Angel Broking Products Review & Analysis

Here is the detailed review of Angel Broking Products

Angel Broking offers a wide range of trading products compared to other full service brokers. The product profile also expands to wealth multiplier and investment products.

It facilitates trading in equity, currency, F&O and commodities. Apart from this, the product profile consists of insurance products, mutual funds. These products have been discussed in detail below:

Angel Broking Equity Trading

As all know, equity refers to the shares and scrip are one of the most widely used investment instruments in the financial market. Angel Broking has a varied product range to suit an investor as well a trader.

Angel Broking Derivatives: Angel Broking Futures & Options

Derivatives were introduced in the Indian financial market in the year 2000. Derivatives instruments comprises future and option. As the name suggests, these instruments derive their value from an underlying asset. These instruments are also widely used as risk mitigating instruments.

For trading in derivatives, one need not require the funds to buy the stock, rather, one will only have to pay certain margin money to obtain a long (i.e. buy position) in the market. By taking a long position, one basically buys an option (and does not buy the stock itself) to buy/sell that stock. This is called an Option derivative. The other category of derivate is Future & Forward. Herein, there is no option involved, rather there is an agreement to buy/sell a stock at a future agreed date at a pre-decided price, irrespective of the price prevailing on the agreed of that stock.

Angel Broking Currency Trading

Currency trading implies trading in the foreign currencies so as to take an advantage of the fluctuations of the currencies. The currency market also offers F&O instruments wherein the underlying asset is the currency.

Angel Broking Commodities Trading

Commodity trading refers to trading of a commodity like metals, grains, oil, sugar, cattle etc. and not shares or scrip. This trading is regulated by MCX and NCDX. Currency trading implies trading in the foreign currencies so as to take an advantage of the fluctuations of the currencies.

Angel Broking Products Ratings by Customer

Angel Broking Products review by Customers

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