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Best Power Stocks to Buy – Compare Top 10 Power Shares to Buy in India

For an investor who is thinking of purchasing profitable shares, some of the best Power Stocks to buy are available in India.

India, which is the third-largest producer and consumer of electricity in the world, houses a very rapidly developing power sector.

With the electricity demand within the country rising every day, the Indian market offers very lucrative Electricity Shares to buy.

Top 10 Power Stocks to Buy in India – List of Best Power Shares to Buy

This article sheds light on the Top 10 Power Stocks currently in India. The power sector is a significant deal in a developing country dominating and influencing the financial industry greatly.

Best Power Stocks to BuyIt is always profitable to invest in these power companies listed for guaranteed profits.

Firstly, the major contenders in the list of the Best Electricity Stocks to Buy according to the ranks are Adani Green Energy Ltd, Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd, NTPC Ltd, Adani Transmission Ltd, NHPC Ltd, Torrent Power Ltd, Tata Power Company Ltd, Adani Power Ltd, JSW Energy Ltd, and SJVN Ltd.

These companies are the A-listers in the power sectors providing excellent services to every household in the country.

Hence, readers should know about these companies in detail before buying their shares.

Adani Green Energy Ltd. – Best Power Shares to Buy in India

The list of the Best Power Shares to buy is topped by the Adani Green Energy Ltd, a subsidiary of the Adani Group.

A relatively new company, this renewable energy company, was founded in 2015 and had headquarters in Gujarat.

Supplying power to 11 states of India, it houses a net worth of Rs. 92284.66 crores. Adani Green Energy Ltd operates one of the largest solar photovoltaic plants in the world.

What makes this share one of the best in India is its performance in the market. With a 52weeks low and high of 45.00 and 592.60, respectively, the shareholders are earning a 0.00% dividend from the shares.

Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. – Top Power Stocks to buy in India

The second rank is secured by Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. It is a state-owned company in India that started in 1989 and is based in Gurugram.

The scale of the company can be realized from the fact that it transmits around 50% of the total power generation in the country.

The market capitalization of the company is estimated around Rs. 91683.61 crores making it one of the Best Power Stocks to buy.

The company has escaped its 52weeks low of 122.15 and has recorded a 52weeks high of 211.00 because of its vast sell margin; it provides a good dividend of 5.71% to its investors.

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NTPC Ltd. – Most Traded Power Shares in India 

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited or NTPC Ltd gets the third position in the list of Most Traded Power Shares in India. Starting from 1975, this Indian public Sector Undertaking is headquartered in New Delhi.

The total market capitalization of NTPC is Rs. 89446.80 crores. Operating from 70 locations in India, 2 sites in Bangladesh, and one from Sri Lanka, it has gathered a large number of investors over the years.

NTPC has witnessed a 52weeks low of 73.30 and a 52weeks high at 127.95. The shareholders receive a dividend share of 3.48% – which is a profitable figure for any investor.

Adani Transmission Ltd. – Top 10 Power Stocks to Buy

Another subsidiary of the Adani Group to enter the list of the Top 10 Electricity Stocks to buy is Adani Transmission Ltd.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat; it is one of the largest private sector companies in India involved in power transmission.

Appearing in the power sector scenario since 2013, the company has a prominent presence in the northern and western parts of India. Despite being a new company, it has garnered a market capitalization of Rs. 28782.03 crores.

Currently, Adani Transmission has 15 subsidiaries and hence can provide a dividend of 0.00% to the investors and has a 52weeks low of 147.50 and a high of 366.40 respectively.

NHPC Ltd. – Best Power Shares in India 

NHPC Ltd or National Hydroelectric Power Corporation is another renewable energy company to secure its position in the list of Best Power Shares to buy. It started its operation in 1975 and is based in Faridabad, Haryana.

This Indian Hydropower generation company controls a total worth of Rs. 20793.22 crores in the Indian market.

Supplying powers to various states in the country, it has always provided premium quality service and is in turn rewarded a huge number of investors.

The shareholders get a dividend of 7.25% from its shares. It has successfully managed to overcome its 52weeks low of 15.10 to 52weeks high of 29.10.

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Torrent Power Ltd – Top Power Shares to buy in India 

Torrent Power Ltd, the sixth entry in this list of Top Power Shares to buy in India, is a subsidiary of the Torrent Group.

Centered in Ahmedabad, the company started in 1996 and is engaged in the generation, distribution, and transmission of electricity.

Besides operating in the states of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra, it also has consumers in some of the major cities. All these have led to a total market capitalization of Rs. 15641.67 crores for Torrent Power.

It has successfully escaped its 52weeks low of 231.95 and has secured a 52weeks high of 368.90. The shareholders receive a decent dividend of 3.56% from the shares.

Tata Power Company Ltd. – Best Power Shares to Buy

The seventh rank is secured by Tata Power Company Ltd, an Indian power company which a subsidiary of the Tata Group.

Headquartered in Mumbai, it is India’s biggest integrated power company and the first Indian company to ship more than 1 GW solar modules.

Apart from Tata Power’s operations in 35 locations of India, it also controls operations in Singapore, Bhutan, and South Africa, which makes it one of the Best Electricity Shares to Buy.

The total market capitalization is around Rs. 15052.06 crores and it has a good 52weeks low and high ratio with the lowest and highest being 27.00 and 68.85 respectively.

The investors receive a dividend of 2.79% from the company.

Adani Power Ltd. – Best Power Stocks to buy 

Another subsidiary of Indian conglomerate Adani Group to appear in this list of Best Electricity Stocks to buy is Adani Power Limited.

The company is India’s largest private thermal power production company and hence commands a large market capitalization of Rs.14309.24 crores in the India share market.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Adani Power has worked relentlessly since 1996 to be one of the top contenders in the Power sector.

According to market and finance analysis, the company has performed well according to the 52weeks low and high ratio with the lowest and the highest being 23.00 and 73.80 respectively.

Adani Power provides a dividend of 0.00% to the shareholders.

JSW Energy Ltd. – Top Power Stocks to buy in India 

The ninth position goes to JSW Energy Ltd or JSWEL, which is a subsidiary of JSW Group in India.

Formed in 1994, it is headquartered in Mumbai and operates in various parts of India through generation, transmission, and trading of electricity.

What makes it count among the Top Power Stocks in India is its huge market capitalization of Rs. 9585.66 crores.

It has witnessed a rapid growth in their share over the last decade and has managed to collect a large number of investors.

It has a turnaround from its 52weeks low of 34.75 to a 52weeks high of 80.00. JSWEL provides a dividend share of 1.71% to its shareholders.

SJVN Ltd. – Power Stocks to buy 

The final name in the list of top 10 Power Stocks to buy in India is secured by the renewable energy company SJVN Ltd.

Being a hydroelectric power generating company, it has witnessed a massive growth since its foundation and is currently the biggest operational hydroelectric power generation company in the country.

The company has a net worth of an estimated Rs. 9117.12 crores which is growing at the rapid press.

The increase in the number of consumers in the country has helped SJVN to escape its 52weeks low of 17.25 and have managed to get a 52weeks high of 27.35.

The investors get a decent dividend of 9.48% from the shares.

Best Power Stocks to Buy – Conclusion 

This article highlights the top 10 Electricity Stocks to buy in India at present. The companies mentioned here have skyrocketed their business to such an extent that the chance of encountering a loss is very slim.

Therefore, an investor who is thinking of Power Shares to buy in the Indian market must consider these companies as the most profitable stocks.

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