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Are you on the lookout for the Best IPO of 2024 that could satisfy your appetite for higher returns? Beyond a doubt, you have landed on the right page.

Almost every investor aspires to double their money within their first try when it comes to investment in the stock market.

Best IPO in IndiaEveryone wants to get their hands on a big buck, but it isn’t necessary that every person receives the same opportunity.

The risk of losing the principal amount in the stock market itself isn’t less than a big fear that often comes true for many who make a wrong move.

Still, people never fear to park their savings in some valuable assets, just like IPOs shares.

Despite the trembling performance, these newly issued shares in the stock market come with a higher expectancy to overtake others.

Few of them are more likely to offer you sky-high returns in future.

So you make the right decision and choose the right IPO investment, we have shortlisted some of the amazing IPOs to invest in India.

These are likely to draw our eyeballs on them right after their first launch.

Best IPO of 2024 – List of Top 10 IPOs in India

Here is the list of Top IPOs of 2024. Some of these are upcoming IPOs & some of them have already hit the Market.

Rank Top 10 IPOs
2 Kalyan Jewellers IPO
3 Bajaj Energy IPO
4 Policy Bazaar IPO
5 Zomato IPO
6 Flipkart IPO
8 Byju’s IPO
10 Delhivery IPO

Lets have a detailed review of these 10 IPOs & know why have made to this list & why they are the Best IPOs of 2024.

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    As India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has already confirmed the completion of LIC IPO in the stock market in 2023, our expectations glide high from this IPO alternative.

    Nirmala Sitharaman also states that policyholders will be entitled to 10% of the LIC IPO issue size.

    According to sources, the government intends to raise more funds for up to Rs.80,000 crores via LIC IPO.

    Kalyan Jewellers IPO

    Kalyan Jewellers – the leading Indian jewellery brand is expected to collect about Rs.1,750 crores via IPO. The expectations are set at 1000 crores in the new equity offering.

    In the past year, the company’s operating revenues increased to 10,181 crores from 9,814 crores that showcase the potential of Kalyan Jewellers in the market.

    In the upcoming months, the company will share more details on its offering.

    Bajaj Energy IPO

    Bajaj Energy is another big name on our list. With an estimated IPOs size of Rs 5,450 crores, Bajaj Energy – the largest thermal generating firm- certainly becomes a great IPO alternative to invest in 2023.

    Rs.5,150 crores would be freshly issued. However, the issue date isn’t yet clear.

    Bajaj ventures promoter Minakshi Bajaj, Shishir Bajaj, Apoorva Bajaj and Kushagra Baja also provide scripts of Rs 300 crores.

    Policy Bazaar IPO

    Policy Bazaar is certainly the most heard name on TVs that has arrived with good news for the aspiring investors this year.

    Backed by SoftBank, this popular insurance company sets an eye on IPO in 2023 with a 3.5 billion dollar valuation.

    Policy Bazaar is one of India’s biggest insurance companies; that’s why our expectations automatically rise after knowing the name of such a big player in the IPO 2023 list.

    In September 2022, the company is all set to issue its shares.

    Zomato IPO

    Zomato- there’s no surprise that this name has brought a transition in the Indian food industry. Again, the brand is planning to create history by launching its IPO in the nearer months.

    Till then, investors will have to show some patience as the rumors’ are that the company is also planning to show its IPO appearance in the US. Currently, Zomato values 3.5 billion dollars.

    Zomato is working with Temasek, Tiger Global and Ant Financial, and surprisingly, Kotak Mahindra Capital too will be a special appearance in Zomato IPO.

    Flipkart IPO

    India’s fastest evolving online shopping site- Flipkart- is all set to take the flag of its success to a new height by entering the IPO.

    The company is going to create a legendary moment for India by becoming the first-ever company to list its name in US exchange.

    Company’s previous valuation of about 25 billion dollars witnesses that the company has a huge potential in becoming your next favorite IPO alternative.

    Paytm IPO

    Today, there’s no home where people don’t know what Paytm is. With more than 200 million+ active users, Paytm seems to be well planned to surprise us through its IPO offerings.

    However, the rumours are absolutely correct that India’s largest digital payment mode is all set to enter the stock market.

    Still, the exact date hasn’t yet been revealed by the company. Till then, it is better to wait and watch what the future brings to you.


    BYJUs IPO for a long has been in the headlines as the company’s astonishing success in the online education sector highlights its potential.

    Already, company values at 10.8 billion dollars and we can’t deny that lockdown came with a significant advantage to it.

    In the year 2020, schools and other educational institutions engagement with Byjus surged by 300%. But Ambani’s Ed-Tech space is likely to give it a tough competition.


    With 55% shares in Indian Markets and backed by Tiger and Tencent, 2 big names, Ola is supposed to be an attractive player in this IPO list.

    In the year 2019, the company recorded a dramatic surge by 39% in revenue. To date, Ola has raised 3.3 billion dollars, and in the year 2023, the company sets an eye on big goals.

    Delhivery IPO

    Investors must consider Delhivery, if you are planning to invest in IPO. Delhivery is a popular online delivery network that during COVID-19 gained immense demand.

    Till date, the company has raised 780 million via its numerous rounds of funding. Moreover, the Giant Softbank company support makes it a reliable option.

    Top 10 IPOs in India – Conclusion

    Beyond a doubt, all these companies, with their launch in the stock market, are likely to astonish us this year.

    Suppose, in 2024, if you genuinely want to get quick, easy and desirable returns. Put your fear on hold and end up investing in it.

    You are probably well-familiar with the performance of these companies and their successful launching.

    And there’s no surprise that these companies are thriving with huge potential to offer you the highest return in future. Still, the end decision is up to you.

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