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Find out all details about ATFX Trading Platform here.

ATFX is one of the leading online trading platforms which provide the best CFD and spread betting options. ATFX has partnered with MT4 as their trading options dealer.

The MetaTrader 4 with ATFX lets you trade in the web trading platform and as well as in the mobile phone using the mobile app for various operating systems which helps you to trade at any point of time anywhere in the world.

MetaTrader 4 tool has more than 30 indicators and technical analysis tools.

In this article, we will dissect and analyze the ATFX trading platform which comes in association with MetaTrader 4.

Throughout the article, we will also discuss the ways to create an account in MT4 with an ATFX trading account and to trade in it.

You will also get to know about the advantages and other features of the ATFX online trading platform. Let us take a look at ATFX online trading platform in detail.

About ATFX Trading Platform

ATFX is a top-notch choice of many traders across the globe because of its customer-centric features.

ATFX Trading PlatformATFX allows you to trade efficiently with the help of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Meta Trader 4 or MT4 is an award-winning trading platform that is feature-rich, clean, and very easy to use.

MetaTrader 4 has lots of technical indicators which are highly efficient computer programs and algorithms which help you to analyze the market trend and let you know if the trading signal is lagging or leading.

You can set your parameters in the platform, set chat types, and display options that will give you a fully customized trading experience.

ATFX has provided quintessential tools that will help you to get the best of ATFX and MetaTrader 4.

There are tons of tools and add-ons which help to simplify the trading experience and make trading a walk through the park.

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    ATFX Trading Terminal – Top Features

    The one reason this duo of ATFX and Meta Trader 4 has been praised by many is the features they can provide in collaboration.

    The ATFX trading platform is all you need to make sure you achieve your target very easily.

    Here are some key features described so that you can get to compare them with other trading platforms online.

    Technical Indicators

    The MetaTrader 4 platform comes with lots of technical indicators which help you to assess the market direction.

    You can choose from some of the popular indicators in the market. To name some of them are Autochartist, Trading Central, and Fxblue.

    Automatic Trading and expert advisors

    Expert Advisors are the tools and set of algorithms/ computer programs that help you to buy and sell trades automatically.

    When you set your preferences it will automatically sell or purchase the order when all criteria are met.

    If you are a coder or developer and are efficient in creating these types of algorithms then it will be very easy for you or else you have to get it from the market.

    Some of them are free of cost while others are charged as per the wish of the developer.

    Robust Trading System

    Meta Trader 4 in association with ATFX gives a robust trading system that has a highly secure environment for all the transactions.

    They have a stop loss, IOC, VTD, and various other entities which you can use while making a trade.

    Excellent Notification System

    ATFX trading platform gives instant notification regarding any changes or any anomaly that has been caused to your account.

    If you sell or purchase orders you will get instant alerts. There is an instant alert from the market as soon as an event takes place.

    Other Features

    ATFX trading platform provides other important features as well like Dynamic Charting where you can take help of the maximum number of charts along with 9-time frames which will help you to make informed decisions.

    The Meta Trader 4 is compatible with smaller screens with the mobile app and in the larger screens via the ATFX web trading platform.

    How to set up ATFX Web Trading Platform?

    MetaTrader 4 is available for use via the web browser. All you have to do is open their official website and log in with your existing ATFX account.

    But here you may have to log in every time you close the browser.

    The permanent fix to this is to download and install the application on various platforms you are comfortable with.

    Before the following steps, you need to create an account with your broker, here in this case is ATFX.

    Installing in Windows operating system

    Go to Meta Trader 4 official website and then click on the download link.

    There you will see various options for your Windows PC like x64 and x84. Select the one that your computer runs on.

    Download the file and then install it and run the auto-install wizard on your device.

    Installation may take time depending on the configuration of your computer and the installation will be done automatically.

    Installing MT4 in Mobile phones and small screen devices

    The app can be availed from the app store of your individual Operating systems.

    Like for the Android operating system, MT4 is readily available in the Google play store whereas the same can be found in the App Store for iOS-enabled devices.

    You need the latest version of Android and iOS version greater than 4.1 to run the app efficiently on your mobile phones.

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    How to Own ATFX Online Trading Platform?

    Once you create the ATFX live trading account platform and upload the necessary documents required for the EKYC process they will set up your account through which you can log in to the MetaTrader 4 application.

    Once this is done you need to deposit funds into your account through credit cards, debit cards, Wire transfers directly from your bank account, or E-wallets.

    You can then start trading efficiently. You can find the necessary tools and indicators on the nav menu and also you can access the trading community from there itself.

    One can see charts when you select a stock and can use indicators to it as per your convenience.

    If you are a newbie, you can open a demo account where you can check all the features of the application using virtual money.

    Advantages of ATFX MetaTrader 4

    Below is the list of advantages of the ATFX MetaTrader 4 or MT4.

    The ATFX trading platform through the Meta Trader application is very reliable and is one of the most trusted trading platforms and this gives a sense of trust and security.

    The platform has a plethora of tools, indicators, and charts that you can use for efficient trading and can make gains in the market.

    The MT4 application presents you with the best set of indicators which makes it easy to analyze and predict the direction of a stock.

    Meta Trader 4 also features a trading center where you can get access to premium indicators which will help you to stay ahead of most of the traders.

    Autochartist is also available with the Meta Trader 4 application which provides advanced indicators for market analysis.

    Pivot points which are another feature in the application will help you to figure out critical areas of resistance and support which in turn will help you to figure out the entry and exits of a trade.

    With MetaTrader 4 you will also get your hands on other tools like Moving Average, Bollinger bands, RSI, Average true range, Fibonacci tools, MACD, and on-balance volume.

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    ATFX Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Trading stocks requires lots of patience and strategy and MetaTrader 4 will always help you to build strategy.

    Meta Trader 4 should be visualized as a great platform but that’s not it and only you can unlock the full capabilities of the platform only when you explore more and more in the application.

    Finding a robust, safe, stable, and accurate online trading platform can be a tough task but the way this duo of ATFX and MetaTrader 4 is presented, finding all the above mentioned qualities can be found under one roof.

    ATFX Trading Platform FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs ATFX trading platform:

    What is the ATFX trading platform called?

    ATFX has partnered with MetaTrader 4 and thus they sell MetaTrader 4 as their online trading platform to its users.

    Does ATFX online trading platform provide Web Trading?

    Yes, ATFX online trading platform provides Web Trading and is available via web browser with the latest versions installed.

    All you have to do is open their official website and log in with your existing ATFX account.

    Is ATFX MetaTrader 4 Free to use?

    Yes ATFX trading platform is free to use however the broker will charge you brokerage on trades delivered.

    How to download ATFX Trading Terminal?

    You can download the MetaTrader 4 application on your PC and then install it and run the auto-install wizard on your PC. Installation may take time depending on the configuration of your computer and the installation will be done automatically.

    What features does the ATFX online trading platform have?

    ATFX trading platform has a plethora of features like Dynamic Charting where you can take help of a maximum number of charts along with 9-time frames which will help you to make informed decisions.

    Can I trade in Shares via the ATFX Trading Platform?

    Yes, you can trade with the ATFX trading platform. All you have to do is, you have to maintain the margin in your ledger.

    Is ATFX Trading Terminal good?

    Yes, ATFX Trading Terminal is a good, robust, safe, stable, and accurate online trading platform, and the duo of ATFX and MetaTrader 4 is making it commendable.

    Can the ATFX Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    EKYC is mandatory when you open an account with ATFX.

    Without the EKYC verification, they will not proceed with your application and will not create a trading account for you.

    Does ATFX MT4 provide Tips?

    Yes ATFX online trading terminal provide tips through the Meta trader 4 application

    How to Buy Currencies via ATFX Web Trading Platform?

    To buy currencies you need to deposit funds into your account through credit cards, debit cards, Wire transfers directly from your bank account or E-wallets, and then you can then start trading efficiently.

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