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Find out everything about FXPro Partner Program or Franchise Models here.

FXPro is a 16-year FX Broker that has been offering flexible and profitable partnership programs. They share revenues of up to $1,100 with their partners, helping them to prosper.

Best Partner ProgramAffiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPA$1,100
Second Level commissionNA
Commission WithdrawalWeekly
Partner Code Activation3 Days
Affiliate Cookie TrackingUp to 60 days

The pay-out duration is weekly, and there is no Second level commission model. Likewise, there is a lot of information that we will unveil in this article today.

We will discuss all the partnership programs in the offering, and how to become a partner with the company. So, let us discuss!

FXPro Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEOCharalambos Psimolophitis
Established Year2006
Publicly TradedNo
Total Employees200+
RegulationsCySEC, FCA, FSCA, SCB
HeadquarterUnited Kingdom

FXPro is a modern company with a zeal to become successful in FX trading.

FXPro Partner or FranchiseSo, it is not a surprise that people want to be associated with the company.

We will discuss partnership programs in a moment, but overall, the company has been one of the best in the world when it comes to the Affiliate program.

One other significant feature is its Affiliate Cookie Tracking time which is up to 60 days.

Now, let us discuss the partnership programs that FXPro is offering.

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    Types of FXPro Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner TypeAffiliate ProgramIntroducerWhite Label Partnership
    Revenue Sharing or CPA$1,100Up to 62.5%Up to 70%
    Cost AssociatedNoMinimalMinimal
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTD100-499
    Not Required
    Code Activation Time3 Days3 Days2-4 Days

    Primarily, there are 3 kinds of Partnership Programs that the company is offering. They are:

    Affiliate Program:

    It is the most popular program that FXPro is offering. The terms are pretty much standard as most Affiliate Programs. However, the revenue sharing is a bit unorthodox.

    FXPro is offering $1,100 as CPA, while the Referred Trader’s Deposit or the FTD is 100 – 499 of the corresponding currency between USD, EUR, or GBP. One massive advantage here is there is an upfront fee to become an Affiliate.

    You can become a partner for free, and you can get the activation code in 3 days.

    Introducer Program:

    The Introducer Program is the starter plan the company is offering to become a partner. The revenue sharing or the CPA is a staggering up to 62.5%.

    The FTD is between 100 – 499 of either USD, EUR, or GBP, depending upon the country you live in.

    Meanwhile, there is a minimal cost involved that FXPro will reveal after a thorough scrutiny of your business. It usually takes up to 3 days to receive the activation code.

    White Label Partnership:

    This program is more like working together for a common cause. While the branding will be of FXPro, you can earn hefty money with this program.

    There is a minimal upfront fee, to begin with, but once you get the activation code, typically between 2 – 4 days, you can earn up to 70% as CPA.

    There are several features in this program that will make you stick together with this company for a long time.

    FXPro Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate Program$1,100
    IntroducerUp to 62.5%
    White Label PartnershipUp to 70%

    As usual, the company shares revenue depending upon the type of partnership program you have applied for.

    To begin with, let go with the Introducer Program – you can get up to 62.5% CPA, which is staggering.

    As for the Affiliate Program, FXPro is offering a static CPA, which is up to $1,100. Finally, for the White Label Partnership program, the CPA can go as high as 70%.

    Please note, there is no revenue sharing feature for the Authorised Partners.

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    FXPro Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate Program100-499
    Introducing Business Partner100-499
    White Label PartnershipNot Required

    As the company doesn’t share its direct revenue with its Authorized Partners, they don’t charge any upfront fee either.

    The Affiliate Program and the Introducer Program both have an upfront fee involved – between 100 – 499 USD, GBP, or EUR. As for the White Label Partnership program, there is no upfront fee to become a partner.

    FXPro Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit schemeYes
    Real-Time Commission calculationYes
    Second Level Commission10-15%
    Personal Account ManagersProvided
    Multiple Payment SystemsAvailable
    Sub-Affiliate systemAvailable

    The interested candidates who wish to become the partners of the company should know about the following offers:

    • The partners can utilize the Sub-Affiliate system.
    • There are multiple payment options.
    • There is a zero-deposit scheme in the offering.
    • You can receive from 10 – 15% second-level commission.
    • There is a Personal Account Managers service in the offering.
    • Real-Time Commission calculation is available.

    FXPro Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age22+ Years
    Business ExperienceMinimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification No basic qualification/degree
    Desired ProfileBusiness in Similar Field

    FXPro is has a minimal set of eligibility criteria that you should be aware of:

    • The minimum age to become a partner of FXPro is 22 years.
    • The minimum business experience tenure is 1 – 3 years.
    • To join FXPro as a partner, there is no education qualification requirement. Anyone is free to join the company.
    • People having business experience in the relevant domain will have a special preference.

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    How to Become an FXPro Business Partner?

    Down below are the steps to become a partner of FXPro:

    • Step one is to visit the official website of FXPro – https://www.fxpro.com/. Now, from the main menu, you will see an option “Company” there. Once you hover the mouse pointer, you will see “Partner with us.” Click on that.
    • Then it will route to the partner’s page of the company. Over there, you will see 3 different options to become a partner – for the White-Label Partnership program, the Affiliate Program, and the Introducer Program. Click on what you are interested in.
    • Now, the page would redirect you to a form where you need to fill up all the correct information.
    • Then the agent from the company will give you a call and start the profile checking formalities. At the same time, they will ask you to complete the KYC verification that consists of Address proof, ID proof, and income proof.
    • You will also need to pay the upfront fee if applicable before they activate your partnership code. It takes roughly 2 – 4 days to get the code. Once you get that, you are officially an FXPro Partner.

    Documents required to Start FXPro Franchise

    As mentioned before, KYC verification is mandatory. So, here are the documents that you need to become an FXPro Partner:

    • The first thing is the business incorporation certificate. Every form of business, whether you are a company, a partnership firm, or a sole-proprietor, you need to submit the necessary documentation to prove that you own a legitimate business.
    • You need to provide documents that prove your income source and revenue flow for the last 3 – 5 years.
    • Finally, a Passport-sized image.

    Support Provided by FXPro Partner Program

    Back Office SupportAvailable 24/7
    Trading SupportYes
    Dealing SupportYes
    Marketing SupportYes
    Multilingual Promotional MaterialsYes
    Training SupportYes
    Commission TrackerProvided

    The support services of any FX Broker are pivotal and integral. So, let us check what FXPro is offering:

    • You will get 24 x 7 support from FXPro.
    • There is a dedicated Trading support team.
    • Dealing Support services are available.
    • Marketing Support is crucial and is available.
    • You can use the Multilingual Promotional Materials, easily available at your disposal.
    • Training Support services are there.
    • FXPro is offering a dedicated Commission Tracker.

    Benefits of FXPro Sub Broker Program

    It is indeed a privilege to become a partner of PXPro. Here are some of the reasons why:

    • With FXPro, the partners will get a dedicated Partner Support service that includes a multilingual Customer Support team, Partners Portal that provides data on introduced clients and offers performance reports, and exclusive Promotions.
    • There is a full range of Trading Platforms in the offering.
    • A wide range of Marketing tools is available with the company.
    • You can earn hefty money and the programs are flexible.

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    FXPro Partner Program – Conclusion

    There is no doubt that FXPro is a competent FX Broker. They have been in operation for over 16 years.

    So, with the diverse programs and elite support services, it makes perfect sense to join the company.

    FXPro Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the FXPro Affiliate program:

    Does FXPro have an Introducer Model?

    For Sure! FXPro is offering an Introducer Program.

    With this program, you can earn up to 62.5% CPA, and it gets activated in 3 days at max.

    Is FXPro having multiple Franchise models?

    Prior to the Authorized Partners, FXPro is offering 3 other variants of Partnership programs. First, the Affiliate Program, where you can earn up to $1,100 CPA.

    Second, the Introducer Program, where the earnings can go up to 62.5%. Finally, with the White Label Partnership Program, you can earn up to 70% CPA.

    What is the FXPro Sub Broker Commission?

    The Sub Broker Commission is primarily the amount you can earn by becoming a Partner of FXPro. Now, there are 3 programs that you can join.

    First, the Introducer Program, where you can earn up to 62.5% CPA.

    With the Affiliate Program, you can earn a maximum of $1,100, and with the White Label Program, the earnings can go up to 70%.

    How much is the FXPro Franchise Cost?

    Some of the programs do have an upfront cost, whereas others don’t.

    While the Affiliate Program and Introducer Program has an upfront fee ranging between 100-499 USD/ EUR/ GBP, the White Label Partnership Program and Authorized Partners don’t need to pay anything upfront.

    Does FXPro provide Referral Program?

    Yes, there is a referral program available with FXPro.

    What is the FXPro Referral Revenue Model?

    You can earn up to $1,100 with the referral program that FXPro is offering.

    Is the FXPro Partner Program Free?

    Some of the partnership programs are free to join, whereas others don’t.

    The Affiliate Program and Introducer Program has a nominal upfront fee, while the White Label Program is free to join.

    Does FXPro provide Training Assistance?

    Yes, you can learn a lot from the Training Support service that FXPro is providing to its partners.

    This is to educate the partners not only about the company operation techniques but also to be self-sufficient in this industry.

    How to own the FXPro Franchise?

    Go to the partners’ page from the official website. Then fill up the form and let the representatives of FXPro contact you.

    They will ask about the upfront fees, verify your profile, and open the partner account of your choice.

    Does FXPro Affiliate Program provide Support?

    You will get every type of support service with the company.

    Back Office Support, Trading Support, Dealing Support, Marketing Support, Training Support, and a few more.

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