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Angel One Franchise Models or Ange One Sub Broker Program is one of the largest broking franchises across the country, having more than 11000 sub-brokers in a chain.

The broker holds the experience of more than three decades now, which makes it one of the most prominent and reliable brokers. The dedicated efforts and commitment make it a top broker.

Hence a plethora of investors in the country trust it.

However, if one wants to become an Angel One Sub Broker, they need to understand the basics of Franchise.

Angel One Franchise / Sub Broker / DRA / Partner

Angel One Franchise Customer Ratings & Review

Angel One Franchise Ratings
Market Share9.5/10
Products & Services8.5/10
Revenue Sharing8.0/10
Holistic Support8.0/10
Overall Ratings8.3/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Angel One Franchise

Angel one broker is based in Mumbai and holds a stunning 30 years of experience. When it comes to marketing strategy, nothing beats Angel, one sub-broker.

angel one franchise or sub brokerFurthermore, the broker stands out in the crowd in terms of marketing strategy. Angel One has several branches in at least 150 cities.

One can connect with Angel One Franchise provides all types of broking services, including Demat Account, Trading Account, IPO investment, Research reports, and others. Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Funds are also available.

Besides offering excellent products and services, the broker is undoubtedly one of the best franchises available.

The broker is quite flexible when it comes to commission sharing so that traders can be stress-free.

Become Angel One Sub Broker or Start Angel One DRA

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    Types of Angel One Sub Broker

    The Angel One Franchise Models has three parts mainly:

    • Sub Broker
    • Master Franchise
    • DRA (Digital Referral Associate)

    Angel one Sub Broker & its Benefits

    It is ideally a low investment venture available by the broker. Angel One Sub Broker has the highest number of authorized people.

    Furthermore, the broker offers seamless registration in 3 days where one can get an AP registration number from BSE/NSE.

    The broker provides tolls, and there are a plethora of products available under customer service. It helps in marketing the business and technology.

    When a trader wants to become a sub-broker, they need to deposit INR 50000, and it is refundable.

    It offers marketing support, and there is a dedicated relationship manager available. For sub-broker partnerships, the broker provides a revenue-sharing model.

    Sub brokers can convert to an authorized person as per the recent SEBI norms. The new registration will now be named as an Authorized person.


    • Free Demat account opening
    • Flexible revenue sharing model
    • Quick account opening process

    Angel One Master Franchise & its Benefits

    The Angel One Master Franchise allows one to have a monopoly brokership in an area. The model needs a decent infrastructure and investment amount.

    Furthermore, the Franchise is quite similar to the sub-brokership model, and the model leverages on network and client base for achieving goals.


    • Have a monopoly over an area
    • Revenue sharing is at least 80%
    • Fantastic opportunity to expand.

    Angel One DRA & its Benefits

    It is quite a simple model where the agent Angel One DRA gets some prospects for Angel One brokering to open a Demat account.

    If an agent provides high-quality opportunities, then they can negotiate for a free security deposit. The revenue starts from 30% and can go up to 50%.


    • Amazing commission
    • Easy trading process
    • Minimum investment amount

    Angel One Sub Broker Commission or Franchise Revenue Sharing

    When it comes to Angel One Franchise Revenue Sharing, traders need to know that one of the highest remunerating broking houses in the country offers competitive revenue sharing ratios.

    It is mainly because the broker provides excellent contributions as all sub-brokers add to the business.

    In addition, the dynamic model of revenue sharing features multiple parameters like revenue projections and the current client base.

    Commission sharing:

    The revenue sharing ratio might vary from one person to another.

    • The revenue ratio is relatively high for a sub-broker or an authorized person as the functions tend to be quite substantial. Ideally, the commission sharing ratio is 50% to 70% averaging to 60%. Thus, besides justifying the positions of sub-broker, the percentage is relatively higher than the industry average.
    • For the master franchisee, the revenue ratio is somewhat on the same page as the sub-broker, but here, the balance is 80%.
    • Lastly, for the DRA, the revenue generation is 20% to 30%. The ratio is low, but it is mainly because of the minimum functional responsibility an agent carries. An agent just introduces the potential clients here.

    Above all, one can expect a fair Angel One Sub Broker Commission irrespective of the model they choose. This is because the revenue sharing ratios are not only competitive but also beneficial to the traders overall.

    Check this table below to understand commission sharing better:

    Angel One CommissionSub Broker Commission
    Angel One Sub Broker / Authorized Person50% – 30%50% – 70%
    Angel One Master Franchise30% – 20%70% – 80%
    Angel One DRA80% – 70%20% – 30%

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      Angel One Franchise Cost or Sub Broker Investment

      In the sub-broking niche, the traders need to place some deposits with the main broker to become a sub-broker.

      The  Angel One Franchise Cost includes a security deposit which allows traders to make right any default during the tenure.

      Traders need to pay somewhere between INR 50000 to 300000, and it depends on the franchise model and revenue.

      Above all, all the traders need to pay a security deposit irrespective of the broker they choose.

      The best part about Angel One Sub Broker Investment is that it is refundable on the completion of the tenure.

      Angel One Partner Infrastructure Requirement

      Under this section, traders can learn about Angel One Partner Requirements. It is all about the workplace that the sub-broker needs to maintain to align with the requirements.

      Angel One expects its traders to maintain the Angel One Sub Broker Infra Requirement, which means they need to have a decent place or locality, good internet connection, and telephone lines for seamless business operation.

      The investment varies for all sub-brokers.

      For example, a DRA doesn’t need any office setup as they don’t need to entertain clients as such.

      On the flip side, a master franchise broker needs to align with all the requirements as the amount is way higher than DRA.

      Below table gives a better perspective of Angel One Security deposit amount:

      Angel One Franchise Security Deposit Amount
      Angel One Sub Broker / Authorized PersonINR 50,000 – 100,000
      Angel One Master FranchiseeINR 100,000 – 300,000
      Angel One RemisierINR 10,000 – 25,000

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      SAMCO FranchiseMastertrust Capital FranchiseSushil Finance Franchise

      Angel One Sub Broker Offers or Franchise Offers

      There are a plethora of Angel One Franchise Offers which allow brokers to boost their business. Some of Angel One Sub Broker Offers are:

      • Low investment costs;
      • Reduced margin money;
      • Additional products to deal in
      • High revenue ratio;
      • Dynamic brokerage plans;

      Angel One franchise – Eligibility Criteria

      To become a sub-broker, one needs to align with Angel One Sub Broker Eligibility. Some of the mandatory criteria elements are:

      • One of the most vital requirements is that one needs to be registered with SEBI.
      • Besides, the traders need to align with age criteria as they need to be at least 18 years of age. In addition, a graduation degree is a must.
      • Traders can get some extra brownie points if they have any experience in the field of the stock market or financial market & certifications from the apex bodies.
      • Before making one a sub-broker, an Angel broker goes through an individual’s background. Therefore, it is vital to align with Angel One Franchise Eligibility to become a sub-broker.

      How to become Angel One Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

      It is pretty easy to become Angel One Franchise all one needs to do is follow some basic steps:

      • Firstly traders need to fill in the basic details on a form like their contact, name, address, etc.
      • The broker will then connect with the traders and understand their interests further.
      • Furthermore, the broker will fix an appointment with the Business team of Angel Broking and Business executives of Angel Broking to get going. Here the traders need to put their expectations forward.
      • During the meeting, the traders need to align with revenue ratio, investment amount, security deposit amount, etc.
      • After the agreement is complete, the traders need to submit some mandatory documents.
      • Lastly, when the verification process is complete, traders can get a sub-broker ID and start working in no time.

      The registration process takes around two to five days.

      Why Partner with Angel One?

      There are plenty of Angel One Franchise Benefits so traders can get going in no time.

      Strong brand recall- the broker has more than 8000 sub-brokers, and they are one of the market leaders present in at least 900 cities.

      Fantastic technology- the broker uses all the latest technology solutions. In 2016, the broker was awarded for its best app.

      Hence technology is the key to Angel one’s excellent trading facilities. All the tools presented here are based on the latest technology so traders can choose the broker without a doubt.

      Partner support- the Angel One offers CRMS support to all sub-brokers that gives them all information regarding their clients.

      The broker also conducts some seminars to keep the trader updated about the latest happenings.

      Training support- If traders are new to trading, they don’t need to stress as some training support is available. It allows traders to make the most of their marketing resources.

      Angel One Franchise – Conclusion

      Angel One Franchise offers three different association models, which are suitable and preferable for all people.

      The eligibility criteria are pretty essential, so traders don’t need to stress. Hence traders can quickly enter the business.

      Furthermore, the revenue sharing model is quite favorable for traders than other brokers in the market.

      Therefore, when one chooses to become Angel One Sub Broker, they can only avail the best.

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      Angel One Authorized Person Program FAQs

      Here is the list of FAQs related to the Angel One Franchise:

      Does Angel One have a Sub Broker Model?

      Yes, Angel One offers a sub-broker model. One can go for this model if one is looking for business-related opportunities.

      The broker is quite prominent in the market thanks to its vast network spread across various cities.

      Is Angel One having multiple Franchise models?

      Yes, Angel One offers multiple franchise models. Besides the sub-broker model, the broker also offers a master franchise business model and DRA business model.

      But, above all, the sub-broker model is one of the most prominent models.

      What is the Angel One Sub Broker Commission?

      When one becomes a sub-broker with Angel One broker can earn a revenue of 50% to 70%. It means the final settlement holds some chance of negotiation.

      When the broker connects with the sub-broker, they can discuss all the elements and then decide the commission.

      How much does Angel One Franchise Cost?

      There are three franchise models here, so the franchise cost varies from one model to another. For the sub-broker model, the franchise cost is somewhere around Rs.50000 to Rs.100000.

      On the flip side, the master franchise cost is INR 1,00,000 to Rs.3,00,000. Lastly, for the DRA model, the sub-broker needs to pay Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000 as a franchise cost.

      Does Angel One have a Partner Program?

      Yes, Angel One offers a partner program besides the franchise models.

      The partner program is not only available to current clients but also available to future clients.

      In addition, the brokers can earn a commission on the network marketing they carry forward.

      What is Angel One Partners Sharing?

      The revenue sharing for partners goes somewhere between 20% to 30%.

      In addition, there are some fixed charges which traders need to deposit in the range of  Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000.

      Is Angel One Partner Program Free?

      No one cannot become an Angel One partner free of cost.

      To avail of the business partner program, one needs to pay fees of Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000.

      However, when compared to other brokers, the fees are pretty less.

      Does Angel One provide Training Assistance?

      Yes, Angel One offers training assistance to brokers under sub-broker and master franchise business models.

      It provides training in various forms like seminars, sessions, webinars, and other relatable affairs.

      When it comes to training assistance, the traders offer the best possible marketing materials.

      How to Become Angel One Sub Broker?

      It is pretty easy to become a sub-broker. All one needs to do is follow some steps to get going.

      Furthermore, they need to submit some vital documents for the KYC verification process.

      Once the verification process is complete, the broker will connect with the sub-broker.

      Does Angel One Franchise provide Support?

      Yes, the Angel One offers franchise support in terms of the advisory dashboard, marketing support, margin limits/exposure, and flexible leverage.

      But, besides all of it, traders can also expect other support.

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