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Check out in detail about Olypm Trade Trading Platform here. Investment is the key to build a side-income source that generates consistent revenue.

But, for many traders, investment or trading has evolved into a primary source of earning.

Like millions of other traders, if you also think that the trading sector has vast potential, don’t forget to choose the best trading platform, because it is the first port from where you’ll head to a successful trading journey.

Such as, you can choose the Olymp Trade MetaTrader 5 built for both web and mobile traders.

This amazing online broker has been winning traders’ hearts worldwide. It can be one of the most dynamic trading platforms for many users.

Beyond a surprise, there’s much more to discuss on Olymp Trade. So let’s educate you more on this trading platform.

With a sneak peek into the features and benefits, get a brief image of this best overall broker.

About Olymp Trade Trading Platform

Olymp Trade is a pioneering name in the trading sector that first went public in 2014.

Olymp Trade Trading Platform

It seems that the founder of Olymp trade- Andreas A- has left no stone unturned to make it one of the best trading platforms.

Even though only a team of 50+ employees are managing this trading platform from head office St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it still works brilliantly for traders.

The broker focuses more on piling up the engagement of users. For which the trading platform has been kept free of flaws.

More than 25k daily active users witness the true potential of Olymp Trade’s online trading platform.

After all, this best overall trading platform includes all those helpful features and functions that cherish a great user experience.

The platform even consists of a demo account and an Islamic account, as the company does care for its user’s demands.

Next, you will learn about the features that Olymp Trade offers on its trading platform.

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    Olymp Trade Trading Platform – Top Features

    What do you get on the Olymp Trade trading platform once you become a registered user with the broker?

    Explore these features showcasing us the best side of Olymp Trade-

    Exposure to Good-range of Tradable Assets

    Users can search for the favorite tradable asset at Olymp Trade, including-Currencies, Crypto-currency, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, ETF, etc.

    Piling up Knowledge and Wealth Together

    Users also get access to knowledge-packed content that maximizes their interest in trading. Similarly, it helps you generate ample wealth as your extensive knowledge fuels the best results.

    Highly Useful Charts/ Indicators

    Even though not so many traders believe in technical analysis yet trading can turn out more challenging without these vital things.

    Hence, Olymp trade does not just offer you access to basic charts and indicator features, but you get most of your expectations.

    Social Trading/ Copy Trading

    Surprising! Of course, it is. Olymp trade enables copy trading features on its platform.

    To simply put, you can copy the positions and trading moves of traders you trust.

    Get Personal Support from Expert Advisors

    Expert advisors personally assist you if you become a VIP user at Olymp Trade.

    Though it may cost you a bit high, still it is an excellent service offered by Olymp traders.

    Offers Promotions

    Olymp Trade strives to make its trading platform engaging for which the company launches several events and contests related to trading.

    Users participate in these activities and win exciting rewards.

    Automated Trading Available

    Regardless of whether you are an active trader or a busy person who can’t actively monitor the price movements of the assets you wish to trade, you may find this feature the best support.

    But make sure you conduct a thorough analysis using charts and indicators first.

    Once you are sure about your prediction, put stop loss, and take profit manually.

    So that in your absence, your portfolio exits the market whenever it reaches the targeted point you set.

    How to Set up Olymp Trade Trading Terminal?

    Beyond a surprise, all these features are compelling enough that it’s hard to refuse trading at Olymp Trade.

    Thus, below we share the process by which you can open your first trading account at Olymp Trade web trading platform.

    • First, begin with a simple sign-up process that takes only your e-mail id.
    • Set a strong password so no one could access your account easily and double verify your account.
    • Once the account is successfully created, meet the EKYC requirements.
    • Submit the essential documents, e.g., ID proof, address proof, and bank details.
    • Choose the desired account type, such as ECN account (VIP account) or standard account.
    • Fund your account with a minimum deposit amount of $10.
    • Start trading!

    That’s all it takes to set up a trading account at Olymp Trade web trading platform. However, it’s worth noting that trading via a Standard account is free of commission.

    At the same time, if you choose a VIP account, which also refers to an ECN account, $4 is charged from you as a commission.

    Next, we’ll go into the depth of the Olymp Trade trading account so you could get a solid idea of how to trade at this best overall trading platform.

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    How to Use Olymp Trade Web Trading Platform?

    Getting a brief understanding of the Olymp Trade trading platform is a matter of a few minutes.

    Still, if you seek more ease and want someone to guide you, then you can first log in to the Olymp Trade demo account.

    There you can get a proper idea of Olymp Trade usage. How does it work, and which feature to access, where to launch your first trade?  Users learn everything in one go if they use a demo account.

    Apart from that, Olymp trade offers attractive leverage 500:1 on both ECN and standard trading accounts.

    Traders who have limited capital for investment get support from this great offering.

    Spreads are a bit tighter in the ECN account – 0.6 pips which are 1.1 pips in the standard account.

    Moreover, new traders can enjoy commission-free trading via the Olymp Trade standard account.

    Using indicators, charts, and other helpful tools, traders can make their trading journey more productive.

    But make sure you are determined about trading and conduct thorough research work before investing.

    No online broker promises you 100% success on their trading platform.

    It all begins from your knowledge and time you invest in finding the best asset that yields excellent results.

    Advantages of Olymp Trade MetaTrader 5

    Here we compiled a list of benefits associated with trading at Olymp Trade MetaTrader 5.

    • Licensed by IFC (International Financial Commission)
    • Accounts cater to the need of various users
    • Lowest deposit amount
    • Attractive spreads
    • Attractive leverage up to 500:1
    • Best for beginners
    • Supports multiple languages
    • Exposure to multiple tradable assets
    • Interactive interface
    • Offers a mobile app

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    Olymp Trade Trading Platform – Conclusion

    This review casts light upon the major points that make Olymp Trade the best trading platform for all.

    Every feature you get at the Olymp Trade web trading platform is pretty good.

    The log-in process is simple; still, you can have a quick-guide tour using a demo account for ease of access.

    Apart from that, commission-free trading is a major advantage to traders.

    The broker wants its users to gather some knowledge first, for which it offers you an education service.

    To sum up, we find Olymp trade a great tool that fits your trading needs entirely.

    Olymp Trade Trading Platform – FAQs

    Below is the list of few FAQs related to the Olymp Trading Platform:

    What Is Olymp Trade Trading Platform Called?

    The Olymp Trade trading platform has no other name, so if you wish to use this trading platform, simply type “Olymp Trade” in the Google search or mobile app store (if you are a mobile user).

    Similarly, the trading platform will pop up in one go.

    Does Olymp Trade Provide Web Trading?

    Yes, traders can trade their favorite assets on laptops, desktops, or preferred devices via the Olymp trade web-based trading platform.

    Visit the Olymp trade official web portal, create an account and launch your first trade via Olymp trade.

    Is Olymp Trade trading platform Free To Use?

    Not exactly, because trading is illogical if no monetary transaction is included; thus, users are required to submit $10 as an initial deposit amount to access the Olymp Trade trading account.

    But if you choose a VIP account, $4 will be charged per lot; at the same time, if you choose a standard account, the trading will be free of charge.

    What Features Does Olymp Trade Online Trading Platform Have?

    Olymp trade online trading platform is loaded with some fantastic features that upgrade your interest in trading.

    In a nutshell, education service, technical tools and indicators, and expert advisors are the core points of this fantastic online tool.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via Olymp Trade trading platform?

    Yes, traders can trade shares via Olymp Trade. First, create an account and log in. Now using the search box and menu list, you can find a list of extensive shares.

    Hit thorough research work as it is essential if you are trading shares. Take the support of technical tools and hit on the buy button. Stay active if you are a day trader.

    Can Olymp Trade web trading platform be Used Without eKYC?

    No, Olymp trade will deny giving you any access to its trading account in case you reject sharing any details for EKYC.

    For the EKYC process, users are required to submit some personal information that is solely intended for account verification and security.

    Does Olymp Trade trading platform Provide Tips?

    As a part of its educational services, the Olymp Trade trading platform does share some fantastic tips and tricks with its users.

    So you could learn first and think later about maximizing your wealth in one go.

    Also, there is a demo account offered by Olymp Trade broker where users can execute all these tips free of cost and strengthen their understanding of trading.

    How to buy currencies via the Olymp Trade web trading platform?

    Buying currencies via Olymp trade is easy as a pie.

    But make sure you are aware of the basics of such trading as, unlike stocks and cryptocurrency trading, forex trading is slightly different.

    So make sure your trading strategies incorporate the rules and basics of forex trading.

    Apart from that, the process of buying currencies at Olymp trade stays the same as you buy stocks or shares on any trading platform.

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