also, it caters to clients from over 133 different countries and has red Dred Drdia, Brazil among others.

    Does Binomo Trading Platform provide for Web Trading?

    Binomo has a safe web trading platform. It is useful in general for good income through trading.

    This is one of the reasons why it is trusted by so much.

    It does not guarantee any loss-free trading but it is great for traders who have just started.

    Is Binomo MetaTrader 5 Free to use?

    The trading platform is free to use. Users can open a trading account on the platform and start with their trading.

    Participants can make use of a demo account to minimize risks. It is good for traders who do not have hands-on experience in trading and are new.

    How to download Binomo Trading Terminal?

    Yes, users can install the trading platform terminal on a personal computer. The user will have to install an android emulator and complete the installation step.

    The steps of installation are easy and do not take much time. To proceed ahead traders can log in using their ID and download it. Once downloaded, they can start working.

    What features does the Binomo Trading platform have?

    The platform allows trading using an initial deposit of $100. It has trading tools designed for initial/ new traders.

    The safety of trading is what makes it attractive. It has developed an honest user base that is true to the broker.

    The customer support and security are great. The money transaction process is of great convenience.

    Can I trade shares via the Binomo MT5?

    Yes, user’s can easily trade shares using the Binomo MetaTrader 5. It has major equities and the trading process is great.

    It allows the trading of major instruments needed for trading. Also, It offers great security and is suitable for traders newly introduced to the world of trading.

    Hence, it is supported by the traders registered on the platform

    Is the Binomo Trading platform good?

    Yes, the trading platform offers features that are easy to use. It is safe and offers amazing customer support.

    With over 9L users across 130 countries, it is a trusted name among traders.

    The trading platform has established a strong user base for itself and is a good trading platform. Especially for newly established traders, it is great

    Does the Binomo Trading Platform have an EKYC feature?

    Yes, there is the option for EKYC in the case of the trading platform.

    One can confirm the identity using the account creation feature after submitting adequate proofs.

    The company asks for Scanned copies of ID before starting. The EKYC feature helps in having a safe process of registration that is good for the user.

    Does Binomo MetaTrader 5 provide tips?

    Yes, the platform provides tips to its traders. The reports containing analysis of trading and research help the traders to choose the best actions.

    The tips provided are very advantageous. It helps in identifying the dos and don’ts of trading.

    It is specifically advantageous for new traders who are starting with trading and want to set up a strong user base.

    How to buy currency via the Binomo Trading platform?

    Traders can buy currency after choosing the currency he or she wishes to trade-in. And can choose the volume of trade. Then click on the selling or buying option.

    The trading of currencies is simple. The steps are easy to understand. Users can decide their positions accordingly and then trade the necessary currencies as per their convenience.

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