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Find out all details about Trading 212 Trading Platform here.

Trading 212 is a renowned Online broker based in London, UK, regulated under Financial Conduct Authority and Financial Supervision Authority.

It offers real stocks, ETFs, and CFDs including a wide range of tradable assets.

Trading 212 MetaTrader 5 offers two types of trading account i.e. ISA trading account, and CFD Trading account.

Trading 212 CFD account is the prominent account that offers active trading with leverage.

It is the account for international clients and is used widely across the globe for its advanced trading tools.

Traders use it to maintain their portfolios and execute best trading practices.

If you want to know more about the Trading 212 CF account then read on.

About Trading 212 CFD Trading Platform

Trading 212 CFD platform stands for Contract for difference trading platform. It offers to trade on Forex, stocks, commodities, and indices.

  • With the CFD platform, the trader can trade in over 200 Forex pairs,
  • Prominent commodities such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, crude oil, coffee, and many more,
  • Over 40 Index CFDs
  • Over 3000 Global Stocks and ETFs

The minimum deposit required to access the Trading 212 CFD account is 10 EUR/GBP/USD with no withdrawal fee and a currency conversion rate of 0.5%.

Trading212 Trading PlatformThere is no commission charge involved for using Trading 212 CFD.

The platform is available for all devices such as android phones, iOS devices, windows, and more.

The traders can also use these platforms via web browsers without having to download the software.

CFD platform provides tight spread as low as 0.0 pips and high leverage from 500:1.

CFD trading platform provides its users a wide range of automated trading tools such as one-click order, API, trading signals, hedging and netting, Aggregate mode, Trailing SP/TP, VPN services, promotions, Automated Trading, Expert Advisors, Social Trading, and many more.

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    Trading 212 Trading Terminal – Top Features

    Trading 212 CFD (contract for difference) trading account comes with various exclusive features to offer the traders best trading practices.

    Some of the most exclusive features that the traders can use by employing Trading 212 CFD account are –

    Technical Analysis

    Trading 212 trading terminal offers a prominent feature “Technical Analysis” that allows the investors to anticipate the price movement of the currency.

    It helps the traders scrutinize the market and the tradable assets they want to trade in from close.

    Direct marketing access

    Trading 212 web trading platform allows Direct Marketing Access to the traders to access electronic facilities and order of books of financial market exchanges that facilitate daily securities transactions.

    Order routing

    Trading 212 trading platform provides Order Routing to its users. It is the process that facilitates the passing of the order from the end-user to exchange.

    Order Routing helps in achieving the best trade execution while diminishing market force.


    It is the feature wherein the trader can connect the screening software with the brokerage account to share the real-time prices with API.

    Trading Signals

    Trading 212 CFD platform allows Trading Signals using a range of measures. A trading signal is the trading tool that indicates the buying or selling of a security based on a predetermined set of criteria. 

    Hedging and Netting

    The hedging mode is an advanced feature that allows the trader to open numerous positions with the same instrument.

    The trader can open all the positions on Trading 212 Platforms and implement trade at the current market price.

    Netting is the feature where the traders get the consolidation of the values of two or more positions in order to generate a single value.

    Social Trading or Copy Trading

    Social Trading is a vast feature and copy trading is just a part of the Social trading feature. It is an automated trading tool that allows the traders to see through other trader’s activities.

    With social trading, the user can be a part of the social trading community wherein the traders can check and replicate the trading practices of the seasoned traders and follow their trading techniques to fetch a beneficial trading order.

    One cancels the other order (OCO)

    It is another significant Automated Trading tool that allows a pair of restricted orders to instruct the canceling of one order while executing another.

    How to Set up Trading 212 Web Trading Platform?

    Setting up the Trading 212 CFD trading platform and opening its trading account is an easy and simple task that requires just a few steps.

    Trading 212 offers trading apps for all devices such as Android devices, iOS devices, windows, and web browsers.

    The trader can choose its most preferred device and access the platform from any place with convenience. You can also access it online via the web without having to download the software.

    You can simply open a “Live trading account” and start trading in the active trade market.

    Before switching to a professional trading account, the users can also opt for a demo account.

    A demo account is available for both new traders and veteran traders to look around the account and take a complete tour of its various offerings including its trading tools, and functionalities.

    The broker also offers virtual money to let the trader execute their trade without the fear of any monetary loss.

    To set up a professional account, click on the download option for your preferred device.

    Once the download is complete, run the software and install it and for application, click on the signup option, and log in with log-in credentials.

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    How to Own Trading 212 Online Trading Platform? 

    Traders can open an account with Trading 212 in a few simple steps.

    First of all, browse the website or app and click on the ‘Open Account’ button on the website or application.

    A pop-up drop box will appear to select your country of residence (and the country where you pay taxes).

    Then a form will appear with necessary details including name, phone number, date of birth, residential address, etc. fill the form and provide your National Tax Identifier (NTI) and select your account type(s).

    Now, choose the preferred currency you want to trade with.

    The broker might also ask for your financial details such as Annual salary and estimated savings along with a source of income.

    After filling all the required sections, submit the form and the broker will verify your application to approve it.

    After approval, the account will be activated within 2 to 3 working days and you will receive an email with a confirmation letter and log-in credentials.

    You can log in to the trading account using the login credentials you have received from the broker.

    Look around the account, fund your account with a minimum opening balance and start trading.

    You can also open a Pro Account with Trading 212 but for that, you must have at least 10 trades in each of the last four quarters of the previous year along with the minimum investment of €500,000 and professional experience of 1 year in the financial sector.

    Advantage of Trading 212 CFD Trading Platform

    Here are various benefits of Trading 212 CFD Trading Platform –

    • Use of Leverage- CFD trading account offers the traders to trade a larger amount of units. Unlike another trading account, where if the initial deposit capital is low, then the user is not allowed to trade for a larger amount of trades. It offers the leverage of 500:1.
    • The trader can access the account with a low minimum investment of just £1.
    • Trading 212 trading platform offers trading accounts with Zero commission investing.
    • The traders can invest in a fraction of shares rather than buying a full stock. It will help the user keep their costs low initially and allows them to grow gradually.
    • Trading 212 online trading platforms also do not charge Foreign exchange fees.
    • The users can be made unlimited instant trades at the current prices.

    Complete customer support including live chat services, free tutorials, video guides, and education material to help the traders resolve their queries and enhance trading skills.

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    Trading 212 Trading Platform – Conclusion

    In the article, we have discussed everything about the Trading 212 CFD platform including its features, advantages, setup process, owning process, and more to give you detailed information about the Trading 212 trading terminal.

    Now you can decide your drive to enter the Forex market.

    Examine the platforms from close, compare the offering and functionalities of the account and choose your suitable trading platform as per your expertise and size of the trade.

    Use all the information about the CFD platform and enjoy trading by using the most suitable trading platform.

    Trading 212 Trading Platform – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Trading 212 trading platform

    Can we access Trading 212 trading platforms without downloading any software or app?

    Yes, you can access Trading 212 trading platforms without downloading any software or app.

    Trading 212 offers direct access to Trading 212 web trading platforms via the web.

    You can create a live trading account online, fund the account with a minimum deposit, and begin trading.

    Is trading on cryptocurrency available on the Trading 212 trading platform?

    No, trading 212 is regulated under Financial Commission Authority and as per its new policy on cryptocurrencies, Trading 212 has stopped providing crypto CFDs from November 2020.

    Does Trading 212 Provide trading of Shares?

    Yes, Trading 212 online trading platform provides customers real shares of companies via its subsidiary trading platforms including Trading 212 Invest and Trading 212 ISA.

    Along with shares, traders can also choose from a wide range of stock CFDs. The traders can view the full list of stocks Trading212.com. Website.

    Does Trading 212 provide customer support?

    Yes, Trading 212 provides 24×5 customer support to assist its users.

    It is one of the important features of Trading 212 offers.

    The user can directly chat with the representative with the chat option available on the website.

    Customer support is also available via calling in or email.

    Since Trading 212 offers brokerage services to international clients, it provides Customer support in a wide range of languages including English, French, Italian, Polish, German, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Serbian, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, and Chinese.

    What are the documents required for the KYC process while opening a Trading 212 CFD account?

    The broker may ask to submit the following documents-

    • Scanned Identity proof,
    • Scanned color copy of passport,
    • The scanned copy of the Driving license or any National ID
    • Scanned copy of residential proof or address proof
    • Bank statements or any utility bill from the past three months carrying your address.

    Is Trading 212 Web Trading Platform free to use?

    No, the Trading 212 trading platform is not free to use.

    There are different types of charges associated with accessing the trading platforms including minimum opening balance, leverage, inactivity fee, withdrawal fee, spread charges, currency conversion charge, etc.

    However, the Trading 212 CFD account provides a Zero commission account to its users with a tight spread and maximum leverage.

    Also, there are no setup or subscription fees involved in setting up the Trading 212 platform.

    Does Trading 212 trading terminal offer a demo account?

    Yes, Trading 212 offers a Demo account to its users.

    It is free to use an account that helps the new traders and the experts look around the account and check its various trading tools and functionalities.

    The broker also provides virtual money to the traders to execute their trade without the fear of any monetary loss.

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