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Best Retail Stocks to Buy – Compare Top 10 Retail Shares to Buy in India

Investors are incredibly interested in the shares of retail companies, and they always look for good Retail Stocks to buy.

This article will focus on the top 10 Retail Shares to buy in India that yield a considerable amount of returns.

The retail sector in India makes a lot of profit every year because this country holds the second-largest population in the world.

This sector serves billions of citizens daily, and this helps it contribute to the most considerable amount of business.

Top 10 Retail Stocks to Buy in India – List of Best Retail Shares to Buy

India is a developing country that is expanding its horizons efficiently. The retail sector in this country is setting an excellent example for investors all around the globe with its huge turnover every year.

Retail Stocks to BuyA large number of companies constitute this sector and their performance in the share market has been commendable in the past few years.

This encourages investors in looking for the Best Retail Stocks to Buy as they can earn the right amount of profit from them.

This article will present the names of the top 10 retail stocks that are arranged in order of their market capitalization.

These names include Avenue Supermarts Ltd., Trent, Aditya Birla Fashion, Future Retail Ltd., V Mart Retail, Future Lifestyle Fa, Shoppers Stop, KewalKiran Clothing Ltd., Shankara Building Products Ltd., and finally Spencers Retail Ltd.

Readers will learn various useful details about these Top 10 Retail Shares that will help them decide which one they should invest in it.

Dmart / Avenue Supermarts Ltd. – Best Retail Shares to buy in India

The first name among the 10 Best Retail Shares to buy in India is of Avenue Supermarts Ltd. It has the largest market worth with a value of Rs. 143980.88 crores.

This share has bounced back efficiently from its 52 weeks low and currently is one of the most profitable shares.

Its 52 weeks low value was 1555, whereas the 52 weeks high was 2560. Avenue Supermarts Ltd. runs the biggest retail chain in this country and has already made a huge customer base.

Its retail store DMart records the highest sales every day in various types of products ranging from food items to clothing. Customers depend on this store for lower prices of products from multiple brands.

Trent Ltd. – Top Retail Stocks to buy in India

Trent is the retail section of the business giant Tata Group and is one of the Best Retail Stocks to buy at present.

Its net worth is Rs. 23156.45 crores, and this figure is growing very fast. The 52 weeks low-high ratio of this share shows that it has caught up the momentum efficiently.

Its lowest value in the past 52 weeks was 365, and the highest value was 804.70, which is more than twice the former.

Shareholders can earn a bonus of 0.15% from this stock which is given as a dividend. Currently, Trent Ltd. shares have a growing trend in the share market, and experts predict it will return a considerable amount of profit to stockholders.

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Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. – Most Traded Retail Shares in India

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. share hold the third position in the list of the 10 Most Traded Retail Shares in India. The company was incorporated in 1997 and recently had a market capitalization of Rs. 11230.86 crores.

It runs its retail store by the name of Pantaloons, which is one of the favorite clothing destinations for millions of Indians.

The 52 weeks low of this share was 95.61 while the 52 weeks high was 281.41, which is quite an impressive growth.

The company is increasing the outlets of its retail store steadily, and this is increasing its business immensely. Pantaloons have a massive network of both offline and online stores that serve across the nation.

Future Retail Ltd. – Top 10 Retail Stocks to buy

Future Retail Ltd. share is the fourth position holder among the Top 10 Retail Stocks to buy in this country. Established in 1987, this company has travelled a long way and achieved numerous milestones.

The net worth of Future Retail Ltd. is Rs. 5234.96 crores, and its share is one of the most traded ones in the market. Investors witnessed a remarkable low-high ratio with this share in the last 52 weeks.

The 52 weeks low was 60.70, while the higher value took a massive leap to 415, which is almost seven times. Investors are inviting in this share aggressively because its performance in the stock market looks highly impressive.

V Mart Retail Ltd. – Best Retail Shares in India

V Mart is one of the most popular retail chains in India with a large number of outlets in all big and small cities.

Its net market worth is Rs. 3559.86 crores and is considered as one of the Best Retail Shares to buy at this moment.

The 52 weeks low of this stock was 1200, whereas the 52 weeks high value was outstanding, and it was 2545.

This clothing company sells a massive amount of product daily across the country and has a large customer base of various age groups. It has multiple projects lined up in the future that will boost its market value efficiently.

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Future Lifestyle fashions Ltd. – Top Retail Shares to buy in India

Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd. has presented some of the most prominent retail destinations in the Indian fashion market.

Its share ranks sixth among the Top Retail Shares to buy, and the company has a market capitalization of Rs. 2198.34 crores.

The 52 weeks low-high values show that the company has bounced back from its low and is having an upward momentum.

This share had reached the bottom cost of 91.35 in the last 52 weeks, whereas the highest value achieved was 475.

Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd. operates stores by the names of Central, Planet Sports, and Brand Factory that endorse a large number of local and international fashion brands.

Shoppers Stop Ltd. – Best Retail Shares to Buy

Shoppers Stop Ltd. is a premium retail chain in India that is headquartered in Mumbai. It sells fashion products from top brands that cater to a considerable portion of fashion enthusiasts.

It is the seventh name in the list of the Best Retail Shares to Buy and has a net worth of Rs. 1517.83 crores.

The shares of Shoppers Stop have come out from its 52 weeks low and look highly profitable for investment at present.

Its 52 weeks low was 131, whereas the 52 weeks high was 447.50, which is very impressive. This fashion retail chain is expanding its outlets robustly, and this is increasing its business to a significant extent.

Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd. – Best Retail Stocks to buy

Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd. is one of the largest Indian companies that deal with western wears. This company was established in 1992 and had been offering the best clothing products to its large number of customers.

Its market capitalization is Rs. 949.95 crores and is considered as one of the Best Retail Stocks in India. This is one of those retail companies that share a fair amount of dividends with shareholders, and it is 5.58%.

The 52 weeks low of the share was 566.20 while the 52 weeks high was 1100. Some of the popular brands from Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd. are Killer Jeans, K-Lounge, Intigriti, Lawman Pg3, and others.

Shankara Building Products Ltd. – Top Retail Stocks to buy in India

Shankara Building Products Ltd. is a leading retail company that deals with home improvement products. The company operates by the name of ‘ShankaraBuildpro’ and has more than 100 stores across the nation.

Its net market worth is Rs. 805.55 crores, and the company is expanding its business steadily. This company has been doing well in the hardware market for a long time, and this makes it one of the Top Retail Stocks in India.

The 52 weeks low was 214 whereas the 52 weeks high was recorded as 579.80. Investors earn a dividend of 0.57% according to their holdings.

Spencer’s Retail Ltd. – Retail Stocks to buy

The list of the top 10 Retail Stocks to buy in India ends with Spencer’s Retail shares. It is a Kolkata-based company that was established in 1963 and ran outlets in more than 35 cities of the nation.

The market value of Spencer’s Retail Ltd. is Rs. 759 crores, and the price of its share is highly affordable for investors with small capital. It is one of the most stable stocks as its 52 weeks low and high values show the minimum fluctuation.

The lowest price attained in the past 52 weeks was 83.90, whereas the highest amount of a share was 89.30.

Retail Stocks to Buy – Conclusion

Retail is one of the brightest sectors for investment at present because it is expanding robustly. This article has mentioned the names of the top Retail Shares to buy that can help in earning the right amount of return.

Readers should go through all the essential details given above and then choose the best among the Retail Stocks to buy.

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