Angel One formerly known as Angel Broking is a hybrid broker providing all services of full-service broker at discounted brokerage rates.

Trading was once one of the most underrated career choices of the millennia. Things are changing day by day and more people have embraced it as a career choice and the reason being the customer brokerage houses.

Angel One is one of those brokerage houses which is reviewed in this article.

In this article, we have reviewed all the aspects like user experience, usability, ease of use, pricing, and features.

Read this Angel one review till the end to get a clear picture.

Angel One

Angel One Customer Ratings & Review

Customer Ratings
Experience9.0 / 10
Trading Platform8.6 / 10
Product & Services8.8 / 10
Brokerage Charges9.5 / 10
Research8.5 / 10
Overall Rating8.88 / 10
Star Rating★★★★★
Customer Reviews2837

Angel One has an outstanding record in the eyes of its clients. Here is a brief overview of how Angel One Review & Ratings.

The below ratings are based on 2837 client reviews that this broker has received from its customers.

They have been rated 9.0 out of 10 in Trading Experience by its users. It has got 8.6 out of 10 because of its trading platform.

Their Product and services have been rated 8.6 out of 10. The brokerage that they levy from customers is one of the great because this segment has received a rating of 9.5 out of 10.

In research, it has received 8.5 ratings out of 10 and which makes its overall rating 8.88 out of 10.

As per the start rating given y its customers, it has received 5 stars out of 5 and which is outstanding.

About Angel One

Company TypePublic
Broker TypeDiscount Broker
HeadquartersMumbai, India
FounderDinesh Thakkar
Established Year1987

Angel One is a brokerage company providing in-house trading solutions to its clients. The broking house was previously known as Angel Broking.

angel one logoThey have been trusted by millions of users because of the fact that, they have fascinating sets of features and great offers and which makes Angel One stand out amongst other Brokerage companies in the trading market.

It is a public limited type of company and is a full service & discount broker. They are headquartered in Mumbai, India.

The founder of this brokerage house is Dinesh Thakkar and it has been established in 1987. Angel One offers intraday trading, Investment Advisory, Portfolio Management, Demat Account, IPO, Portfolio health score, loan against shares, and much more.

They provide one of the best brokerage rates in the trading market and which is why more and more people are going for this broking house.

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    Angel One Brokerage Charges – Angel iTrade Prime Plan

    Brokerage Charge & FeesAngel iTrade Prime
    Equity Delivery TradingFREE
    Equity Intraday TradingRs.20 / Executed Order
    Commodity Options TradingRs.20 / Executed Order
    Equity Futures TradingRs.20 / Executed Order
    Equity Options TradingRs.20 / Executed Order
    Currency Futures TradingRs.20 / Executed Order
    Currency Options TradingRs.20 / Executed Order
    Minimum BrokerageRs.20 / Executed Order
    Demat AMC ChargesRs.450
    Trading AMC ChargesFree
    Margin Money75% Margin
    Brokerage CalculatorAngel One Brokerage Calculator

    Angel One has a flat rate brokerage plan and the most exciting thing about it is that they offer free equity delivery trading.

    They have a flat rate of Rs 20 as a brokerage for every executed order.

    The plan comes under Angel One iTrade prime plan. In this Angel iTrade prime plan the Equity delivery Trading is absolutely free of cost.

    The options that come under the Angel iTrade prime plan are Equity Intraday Trading, commodity options trading, Equity options trading, Equity futures trading, currency futures trading, currency options trading, and others at a flat rate of Rs 20 per executed order.

    They have their DEMAT annual maintenance charges which are Rs 450 while there are no Trading Annual Maintenance charges.

    The Margin Money that the broker provides to its clients is up to 10 times more than you have invested.

    They will also help you to calculate your investments which can be done with the help of the Angel One brokerage calculator.

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    Angel One Charges

    Apart from Brokerage charges, there are few other charges applied for stock market investment, but these are very minimal charges.

    SEBI Turnover ChargesRs 10 / Crore
    STTEquity Delivery: 0.1% on both Buy and Sell
    In Intraday: 0.025% on the Sell Side
    Equity Futures: 0.01% on Sell Side
    Equity Options: 0.05% on Sell Side(on Premium)
    Commodity Futures: 0.01% on sell side (Non-Agri)
    Commodity Options: 0.05% on sell side
    Currency F&O: No STT
    On Exercise transaction: 0.125%
    Right to entitlement: 0.05% on sell side
    Stamp Duty(On buy side only) Delivery: 0.015%, Intraday: 0.003%, Equity Futures: 0.002%, Equity Options: 0.003%, and Currency F&O: 0.0001%.Commodity Futures: 0.002%, Commodity Options: 0.003% (MCX)
    GST18% on (Brokerage + Transaction Charge + SEBI Fee)
    Margin Funding Charges75% Margin
    Reactivation ChargesRs 20 per instruction
    Account Closure ChargesRs 25 per instruction
    Dematerialisation ChargesRs 50 Per Certificate
    Pledge CreationRs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients
    Pledge InvocationRs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients
    Margin Pledge/Unpledge/ Pledge closureRs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients
    Margin RepledgeRs 20 Per ISIN
    Rs 50 Per ISIN For BSDA Clients

    There are other Angel One brokerage and charges that they levy on their customers. Angel One charges Rs 10 on every crore spent as SEBI turnover charges.

    The Equity delivery is 0.1% on buy and sell. The Equity Intraday is 0.01% while Equity futures are 0.01% which is on the sell-side.

    The premium packages lessen down the charges such that with the premium plan you have to pay 0.05% charges as equity options on the selling side.

    Angel One brokerage has commodity options with 0.05% on the sell side while commodity futures are 0.01% on the selling side.

    More on Angel One other Charges

    There are several stamp duty charges as well like for delivery it is 0.015%, for intra-day it is 0.003%, for equity futures it is 0.002%, for equity options it is 0.003%, for currency and FO it is 0.0001% for commodity futures it is 0.002% and for commodity options, it is 0.003%.

    There are also GST charges with every trade which is 18% and this will be counted on Brokerage, Transaction charge, and SEBI fee combined.

    The stock broker has Margin Funding charges which are 75%. There are several other Angel One charges like you will be charged Rs 20 per instruction as reactivation charges.

    You will also be charged Rs 20 for closing your account. There are other charges as well like dematerialization charges which are 50 per certificate.

    Let us take a look at the account opening fees below.

    Angel One Demat Account Opening Fees

    Trading Charges [One Time]Rs 0 (Free)
    Trading AMC [Yearly]Rs 0 (Free)
    Demat Charges [One Time]Rs 0 (Free)
    Demat AMC [Yearly]Rs 450
    Margin MoneyUpto 10X

    The broker does not levy any Angel One account opening charges as such from its users which means it is free of cost to open an account.

    There are no Trading charges as well and the Angel One AMC is also zero for a lifetime.

    One greater thing about this broker is that the Demat Charges is also nil which in the case of other brokers is not free of cost.

    Angel One Demat AMC is Rs 450 and this is the only account-related charge that they levy from their client.

    Also, you can get margin money 10 times more than the fund in your account.

    Angel One Offers

    Free Demat AccountYes
    Free Trading AccountYes
    Discount on BrokerageFirst 30 days free brokerage offer
    Trading Happy HoursNo
    Flexible Brokerage PlansYes
    1 Month Brokerage FreeNo
    Holiday OffersYes
    Referral OffersYes
    Zero Brokerage for Loss Making TradesNo

    The Broking house has lots of offers for its clients when it comes to trading. Angel One offers a free DEMAT account to everyone along with a free trading account.

    They will provide you free brokerage for the first 30 days after you are successfully registered with them and this is part of the discounts they offer.

    Angel One does not have flexible brokerage plans. Apart from the above-mentioned offers they also provide holiday offers.

    They have their referral program as well where you can work as their partners and get a commission for every client that you refer to them.

    Apart from these they also provide free trading calls, free research reports, SMS alerts, and Margin against share.

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    How to open a Demat Account with Angel One?

    It is very easy to open Angel One Demat account because of the fact that they have kept the user registration portal very simple.

    To open an Angel One account, follow the steps given below –

    • Fill up the Registration Form available below.
    • You will get a call from Angel One Executive.
    • You will receive an OTP for Account Opening, provide that OTP.
    • Now, you will receive an online account opening link.
    • Then you need to provide PAN Number & Date of Birth.
    • Next, you need to share Bank Account Number, IFSC Code.
    • After this, you need to upload documents like Aadhaar & Pan
    • Post this, you have to take an IPV
    • Finally, you need to e-sign your document using Aadhaar OTP.

    Once you submit your form, it will go for verification & with 1 day, your Demat & Trading account will be open & you will receive Login ID & Password.

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      Why Open Angel One Trading Account?

      Angel One trading account is considered to be one of the most versatile trading systems.

      However, there are other reasons as well. Once you successfully register for an Angel One account you will be eligible for their brokerage services at the lowest prices.

      They offer free investment advisory to their customers along with research tools that help you to evolve trading strategies over time.

      They will keep you updated with the latest market trends, weekly as well as monthly reports and alerts which let you stay well informed about the market and also lets you stay up to date.

      One another reason to open an Angel One trading account is because of the fact that they offer free equity delivery and options like investment in corporate bonds.

      Angel One Products & Services

      List of products & services provided by Angel One to its clients

      Angel One Products:

      Equity TradingYes
      Commodity TradingYes
      Currency TradingYes
      Mutual FundsYes

      Angel One has all the products and services that you will find under top brokers but the specialty is that they have all the essential products and services under their radar.

      The broker also provide traditional products and services like Equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading, options, futures, F&O trading, SIP, and mutual funds.

      Apart from this, they have other products and services too like corporate Bonds, sovereign gold bonds, NCD, Tax-Free Bonds, S4EC bonds, and Tax Saving Bonds.

      All these products come under one account which helps to keep track of the investments with better clarity.

      Angel One Services:

      Demat ServicesYes
      Trading ServicesYes
      3 in 1 AccountNo
      Intraday ServicesYes
      IPO ServicesYes
      Stock RecommendationsYes
      Robo AdvisoryYes
      Trading InstitutionNo
      Trading ExposureUp to 10x

      The broking house has various services which can be managed from a single account.

      Angel One services include like DEMAT account, trading account, margin account, Intraday trading account, and IPO account which can be managed under one roof.

      They also provide Loans against shares and stock advisory to their registered customers.

      Since all these services are provided under one roof hence you don’t have to go for different brokers to get the services which are a plus point here and thus you can keep a track of every account in a better way.

      The trading exposure of Angel One is up to 10 times.

      Angel One Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

      Check this table for entire the details related to Angel One Stock Tips, Research & Recommendations.

      Fundamental ReportsYes
      Research ReportsYes
      Company ReportsYes
      Annual ReportsYes
      Company Stock ReviewYes
      Free Stock AdvisoryYes
      IPO ReportsYes
      Top PicksYes
      Daily Market ReviewYes
      Monthly ReportsYes
      Weekly ReportsYes
      Offline AdvisoryYes
      Relationship ManagerYes

      Research is the key to development which is very important in Trading Market. With proper research, you can achieve the desired results in a better way. Angel One has proper tools for market research.

      They will provide you with Fundamental reports, research reports, company reports, IPO reports, monthly reports, weekly reports, annual reports, and as well as company stock reviews.

      You can utilize all these beforehand and can strategize properly. When it comes to Angelo one advisory and tips, you will have free stock advisory from experts.

      You will also have the option to choose offline advisory. With the Top picks and daily market review, you will have clarity for your next strategy.

      They also provide a dedicated account manager and this can come in very handy while addressing various account management needs.

      IPO Investment with Angel One

      Angel One offers IPO services and also lets you book IPO from their platform.

      Angel One IPO investment can be done in two ways out of which one is UPI based and the other one is ASBA based.

      Let us take a look at these two procedures in details

      UPI based Angel One IPO investment

      • First, you need to log in to mobile platform or app.
      • Select IPO which can be found under the top menu in the more section
      • Next, choose your IPO and click on Apply button
      • Enter essential details like investor type, price, order quantity, and UPI ID
      • Next, you have to click on Apply button to apply for an IPO successfully
      • Once this is done you need to do a UPI mandate from your UPI app

      ASBA based Angel One IPO investment

      • Follow the first three steps from the UPI based procedure as they are similar for this type as well
      • Once you choose to Apply, you will be directed to the next section where you have to put your DEMAT account number which will be used to store the IPO shares.
      • Next, you will have to choose order quantity, price, and investor type
      • Thereafter you will have to review the order and confirm to proceed.
      • NACH mandate is necessary for this procedure.

      Angel One Exposure or Leverage

      Exposure / Leverage
      Equity DeliveryUp to 2x with 24% interest per year
      Equity IntradayUp to 10x
      Equity FuturesUp to 4x
      Equity Options2x for shorting
      Currency FuturesUp to 2x
      Currency OptionsUp to 5x for shorting
      Commodities Future2x
      Commodities Option2x
      Margin CalculatorAngel One Margin Calculator

      Angel One Margin is one of the best in the market. For equity delivery, they provide leverage up to 2 times with 24% interest per annum.

      In case of equity Intraday, and equity futures the leverages can go up to 10x and 4x respectively. For equity options, it is 2 times for shorting.

      The leverage for currency futures and currency options are up to 2 times and 5 times for shorting. The commodities futures and commodities options hold 2x leverage for each.

      They will provide you with a dedicated margin account itself which can help you to differentiate and keep track of your true investments.

      In case you are having trouble calculating margin then they have Angel broking Margin calculator built for this as well.

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      Angel One Trading Platforms

      Angel One provides a wide range of trading platform for across devices & browser, let check these trading platforms.

      Here is the list of their Features:

      Desktop Platform – WindowsYes
      Desktop Platform – MacYes
      Desktop Browser PlatformYes
      Mobile Site PlatformNo
      Android App PlatformYes
      iOS App PlatformYes
      Windows App PlatformNo
      Other Mobile OS PlatformNo
      Real-time UpdatesYes
      Portfolio DetailsYes
      Online MF BuyYes
      News FlashYes
      Research ReportsYes
      Easy InstallationYes
      Global IndicesYes
      Stock TipsYes
      Personalized AdvisoryYes
      Interactive ChartsYes
      Live MarketsYes
      SMS AlertsYes
      Email AlertsYes
      Multi-Account ManagementYes

      The broking house has evolved over the years and that is why they have lots of different platforms as per the needs of the customer.

      The desktop trading platform of Angel One is supported in Windows, Mac, and browsers as well. The browser version is also supported in mobile web browsers.

      Apart from mobile web browsers, they have their mobile app which is available for Android which you can download from the Playstore, iOS app, and windows app.

      These platforms support real-time updates. You can check the portfolio details of a product. You can also purchase MF online using these platforms.

      Other than this, these platforms support News flash, research reports, stock tips, SMS alerts, email alerts, and multiple account management.

      You can get personal advisory and interactive at the tip of your screen. These platforms are engineered for the best trading experience.

      Angel One App

      Angel One app is built by a team of experienced developers which is why you will get to see a very simple interface yet all the features under one roof.

      In this app, you will find a comprehensive portfolio option where you can track your investments and build your portfolio under a single roof.

      The app has a personal advisory feature where you will get ideas for investments and personalized advice. With the help of the Angel One app, you can apply to IPO’s easily.

      The app provides you with live market data. You will also get personalized notifications through the app which lets your strategies stay active all the time.

      Angel One Trade

      The broker has a web trading platform which is also known as the Angel One trade. You can easily access this platform by simply going to

      The Angel one web trading platform is engineered for customers who want hassle-free trading without downloading or installing any application.

      With the Angel One trade platform, you can invest in commodities, equities, currencies, bonds, mutual funds, and IPO’s.

      You can access all your trading account from this platform and keep an eye on your investments.

      Here, you can use the same user ID and password to log in. You can also track your portfolio, do research and also receive live notifications with the Angel One web trading platform.

      Angel One SpeedPro

      The Angel One speedpro is one of the derivatives of Angel One where you can get a seamless trading experience.

      You will have the capabilities to monitor your investments and as well as make trades from a single window.

      The Angel One Trading Terminal is marketed as trading software with special features. You will have real-time updates and will receive news flashes along with personalized reports.

      The Angel One speedpro lets you monitor your portfolio and investments at the same time. Apart from this, you can keep a constant eye on the trading market.

      The software is very easy to install, as you need to download and run the installer on your device and relax.

      Angel One ARQ prime

      Angel One ARQ prime is considered to be state of an Art trading tool for customers.

      The sole responsibility of angel One ARQ prime can be the future of trading which helps you to strategize based on rules and with less human intervention.

      The main theme of the app is that you will get strategies that will be based on proven and tested rules. It analyses all stocks and presents you with the best stock you should purchase at the moment.

      The ARQ prime’s suggestions include high momentum stocks, value stocks, growth stocks, and quality stocks.

      Angel One ARQ is an intelligent piece of tech which cuts losses early which in turn minimizes risks.

      This robo advisory platform also has a free trial where you can test the application for better clarity.

      Angel One International Investments

      Experienced traders tend to invest internationally because it is one source of high profit. The broker allows users to proceed with Angel One International investments.

      With the help of the Angel One app, Clients can make direct investments in the international markets.

      Unlike other broker, they help users with commission-free international investments. They have given users the flexibility and variety to do international investments with ease.

      However, to do Angel One International Investments a user has to go through some verification processes including KYC verification as well.

      Angel One Streak

      Angel One strategic trading options are one of the many reasons people rely on broking house more and more.

      With Angel One streak, the Angel One strategic trading is accessible to all strata of people and as well as budget-friendly.

      Angel One streak works on the principle of cloud-based techs and as a result of this users can trade, get access to their portfolios and investments from anywhere and at any point in time.

      With Angel, One streak users can get the details on any device straight from the cloud to the device screen.

      Streak is responsible for transforming strategies into computer programs that are created based on 60 technical indicators provided by Angel one.

      It helps you to run backtest strategies. With the help of Angel One streak, you will be able to monitor multiple instruments at the same time.

      Angel One Smallcase

      The broker has different tools that help you to create the right trading portfolio. Angel One Smallcase is one of the many tools that is highly praised by users.

      Small cases are tools that help to create a budget-friendly, diversified and long-term portfolio. Angel One Smallcase is a collection of exchange-traded securities for example ETFs and stocks.

      It contains a maximum of 50 securities and a minimum of 2 securities. Smallcase is free of cost but brokerage charges are applicable.

      Angel One Sensibull

      Angel One Sensibull presents you with strategies for NIFTY and Dollar options. You will get expert advice from SEBI-registered experts on a real-time basis.

      Angel One Sensibull offers a demo account type where you can practice trading without risking real money. You can also build your custom trading strategies.

      This Sensibull is perfect for new users who don’t have the proper idea of investing in the stock market. Apart from this, the platform is very easy to use as it is built for new users.

      Angel One – Other Platforms

      Angel One has other essential platforms which have advanced tools like Smart API, Smart Money, Smart Buzz, and smart store. Let us take a peek at all these platforms.

      Angel One SmartAPI

      An API or an Application program Interface is a program that enables you to use data from one server and use it for a customized interface.

      Angel One Smart API helps you to build your trading platform. With the help of Angel One Smart API, you won’t be needing a brokerage license as well.

      However, you should know about programming and software development to utilize the platform.

      Their SmartAPI platform is reliable and which is why you will be easily able to create a trading platform from Angel One API and that too is free of cost.

      Angel One Smart Money

      Angel One Smart money is the educational platform garnered by Angel broking house to help you get knowledgeable about the trading market.

      On successfully registering to the platform, you will get a properly manifested set of lessons on trading which will eventually help you to become a wise investor in the arena of trading.

      The lessons can be both beneficial for novice users and as well as experienced traders. These lessons are created by top-level traders and can give you a thorough insight into the trading market.

      Angel One smart Money has trading lessons in video format as well as in document format. Since the course is created by Angel One who is in this business for the last 30 years, hence by completing the course you will have a good idea of the trading world.

      Angel One Smart Buzz

      Angel One smart Buzz is created to keep you up to date about the trading market. On this platform, you will get the latest news, buzz, and insights into the trading world.

      You can customize your news feed which will help you to receive the news which is important to you and in the process de-clutter your news feed from unwanted news items.

      Most of the hot news can be discovered in Angel One smart buzz within few seconds to minutes. You will also get the media briefings made by top investors and CEO of companies which is quintessential to improve your strategies.

      The Angel One Smart Buzz has news from the trading market in over 60 languages.

      Angel One SmartStore

      Angel One Smartstore is built for trading solutions for the customers who can code their strategies without even knowing to program.

      You will get most of the Algo Marketplace strategies here. Not only you can learn algorithms here but you can also stay updated with the help of the blog and webinars they post regarding the market.

      Above all you will find a community of traders rich in Knowledge and has vast experience and who can help you out with trading problems and doubts.

      They also curate algo courses which are accumulated from various educational institutions and which will help you to become a good algo trader.

      Apart from these they also have certified courses that can help you to build a career out of algorithmic trading

      Angel One Customer Support

      Here is the list of support this broking company provides to its client

      Dedicated DealerYes
      Offline TradingNo
      Online TradingYes
      24*7 SupportYes
      Support NumberCall Now
      Email SupportYes
      Chat SupportNo
      Toll-Free NumberNo

      Angel One customer support has all the essential support features and is prompt in what they do. They have a dedicated dealer for you who will trade for you.

      They have online trading support that can help you with trading issues. Their support team is active 24×7 which means you can resolve issues at any part of the day.

      They have a dedicated support number that is based on the “get a callback” feature.

      Angel One support consists of email support as well however they don’t have a live chat support feature at this time. They have in total 180 customer support branches in PAN India.

      Angel One Complaints & Feedback

      Find the list of total complaints lodged & resolved at both the exchanges.

      Lodged in BSE97
      Resolved in BSE97
      Lodged in NSE125
      Resolved in NSE125

      Angel One has a good reputation when it comes to solving issues and complaints due to the unpleasant experience of a customer.

      BSE has received 97 cases of complaints and feedback from customers for Angel One out of which all the 97 complaints have been addressed to date.

      For NSE they have received 125 complaints out of which all the 125 issues got rectified in a short time period.

      Angel One Disadvantages

      Angel One like other broking houses has some disadvantages which are not huge if you consider carefully.

      There is an extra 20 rupees charge on every call and trade for every executed order which can be a big deal for those who trade in fewer amounts.

      Customer support is although very prompt at addressing a ticket but then they are not excellent while it comes to resolving critical situations.

      The mobile interface can be difficult to understand for novice users. One of the main Angel One disadvantages is that they only provide usual mutual fund plans.

      Angel One Conclusion

      Angel One seems to be a great broking house with lots of options and features. They provide flexibility to the users.

      They have a variety of trading tools that can come in handy while strategizing trading tactics. Their pricing seems to be competitive and as per market trends.

      They have nice customer support who are very prompt in reacting to an issue but when it comes to handling critical issues, they are not the best.

      The Angel One review presented here focuses on the latest developments of the Angel broking and covers all the areas.

      FAQs on Angel One

      Check out various FAQs related to Angel One –

      Is Angel One Safe for Trading?

      Yes, Angel One is safe for trading. They are working in a broking house for the last 30 years and the complaints registered with NSE and BSE for them are very few.

      What is the Brokerage for Angel One?

      For Angel One broking the brokerage is Rs 20 for every executed order. They also charge Rs 20 for the delivery of trades.

      How to Open Angel One Demat Account?

      Demat account opening is very simple with Angel One.

      To open Angel One Demat account you need to click on Green Open a Demat account button below & fill up the Registration Form.

      Fill in the necessary details thereafter and your account credentials will be sent to tour registered email id in no time.

      Can I invest in IPO via Angel One?

      Yes, you can invest in IPO through Angel One broking house. They have UPI-based payment and as well as ASBA based net banking payment methods through which you can apply to IPO’s.

      What leverage does Angel One provide?

      For equity Intraday and equity futures the leverages can go up to 10x and 4x respectively. In case of equity options, it is 2 times for shorting.

      The leverage for currency futures and currency options are up to 2 times and 5 times for shorting. The commodities futures and commodities options hold 2x leverage for each.

      Does Angel One have the trading app?

      Yes Angel One has a trading app that is available for both Android and IOS platforms

      How to contact Angel One Support?

      Angel One support can be contacted via email or the dedicated support number is given on their website.

      The support number is however a callback service where you need to request a callback to get contacted by the Angel One support team

      Does Angel One provide Research?

      Yes, Angel One also provides research and advisories. They will help you out with Fundamental reports, research reports, company reports, IPO reports, monthly reports, weekly reports, and annual reports

      Is Angel One good for Beginners?

      Angel One is excellent for beginners as it has a demo account where new users can practice trading with virtual money.

      They provide dedicated account managers as well as expert advisories. The smart money platform helps you to learn more about the trading world

      Who founded Angel One?

      Angel One was founded by Dinesh Thakkar in the year 1987. Angel One is a Mumbai-based start-up running for the last 30 years successfully.

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