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Ashish Dhawan is one of the eminent private equity investors in the Indian market. He is the owner and the co-founder of the private equity funds Chrysalis Capital or Chrys Capital which is one of the leading private equity funds in the country’s stock market.

He is a pioneer in the stock market and recognized by many leading magazines as the NextGen Leader in Philanthropy like Forbes India and others.

In this article, we will cover the entire Ashish Dhawan Portfolio investment of this private equity investor, his stock holdings in different companies and the various other investments.

We will also cover his education and early career and life and how he made in the stock market.

You will get to read about his latest stock holdings and also bout the shares he invested and hold in the past three years. So, this article will give you an entire idea of his investments and his thoughts on investments.

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About Ashish Dhawan

Ashish Dhawan born on the 10th of March in the year 1969 is a leading Philanthropist in the country at present and he has been one of the most successful private equity investor.

After chairing the Chrysalis Capital for many years, he left the position and started his own grant-making firm and think tank for policies to improve the education and schooling in the country.

In 2014, he launched the first university for liberal arts which is known as Ashoka University. He has been recognized by Forbes as the NextGen Leader in the area of Philanthropy.

Mr. Dhawan has been ranked as the 15th Philanthropist on the Hurun Indian Philanthropy list which his conduct in the China-based research institute.

He has completed his schooling from the St. Xavier’s Collegiate School and then went for his graduation at Yale University. Then he went for his MBA in the Harvard Business School and graduated with distinction.

At present he serves as the advisor on the board of Harvard Business School Club of India and also holds a member’s position in Yale’s development council.

He started this career as an analyst in the Wasserstein Parella & Co. which is a boutique investment bank and that was his entry to Wall Street.

Then after working for different financial services and investment companies for 6-7 years, he returned to India and founded Chrysalis Capital in the city of Mumbai.

From 2010, he started the Young India Fellowship Program which is one of the most prestigious postgraduate programs in the country at present with vast opportunity for learning.

At present, Ashish Dhawan Latest Portfolio worth Rs. 1,914 Crore as per the June 2022 quarter results. He has been holding various stocks from various sectors which will discuss in the next segment.

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    Ashish Dhawan Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    As per the latest holding graphs of Ashish Dhawan’s Portfolio, it consists of 14 stocks from diversified sectors like pharmacy and banking.

    In these 14 stocks, you will find stocks from Banking and Finance, Software & services, and other diversified consumer services-related dimensions.

    Presently, his highest holding is in Arvind Fashions Ltd., with 65,64,065 shares having a holding value of 186.3 cr.

    Holdings in Birlasoft

    Ashish Dhawan holds 36,00,000 shares in this company. The stock has been in his portfolio for a long time, and its current share price is Rs. 330.

    The number of shares have fluctuated up and down during the holding period. Currently, Ashish Dhawan is holding shares of a value of 111.5 cr. in Birlasoft.

    Also, interestingly in the first quarter of 2022, the holding in this stock came down to zero. In the second quarter, it was again added to the portfolio with 36,00,000 shares.

    Holdings in Dish TV India

    The next big stock in the portfolio of Ashish Dhawan is Dish TV India. Having a holding value of 33 cr. presently, it is an old stock in the portfolio. He has a 2.5% holding in the shares of this company, and this holding percent has remained constant till now.

    Ashish Dhawan has 28,957,491 shares of Dish TV India. There has been a -11.97 change in the holding compared to the earlier holding.

    Holdings in Equitas Holdings

    Now, let’s come down to the third stock you might find of interest.

    In Equitas Holdings, Ashish Dhawan holds a pretty substantial stake. Till December 2021, his holding was 1,60,00,000 shares which were increased to 1,70,00,000 shares in March 2022.

    Its present value is 154.9 cr. and he is holding about 5% of the company’s shares; earlier, this holding was 4.7%.

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    Ashish Dhawan Portfolio in 2021

    With no new additions to the portfolio this year, it was much about the performance of the existing stocks.

    Stocks like Arvind Fashions Ltd. and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. outperformed in the year, with values like 179 cr. and 267.9 cr. whereas there were stocks whose values remained the same as last year.

    Stakes in Max Healthcare Institute Ltd., having a holding value of 701.4 cr., was diluted. Also, Ashish Dhawan decreased the stock number of Birlasoft Ltd. to 50,00,000 this year.

    Whereas stakes in Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Arvind Fashions Ltd., and RPSG Ventures Ltd. were increased.

    The Net Worth this year was taking all high jumps till the third quarter, and then at the last quarter, it took a dip. During the first three quarters, the net worth was 1,801.75 cr. in March 2021, 2,208.75 cr. in June 2021, and 2,544.76 cr. in September 2021.

    After the dip in the last quarter, the Net Worth was 2,116.8 cr. in December 2021, with a change of -16% from the previous quarter.

    Ashish Dhawan Portfolio in 2020

    Ashish Dhawan’s portfolio does consist of some interesting stocks. He generally invests in a particular range of sectors only.

    At the end of 2020, his portfolio shows majorly 16 stocks from banking, financial, technology, and services-driven companies. His keenly designed portfolio reaped some forward-looking results this year.

    In the first quarter, the net worth was 521.59 cr., which was negative compared to December 2019. Then it started gearing up from June 2020, where it attained a 42% growth with 743.11 cr.

    Thereafter, in the third quarter, it almost touched a marked double from the quarter -2 results with 1,405.41 cr. and then it concluded the year at 1,496.85 cr. in December 2020.

    Most of the stocks from 2019 were forwarded to this year with changes in their stock number. And a few new stocks were brought in.

    Ashish Dhawan Portfolio in 2019

    Now let us see the details of the Ashish Dhawan Portfolio 2019. The portfolio of Ashish Dhawan witnessed a 4% and then 10% dip in value in the last two quarters which were March and June 2019 quarters.

    The net worth of the investor from stock holding stands at Rs. 684.08 Crore which was Rs. 763.46 Crore in March quarter-end.

    The stocks which were there in the March quarter didn’t got reduced and removed from the portfolio in the June quarter. If you see, there were 11 stocks in the portfolio of Ashish Dhawan in the March quarter and in the June quarter that ended, it had same 11 stocks also.

    By observing the holdings in this quarter, we can say that the investor is having a diversified portfolio and mainly invested in financial companies, technology stocks, logistics, and retail markets.

    The June quarter has 11 stocks in it that is a drastic change from the previous portfolio. There are banks, financial companies, CESC which is an electricity company and then there are rare stocks as well like Greenlam Laminates. Allcargo Logistics and others.

    If you see the portfolio of this year up till now, you will understand the investor has invested in more shares in his portfolio to focus on the growth stocks with few traditional stocks in the portfolio which generates regular returns. However, because of the market condition the portfolio value dipped by 10% in this quarter as well.

    Ashish Dhawan Portfolio in 2018

    The Ashish Dhawan Portfolio 2018 depicts a clear picture of the vulnerability of the stock market. This year, the portfolio witnessed a whopping gain of 62% in the last quarter while it also witnessed a loss of 31% in the first quarter. The net worth of the investor grew from Rs. 487.17 crore in the March quarter to Rs. 795.95 Crore in the December quarter.

    The stocks this year have been well-diversified and the investor has invested in various sectors stocks to make his investment less risky. Another interesting fact about this year’s portfolio is that the number of stocks in this year were very less.

    In the first quarter that is March, September and June quarter, the portfolio has only 6 stocks which went up to 9 in the December quarter with the three new shares.

    The three stocks that got added to the portfolio of Ashish Dhawan in the year 2018 December quarter were Allcargo Logistics Ltd., Dish TV India Ltd., and Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.

    This year the highest investment was in the stock of IDFC Bank all through the year and then comes the Greenlam Laminates. The Equitas stocks were added in the June quarter as well.

    The portfolio being so compressed earned the most compared to the other years. While the stock market was going down south in the year 2018, the portfolio of Ashish Dhawan went up and gained a lot of momentum and that too with only 6-9 stocks in the kitty.

    This shows the skill of the investor to pick the stocks and invest in such a way that can beat the market as well.

    Ashish Dhawan Portfolio in 2017

    As per the Ashish Dhawan Portfolio 2017, the net worth of the portfolio went down from Rs. 1530.07 crore to Rs. 1025.93 crore in the June quarter and then to Rs. 878.07 Crore in the September 2017 quarter and then to Rs. 715.31 crores in the December quarter. The whole year, the portfolio went down and suffered a huge loss.

    The holdings of 2017 in the Ashish Dhawan portfolio were around 15 shares in the June quarter amongst which the highest investment was in V Mart Retail Ltd. followed by IDFC Ltd. in the June quarter.

    In the September quarter, the highest holding was in IDFC shares followed by the shares of Greenlam Laminates.

    So, the highest net worth stock V Mar in the last quarter fell by great percentage in this quarter and the value of the stock was Rs. 82.8 Crore only in this quarter which was Rs. 187.8 Crore in the last quarter, a drop of Rs. 100 crores in one single stock investment faced by the investor.

    What is Ashish Dhawan’s Net Worth?

    Ashish Dhawan’s Networth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-22 1,805.996%
    Mar-22 1,698.73-19%
    Dec-21 2,116.8-16%
    Sep-21 2,544.7615%
    Jun-21 2,208.7522%
    Mar-21 1,801.7520%
    Dec-20 1,496.856%
    Sep-20 1,405.4189%
    Jun-20 743.1142%
    Mar-20 521.59-49%
    Dec-19 1,026.1331%
    Sep-19 779.647%
    Jun-19 722.53-17%

    From the investments and their returns during the year, the Net Worth of Ashish Dhawan’s Portfolio stands at 1,895.07 cr. as of July 2022.

    In the first quarter of 2022, the Net Worth was 1,698.73 cr., lower than December 2021 by 19%. The portfolio then took off, and for the second quarter, it went up to 1,805.99 cr. it was showing a 6% growth from earlier.

    The net worth has set a new pace every year. In December 2018, it was 733.63 cr., up in December 2019 to 1,026.13 cr., 1,496.85 cr. in December 2020, and 2,116.8 cr. in December 2021.

    Ashish Dhawan Portfolio – Conclusion

    The Portfolio of Ashish Dhawan is one of the well-thought portfolios in the market. Being in the stock market for more than 20 years, the investor now understands how to gain from the market with less number of shares in the portfolio as well.

    His stock-picking skills are really impressive and his current Ashish Dhawan Stock Portfolio is the perfect one for the present market scenario.

    Being an leading Philanthropist beside being a private equity investor, he has wide knowledge of the market which helps him achieve what he has achieved in his stock trading.

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