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Know everything about Olymp Trade Partner Program or Franchise Models here.

Market a product and get a commission; that’s how you classify a typical partner program. But Olymp Trade comes with some extra in its unique business model.

There can be nothing appealing than making money while you sleep. If you are obsessed with the best money-making plans, the Olymp Trade Affiliate program may satisfy you.

With some extra cash flow, the best support network, and long-term benefits, Olymp Trade broker features one of the best partner programs.

Best Partner ProgramAffiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPAUp to 50-60%
Second Level commission10%
Commission WithdrawalWeekly
Partner Code Activation2-3 Days
Affiliate Cookie TrackingUp to 90 days

Hence, this article decodes all the perks you receive as an affiliate partner at Olymp Trade.

How can you become their partner? Without further ado, let’s plunge into the article to find out.

Olymp Trade Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEOAndreas A.
Established Year2014
Publicly TradedNo
Total Employees0-50
HeadquarterSt. Vincent and the Grenadines

Olymp Trade helps you build multiple income streams via its robust business model.

Olymp Trade Partner or FranchiseThe broker compiles some of the best payouts in its partner program to get your hands on.

The broker holds a track record of its invincible success in the industry.

Since 2014, Olymp trade has been in the spotlight for being the best forex broker.

Though, several reasons helped Olymp Trade in attaining high status in such a short time.

The broker works under the control of a Top-tier regulator – IFC – and that emphasizes a reliable image of Olymp Trade.

Brilliant customer support services also make a good reason why the broker is so good.

No wonder you can quickly achieve your highest-earning goals on being an Olymp trade partner.

After all, the broker has already garnered a well-known image in the trading sector.

Next, you learn about the commission and types of partner programs launched by the broker.

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    Types of Olymp Trade Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner TypeAffiliate ProgramIntroducer
    Revenue Sharing or CPAUp to 50-60%Up to $150 on each first deposit and up to $5 on each app installed
    Cost AssociatedMinimalNo
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTDNANA
    Code Activation Time2-3 Days2-3 Days

    Affiliate and introducer are the two most popular partner programs that Olymp Trade runs.

    Thus, you are free to decide what type of Olymp Trade partner you are interested in becoming for the broker.

    Let’s discuss more on these programs in details below-

    Olymp Trade Affiliate Program

    Affiliate marketing has evolved into the best money-making business model of this age.

    People with a far-reaching social network can get most of their hopes from this brilliant business plan.

    That makes a great reason why you must join the Olymp Trade affiliate program.

    You can quickly get your name registered for the program by meeting the T&C mandated by Olymp Trade.

    If you guide people on how to trade and have few dedicated members in your network, you can expect instant access.

    Affiliate marketing can quickly help you make a good amount in no time.

    Share the affiliate link (provided by broker on sign-up) with your network and get high payouts on referrals.

    Olymp Trade Introducer Business Model

    Being an introducer for Olymp Trade, you access some great benefits.

    Though, the introducer program follows the similar business model that you get in the affiliate program.

    But modest distinction stands it out as the best money-making method as compared to affiliates.

    Mainly if you are a brilliant marketer and well-versed in how to target an audience and get the right customers, you can make a good amount from this business model.

    Olymp Trade Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate ProgramUp to 50-60%
    IntroducerUp to $150 on each first deposit and up to $5 on each app installed
    Authorized PartnerNA
    White Label PartnershipNA

    Olymp trade has some productive revenue-sharing plans.

    Beyond a surprise, it builds a key reason that binds people with the Olymp Trade franchise business model.

    In brief, the business models comprise the “Olymp Trade affiliate program” and “introducer program.” An affiliate partner can easily earn up to 50% to 60% on every single referral.

    To simply put, if you send a client to Olymp Trade trading platform, you make a commission.

    Though, this earning can be recurring revenue if the referred client makes a purchase.

    On the other hand, the introducer program can help you earn up to $150 on each first deposit by referred clients.

    At the same time, if you send a user via a referral link to download the Olymp Trade app, you can easily make $5 on each install.

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    Olymp Trade Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate ProgramNo Deposit
    Introducing Business PartnerNo Deposit
    Authorized PartnerNA
    White Label PartnershipNA

    Deposit and cost associated with a partner program have always been a major point of concern for influencers.

    Mainly for freshers, developing a concrete income stream often turns out a bit difficult with these two points.

    For instance, most brokers ask you to submit a security deposit and partner cost before accessing their partner plan.

    But thanks to the Olymp Trade partner program as you pay nothing to join.

    You don’t spend even a single penny to join the affiliate and introducer program by Olymp Trade, which is a great thing.

    All it takes is your network and a solid business model by which you refer a client to a broker’s trading platform.

    You can start making money from day one if your business plan is strategic and goal-oriented.

    Olymp Trade Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit schemeYes
    Real-Time Commission calculationYes
    Second Level Commission10-15%
    Personal Account ManagersProvided
    Multiple Payment SystemsAvailable
    Sub-Affiliate systemAvailable

    Besides attractive payouts, the Olymp Trade franchise business model includes a range of benefits.

    To simply put, the broker runs a zero deposit scheme that gets you a commission right from day one without spending extra.

    The Real-Time commission calculator provides you with a clear insight into your earnings.

    Taking some helpful cues from this analysis, you can make a solid marketing plan that gets you a good income. But this also adds another great benefit.

    You access the second level added commission up to 10 to 15% once your business plan scales and gets more clients for the broker.

    Associated partners also get further support from Personal Account Managers that create a productive ecosystem for all.

    Olymp Trade Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age18+ Years
    Business ExperienceMinimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification No basic qualification/degree
    Desired ProfileBusiness in Similar Field

    Here are some chief points that must be met to qualify for Olymp Trade sub-broker eligibility criteria.

    • Your age must be 18+ Years; else, you aren’t eligible for the partner program.
    • Minimum 1-3 years experience in business is mandatory to get qualified
    • Instant access to businesses operating in the similar field
    • Luckily, the broker doesn’t ask you for any basic qualification/degree to show

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    How to Become an Olymp Trade Business Partner?

    For many, the word “get started” sounds a bit tricky when signing up for a partner program with a broker.

    Since you are required to show an extensive list of documents to get qualified, that raises fears.

    Luckily, it is easy to become an Olymp Trade partner as the broker follows the easiest approach to get started with their partner program.

    All it takes is your business model and minimum age that must be met with the conditions.

    If your business targets an audience in the financial sector, you can easily enter Olymp Trade programs.

    Following a simple sign-up process and submitting a few vitals documents, you check-in for a partnership with Olymp Trade.

    Documents required to Start Olymp Trade Franchise

    Here are some major documents that the broker may ask you to submit while creating an account for the Olymp Trade franchise model.

    • Pan Card or Voter ID card
    • A residence or office proof
    • Experience certificate
    • Passport size photo
    • Proof regarding business ownership

    Wait for a few days to get a referral link once all documents are certified, and the partnership deed is signed.

    The broker sends you referral links after 2 to 3 days to the registration that you use to draw an audience to the broker’s platform.

    Support Provided by Olymp Trade Partner Program

    Back Office SupportAvailable
    Trading SupportYes
    Dealing SupportYes
    Marketing SupportYes
    Multilingual Promotional MaterialsYes
    Training SupportYes
    Commission TrackerProvided

    Olymp Trade partners are exposed to full support once they sign-up for the partner program and successfully become a member.

    Support services include an array of benefits to the partners that streamlines their task, making it easier for markers to work with Olymp Trade for the long term.

    The core benefits include training support and promotional material that encourages partners.

    Besides, the broker does offer marketing support which is rare as hardly a few brokers offer this service.

    That’s how you expect a great journey with Olymp Trade. The broker endeavors to offer you full support at every footstep, so you don’t face any issues.

    Benefits of Olymp Trade Sub Broker Program

    As an Olymp Trade sub-broker, you are exposed to a wide range of benefits. These include-

    • A reliable broker
    • 24×7 hours support services
    • Attractive payouts
    • Extra earning potential
    • Seamless access
    • Minimal documents
    • Clear eligibility criteria
    • No qualification/degree is asked
    • Weekly payments
    • Easy to get clients for the broker

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    Olymp Trade Partner Program – Conclusion

    Olymp Trade partner is quite popular among online marketers and influencers.

    But it’s worth noticing that not every marketer is eligible for the partner program.

    If you have a well-established business or you are an online influencer.

    No matter whether you have a large network or not, you can instantly get access to the Olymp Trade affiliate program. We have even outlined the eligibility criteria in the article.

    Still, it is worth visiting Olymp Trade official website to get more details on the program.

    Olymp Trade Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Olymp Trade Partner Program:

    Does Olymp Trade have an Introducer Model?

    Olymp Trade has an introducer model that offers some handsome payouts to the partners.

    The broker offers you $150 on each referral client and $5 on getting the broker’s official app installed by clients.

    But it is essential for the referred client to submit a minimum deposit amount; only then can you expect a good earning.

    Does Olymp Trade have Multiple Franchise Models?

    Olymp trade mainly offers two franchise models.

    To simply put, the franchise model includes an affiliate program and an introducer program.

    Both business models have a different rate set for payouts.

    What Is Olymp Trade Sub Broker Commission?

    This depends upon which program you choose. Affiliate marketers get 50% to 60% commission on every single trade.

    On the other hand, introducers get a $150 direct commission if the referred client submits the minimum deposit amount for trading.

    How Much Is the Olymp Trade Franchise Cost?

    There’s no need to pay any franchise cost if you are joining the Olymp Trade partner program. However, the cost is associated with your business plans.

    The more you invest in your marketing strategy, the better you capture return from their affiliate program.

    Does Olymp Trade Provide Referral Program?

    Yes, Olymp trade in its franchise business model offers a referral program.

    You get an affiliate link from the broker and share it on your varying social networks.

    Whoever clicks on this link lands on Olymp Trade’s official website. Any activity by clients gets you a commission.

    What Is Olymp Trade Referral Revenue Model?

    The Olymp trade referral revenue model includes an affiliate program in which marketers or influencers get an affiliate link from the broker.

    Similarly, this affiliate link decides the overall earning of the partner.

    Is Olymp Trade Partner Program Free?

    Yes, the Olymp Trade partner program is free, but not for your referred clients.

    There will be no earning if the referred client by an associated partner doesn’t make any payment or submit the minimum deposit amount at Olymp Trade.

    Does Olymp Trade Provide Training Assistance?

    Yes, Olymp Trade offers training assistance to the associated partners.

    There’s no need to join a special training program. You can learn everything about the Olymp Trade affiliate program from the broker.

    How To Own Olymp Trade Franchise?

    To own an Olymp trade franchise, all you need to do is qualify for the eligibility criteria.

    Submit the documents, understand the overall business model, and here you go.

    Does Olymp Trade Affiliate Program Provide Support?

    Yes, Olymp Trade broker offers great support services to its sub-broker.

    Due to any reason, if you face any issue at any time, get in touch with Olymp Trade online broker. The support team provides you with a prompt resolution for any query you submit.

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