Angel Broking Brokerage Charges Review

Angel broking is one of the largest full service broker in India. Lets have a detailed review of Angel Broking Brokerage Charges & Angel Broking Brokerage Plans

Angel Broking Brokerage Charges

This section deals in depth about the Angel broking brokerage charges that an investor would incur while undertaking trading with Angel Broking. Herein, not only the basic Angel Broking charges are discussed, but also the additional statutory charges that are levied for any transaction. This has been done to ensure that the readers get a wholesome picture and are well informed about the total outflow they may suffer and plan their activities accordingly. We hope that by the end of this article, the readers will have adequate knowledge of the various applicable charges and are in a position to self-assess the total charges payable.

The very first charge is in form of brokerage charge – this is kind of a cut paid to the broking firm for facilitating the trading. The basic brokerage charges prescribed by Angel Broking are as tabulated below:

Transaction typeBrokerage rate
Equity – Delivery0.128% to 0.40%
Equity – Intraday0.04% to 0.128%
–          Equity0.04% to 0.128%
    –          Currency0.0096%  to 0.03%
–          EquityINR 32 to INR 50 per lot
     –         CurrencyINR 12 to INR 15 per lot
Commodity0.128% to 0.40%

As said earlier, these are the basic brokerage charges. However, Angel Broking offers multiple schemes for an investor choose from depending upon his/her suitability.

Angel Broking Brokerage Plans

This Broking house provides 4 types of brokerage plans to its clients, lets dig deep into each one of them

Angel Classic

This is the most basic of all the plans, to subscribe for this plan & client needs to pay margin money of INR 10,000-24,999 to Angel Broking. Here is the table of this brokerage plan

Angel Classic
Equity Delivery0.32%0.40%
Equity Intraday or Futures0.03%0.04%
Nifty Options (per lot)Rs.40Rs.50
Other Options (per lot)Rs.80Rs.100
Currency Options (per lot)Rs.6.4Rs.8
Currency Futures0.16%0.02%
Commodity DeliveryNA0.30%
Commodity Futures or Intraday0.02%0.02%

This is the most expensive brokerage plan for both delivery & intraday trading.

Angel Preffered

To subscribe for Angel Preferred brokerage plan a client needs to pay INR 25,000-49,999 as Margin money to Angel broking. This Angel broking brokerage charges low brokerage compared to Angel Classic. Refer to the table below:

Angel Preferred
Equity Delivery0.22%0.28%
Equity Intraday or Futures0.02%0.03%
Nifty Options (per lot)Rs.32Rs.40
Other Options (per lot)Rs.64Rs.80
Currency Options (per lot)Rs.5.6Rs.7
Currency Futures0.01%0.01%
Commodity DeliveryNA0.30%
Commodity Futures or Intraday0.02%0.02%

This is the 2nd most expensive brokerage plan of Angel Broking. Angel Broking charges as low as 0.28% & 0.02% brokerage for Delivery & Intraday respectively.

Angel Premier

This is one of the most recommended Brokerage plan as it doesn’t charge very high Margin money & also, lowers the brokerage rate quite a bit. Angel Premier plan subscription comes at INR 50,000-99,999.

Angel Premier
Equity Delivery0.18%0.22%
Equity Intraday or Futures0.02%0.02%
Nifty Options (per lot)Rs. 24Rs. 30
Other Options (per lot)Rs. 48Rs. 60
Currency Options (per lot)Rs. 4.8Rs. 6
Currency Futures0.01%0.01%
Commodity DeliveryNA0.30%
Commodity Futures or Intraday0.01%0.02%

This is the most loved brokerage plan by Angel broking clients as it lowers the Angel broking brokerage charges significantly. The brokerage charge for this plan is 0.18 & 0.02 for Delivery & Intraday respectively.

Angel Elite

Angel Elite brokerage plan is made for the Traders community as it lowers the brokerage charges significantly but it requires a high margin money of INR 1 lakh plus. Lets have a look at the brokerage grid:

Angel Elite
Equity Delivery0.13%0.16%
Equity Intraday or Futures0.01%0.02%
Nifty Options (per lot)Rs. 16Rs. 20
Other Options (per lot)Rs. 32Rs. 40
Currency Options (per lot)Rs. 3.2Rs. 4
Currency Futures0.01%0.01%
Commodity DeliveryNA0.30%
Commodity Futures or Intraday0.01%0.01%

The brokerage charges for this angel broking plan is 0.13% & 0.01% for Delivery & Intraday trading respectively.

Apart from the brokerage charges, the following additional statutory charges applied to every client:

SegmentsTransaction Charges (per Cr.)STTGST
Equity Delivery & InntradayINR 325Delivery – 0.01% on both Sides
Intraday – 0.025% on Sell Side
18% on Brokerage + Transaction Charges
Futures – EquityINR 1900.01% on Sell Side
Options – EquityINR 5,0000.017% on Sell Side
Futures – CurrencyINR 110NA
Options – CurrencyINR 4,000NA
CommodityNSE – 0.0001%
MCX-SX: 0.0001%
MCX: 0.0015%
NCDEX: 0.0030%
0.01% on Sell Side

Along with above mentioned charges there are two more charges applies

  • SEBI Turnover – INR 15 per Cr.
  • Stamp Duty – 0.01% or INR 50 whichever is high (Stamp duty may vary depending upon state laws)

The above details would suffice for an investor to learn about the total charges that he or she has to bear for any trading activity.

Angel Broking Charges explained

The above mentioned charges are also explained here under as an additional information for our readers:

  • Transaction charges : This includes two components – Exchange turnover charges and clearing charges. The exchange turnover charges are the charges levied by the stock exchange for providing a platform to execute trade. The clearing charges are the charges that are paid or incurred by the stock broker to get the trade settled/cleared either by professional clearing member or by itself.
  • STT ( Securities transaction tax): This is a fiscal tax imposed by the Government. This was introduced to curb cases where the profits from trading were not being declared by the investors.
  • GST: The most happening topic since last few months – Goods and service tax
  • SEBI Turnover fee: This came in effect in January 2007 and was introduced by SEBI – Securities & Exchange Board of India. SEBI prescribed that the brokerage houses are required to pay certain percent of their respective turnover.

The brokerage houses charge their investor with this fee (i.e. the prescribed percentage is charged on the value of transaction) on each transaction and then remit this to the SEBI via concerned stock exchange.

The said fee is typically shown as separate line item in the contract note.

Angel Broking Brokerage Charges Review by Customers

Angel Broking Brokerage Charges Ratings & Review by customers

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