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Bharat Jayantilal Patel is regarded as one of the most eminent equity investors in the stock market of India. He has been widely appreciated and respected by the members of the capital market fraternity and his analysis and investment ideas are followed by many in general.

He has been a pioneer in the market with an intensive knowledge of the markets and has been associated with various premier companies where he took the charge of their share allocation as a broker.

Bharat Jayantilal Patel has been witnessing exponential growth in his net worth since then and now he has net worth of Rs. 565.19 crores at present from all his investments.

In this article, we will discuss the various stocks he holds in his portfolio and how and when he added them in his portfolio and how he has been handling his portfolio in the last three years.

This article will give the details analysis of his portfolio and his stock-picking skills and ideas of investment.

Apart from the portfolio and the shares in it, we will also give you the idea of how he accumulated his wealth and a brief idea about his net worth over the last five years.

So, let us start with the brief introduction of Mr. Bharat Jayantilal Patel and then get into the details of Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio.

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About Bharat Jayantilal Patel

Bharat Jayantilal Patel is one of the most eminent and highly experienced stock market players who are in the industry for more than three decades now and has been trading and investing in various companies with a successful track record.

His innovative trading ideologies and the techniques are well appreciated by most of his peers in the industry that is in the capital market fraternity.

Bharat Jayantilal Patel started investing and started his own brokerage house when he was in his twenties and since then he has been serving many big business houses in accumulating a capital from the stock market by providing brokerage house services.

He has not only increased his net worth exponentially over the years via various investments and his business but also made his stockbroking house, one of the most reputed in the market and also elevated its market share.

Bharat Jayantilal Patel has been serving as the Chairman of Rubfila International Ltd. and for the last ten years, he has been managing his own investments mainly and has been successful in appreciating the value of his investments significantly which will discuss through the Bharat Jayantilal Patel Latest Portfolio.

He is also associated with other companies as Director and mentor and guide investors and traders about investment as well.

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    Bharat Jayantilal Patel Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    Among the top investors in India who led to a successful portfolio with wholesome investments in distinctive stocks. Net worth valued at Rs. 507.65 crores, the portfolio consists of 18 stocks currently.

    One of the top investments in this portfolio is in Rubfila International Ltd. With 27,365,728 shares, Bharat Jayantilal Patel is having a holding of 50.4% of the total shares of the company. The investment has been increased from time to time.

    Other substantial investments in this portfolio are in Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd. with 12.0% holding, High Energy Batteries (India) Ltd. with 6.4% holding, and SMIFS Capital Markets Ltd. with 5.8% holding.

    The portfolio value has expanded extensively over the years; the investments have been altered from time to time, and more growth opportunities.

    Holdings in Rubfila International Ltd

    One of the best-performing assets we have noted so far in Bharat Jayantila Patel’s portfolio belongs to Rubfila International Ltd.

    Looks like an investor is seeing tremendous potential in the stock as takes the risk to invest a big chunk of his capital in the company. Currently, BJ Patel’s portfolio shows 27,365,728 holdings in Rubfila International Ltd, with a value of Rs 212.4 crore as of June 2022.

    The investor had added more to his holdings in Rubfila International Ltd back in September 2021 quarter. Ever since then, he’s determined to hold one of the biggest assets.

    Investment in Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd

    Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings ltd is another notable investment of BJ Patel.

    The stock was recently spotted picking up a downtrend, but Net Profit Quarterly growth by 233.78% might have led Jayantila Patel to add more to his existing holdings in the stock.

    Simply put, the investor has recently increased his holdings in TEXINFRA by 0.1%, taking his total shareholdings in the company up to 15,242,990 shares.

    The total value of these shares as of the June 2022 quarter is 89.8 crores. By March 2022 quarter, his portfolio shows 11.9% holdings of the company, which currently sits at 12% after acquiring 0.1% more of the company.

    Holdings in Garware Hi-Tech

    Among the top 3 stock rank gainers from BJ Patel’s list, Garware Hi-Tech has been spotted as becoming of the best and most lucrative investments.

    Mainly because of the uptrend picked up by the stock with the start of April 2022. This helped BJ Patel derive growth in net profit from the stock.

    The quantity held by an investor in Garware Hi-Tech is 6,96,991, valued at Rs 57.08 crores as of June 2022.

    The present holding of the investor in this stock is for 9.55%. The stock’s percentage from the last quarter is of -7.97%.

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    Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio in 2021

    By the end of the Dec 2021 Quarter, Bharat Jayantilal Patel’s portfolio had 20 stocks in total with a net worth of over Rs 752.4 crores. During the year, the investor has been seen adjusting his positions in almost every stock.

    Such as the 1.5% change in position of Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd that the investor has noticed a vast potential in the stock and ended up acquiring 11.9% shares of the company by Dec 2021. BJ Patel’s previous holdings in the company were 10.4% – 10.3%, respectively.

    Similarly, some of those assets that made the investor sell off or transfer some of his shares were High Energy Batteries (India) ltd, in which BJ Patel decreased his position by -0.1%.

    Other positions such as less than 1% decrease in Mangalam cement Ltd, -0.2% decrease in Bharat Bijli Ltd, -0.5% in Centum Electronics Ltd, and -0.7% decrease in Mafatlal Inds Ltd also had also faced a backlash.

    However, some of these positions were sold exclusively from a wealth-making perspective and don’t signify the lose-making profile of BJ Patel’s portfolio.

    Some other assets, such as Alphago India Ltd, also saw the acceptance of BJ Patel as the investor acquired a 0.1% more stake in the company. BJ Patel’s new investment in Morarjee has made him a 5.1% shareholder of the company this year.

    Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio in 2020

    Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio 2020 had to went through multiple adjustments as many companies turned out unpredictable. Still, the investor saws a vast potential built in some of the attractive assets and ended up acquiring more stake in the company.

    Simply put, Zuari Agro Chemicals was the prominent player in which the investor increased his holding by 0.2%, up from 9.7% in Sep 2020, making the total tally 9.8%.

    Texmaco Infrastructure & Holding Ltd also didn’t leave a chance to become the favorite to BJ Patel. The investor acquires a 6.3% stake in the company by purchasing extra 1.2% shares by the end of Dec 2020 quarter.

    Other companies like Setco Automotive Ltd, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, and Bharat Bijli Ltd had also gained investment capital requirements from Bharat Jayantilal Patel.

    However, BJ Patel also withdrew his position from some of his assets this year. Most notably, the investor made -a 4.89% decrease in holdings in RSVM Ltd, which may be due to interest conflict or other reasons.

    In September 2020, his portfolio had 7.0% shares purchased from RSWM Ltd, and only 2% are left. Bharat Jayantilal Patel publically held 25 stocks in the company with a net worth of over Rs 461.1 crore, respectively.

    Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio in 2019

    The Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio 2019 is a portfolio of manufacturing and industrial product stocks as he holds most of them only in his portfolio.

    There are stocks of Rubfila International which is a firm operating in the rubber sector, then there are shares of Nagpur Power & Industries, Transpek Industries, and Centum Electronics and others.

    In the June 2019 quarter he had eight stocks in his portfolio that we have already discussed in the above section. The highest investment has been from the Rubfila International only for both the quarters of 2019 – June and March 2019 quarters.

    In both the quarters, the investment in these stocks worth Rs. 24.7 crores. After this there is investment in the shares of Transpek Industry where the investor has Rs. 21.4 crores in both the quarters of the year that has ended. He has not changed his shareholding much in this quarter and not at all for these two shares.

    The two shares that were added to the portfolio of Bharat Jayantilal Patel were of Hathway Bhawani Cabletel & Datacom Ltd. and that was done in the March quarter.

    The investment was of Rs. 6.3 lakhs in the 135004 shares of the company whose current market price of the shares is Rs. 4.68.

    More on Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio 2019

    Another share that was added to the portfolio of the investor was of Centum Electronics and he invested Rs. 7.2 crores in 1.3% stakes of the company at that time only and then made no changes to it in this June 2019 quarter.

    The value of an investment in Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd. was Rs. 8.3 crore in the March quarter and as the investor reduced his stake in this share by 0.16%, the investment value also reduced and the current value of the investment in this share stands at Rs. 7.4 crores.

    Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio in 2018

    The Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio 2018 depicts his choices of stocks which is again inclined towards the manufacturing and industrial products generating businesses apart from a few other stocks in the portfolio.

    He had Rubfila in the portfolio in 2018 as well where he had the same investment throughout the year. The highest investment was also in this stock only which is Rs. 24.7 crores throughout the year.

    Apart from that, he made investments in some of the new companies this year which he holds in the latest portfolio as well.

    The new stocks he added to the portfolio of 2018 was of Texmaco Infrastructure & Holdings Ltd. where he invested Rs. 8.4 crores in 1.37% of the stakes in the December 2018 quarter and in the June 2018 quarter he invested Rs. 21.5 crores in the Transpek Industry and bought 3.04% of the stakes of the company.

    In the September 2018 quarter, he reduced his shareholding below 1% of the stakes in two companies that are of Texmaco and Centum Electronics.

    In the March quarter, he did the same with the Transpek Industry when the share was trading at Rs. 1270.

    More on Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio 2018

    There was another share in the portfolio of Bharat Jayantilal Patel in the year 2018 and that was of Leena Consultancy Ltd. where he had investment worth Rs. 98.2 thousand in 7500 shares of the company which is equivalent to 3.13% of the stakes of the company in the September quarter.

    However, he dropped this stock from his portfolio in the December quarter of 2018.

    Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio in 2017

    According to the Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio 2017, the highest investment this year was in the shares of Transpek Industry at the beginning of the year when the investment worth Rs. 30.9 crores in the March 2017 quarter.

    Then the investor reduced his stake in this company below 1% and thus the investment value is not available for that June 2017 quarter.

    However, he again increased his stake in this share and bought 4.38% of the stake in total in the September 2017 quarter and his investment in this share stood at Rs. 31.1 crores at that time which was the highest investment.

    Then in the December quarter he reduced 0.41% of the stakes and then the investment value was Rs. 28.1 crore.

    More on Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio 2017

    Apart from the Transpac, the investment in Texmaco was also high at except for the September quarter when the investor reduced the stakes in this company below 1%, all the other quarters had Rs. 14 crores of the worth from this share in the portfolio of Bharat Jayantilal Patel.

    In 2017, the stakes in Rubfila was also higher than what the investor holds now.

    Then Bharat Jayantilal Patel had held more than 15% of the stakes of this company which reduced in the later years however, it is due to share allocation and share splitting as his investment in the shares worth Rs. 3407 crores remain the same through all these three years we discussed.

    What is Bharat Jayantilal Patel’s Net Worth?

    Bharat Jayantilal Patel Net Worth
    Quarter Net worth(Cr) Change%
    Jun-22  565.19 -13%
    Mar-22  653.31 -13%
    Dec-21  752.4 -3%
    Sep-21  777.39 13%
    Jun-21  686.31 31%
    Mar-21  523.22 13%
    Dec-20  461.1 20%
    Sep-20  381.27 -4%
    Jun-20  399.33 68%
    Mar-20  236.6 -3%
    Dec-19  245.08 -8%
    Sep-19  266.65 27%
    Jun-19  209 -7%

    It could be an outcome of investors’ active responses to the highly volatile price of the market that Bharat Jayantilal Paten keeps his portfolio profitable.

    The investor actively made necessary adjustments in his portfolio back in 2020 and 2021 and kept himself profitable in 2022.

    Such as, by the end of Dec 2020 investor will keep his portfolio net worth up by 20% and register approx Rs 461.1 crore total portfolio net worth.

    Similarly, by the end of Dec 2021, he keeps his net worth tally up by 10%. In June 2022, his portfolio reflects a net worth of Rs 565.19, but we have more than two quarters ahead to decide the fresh net worth of the BJP.

    Bharat Jayantilal Patel Portfolio – Conclusion

    The Portfolio of Bharat Jayantilal Patel is a bog of industrial and manufacturing stocks with a few from other industries but related to the manufacturing industry only.

    He is the Chairman of the rubber industry giant Rubfila, his inclination towards the industrial products and the businesses related to that.

    He is regarded for his rare stock-picking skills and also appreciated for the kind of passion he has for investments and businesses.

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