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Nemish S Shah is the director and co-founder of ENAM Holdings which is one of the most reputed investment houses of the country.

He is one of the ace investor in the equity market who is counted amongst the top few investors in the country. His portfolio is quite interesting and diversified in such a way is not so common. He has a huge risk appetite and that can be easily depicted from his choices of stocks.

In this article we will discuss the portfolio he holds now and also about the portfolio he had in the last two years.

We will discuss the stocks and their holding percentage in detail and along with the analysis of his portfolio. In this article you will also read about his net worth and about his career and his early life.

So, now let us start the article with a brief history of Nemish S Shah and then get into the Nemish S Shah portfolio.

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About Nemish S Shah

Nemish S Shah Latest Portfolio is one of the most diversified and interesting portfolios in recent times. He trades few stocks but his stock-picking skills are really noteworthy.

He started his journey in the stock market in the year 1984 when he co-founded the company called ENAM Holdings which was previously a stockbroking entity. Then within few years, he entered the investment banking sector with this company.

It took him only 6 months to enter the top list of investment banks which deal in IPOs. With the exceptional investment research ideas and skills of Mr. Nemish Shah, the company made multiple deals in the IPOs in the country.

He graduated from Lala Lajpat Rai College which is under the Mumbai University in the year 1977 and then he started with his investment profession. He has been one of the leading Philanthropists of the country at present and his views are appreciated by many.

According to the data found about his investments and the latest portfolio holdings he has, it is evident that his stock-picking skills are extraordinary and highly interesting.

As per our observation, he prefers investing in traditional companies rather than companies of this age which are driven by technology. He is mostly in love with the industrial types of machinery and automobile businesses apart from the others.

His views and anticipation about the market are followed by investors and if you are new to the stock market, then you must read about his portfolio to understand how to pick stocks and invest to build a portfolio with few stocks but generating enormous profits.

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    Nemish S Shah Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    Presently, the stocks in this portfolio are EID Parry (India) Ltd., Elgi Equipments Ltd., Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd., Rane Engine Valve Ltd., Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd., and Shreenath Investments Company Ltd.

    During the quarter April-June, the holdings in the earlier investments remained constant with 0% changes, and a new stock was added with Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. The investment in this stock has been made for 325,000 shares having a holding value of Rs. 81.6 crores.

    The Net worth of Nemish S. Shah’s portfolio as of June 2022 is Rs. 1432.7 crores. One year ago, as on June 2021, the portfolio worth was Rs. 903.85 crores and it certainly has made a good progress in a year.

    The Nemish S Shah Holdings according to the June 2022 quarter is something like this as below –

    Holdings in Lakshmi Machine Work Ltd

    Another prominent name from Nemish S Shah’s Portfolio is Lakshmi Machine Work Ltd. Nemish seems to have been showing more interest in Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd since 2015.

    As of Dec 2015, N.S Shah holding in the company was reported at 3.35%, which went up to 9.3% by the end of the March 2021 quarter.

    Ever since then, N.S. Shah Huf seems to adjust his position. Presently, he has held 963,873 LMW shares in his portfolio that are valued at 997.6 crores to date, making it one of the biggest ever holding of him.

    Holdings in Elgi Equipment Ltd

    Nemish’s portfolio even equips 1.7% shares of Elgi Equipment Ltd, which makes 5,360,000 in total.

    By the end of the June 2022 quarter, these holdings had a value of around Rs 192. 6 Crore and are reportedly generating 68.48% net profit for the investor.

    Ever since Nemish S Shah owns a 1.7% stake in the company, we don’t see any change in the position. Still, it has been noted as one of the most profitable investments of NS Shah.

    Holdings in EID Parry (India) Ltd

    Nemish S Shah – the co-founder of one of the most prestigious investment houses in India, ENAM – seems to be adding more greens to his portfolio from EID Parry (India) Ltd.

    As of June 2022 quarter, Nemish S Shah holds 5,360,000 shares of the company that have a value approx 192.6 Cr.

    With such a big list of EID Parry shares in the portfolio, Nemish gets 1.17% of the company’s ownership. Nemish holding in the company stands still and shows no change since the Dec 2015 quarter.

    However, holdings reports for June 2022 are yet to arrive. The stock has generated 4871.61% NET PROFIT for the investor so far making it one of the biggest wins.

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    Nemish S Shah Portfolio in 2021

    If we analyze Nemish S Shah’s Portfolio in 2021, the net worth has gone through multiple ups and downs.

    However, it could be a result of Nemish S speedy adjustments in the position that despite facing a sharp fall back in 2020, his portfolio managed to increase his net worth by 19% (reported as of Sep 2021) when compared with the previous quarter March 2021.

    NS Shah Portfolio has reportedly shown a 1% increase in holdings this year by acquiring a 1% stake in the company Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. The investor had even decreased his holding by -0.16% in Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd after noticing a sharp dip in the stock.

    Still, by the end of 2021, his net portfolio worth was valued at 1,187.66, helping him stay profitable by 10% in 2021 compared to the previous year.

    The investor held only eight stocks in the March quarter, slightly less compared to the previous nine stocks owned by the company in 2020.

    NS Shah’s consistent adjustments in one of his two biggest holdings, Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd and Zodiac Clothing Ltd, are also noteworthy.

    In both stocks, the investor can be seen reducing his position. But it could be his financial strategy, or a market signal might be insisting him to do so.

    Nemish S Shah Portfolio in 2020

    Like many other big players, Nemish S Shah Portfolio as well witnessed dramatic ups and downs in 2020. But in the end, many holdings of the investor outperformed while rescuing NS Shah from sharp downfalls.

    EID Parry (India) Ltd, Lakshmi Machine Work, Shreenath Investment, Elgi Equipments Ltd and Super Spinning Mills proved a goldmine to the investor.

    However, NS Shah had decreased his holding in EID Parry (India) Ltd back in 2020 by 0.01%, possibly a consequence of the investor’s strategic executions.

    Soon after that, NS Shah includes Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd – one of the absolutely newest to the investor’s portfolio. With a total of 10 stocks in the portfolio, the company made up to Rs 1,135.1 Crore in net worth.

    But as the company starts decreasing holdings in High Tech Gears Ltd, JSW Steel Ltd and GKP Printing & Packaging Ltd, the NS Shah portfolio’s total net worth seems to be reaching half.

    By the end of the financial year 2020, NS Shah’s portfolio had nine stocks left in total.

    Few stocks like Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd & Shreenath Investments Company Ltd. were still the top holdings as no change in the position was visible this year.

    Nemish S Shah Portfolio in 2019

    According to Nemish S Shah Portfolio 2019, the net worth of the portfolio dropped sharply in the previous two quarters of the year.

    In the March quarter, there was a dip of 17% which made the net worth of the portfolio Rs. 615.52 crore and in the last quarter, that was June 2019 quarter, the net worth again dipped to Rs. 484.4 Crore.

    In this year, the investor held 9 stocks in the March quarter, and 8 in the June quarter. Mostly, the shares are of companies that are involved in the machinery, spinning mills, engineering products.

    In the March quarter, there was a share of Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. whose share price was Rs. 1236.6 at that time and the holding percentage in that company first time dropped below 1% by the investor.

    Apart from that, in both the quarters, there were shares of Zodiac Clothing Company which if you are aware of the market are getting investments by eminent investors like Nemish Shah and others of this stature. This company is being spotted as a gold mine in the future by many investors.

    Another interesting fact is that the investor didn’t alter any investment this year except for the Bannari Amman Sugar Ltd. All the stocks are same as per their holding percentage in both the quarters covered yet.

    Nemish S Shah Portfolio in 2018

    According to the Nemish S Shah Portfolio 2018, there was an investment in around ten shares in every quarter. There were also few new investments in some of the shares which will discuss below.

    In the 2018 December quarter, the holding percentage in Shreenath Investments was the same as in 2019 that is 8.84%. The highest value of investment in this quarter was of Lakshmi Machine Works whose stocks worth Rs. 334.1 crore in the portfolio of Nemish Shah.

    In this quarter, the investment in this stock has also been increased by 0.21%. The lowest worth of investment in this quarter was of Super Spinning Mills where the investment worth Rs. 3.04 Lakhs only. In this quarter, the investor invested in Bannari Amman Sugar Ltd. and bought 2.59% stakes of the company.

    The holding in the stakes of Asahi India Glass Ltd. fell as the investor sold off shares of this company in this quarter and the stakeholding percentage dropped below 1%.

    More on Nimesh S Shah Portfolio 2018

    In the September quarter, he purchased the Shreenath Investment’s Shares for the first time and since then, till now, he has been holding the same amount of stakes in the company.

    In this quarter, he holds off shares of Rane Engine Valve Ltd and reduced the holding by 1.01%. Asahi Indian Glass Ltd. shares were good in number in the portfolio in this quarter. He held 5.95% of the stakes at that time and later in the December quarter he reduced it to below 1% as we saw above.

    In the June quarter, apart from the shares we discussed above, there were shares of Bharat Bijlee Ltd. but he reduced the stakes in that company below 1% in this quarter from its previous quarter where the stakes were near 0.08%.

    There has not been any major reconstruction of the portfolio this year as we saw. The investor mostly held the stocks he has his most money involved in.

    Nemish S Shah Portfolio in 2017

    As per the Nemish S Shah Portfolio 2017, in the March quarter, the investor invested in the Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. and bought an 8.11% stake worth Rs. 334.1 crore.

    There was total of 888873 shares at that time of this company in the portfolio of Mr. Nemish Shah. There were shares of JTEKT Indian Ltd. whose market price was Rs. 90.1 and the value of the investment worth Rs. 78.2 crores.

    In the June quarter of 2017, there was hardly any changes in the portfolio, the shares were held like in the previous quarter. However, the stakes in the JTEKT India Ltd. were reduced below 1% in this quarter.

    In the September quarter of 2017, Nemish Shah picked Bannari Amman shares and invested 2.59% of the stake of the company. Apart from this, the shares he had in the previous quarter were mostly held by him.

    In the December quarter of 2017, there were no new shares added to the portfolio nor did he sell off any shares in that quarter. The net worth of Nemish shah at the end of 2017 was Rs. 1373.43 Crores. It was the highest net worth of his portfolio in the last 5 years duration.

    What is Nemish S Shah’s Net Worth?

    Nemish S Shah Net Worth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-22 1,169.89-1%
    Mar-22 1,183.110%
    Dec-21 1,187.6610%
    Sep-21 1,075.9119%
    Jun-21 903.850%
    Mar-21 897.6746%
    Dec-20 611.25-46%
    Sep-20 1,135.136%
    Jun-20 829.7131%
    Mar-20 633.0647%
    Dec-19 428.15-8%
    Sep-19 466.89-22%
    Jun-19 602.92-12%

    Well, as of July 2022, Nemish S Shah’s latest Net Worth sits at Rs 1,378.72 crore, up to 17% higher compared to the June 2022 quarter when the figures dropped by -1%.

    Prior to that, NS Shah enjoyed his financial year 2021 with a 10% increase in net worth. With two new acquisitions, 2.59% in Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd, the investor seems to prepare for another profitable shot.

    So far, JSW Steel Ltd and Shreenath Investment Company ltd are some additional top players in Nemish S Shah’s portfolio.

    Nemish S Shah Portfolio – Conclusion

    The Portfolio of Nemish S Shah has very selected stocks which are rare but considered to be gems in the market. He has an eye for intricate details and that helps him choose shares that no one can.

    His portfolio is really an interesting one to study and get knowledge and motivation from.

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