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XM Trading platform is a dire need for traders and XM MetaTrader 5 is one such great offering from XM forex broker.

This article is specifically oriented to gives you the end-to-end insights on the XM MT5. MT5 or Meta Trader 5 or MT5 gives you the edge over any other XM Online Trading Terminal.

We tell you everything about all of the reasons why you must opt for this particular XM Trading Terminal. Let us now walk you through all the platforms in general.

About XM Trading Platform

Meta Trader 5 or MT5 basically has all the functionalities of Meta Trade 4 and above them all.

XM MetaTrader 5Basically, there is a lot that Meta Trader 5 or MT5 has to offer, and it is one of the widely known platforms.

There have been multiple developments, testing, and improvements all along the course of time.

This has helped the platform transform into the next generation of the trading platform. There are a whole bunch of possibilities attached to the XM Trading Platform.

There are multiple asset classes you can invest in, in facilitation with high flexibility. You get access to a lot of settings and the same interface suing one trading account.

The XM Trading Platform, in particular, takes automated trading to a completely different level.

Features of the Meta Trader 4 are constantly, while a set of additional more sophisticated features are added in Meta Trader 5 or MT5.

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    XM MetaTrader 5 – Top Features

    Here is a sneak peek into all the major features that this XM Trading Platform, i.e. MT5 offers.

    Check through all the platforms and avail for them all, to enjoy the most of what this XM Online Trading Platform has to offer.

    Charts for Analysis

    The XM Trading Platform offers you multiple charts to analyze the instruments. This XM Web Trading Platform basically is referred to as an ideal multi-asset platform.

    There are options of trading in CFDs on stocks, gold, oil, and equity indices from 1 platform alongside the facilitation of leverage.

    There are no rejections and also no re-quotes in connection with all these instruments.

    Orders-Buy & Sell

    The XM Web Trading Platform lets you invest in over 1000 Instruments, including Stock CFDs, Stock Indices CFDs, Forex, CFDs on Precious Metals, and CFDs on Energies.

    You can use all kinds of order types while placing an order via the MT5 XM Trading Terminal. This is because the platform supports all kinds of orders.

    Reporting Tools and Market Analysis

    Other most crucial features which MT5 offers to its viewers are access to 7 platforms using just one login. You can trade with just one click with facilitation to Hedging.

    Furthermore, the platform provides access to over 80 technical analysis objects. Also, the market depth of the latest price quotes is an added measure.

    There are also numerous tools provided with the platform which go along the process of market analysis.

    You can use the features of this platform and make the most of the returns you can, by comparing all the market instruments.

    How to Set up XM Trading Terminal?

    The process to set up the Trading terminal is pretty simple and if you still wish to view it, we provide you the steps.

    You can check the steps to set up the trading terminal here, in order to be assured you get it right the first time.

    • Getting started with the process, you need to firstly open a demo and trading account with the company.
    • Now, you need to keep the credentials of the account handy and also select this Trading platform to trade with.
    • For the next step, you need to download the terminal, i.e. the .exe file of Meta Trade 5 from the web.
    • Now, when you download the terminal, select the desired location on your device and click on download.
    • You then must run the XM.exe file which was earlier saved on your desktop.
    • When the software launches, it would require you to log into it to confirm your relationship with the broker.
    • In case you wonder how to log in, you need to simply enter into the login credentials which were provided at the time of applying for the account.
    • When you successfully log in, you will be able to place active orders and check other related stuff seamlessly.

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    How to Use XM MetaTrader 5?

    Well, if you need more information on how to create an account, click on the “Open Demo Account” button. The button is provided at the end of the page for your consideration.

    When you click on it, you will see a pop-up form appear. You must fill in the form and then submit it for the company to contact you.

    In the end, you have to go through the KYC process of investing with the firm. Provide a scanned copy of ID proof and other documents as asked.

    If your documents and your application are genuine, the broker will instantly open an account for you. You can either avail of a demo account or a live trading account.

    You must then use the above process to download and log into the Trading platform. Then take a tour of the trading platform and can start investing when you are confident enough.

    Otherwise, you can indeed invest using the demo account.

    Advantages of XM Trading Platform

    Let us now discuss the Meta Trader 5 or MT5 XM Trading Platform perks, which would not only make trading easy but also efficient.

    • You get access to over 1000 instruments since MT5 is a multi-asset platform
    • In accordance with the need of the traders, there is a facility of viewing 100 charts simultaneously.
    • The platform has all types of orders and over 80 technical indicators and over 40 analytical objects.
    • Furthermore, the trading terminal has a Superior built-in MQL5 development environment
    • The database of the terminal is configured in a way where it can hold an unlimited number of trade positions that can be placed.
    • You can perform fully-fledged market analysis, compare multiple asset classes and make the best trading decision.
    • The one-click trading facility is one of the most attractive features since this makes placing orders easy.
    • This platform is among the good books of a lot of traders and therefore, has the attention of the masses with proportionate features. It is available for PC, browser as well as a mobile phone.

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    XM MetaTrader 5 – Conclusion

    XM has indeed provided all the best things for the XM Trading Platform. The MT5 trading platform is the right choice for expert traders who need a full trading setup.

    Expert traders need the assistance of a large number of tools and features, and MT5 suffices for them all.

    The platform looks out for the dire need of expert traders, who need a lot of assistance to make their trading strategies work.

    You can use the demo account first and know all the practical aspects for the first thing. Post this, you can invest in Forex via the live trading account.

    XM Meta Trader 5 – FAQs

    Here is the list of questions & answers frequently asked by users –

    What is the XM Trading Platform called?

    XM provides the best trading terminal for its clients, probably the most superior one in the market.

    The broker provides, Meta Trader 4 as well as Meta Trader 5 or MT5 for their vast and sprawling customer base with massive demands and needs.

    Does XM MT5 provide Web Trading?

    Yes, there is a facilitation of trading on the web via the Meta Trader 5 or MT5 platform. Herein, you are not required to download any special software or apps for the purpose of trading.

    You can simply open up a browser, and open MT4 as well as MT5, and trade from the web.

    Is XM MetaTrader 5 Free to use?

    Yes, this platform is indeed free to use for all kinds of users. Irrespective of the kind of account you opt for or the money you invest in the market, you can avail of the software without charge.

    There is no charge attached to the platform at the time of downloading it.

    How to download XM Trading Terminal?

    The process is quick and easy. You first must download the .exe file of the platform. This will furthermore save the setup into your system.

    You need to open the setup and run the file, i.e. the .exe file. You must then click on the install button of the setup to download the terminal.

    What features does XM Meta Trader 5 have?

    There are indeed a lot of perks you get with this trading platform. So firstly, you get to invest in 1000 Instruments.

    You can invest in them via one click, using multiple order types. To facilitate efficient trading, the platform has 80 technical indicators and more, all of which are provided at a low spread.

    Can I trade in Shares via the XM Trading Platform?

    Yes, there is a facility for investing in shares or stocks via the Meta Trader 5 or MT5 trading terminal.

    There are indeed a lot of options you can avail for using the trading account and terminal, and it has an inclusion of trading in shares of stock in the stock market.

    Is XM MetaTrader 5 good?

    Yes, the Meta Trader 5 or MT5 is one of the best online platforms you can avail of.

    Professional or beginner traders can go for this platform which is indeed a suitable option for either of the parties.

    Irrespective of the kind of trading experience you hold, this platform will do you great justice.

    Can XM Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    No, it is actually a crucial part of the registration process wherein you need to perform KYC in order to get your account activated.

    You cannot skip this part as you will get an activated account and log-in credentials only when you verify your identity.

    Does XM MT5 Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes, there is a lot of facilitation within the app. An analysis is possible with the platform and you can check the latest price quotes of all instruments.

    All the tools and materials are provided using which, you can invest in the forex market efficiently.

    How to Buy Currencies via Meta Trader 5 or MT5 Web Trading Platform?

    It is similar to placing a stock order via the platform. You need to monitor your desired instrument, and when it reached a likely price quote you can choose to invest in it.

    Click on the currency pair, click on the buy option, enter the transaction details and click on place order. You can also avail yourself of the one-click order placement option.

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