Ayondo Trading Platform is one of a kind trading platform for traders around the world.

It enables you to follow top traders within the platform and helps copy their trading patterns for yourself.

Here you can select from an array of top traders.

You can enjoy both social trading and self-directed trading under one roof with the Ayondo MetaTrader 5.

They have responsive customer service and an array of features which makes the Ayondo a top platform among the traders.

Ayondo has low slippage and offers spread betting as well as CFD trading.

Going forward in this article you will get to know more about the Ayondo trading terminal, its benefits, and features.

The working of this Trading platform and how to use the platform will also be discussed in this article.

Let us take a look at this platform in detail.

About Ayondo Trading Platform

Ayondo online trading platform is one of the best Forex and CFD trading platforms which provides users with an array of options to choose from.

Ayondo Trading PlatformThe platform has a nice, clean, and user-friendly interface which helps the new users to use this app with ease.

Since this is a multi-functionality trading platform hence there is a high chance of success.

Here you can get access to tons of technical indicators and trading bots which are quintessential for automated trading.

The Ayondo trading platform works on the majority of the operating system and that includes Windows, Android, Mac Os, Linux, and many more.

The platform provides you with a demo account as well. The demo account can be used to perform the activities of the platform without involving your real money.

You can say that the demo account works as a simulator where you can test your strategies.

You can also create your own customized strategies with the tons of algorithms that the trading platform provides through its marketplace.

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    Ayondo Trading Terminal – Top Features

    Ayondo trading platform is one of the best trading platforms in the trading world.

    It gives its traders the option to choose from numerous features which in turn helps in bringing profit for the user.

    The platform offers new traders with vast resources which are very helpful to the news users in terms of gaining knowledge about the trading market.

    As a new user, you can use the Demo account feature to test all the features and get acquainted with the platform.

    Apart from this they also provide tips, tricks, and market updates now and then within the platform.

    There are some key features of the Ayondo Social Trading Platform, which we are going to discuss here. Let us take a look at the Ayondo Trading Platform in details

    Social Trading

    Ayondo Trading terminal has this unique feature where you can do social trading.

    Social trading here means that you can check out top traders in the market who are using the Ayondo Platform and you can then copy their trading techniques.

    The Copy Trading feature is also one of the most talked-about features of the Ayondo Trading platform.

    Multi-asset Platform

    Ayondo online Trading platform offers tons of tools for fundamental and technical analysis.

    They feature automated trading where you will set some parameters and the bots will work according to the parameters even if you are not around.

    These trading bots are highly efficient and work like charm. The platform allows you to work from mobile phones and tablets on the go.

    The platform allows you to trade Stocks, Futures, and Forex at the same time. You can use most of this platform from the Web-based platform which runs on any Web browser.

    Automated Trading

    Ayondo’s online trading platform gives you access to a unique marketplace where you will find bots according to your requirements.

    There are free trading bots as well as paid trading bots.

    There is a list of freelance developers in the marketplace and here you can choose a developer to build out a trading strategy for you.

    Ayondo trading platform also provides Forex VPS or Forex Virtual Hosting Services.

    How to Set-up Web Ayondo Trading Platform?

    The online trading platform is very easy to set up and register in.

    The Ayondo online trading platform lives account enables you to trade in spread betting, CFDs, and Forex.

    Once you set up the account and verify your credentials you can start trading and generate profit out of it. Let us take a look at the registration process.

    Before we proceed to set up, you will need a scanned colored copy of your National ID, passport, or driving license.

    You will also need a scanned copy of your bank statement or utility bill for address proof.

    You need to keep these documents handy as they are very important in the registration process.

    Next, you need to go to their official website and start the registration process where you will be entering your personal information exactly as it is shown in the documents you have chosen for verification.

    You will also be answering questions about your past trading experience and assessing your knowledge in trading.

    Once the application is complete the registration process you have to apply for verification which may take time to days.

    Next, you will need to set up your fund through which you can deposit or withdraw.

    They provide deposit and withdrawal options like Debit cards, Credit cards, and wire transfers.

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    How to Own Ayondo Online Trading Platform?

    Ayondo web trading platform gives you a unique experience in the form of social trading.

    Here you will pass through the different levels which constitute street trader level and up to Institutional trader level.

    You will also receive badges like the Money Traders badge if you have more than 500 USD/GBP/Euros.

    Deposits and Withdrawals are quite easy as you have the options of credit card, debit card, and wire transfer.

    You need at least 10 USD as a threshold before you can withdraw the funds to your banking account.

    Once you become a top trader, you will get invoices customized especially for you and you will also get a daily overview of your revenues.

    You can create a demo account if you are new to the Ayondo Trading terminal.

    With the trading platform, you can use all the features of the trading platform without even spending real money.

    You can do all the research you want before you trade with real money.

    Advantages of Ayondo MetaTrader 5

    Ayondo MetaTrader 5 allows you to trade stocks, Forex, CFDs, Spreads, and futures with ease from any web browser or Smartphone with a good internet connection.

    With the Ayondo, you can do trading without even downloading software on your desktop.

    Ayondo trading terminal works on top operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac Os, Linux, and many more.

    They have end-to-end encryption over their platform and also focus on extensive data protection techniques such that all your data is safe.

    They have tools like 30 Key Indicators, 24 technical indicators, 9-time frames, 3 chart types, and also you can perform one-click trading.

    You can get real-time quotes that are available in the Market Watch of this platform which is highly beneficial for traders.

    This Trading terminal also offers to stop orders and pending orders like features.

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    Ayondo Trading Platform – Conclusion

    In a very short period Ayondo, an Online Trading Platform has outdone themselves in areas of trading.

    The unique features they provide like copy trading, social trading, and automated trading are praised by top traders.

    They incur low fees and have different entry levels for different types of traders.

    You can always check out top traders and copy their trading strategies as well. Overall it is a nice trading platform that fulfills the trading needs of traders with ease.

    Ayondo Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs Ayondo trading platform:

    What is the Ayondo Trading Platform called?

    Ayondo markets have their trading platform which is also known as the Ayondo One, Trade Hub, and Ayondo Social Trading Platform.

    However, they also use the MetaTrader 5 trading platform which is quite popular among the traders as it has tons of benefits and features.

    Does the Ayondo MetaTrader 5 provide Web Trading?

    Yes, the Ayondo platform provides web trading and the Ayondo Web trading platform provides advanced features which cannot be found in the app versions.

    Ayondo Trading platform supports various operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac Os, Linux, and many more.

    Is Ayondo Trading Platform Free to use?

    Ayondo trading platform is free to use but they will incur some charges based on the type of trading you are doing. They also have low commission charges.

    How to download Ayondo Trading Terminal?

    Ayondo Trading terminal can be easily downloaded from the Ayondo official website.

    However, if you use their web platform you won’t have to download any additional software.

    What features does the Ayondo MT5 have?

    Ayondo trading platform has tools like 30 Key Indicators, 24 technical indicators, 9-time frames, 3 chart types, and also you can perform one-click trading.

    There are real-time charts that are available in the Market Watch of the Ayondo trading platform which is highly beneficial for traders.

    Ayondo Trading terminal also offers to stop orders and pending orders like features.

    Can I trade in Shares via the Ayondo Trading Platform?

    Yes, you can share in trades with the help of the Ayondo MT5.

    Is Ayondo Trading Terminal good?

    Yes, the Ayondo trading terminal is good and is a favorite among top traders

    Can Ayondo Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    No, you cannot use the Ayondo Trading platform without EKYC verification.

    You will need a scanned colored copy of your National ID, passport, or driving license.

    You will also need a scanned copy of your bank statement or utility bill for address proof.

    Does Ayondo Trading Platform provide Tips?

    Yes, the Ayondo MetaTrader 5 provides tips as it is an institutional trading platform and also they provide all the latest updates from the market in real-time.

    How to Buy Currencies via Ayondo MetaTrader 5?

    You need to be verified before you can trade for currencies.

    If you have a verified account already then you can buy currencies with the help of a Debit card, Credit card, and wire transfers. To withdraw funds you will need at least 10$ in your account.

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