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Anil Kumar Goel, who is one of the Dalal Street’s famous investor is known for his love for the micro and small businesses.

He has been trading since his college days and now he has a net worth of Rs. 1,342.75 Crores as per the June 2022 reports.

The man has a love for the smell of money as it seems and he can churn out big gains from the small and micro businesses stock’s which are rare to find with the big investors.

In this article, we will discuss his life, trading experiences, his trading rules and what he follows and obviously about all his latest stock holdings and his entire portfolio.

We will not only discuss his shareholdings in 2019 but also for the previous two years to help you understand how he trades and invest in the market.

So, let us start with the details of his early life and career and then will dig into the details of his portfolio. Get the detailed review of Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio below.

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About Anil Kumar Goel

Anil Kumar Goel who is now 62, is an ace investor on Dalal Street and he is a man who is in love with the stocks of the small and micro-scale businesses.

In the late sixties, he started assisting his grandfather in his steel trading business which was then flourishing at a great speed.

He said in some of his interviews that it used to amuse him and he was very excited about being able to handle lakhs of rupees from such young age when his friends were singing Beatles in the college.

In the 90’s he started participating in the market and tested the market for the first time when the market was going down in the year 1991-1992.

He invested Rs. 50 lakhs in September 1992 and then in 1993, the market fell further and his family asked him to get out of the market which he didn’t listen to.

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His anticipation was right was proved right when the market turned around in the year 1994 beginning, and the investment he made in 1993 which was of Rs. 5 crores, turned into Rs. 20 crore.

After going through a lot of ups and downs and also leaving the market for quite a long time, he entered the market again in the year 1998 and then his journey from there started again and he bought IT stocks which were the new sensation at that point in time.

He does his financial analysis and invests in stocks of the companies accordingly and that proves wrong at time as well but he never stops as he has great intuitive power for the businesses and thus he in the later years started investing in the stocks which are of the small and micro business firms.

Anil Kumar Goel Latest Portfolio details as we will discuss in the latter part of the article will confirm his love for the business of small and micro-scale. Let us now take a look at that.

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    Anil Kumar Goel Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    First, let’s take a quick peek into the portfolio of Anil Kumar Goel. First, the overall portfolio value is 1,536.91 Cr, comprising a wide variety of stocks of some high-yield companies.

    Every investor has its specific type in which they tend to invest more, and for Anil Kumar Goel, such segment will be micro and small companies.

    As of June 2022, the portfolio consists of 34 stocks that contain Food, Beverages & Tobacco, FMCG, and Commercial Services & Supplies as some of the major investment portions.

    Now, let’s discuss the top stocks of this portfolio.

    Holdings in Ador Fontech

    The first stock in this portfolio we will discuss is Ador Fontech which is currently trading at Rs. 75.

    Anil Kumar Goel holds 4,50,000 shares of this company in the portfolio. The holding forms 0.23% of the total shares of the company.

    In the second quarter of 2022 (April-June), the investment reached a holding value of Rs. 3.3 Crores. The shareholding has been the same as the first quarter. In March 2022, the holding value was 3.5 cr.

    Holdings in Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd.

    The second stock in the portfolio where Anil Kumar Goel has made a substantial investment of 6.8% of the company is Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd.

    The share price of this stock in the market is around Rs. 156.15 per share. 4,57,000 shares form a part of this portfolio, and the present holding value of these shares is 7.2 crore.

    As of the last quarter, the holding value has changed by -18.18%. In March 2022, the value was 8.8 crore.

    Holdings in Austin Engineering Company Ltd.

    Austin Engineering Company Ltd. has been in the portfolio for quite a long time. Its present holding value is 52 lakhs. Anil Kumar Goel holds 2.3% of the stakes in the company. The share price in the stock market is Rs. 63.35.

    The present shareholding is 80,000 shares. There has been a -8.93% change from the previous period. These were some of the top stocks that form part of the portfolio, there are various other stocks as well.

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    Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio in 2021

    In 2021, Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio reached the stock count of 33 stocks, and the total portfolio value amounted to over 1402.74 crores.

    Let’s take a glimpse at the highest holding stocks of this portfolio in 2021.

    • Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. 10 cr.
    • KRBL Ltd. 228.10 cr.
    • Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. 145.70 cr.
    • Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd. 104.30 cr.
    • Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd. 190.00 cr.

    During the year, there were some additions to the stocks, namely

    • DCM Nouvelle Ltd. with 3,42,000 shares
    • Indsil Hydro Power and Manganese Ltd. with 3,00,000 shares
    • Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd. with 20,39,351 shares
    • Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd. with 8,00,000 shares

    Existing holding in various stocks remained the same as last year. Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd. and IG Petrochemicals Ltd. were removed from the portfolio.

    The Net Worth at the end of the year was 1,360.69 cr. The most drastic change in the net worth was between the first and second quarters, where the net worth went up by 100% from 701.03 cr. in March 2021 to 1,411.91 cr. in June 2021.

    Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio in 2020

    As per the latest holding of Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio 2020, there are about 31 stocks at the end of the year. There are companies in the chemical, energy, textile, and various other sectors.

    The Net Worth of this portfolio has gone from 300 crores to 600 crores from the first to the fourth quarter. In March 2020, the net worth stood at 374.82 cr.

    The portfolio was shortened from 36 stocks to 31 stocks this year. Stakes in The Andhra Sugars Ltd. having a holding value of 6.10 cr., Shivam Autotech Ltd. having a holding value of 4.80 cr., Precot Ltd., having a holding value of 9.40 cr., Mazda Ltd. having a holding value of 10.30 cr., Cosmo Films Ltd. having holding value of 84.90 cr., and JBM Auto Ltd. having holding value of 80.70 cr. were diluted this year.

    One new investment was made for 2,11,500 shares of Dhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd. The holding value of this investment was 6 cr.

    In the first quarter, the portfolio net worth took a dip of -61%. and subsequently, it started taking a good pace from the second quarter.

    In June 2020, the net worth was 597.36 cr., in September 2020, it was 672.97 cr., and till reaching the end of 2020, the net worth stood at 697.33 cr.

    The Growth was comparatively slower than in 2019 when the net worth crossed 1000 cr. mark.

    Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio in 2019

    As per the Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio 2019, you can see that his portfolio is filled with stocks of all the mills, and sugar industries.

    The energy sector, paper, and fashion stocks and others. All these stocks are of small and micro-scale business firms that are in need of investment and growing at a good rate every year.

    The number of stocks he has at present in his portfolio is 33 stocks as per the June 2019 reports. The June quarter has been a little sluggish on the part of the investor as there has been a reported loss of 9% of the value of the portfolio from the previous quarter.

    In this quarter, he added new shares of the firm like Magadh Sugar and Energy Mills and Srikalahathi Pipes Ltd. The investment in these two shares worth Rs. 2.9 crore and Rs. 18.7 crore individually.

    In the March quarter of 2019, the portfolio of the investor dipped from a net worth of Rs. 838.66 to Rs. 732.79 and the dip were of 12%. In this quarter also the investor has investment in the shares which he has in the June quarter except for a few.

    The highest investment in both the quarters is in the shares of KRBL Ltd. and following that there is investment in the Dhampur Sugar Mills shares. In the March quarter, there have been some solid disinvestment like in the shares of Samtex Fashions Ltd.

    when the investor reduced his shareholding in this stock by 6.3%. He also reduced his investment in the shares of KRBL Ltd., Avadh Sugar & Energy Ltd., and others in this quarter.

    Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio in 2018

    If you look at the shares of the Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio 2018, you will understand that he increased his investment in the Samtex Shares in the December quarter of last year and his investment at that time worth Rs.45.1 Lakhs and his shareholding in the share were 12.34% of the company’s total shares count and that was one of his highest shareholding percentages in the last year or so.

    So, by this information we can understand that he reduced his stock holding in this share in the next year and also the net worth of the investment from this share got reduced.

    The highest investment that he made in this quarter of 2018 was in KRBL shares again where the investment worth Rs. 224.2 crores at that time. There were 35 shares in this quarter which is three shares less from the September 2018 quarter.

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    In the September quarter of 2018, the investment in the Samtex Fashion was only worth Rs.22.5 lakhs as he has a shareholding in this stock of 6.17%. In this quarter also, the maximum investment worth was of KRBL shares only.

    Taking a look at all the 38 shares from this quarter we can say that the investor is dedicated to his small and micro-scale companies. He invests a lot in the small scale mills, sugar industry, textile industry, packaging sector, and fashion as well.

    The net worth of the portfolio of Anil Kumar Goel in the year 2018 dropped consecutively for the first three quarters. In the March quarter, it dipped by 25% and the net worth was then Rs. 963.95 and then in June quarter, it was Rs. 767.92 crores because of the 20% loss again.

    Then it dipped by 5% and the net worth at the time was Rs. 722.24. However, the December quarter helped him gain some momentum and cover his losses to some extent with an increase in the valuation of 16%.

    Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio in 2017

    As per the Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio 2017, the net worth of the portfolio went up by 34% in the March quarter of the year and then the net worth was Rs. 904.91 crores.

    Then it dipped by 5% in the June 2017 quarter and then again gained 29% in the September quarter which made his net worth from the stocks Rs. 1111.11 crores.

    This year, the stocks he held comprises of TCPL packaging, Dhampur Sugar Mills, Uttam Sugar Mills, KRBL, South India Paper Mills and others among the 38 shares he held in the December quarter of the year. Then in the September quarter he had 38 shares as well.

    In the year, he invested in new shares which are of Majestic Auto Ltd. then in Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. and others.

    What is Anil Kumar Goel’s Net Worth?

    Anil Kumar Goel’s Networth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-22 1,342.75-26%
    Mar-22 1,830.6234%
    Dec-21 1,360.690%
    Sep-21 1,366.25-3%
    Jun-21 1,411.91101%
    Mar-21 701.030%
    Dec-20 697.333%
    Sep-20 672.9712%
    Jun-20 597.3659%
    Mar-20 374.82-61%
    Dec-19 978.2622%
    Sep-19 797-14%
    Jun-19 933.16-7%

    Anil Kumar Goel’s Net Worth was Rs. 1,342.75 crores after the end of the second quarter of 2022. The net worth has been fluctuating from getting spiked by almost 100% to getting down to 50% or so.

    The year 2020 was a steady year for this portfolio where the Net Worth came down and then was moving at a slow pace and reached 697.33 cr. with just 3% growth from its previous quarter.

    In 2021, it rose gradually with figures like 1,411.91 cr. on June 21 and 1,366.25 cr. on September 21.

    As of July 2022, the Net Worth was at the mark of 1,452.2 cr., which is the highest till now.

    Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio – Conclusion

    The Portfolio of Anil Kumar Goel comprises of stocks which are from the small and micro scale industries that are not often bought by many investors.

    Anil Kumar Goel Stock Portfolio is mostly concentrated with the stocks of Sugar mills, paper mills, energy mills, fashion and textile industry, and others.

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