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Best Metals Stocks to Buy – Compare Top 10 Metals Ferros Shares to Buy in India

The Metal industry is growing rapidly every year, providing investors choices to select the Metals Stocks to buy. Hence this article will provide information about the best Ferros Shares to buy in the Indian market.

Important for many other sectors like engineering, electronics, electrical, automobile, infrastructure, and packaging, among others, the Metal Industry is a major sector in the Indian economy.

It is divided into two parts – ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

Top 10 Metals Stocks to Buy in India – List of Best Metals Shares to Buy

To begin with the Best Metals Stocks to Buy, it is important to know the top contenders in this sector. According to the ranks, the best companies in this department are JSW Steel, Tata Steel, JSPL, SAIL, Tata Steel (PP), APL Apollo Tube, Ratnamani Metal, Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd., Tata Steel BSL, and Welspun Corp.

Metals Stocks to BuyThese companies control the majority of the shares in the market. Going by the recent performances, the metal-ferrous sector in India has gone through massive development in terms of production, consumption, and exports.

This industry contributes a significant percentage in the GDP of the country and has made India a primary competitor among other iron producing nations.

So before investing, readers should know in detail about the companies considered among the Top 10 Ferros Stocks.

JSW Steel- Best Metals Shares to buy in India 

The company which achieved the top spot in the list of the Best Metals Shares to buy is JSW Steel Ltd.

A subsidiary of the JSW Group, this Indian steel making company started in 1982 and is since one of the fastest developing companies.

Headquartered in Mumbai, JSW Steel now operates in more than 140 countries and is India’s second-largest private steel company.

Included among the most profitable shares, the company ditched its 52weeks low of 132.50 and reached a 52weeks high of 296.75.

The total market capitalization of JSW Steel is around Rs. 68951.21 crores, and it shares a dividend of 0.70% with the shareholders.

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Tata Steel – Top Metals Stocks to buy in India 

The second rank is secured by Tata Steel Limited, a subsidiary of the Tata Group. Also ranked among the top steel-producing companies in the world, this company is rightfully one of the Best Ferros Stocks to buy in India.

This multinational steel-producing company is based in Jamshedpur with headquarters in Kolkata and has a net worth of around Rs. 48580.50 crores.

Because of Tata Steel’s presence in 26 countries of the world, it has performed magic in the stock market and has changed its 52weeks low of 250.85 into a 52weeks high of 506.00.

The shareholders receive a decent dividend of 2.48% from the company.

JSPL- Most Traded Metals Shares in India 

Jindal Steel and Power Limited or JSPL claims the third position in the list of the Most Traded Metals Shares in India.

Based in Hisar, this subsidiary of the Jindal Group conglomerate controls a majority of the Metal sector of the country.

With a total capitalization of around Rs. 20492.12 crores, this Indian steel, and energy company is expanding aggressively every year.

At present, JSPL controls 16 major subsidiaries and has proved itself as a profitable company for quite sometimes.

According to market analysis, the 52weeks low and high ratio have shown good results with the 52weeks lowest recorded at 62.00 and the highest at 238.75.

The company shares a 0.00% dividend with the investors.

SAIL – Top 10 Metals Stocks to buy 

Steel Authority of India or SAIL is the next company to feature on the list. What makes this company a primary contender in the stock market is its meteoric rise since its establishment.

For the contribution it has given to India’s economy, it has been counted as one of the Top 10 Metals Stocks to buy in India for a long time.

With an estimated net worth of Rs. 15882.30 crores; this Indian state-owned steel producing company is an A-lister in the Metal sector.

Based in New Delhi, SAIL, as expected, showed a great performance to record a 52weeks low and high of 20.15 and 51.90, respectively.

The company gives a dividend of 0.00% to the shareholders.

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Tata Steel (PP) – Best Metals Shares in India 

Another part of the Tata Group to secure a place among the Indian market’s Best Ferros Shares to buy is Tata Steel (PP).

The company comes with the backing of the huge Tata conglomerate and therefore has a net capitalization of estimated Rs 7194.66 crores in the stock market.

The trust of the shareholders in this stock is thus evident from the amount of capitalization invested.

The company recently witnessed a 52weeks low of 52.40 according to the market analysis but bounced back with a bang and managed to reach a 52weeks high of 60.50.

Tata Steel (PP) currently shares a dividend of 1.30% with the shareholders

APL Apollo Tube- Top Metals Shares to buy in India 

The sixth position is acquired by APL Apollo Tubes Limited in the ranks of Top Metals Shares to buy. Operating in the steel tubes and pipe manufacturing industry for more than 30 years, APL Apollo is among the biggest manufacturers of steel products in the country.

For such a huge company, the total market capitalization is Rs. 6018.18 crores.

Headquartered in Delhi NCR, APL Apollo commands over 11 manufacturing plants in India, and the performance of the company can be seen through its 52weeks low and high ratio with the lowest and highest being 1030.00 and 2500.00 respectively.

A dividend of 0.00% is shared with investors.

Ratnamani Metal- Best Metals Shares to Buy 

Since its inception in September 1983, Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Limited has established itself as one of the largest metal manufacturing companies of the country and regularly features in every list of Best Metals Shares to buy.

As seen from the recent stock market analysis, the company has managed to redeem itself from its 52weeks lowest of 719.10 into a 52weeks high of 1390.00.

The company is located in Gujarat, but in terms of business exploits, has a presence in more than 35 countries and caters to sectors like Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Power plants, etc.

The net worth of Ratnamani Metal is estimated at Rs. 5366.71 crores, and it shares a dividend of 1.04% with the shareholders.

Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. – Best Metals Stocks to buy 

The eighth position in the list of the Best Ferros Stocks in India belongs to Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited or MIDHANI.

This public sector undertaking, is administered by the Government of India, and is headquartered in Hyderabad.

The company has a market capitalization of Rs 5366.71 crores. Because of MIDHANI’s government connection and worldwide operations, this share has attracted a huge number of investors who receive a dividend of 1.04%.

The company is a specialized metal and metal alloys manufacturing business in India and the only producer of Titanium in the country.

The company has ditched its 52weeks low of 719.10 and went to achieve a 52weeks high of 1390.00 in the market.

Tata Steel BSL- Top Metals Stocks to buy in India

Yet another subsidiary of the Tata Group to get a place among the Top Metals Stocks in India is the Tata Steel BSL Limited.

Headquartered in New Delhi, this company is the biggest manufacturer of auto-grade steel in the country and has a large market capitalization of Rs. 2569.58 crores.

The shares are doing quite well and therefore managed to gain a lot of investors willing to invest in the company.

According to recent market analysis, the company has outperformed itself and has successfully turned its 52weeks low of 15.10 into a commendable 52weeks high of 32.55.

Tata Steel BSL shares a dividend percentage of 0.00% with the shareholders.

Welspun Corp- Metals Stocks to buy 

Last but certainly not least, Welspun Corp Ltd, the subsidiary of the Welspun Group, can easily match the performance of any other metal manufacturer in the country. Interestingly, it is the second-largest manufacturer of large diameter pipes in the world.

Headquartered in Mumbai, which makes Welspun one of the best Metals Stocks to buy is its market capitalization of Rs. 2552.75 crores.

In regards to the 52weeks low and high ratio, the lowest value that was recorded was 55.00, and the highest value was 233.95, which signifies its extreme performance in the market.

The investors receive a decent dividend share of 1.71% from the company.

Metals Stocks to Buy – Conclusion 

Therefore, these are the top 10 Metals Shares to buy in India at the moment. These shares are outclassing every other company in the Metals sector and have yielded good profits for the shareholders.

Hence investors who are wondering which Ferros Stocks to buy should evaluate the market statistics before investing.

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