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Premji and Associates is a renowned name for the largest portfolios in the nation. Azim Premji, the man behind Premji associates, is the former chairman of Wipro.

An origination that is among the largest IT companies in India. In this article, we will take a brief look at the life and career of Azim Premji.

We will also discuss the Portfolio Premji and Associates have built in the past years.

The article will talk about the various holdings in their Portfolio and the changes that have taken place in their portfolio during the last few years.

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About Premji and Associates

Azim Hasham Premji, commonly known as Azim Premji, is a renowned name in the Indian IT industry.

Premji & Associates PortfolioHe served as a chairman of Wipro, formerly known as Western Indian Vegetable Products Ltd.

The company was started by Azim Premji’s father, Muhammed Hashim Premji, as a vegetable oil manufacturing company in 1945.

However, after the demise of his father in the year 1966, Azim Premji took charge at the age of 21.

Before taking charge of his father’s company, Azim Premji was an engineering student at Stanford University.

Due to his father’s sudden death, he decided to postpone his graduation and fly back to India.

Under his leadership, he decided to change the company’s fate by diversifying and producing various products, including soaps, lightbulbs, etc.

In 1977, Azim Premji decided to rename the company Wipro, and in 1979, when the Indian Government ordered IBM to leave, Premji decided to expand in that domain.

This led to the beginning of Wipro’s journey in the IT sector that made it one of the world’s largest IT and Consultancy firms.

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    Premji and Associates Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    Let’s take some deep insights into the holdings of Premji and Associates after the end of the 2nd quarter of 2022. As seen in the table, there are primarily two stocks presently, namely Wipro and Tube Investments.

    The total holding value by the end of this quarter was 1,57,180.10 cr including 1,56,615.20 cr of Wipro and 564.9 cr of Tube Investments.

    Until Mar 22, the portfolio included a 473.5 cr. holding value in Trent Ltd. which has been eliminated in this quarter. Also, there is a negative change in net worth of 32% and it stands as 1,61,052.36 cr.

    The portfolio was taking upward turns till December 2021 with 12% upward growth in net worth is now slightly going down.

    Holdings in Wipro Ltd.

    Wipro has been among the longest-holding stocks in the Premji and Associates portfolio. There has been a negative percentage change in the holdings compared to the last quarter. The change is -0.64% in the holdings.

    With a substantial holding quantity of 3,99,78,35,444 and holding value of 1,56,615.20 cr., Premji and Associates has a strong hold on this stock. But this holding value has not remained the same and it has changed upto -32.88% as compared to the previous year holding.

    Wipro is among the revolutionary entities that have brought new avenues and have been making continuous growth with the passage of time.

    Holdings in Tube Investments of India Limited.

    In the Premji and Associates Portfolio, another substantial stock is Tube Investments of India Ltd. If we closely observe the stock holding pattern, Premji and Associates have decreased their holding in this stock.

    The stock was added to the portfolio in the last quarter of 2020. Started with a holding value of 1,032.40 cr. and a quantity of 54,66,720 this stock has played a crucial part in strengthening its worth.

    Though currently, its holding value has been cut down almost to half to 564.9 cr., the stock price has hiked more than double since December 2020.

    In June 2021, the holding was 3.0% which has come down slowly, and in the quarter of June 2022, the holding stood at 1.5%.

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    Premji and Associates Portfolio in 2021

    Presently, it only has two stocks in the portfolio. Wipro has been a part of the portfolio for a long time, and some other stocks were added, and some were eliminated.

    Tube Investments was added in the previous year, and even its holding value has changed in the last year from 164,113.21 cr. to 2,87,119.88 cr.

    In this year, Wipro, Tube Investments, and Trent remained the same with holding values at the end being 2,87,324.40 cr., 532.6 cr., and 583.6 cr. holding of 192.5 cr. in Zydus Wellness Ltd. was completely diluted.

    In place of which, the new addition was an engineering product company, Craftsman Automation Ltd. with holding value of 52.2 cr.

    When it was started, there were about 6 different stocks with a total holding value of 2,42,614.00 cr. and with time the count has gone down to one-third.

    Since there are not many stocks, you might not see much diversification in this portfolio compared to other top investors.

    Premji and Associates Portfolio in 2020

    The year 2020 was undoubtedly a roller coaster ride for every investor. Thus, Premji and Associates’ portfolio was no different.

    In the first Quarter of 2020, there were only three holdings in their Portfolio: Zydus Wellness Ltd, Wipro Ltd, and Trent Ltd. These holdings were 1.4%, 74%, and 2.6%, respectively.

    However, they diluted some shares in Trent Ltd. over time, and it dropped down to 1.9% from 2.6%.

    A major addition that was made in the Portfolio of Premji and Associates was in the final quarter, i.e. Dec 2021, when they added a 2.8% stake in Tube Investments of India Ltd.

    After this addition, the net worth of Premji and Associates by the end of 2020 was nearly 299,201 crore rupees.

    Premji and Associates Portfolio in 2019

    During the year 2019, Premji and Associates did not make any major changes in the percentage of their holdings.

    However, their portfolio stocks were not the same as in 2020. Their Portfolio in 2019 included five major holdings that were:

    • JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd, 1.5%
    • Trent Ltd, 2.6%
    • Voltas Ltd, 1.1%
    • Wipro Ltd, 74%
    • Zydus Wellness Ltd, 1.4%

    If we talk about the stake in these holdings, there were no major changes during 2019. Premji and Associates had the same stake in JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd, Voltas Ltd, and Zydus Wellness Ltd throughout the year.

    However, they diluted nearly 0.2% stake in Trent Limited and added a 0.2% stake in Wipro Ltd. in 2019.

    As a result, the net worth of Premji and Associates portfolio at the year-end of 2019 was 304,320 crore rupees.

    Premji and Associates Portfolio in 2018

    The net worth of Premji and Associates portfolio in 2018 was nearly 241,403 crore rupees. If we look at the holdings in their Portfolio, it was somewhat similar to their Portfolio in 2019.

    The only changes in the list were DCB Bank Ltd and Container Corporation of India Ltd.

    Following were the holdings in the Portfolio of Premji and Associates:

    • JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd, 1.3%
    • Trent Ltd, 2.8%
    • Wipro Ltd, 74.2%
    • Zydus Wellness Ltd, 2.1%
    • Container Corporation of India Ltd, 1%
    • DCB Bank Ltd, 2.2%

    Premji and Associates maintained a constant stake of 2.8% in Trent Ltd, 74.2% in Wipro Ltd, 2.1% in Zydus Wellness Ltd, and 1% in Container Corporation of India Ltd. throughout 2018.

    However, they diluted a nearly 0.7% stake in DCB Bank and added a 0.3% stake in JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. by 2018.

    What is Premji and Associates’s Net Worth?

    Premji and Associates’s Networth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Dec-21 287,119.8812%
    Sep-21 254,841.4516%
    Jun-21 219,255.5931%
    Mar-21 166,763.261%
    Dec-20 164,113.2123%
    Sep-20 132,995.8942%
    Jun-20 93,319.9711%
    Mar-20 83,741.94-19%
    Dec-19 104,632.372%

    The table talks about the net worth of the Portfolio of Premji and Associates across various years.

    Therefore, it also helps us understand the % change in the net worth. So let us now look at the table and try to understand Premji and Associates’ net worth in detail.

    The present net worth of Premji and Associates is 1,61,052.36 cr. It has expanded over the years. Right from 2018 till the last quarter. Built with accurate investment decisions, the portfolio certainly is something to look up to as a trader.

    As we start from March 2018, where the Net Worth stood at 96,146.29 cr, it went as high as 287119.88 cr in December 2021 showing an immense growth in less than 4 years.

    Even in a difficult year like 2020, the net worth of this portfolio was moving in the upward direction, though quite flatly. In March 20, the portfolio net worth was 83,741.94 cr and by the conclusion of the same year, it attained 164,113.21 cr.

    The year 2022 brought in some downward fluctuations, as you can see the net worth was at 2,37,565.72 cr in the end of the first quarter which diminished to 161,052.36 cr till we reached to the month of July.

    We have seen the net worth to go from 96,146.29 cr. in March 2018, to 83,741.94 cr. in March 2020, to touch the mark of 2,37,565.72 cr. in March 2022.

    Premji and Associates Portfolio – Conclusion

    As mentioned earlier, the net worth of Premji and Associates is 166,847.15 crore rupees which makes them some of the richest investors in India.

    Currently, the 2 holdings in their Portfolio are Wipro Ltd, Trent Ltd, and Tube Investments of India Ltd.

    Among these 2, they hold a major stake of nearly 72.9% in Wipro Ltd. as Azim Premji was the former chairman of Wipro Ltd.

    Time and again, Azim Premji has proven to be one of India’s greatest entrepreneurs and investors.

    Not only by building a tech giant like Wipro but also by creating one of the largest portfolios in India under the bigger umbrella called Premji and Associates.

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