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Bhavook Tripathi is a renowned figure among Indian speculators. He has made a fortune making shrewd trades and being an established entrepreneur.

Throughout his investing journey, he has made many successful trades. Of course, he has a different trading style than his peers, but his way has brought him great success.

In this article, we will be looking at his investment portfolio and his journey to reach among the top shareholders in the country.

We will begin the article by discussing his life and success story. Then we will move towards his stock portfolio and discuss his various holdings over the years.

We will take you through his holdings of the recent past, i.e., 2020, 2021, and 2022. Also, we will discuss his net worth and how it has changed through the years.

So, read on to know more about Bhavook Tripathi and his trading journey.

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About Bhavook Tripathi

Bhavook Tripathi is among the most youthful market investors to join the club of top investors in India.

Bhavook Tripathi PortfolioHe is only in his mid-40s and still has achieved a lot professionally. What sets him apart from other investors is his investing philosophy.

Many investors put their eggs in many baskets, hoping something will click.

Tripathi does not believe in that. He believes in having a concentrated portfolio, and when he invests, he invests big. He waits patiently for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Then, when the opportunity presents itself, he does not hesitate in putting a chunk of his wealth on that bet.

His enthusiasm for stocks started while he was in school.

He would peruse the finance section of daily newspapers and be fascinated by this world.

Before pursuing a career in finance, he decided to become a metallurgical engineer.

He went to the renowned Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in Varanasi to do his engineering.

He then went to the USA to pursue a degree in finance from the University of Wyoming.

To learn more about finance, he worked at a venture bank in the USA, after which he came back to India in 1994.

More on Bhavook Tripathi

In 1999, he and his father set up a fabricating company called Sanshu Industries.

The company primarily catered to the requirements for components of Bajaj Auto Limited.

But under Tripathi’s leadership, the company has expanded to several verticals.

He made his first fortune from the company FAG Precision Bearing.

The company was involved in supplying high-precision ball bearings to automobile companies.

He noticed that the company was undervalued.

He had the foresight to recognize that the stock had a low market capitalization and had lots of room to grow.

Also, he invested a large chunk of his wealth into this stock and was proven right. The stock became a multi-bagger, and he earned over 10 crores from selling his stake in 2006.

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    Bhavook Tripathi Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    With just one substantial investment, the portfolio of Bhavook Tripathi is worth Rs. 1014.18 crores as of June 2022. This one investment makes him one of the top investors in India.

    Earlier, he had an investment in companies like FMG India Ltd and Federal-Mogul Goetze Ltd, which was eventually brought down to 0%. Currently, only one stock form the entire portfolio of Bhavook Tripathi.

    The investment is in R Systems International Ltd., with a substantial and strong holding of 35.5%. He is holding 42,038,375 shares of the company, whose current holding value is over Rs. 1,028.9 crores. This holding has been this strong for a long time.

    The portfolio is a righteous example that with just one stock also, you can build value for your portfolio.

    The portfolio was valued at 351.79 crores in 2016, which has now swelled to a value of over 1,000 crores.

    Holdings in R Systems International Ltd

    With a whopping 35.5% stakes, B Tripathi occupies 1/3rd ownership in the company R Systems International Ltd. After all, the global technology and analytics services company has long been mounting the flags of its success in the international market.

    And that’s maybe a reason drawing Bhavook Tripathi’s attention to the stock. The engineering graduate has long been fond of pumping money heavily into IT stocks, and today he owns approx 42,038,375 shares of RSI Ltd.

    Bhavook Tripathi has been an active investor in RSI Ltd ever since the December quarter of 2015. The investor has covered a long journey of acquiring a stake in the company from 24.36% to acquiring 35.53% as of June 2022.

    Holdings in Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd

    Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd is another notable name in Bhavook Tripathi Portfolio. The investor had reportedly acquired 2.01% stake of the Pistons and piston rings manufacturing company in Dec 2019, making it 1,117,188 shares in total.

    However, B Tripathi had given more space to FMG India Ltd in his portfolio in December 2015 when his portfolio had over 2,081,552 shares of the company.

    But it seems that soon after 2017, the investor started showing less interest in the stock, ending up decreasing his investment in the company by a huge figure.

    Currently, Bhavook Tripathi is no longer invested in the company, but more updates are about to come.

    Other Stocks

    Apart from these two stocks, Bhavook Tripathi hasn’t invested in any other stocks so far. More updates regarding his latest portfolio reports are yet to come. So stay tuned with us.

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    Bhavook Tripathi Portfolio in 2021

    The year 2021 seems to be a golden year for Bhavook Tripathi when one of his holdings – R System International Ltd, generated over 1112% return on investment with the start of 2021.

    After figuring out such a massive jump in RSI Ltd stock, the investor decreases his portfolio holding by 0.03%. Still, Bhavook Tripathi retains more than 1/3rd ownership in the company, as his 35.5% holding in R Systems International Ltd shows it.

    However, B Tripathi also had some of his investment in Federal-Mogul Goetze Ltd, but it looks like the investor has either sold off or transferred his holdings to someone.

    By the end of the March 2020 Quarter, he was retaining a below 1% stake in FMG India Ltd, but no update was available for 2021 and afterward.

    Bhavook Tripathi Portfolio in 2020

    2020 was a very volatile period for all investors in the country. Due to the recent pandemic, ‌ stock markets were in turmoil worldwide.

    As a result, almost all investors had to tweak their strategies and modify their portfolios.

    Even the biggest investors had to manage their portfolios to minimize losses and exposure.

    But, Tripathi did not change his percentage of shareholdings much.

    Like we discussed above, his trading philosophy distinguishes him from his peers.

    He goes all-in whenever he believes in a company and sticks with his investment for the long term and held on to his stake of 36.85% throughout the year.

    He did not sell or buy a single share of public stocks in 2020.

    When the market was plummeting, his investment gave phenomenal returns. His net worth rose by over 7 times from 2019 towards the end of 2020.

    His net worth went from 73 crores to 520 crores.

    Bhavook Tripathi Portfolio in 2019

    During the year 2019, Bhavook Tripathi held 2 shares- Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd. and R Systems International Ltd.

    There was not much change in the shareholding of R systems.

    However, he did dilute his entire stake in Federal-Mogul Goetze towards the end of 2019.

    At the beginning of the year, he had a share of 2.01% in Federal-Mogul. He decided to liquidate it and exit his position.

    If we talk about his holdings in R Systems, his stake increased by 0.29% from 36.35% to 36.85%.

    The net worth of his portfolio at the end of the year 2019 was 73.58 crores. It increased by 18.51 crores as compared to 2018.

    Bhavook Tripathi Portfolio in 2018

    Bhavook Tripathi’s portfolio in 2018 is similar to his portfolio in 2019.

    However, he held only the two stocks- Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd. and R Systems International Ltd.

    There were only minor changes in his shareholding over the entire year.

    He began the year holding a stake of 35.35% in R Systems. He increased this stake by 0.67% to 36.02% during the year.

    On the other hand, his stake in Federal-Mogul Goetze remained unchanged at 2%.

    The net worth of his portfolio towards the last quarter of 2018 was Rs 55.07 crores.

    What is Bhavook Tripathi’s Net Worth?

    Bhavook Tripathi Net Worth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-22 976.97-29%
    Mar-22 1,381.2642%
    Dec-21 971.358%
    Sep-21 892.421112%
    Dec-19 73.5820%
    Sep-19 60.812%
    Jun-19 59.55-4%
    Mar-19 62.6413%
    Dec-18 55.0722%
    Sep-18 44.94-1%
    Jun-18 45.81-17%
    Dec-17 55.718%
    Sep-17 51.54-9%
    Jun-17 56.68-6%

    The table below shows the net worth history of Bhavook Tripathi over the past few years. It shows how his net worth has changed over the various quarters.

    This information will help us understand how his trading decisions have resulted.

    So, let us now take an in-depth look at this data.

    As of Dec 2021, Bhavook Tripathi Portfolio’s net worth shoot up by more than 1000%. By the end of the 2021 quarter, his portfolio had 42,038,375 shares with a value of around 971.3 Cr.

    The investor is currently an active investor of only one stock.

    However, this data belongs to the year 2021; more information is yet to arrive because it seems that soon B Tripathi is expected to cross the Rs 1000 benchmark through this single investment in R Systems International Ltd.

    Bhavook Tripathi Portfolio – Conclusion

    As we have discussed in the article, the net worth of Bhavook Tripathi is over 976.97 crores. This makes him one of the richest investors in the country.

    Currently, he holds only one stock- R Systems International Limited.

    However, he holds a sizable chunk of 35.6% of the company. He is not only a stock market investor but also an established entrepreneur.

    He runs the company Sanshu Industries, which he has expanded into various verticals. Since the company’s start in 1999, it has become a trusted name in its segment.

    What makes Tripathi unique is his different approach towards investing. As a result, he has amassed great wealth through his methods.

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