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NinjaTrader Trading Platform stole the limelight with 2 grand awards during 2020 and 2021. NinjaTrader Meta Trader 5 Platform has been creating sensations.

Founded in 2003, NinjaTrader has American headquarters, registered with the NFA (National Futures Association).

The company works closely with 2 other brokers, Phillip Capital and Dorman Trading.

About NinjaTrader Trading Platform

As specialists in futures, forex, and options trading, the NinjaTrader Trading Terminal deals with 7 crypto-currencies.

NinjaTrader Forex BrokerThe number of stocks is 6 and commodities are also 6. Futures are 4 and options are 5. Supported crypto coins are Coinbase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Access to powerful tools and analyzers depends upon the account types. A free account can use charts, backtest strategies and carry on trading without upfront payment.

A free version does not include Trader + and OrderFlow +. Start with the free version without financial constraints and gradually grow into greater complexity.

Traders get to choose brokers to associate with. Minimum deposits in accounts vary according to the trade in securities.

Commission rates depend upon the different versions of the trading software. Beginner or Advanced trader, NinjaTrader 8 represents mighty dreams.

The dramatic trading performance succeeds with the sensational trading tools.

Open source trading apps boost trading experiences. Live-action 24/7 becomes quite possible.

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    NinjaTrader Trading Terminal – Top Features

    NinjaTrader Trading Platform received the Best Trading Software award in the 2021 Readers’ Choice by Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities (TASC) magazine.

    In 2020 came the Benzinga Global Fintech honor for “Best Brokerage for Trading Futures” and “Trader Empowerment Award.”

    The striking NinjaTrader 8 platform uses additional technical indicators. Expanded chart functions and superior order flow studies represent some of the improvements.

    NinjaTrader  Web Trading Platform impresses deeply with advanced trading tools.

    Automated trade management (ATM) tactics find a place in Trader +. They include procedures for stop loss and profit target orders in open positions.

    NinjaTrader Ecosystem refers to 3rd party developers. Numerous apps and add-ons help increase the facilities for trading.

    Search through the long list of tools and indicators on the company website. Design custom software with programming skills.

    Primarily aimed at Windows desktop computers for the trading software, additional platforms may be supported but on request. Mac users gain access to the Apple Boot Camp utility.

    With an accent on futures, gain access to numerous technical analysis functions for beginners in the demo training account and advanced traders too.

    Default order routing works through CQG (Continuum) and supports Rithmic and Kinetick too. Kinetick supplies free market data for stocks, futures, and forex.

    Forex currency pairs trading offers competitive spreads and fast order executions. Check out some important features:

    • Choose NinjaTrader, the best online brokerage, for novice or seasoned traders
    • Futures contracts for Gold (GC) and Crude Oil (CL) have $1000 margins
    • Brokerage accounts include a free version of NinjaTrader
    • Choose from 3 license levels with different commissions and features
    • Micro contracts have the lowest commissions of $0.09 per contract
    • E-mini S&P 500 (ES), Nasdaq (NQ), and Dow Jones Industrial Average (YM) stock index futures contracts offer low day trading margins of $500 per contract

    How to Set up NinjaTrader Web Trading Platform?

    First comes the firm decision to join the NinjaTrader Trading Platform after choosing from a long list of brokers.

    Research online reveals the pros and cons of each broker and recommendations often help to make decisions.

    Take into account the experience of trading, whether beginner in need of guidance or advanced trader.

    Beginners need the help of the demo account with no financial risk to learn the trading systems.

    Investment in equipment like a desktop computer along with a suitable place to work from will be important.

    Alternatively, a smartphone assists mobile app trading that facilitates trading on the go and keeping in constant touch with live markets.

    The downloading process from the company website is simple enough with a click. Unless a particular folder is specified, the setup installation file is found in the downloads folder.

    After opening the setup file, the installation works quickly and the necessary permissions may be required.

    Once the installation is completed begins the process of filling in the required information towards account opening.

    Being a legal document and involving traders from across the world, make sure that the entries are correct and based on legal documents.

    After completing the somewhat lengthy procedure and waiting for approval, the setup process is complete.

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    How to Own NinjaTrader Online Trading Platform?

    Account opening with NinjaTrader  Online Trading Platform is uncomplicated and digital. While the form-filling procedures may be simple, delays might happen during the approval process.

    Be prepared to go over several steps during the account opening. NinjaTrader has close business relationships with Phillip Capital and Dorman Trading

    Visit the NinjaTrader website and specify whether the trader wishes to choose forex, futures, or options.

    Choose whether the account will be individual or corporate. Individual means a single name while corporate means a legal entity.

    Fill in the personal information like name, date of birth, and address. Answer a few questions with regard to job and finances.

    Verification of identity and address through uploaded government-issued legal documents comes next.

    ID verification usually comprises a passport or driving license but any other government document will be accepted too.

    Make sure that the picture of the applicant and signature appear legibly and in color.

    Proof of address comprises recent utility bills like electricity and water. However, bank statements and credit card statements are also accepted.

    They must show clearly the name and address of the applicant. The 2 documents in support of identity and address are compulsory and very important.

    Some further questions ask how the account will be used for speculation or trading. Accepting the terms and conditions of the customer and disclosure will be required.

    Advantages of NinjaTrader MetaTrader 5

    NinjaTrader Trading Platform attracts due to the lowest commissions in the country. New accounts require a $1000 minimum deposit.

    With a lifetime license, commissions reach a low of $.09 per micro contract. Consider the low day trading margins of $500.

    It applies to ES, NQ, and YM contracts. A margin of $400 applies to GC and CL contracts.

    Free facilities

    In a demo training account, get live data-free. Opting for live trading, choose one of the 3 paid license levels that brings additional features and lower commissions.

    Alternatively, the free version suffices with the basics for live trading too.

    Investing in a lifetime license would mean access to the premium features.

    Included is the advanced trading management (ATM) strategic order handling.

    A lifetime license also includes the Order Flow features. Free upgrades for a lifetime are included too.

    Super Customer support

    During market hours, expect to receive replies to queries within 15 minutes. Live daily training webinars and hundreds of training videos help the trader acquire new skills.

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    NinjaTrader Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Starting with simulated trading in the demo account, every NinjaTrader Trading Platform trader enjoys the supreme benefits of advanced charting and live market analysis.

    The 3 license levels prepare traders adequately for a lifetime of successful and lucrative trading without serious financial risks.

    Losses always pose risks that can be avoided with wise trading based on intensive market research.

    In addition to the great free features, licensing brings premium tools.

    Trader + or Order Flow + provides access to SuperDOM, a superior alert tool.

    Semi-automated order execution and volumetric bars provide further reach. Explore many additional resources.

    NinjaTrader Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the NinjaTrader trading platform:

    What is the NinjaTrader Trading Platform called?

    NinjaTrader software is the name of the NinjaTrader Trading Platform, among the finest in the industry. NinjaTrader 8 is the latest version that has attracted lots of praise.

    Dedicated mobile apps catering to both android and iOS systems also facilitate trading more conveniently during travel and vacations. CQG is the name of the mobile app.

    Does NinjaTrader provide Web Trading?

    NinjaTrader Online Trading Platform over the web provides massive benefits of live communication with the global markets.

    The rise and fall of values in trading depend on several factors. The markets worldwide are interconnected, impacting each other.

    NinjaTrader and the mobile apps too work across the internet for additional support.

    Mobile apps in android or iOS systems also work through the web.

    Is NinjaTrader MetaTrader 5 Free to use?

    The basic profile set up, demo training account, and live trading in the free version at NinjaTrader Trading Terminal are not charged any fees.

    Traders may trade live markets with no fee being charged but commissions are not so low.

    However, buying one of the 3 license levels increases the range of features and decreases commissions, resulting in more profitable trading.

    How to download NinjaTrader Trading Terminal?

    Downloading the trading platform follows a simple procedure.

    The trader must visit the company website. Downloading is free and is accomplished with a few clicks.

    Decide where the download will be saved on the computer.

    CQG mobile app of NinjaTrader may be downloaded free in the android or iOS versions.

    What features does the NinjaTrader MT5 have?

    Among the numerous powerful features like free accounts and low commissions are splendid research tools for traders.

    An example is the backtesting engine. In this approach, historical data serves the purpose of testing futures trading alternatives.

    Traders are constantly striving to elevate skills and keep in sync with live markets and changing economic conditions.

    Can I trade in Shares via the NinjaTrader Trading Platform?

    Forex, futures, and options are the NinjaTrader primary offerings.

    The broker has close cooperation and partnerships with other financial companies and brokers. The trade on stocks and ETFs have other procedures.

    While using NinjaTrader software for charting and market data, traders need to tie up with other brokers.

    While remaining within the NinjaTrader infrastructure, trade with other brokers will be possible for stocks and ETFs.

    Is NinjaTrader Trading Terminal good?

    NinjaTrader has earned a great reputation and won 2 awards in 2020 and 2021.

    Efficient, trustworthy, and reliable traders can look forward to a lifetime of happy and safe trading. Customer support, training facilities, and research too are excellent.

    National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulate them in the USA.

    Can NinjaTrader Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    Verification of identity and residence details has become standard procedures at NinjaTrader Online Trading Platform to guard against crime and theft of personal details.

    Traders belong to many countries at NinjaTrader and the possibility of fraud is high, such verification is mandatory.

    Otherwise, account opening requires no charges, and live trading too with the basic facilities is free.

    Does NinjaTrader Trading Platform provide Tips?

    An excellent system of charting and live market data helps traders to intensify awareness and trade safely.

    Unlike many other industries, trading exposes the danger of financial loss.

    A demo training account helps to learn trading strategies.

    Low commissions and fees along with free tools, and lively community support represent some of the broker’s supreme benefits.

    How to Buy Currencies via NinjaTrader Web Trading Platform?

    The buying and selling of pairs of currencies in the NinjaTrader  Trading Terminal called Forex prevails globally.

    Strong currencies like the British Pound and American Dollar are considered in pairs and an increase and decrease in value may be predicted through research.

    Intensive live market data enables an elaborate understanding.

    The company provides ample educational resources to help traders make better investment decisions.

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