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In this article, we will discuss in detail about Deriv.com Trading Platform.

In May 2020, the Deriv.com was rebranded from Binary.com. The company is based in Malta and was established in 1999.

The majority of the traders tend to believe that the main aim of rebranding is that the company cannot serve a broad range of products or services.

The previous domain mainly offers only Binary trading options. Currently, on the Deriv.com trading platform, users can use Deriv.com and Binary trading terminals.

But at the later stage, the company is likely to sunset. Binary.com has gained a lot of popularity as it is one of the oldest trading terminals. The platform has more than 100000 traders.

About Deriv.com Trading Platform

After moving to the Deriv.com trading platform, it has improved thanks to the empowerment of the Smart trader system greatly.

Deriv.com Trading Platform

It allows the integration of MT5 that is undoubtedly a big deal. The majority of the traders tend to rely on the MetaTrader system.

The company can indeed move from current traders seamlessly as there is no need to learn about the new environment.

Ideally, DTrader and DBot are some other platforms that are available to offer a personalized trading interface.

The auto traders must not miss the DBOT as it tends to feature some predefined strategies.

Besides that, the company also allows traders to make customized strategies in no time.

Depending on the experience of the traders and their goals, the Deriv.com trading platform offers various accounts.

The primary account for beginners, while there are advanced accounts for professional traders.

The platform is relatively easy to use as it provides a fantastic combination for different traders at almost all levels.

Above all, it is configurable entirely. Several trade windows are available to open at once.

The traders can find the list of assets in no time, and the range of sizes is also available.

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    Deriv.com Trading Platform – Top Features

    Here are some of the Top Features of Deriv.com Trading Platform –

    Easy to use

    The best part about the Deriv.com trading platform is that the trading platform is relatively easy to use.

    Even beginners can use it without any stress. All they need to do is follow some steps to download the trading platform.

    24*7 availability

    The Deriv.com trading platform allows traders to use the app whenever they want from the comfort of their spaces.

    In simple terms, the traders can use their mobile or desktop whenever they want to trade here.

    Push notifications

    The Deriv.com trading terminal allows traders to access the push notifications so they can get all the details about the trading activities.

    These notifications enable traders to make better investment decisions.

    Cancellation features

    The only reason why traders choose the Deriv.com trading terminal is that it allows traders to cancel the contracts if they happen to change their minds.

    All they need to do is cancel the contract within a stipulated time frame.

    Financial news

    The trading platform allows traders to get a hand on financial data like portfolios. The financial information makes trading easy for traders.

    How to Set up a Deriv.com Trading Terminal?

    Traders need to use the web-based platform to set up their accounts and start trading.  The Deriv.com meta trader 5 is available for both Android and Ios users.

    The Deriv.com online trading platform also has a web feature. Traders can start trading once they put in their login credentials. Some of the steps to follow:

    • Firstly traders need to use the demo account and learn how the trading terminal works.
    • The best part about the trading terminal is that it safeguards the traders against all the market fluctuations. The traders can open their retail accounts once the broker understands the trader’s knowledge to trade.
    • Some traders might find it challenging to trade so they can start with the demo account as it’s an excellent option to get the confidence to start selling.
    • The traders need to follow some criteria before they set up a professional account. The traders can set their account only once the broker approves it.
    • Above all, the traders need to be small trade traders who tend to trade occasionally. Besides, traders need to submit some essential documents to complete the verification process.

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    How to own a Deriv.com Web Trading Platform?

    It is pretty easy to own the Deriv.com online trading platform. All traders need to do is follow some steps given here.

    • Firstly, traders need to sign up using their basic information. The traders can also choose to use their social media to log in.
    • The platform is likely to ask them some questions to understand the trader’s knowledge.
    • The traders need to submit some identity proofs to complete the identification process, including providing evidence of their identity and address.
    • When the application process is over, the broker will connect to the brokers.

    Advantages of  Deriv.com Online Trading Platform

    Check out various benefits of Deriv Online Trading Platform –

    A plethora of assets

    The best part about the Deriv.com web trading platform is that it offers more than 100 assets.

    When a wide range of assets are present, the traders can invest in any as per their needs and budget.

    Multipliers available

    There are several multipliers available on the Deriv.com web trading platform. These multipliers allow the traders to give a boost to their existing profit.

    Different trading platforms

    There are at least three other trading platforms available to the traders. Under the DMT5, there are a lot of products and tools available that make trading easy.

    The best part is the configuration for this trading platform is relatively easy.

    Lastly, under DBOT, people can use the automated feature and create their trading bots whenever they need. Also, traders are free to invest in at least 50 assets or more.

    Better exposure of the market

    Besides, being a secure Deriv.com web trading platform claims to offer a fantastic market exposure which makes trading interesting for traders.

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    Deriv.com Trading Platform – Conclusion

    The Deriv.com trading platform is not only user-friendly but also relatively easy to use. The traders are free to choose from any of the trading platforms available.

    The best part here is that traders can easily withdraw and deposit their funds on the trading platform.

    Above all, the platform is loaded with a plethora of tools that makes trading interesting for the traders.

    Being a regulated broker, Deriv.com tends to follow almost all the guidelines. It is available on both web and mobile so traders can have a seamless trading experience.

    Deriv.com MetaTrader 5  – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the Deriv.com trading platform –

    What is the Deriv.com platform called?

    The Deriv.com platform mainly has two outlets, including meta four and meta five traders.

    MetaTrader 4 tends to have its customer base ready, while MetaTrader 5 tends to have all the upgraded features.

    Does Deriv.com Meta Trader 5 provide Web Trading?

    Yes, Deriv.com offers web-based trading for traders that wish to trade on the web.

    Also, traders can choose to sell on their favorite tools without downloading any of their apps or platforms.

    It is easy to use.

    Is Deriv.com MetaTrader 5 free to use?

    Yes, the demo account on the trading platform is free.

    The demo account allows traders to get some experience besides gaining confidence to trade on the platform.

    Once the traders get some idea about how the trading platform works, they can change the actual venue in no time.

    How to download Deriv.com Trading Terminal?

    Traders need to head to the official web portal of the company to download the trading platform.

    On the flip side, traders can also search on Google and download the respective software to run the trading terminal.

    What features does Deriv.com MT5 have?

    Without any second thought, the Deriv.com trading terminal offers several features to ensure traders find the trading terminal fascinating.

    Some of the features that the trading platforms include easy usability, 24*7, push notifications, and others.

    Can I trade in Shares via Deriv.com Trading Platform?

    Yes, the traders can trade in stocks on the trading terminal.

    All they need to do is ensure that they invest in a specific account that allows them to change in shares.

    The account needs to be verified by the broker after the KYC process is complete.

    Is Deriv.com MetaTrader 5 good?

    Yes, the Deriv.com meta trader 5 is good for the trader as traders don’t need to stress about anything because the trading terminal isn’t only safe but also relatively easy to use.

    The trading terminal tends to boast a plethora of features that make trading interesting for traders.

    Can Deriv.com Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    EKYC process is mandatory for all traders as, without the verification, traders cannot trade on the trading terminal.

    At the time of the account opening process, the traders need to fill in all the mandatory documents, including their identity proof.

    The broker will connect with the traders once they submit their identity process. On the flip side, traders can trade only when they get their login credentials.

    Does Deriv.com MetaTrader 5 provide Tips?

    Yes, traders can get expert tips on the Deriv.com trading terminal.

    Traders can take help from the experts on the trading terminal.

    These experts will help the trader to make the perfect trading decisions that will help them make the maximum profit on their investments.

    How to Buy Currencies via Deriv.com MT5?

    The traders can buy currencies through the MT5, but they need to track the currencies they want to invest in before trading.

    The traders need to ensure they make the best strategic decisions to earn a lot of profit on their investment.

    They can place orders after getting the right price in the market. They need to select the correct pairs above all.

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