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Best Cement Stocks to Buy – Compare Top 10 Cement Shares to Buy in India

India is the homeland for a large number of companies that produce cement, and thus, investors here get numerous options for Cement Stocks to buy.

In this article, the best stocks will be discussed in this sector that will help traders in choosing fair Cement Shares to buy.

Cement is a crucial ingredient for constructing a building and is used in all types of construction projects. Unlike many other raw materials, the demand for cement will never go down.

Thus, investing in the stocks of cement manufacturing companies is always a good option for share traders.

Top 10 Cement Stocks to Buy in India – List of Best Cement Shares to Buy

India is a developing country with thousands of big construction projects being held in various cities and towns.

Cement Stocks to BuyMoreover, cement is one such raw material that is required for constructing buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure.

It has always kept the business high for cement manufacturing companies, and they have a huge turnover every year.

Investors are attracted to the enormous profit generated by these companies, and thus, they look for the Best Cement Stocks to Buy.

This article will focus on the Top 10 Cement Stocks that will ensure profitable returns for shareholders.

The names of these companies are UltraTech Cement, Shree Cements, Ambuja Cements, ACC, The Ramco Cements, Dalmia Bharat Ltd., JK Cement, Birla Corporation Ltd., Heidelberg Cements, and Century Text.

Readers will find below useful details about these companies that will assist them in making a wise decision. They should go through these details carefully and adhere on to one that will seem the most profitable.

UltraTech Cement Ltd. – Best Cement Shares to buy in India

Established in 1983, UltraTech Cement is the Best Cement Shares to buy at present. This company is one of the leading players in the cement business and is a subsidiary of the Aditya Birla Group.

It has a market capitalisation of Rs.112881.66 crores which is huge in today’s market.

The 52 weeks low-high ratio shows clearly that the company has bounced back from its low and is doing great at the moment.

This share had reached the lowest price of 2910 in the past 52 weeks whereas the high value attained was 4754.10. A dividend of 0.33% is yielded by UltraTech Cement shares that will increase the profit amount of stockholders.

Shree Cement Ltd. – Top Cement Stocks to buy in India

Shree Cements has been counted among the top cement manufacturing companies in India since its inception in 1979.

Currently, this company has the net worth of Rs.71789.86 crores and is the second position holder in the list of the Best Cement Stocks to buy.

This stock is one of the most profitable ones that attract significant investments. The 52 weeks low of Shree Cements share was 15410 while the 52 weeks high was 25355, which is very overwhelming.

The company is expanding its business horizon robustly and has big projects lined up that will raise its share price.

Stockholders earn a dividend of 0.55% from this share according to their holdings.

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Ambuja Cements Ltd. – Most Traded Cement Shares in India

The third name among the Most Traded Cement Shares in India is of Ambuja Cements Ltd.

It is a leading cement manufacturing and supplying company that has a massive network in the domestic market.

The company has the market capitalisation of Rs.42780.73 crores, and it is growing at a rapid pace. This share has recovered from its 52 weeks low and is earning good returns for investors.

The lowest price of this share that was marked in the past 52 weeks was 136.55, and the highest value attained was 231.85.

Ambuja Cements shares yield a dividend of 0.70%, and this increases the amount of profit earned by a shareholder efficiently.

ACC Ltd. – Top 10 Cement Stocks to buy

ACC Ltd. is one of the first cement manufacturers in India that has captured a considerable portion of the market with its top-grade products.

It holds the fourth position in the list of the Top 10 Cement Stocks to buy proposed by this article.

The total worth of this company’s share is Rs.25914.64 crores which gives a reason to share traders for banking upon it. This share suffered the 52 weeks low of 895.15, but it has now recovered from it completely.

The 52 weeks high was 1709, and this is almost double the lower value. ACC Ltd. shares yield the right amount of dividend, which is 1.01%.

This share has always ruled the market and experts predict its bright future.

The Ramco Cements Ltd. – Best Cement Shares in India

Incorporated in 1961, The Ramco Cements is known for producing top-class cement which is widely used in the purpose of construction.

It has the market value of Rs.17114.65 crores and can be considered as one of the Best Cement Shares to buy without a doubt.

The company is expanding its business portfolio steadily, and this is attracting investments of a considerable volume. The 52 weeks low-high ratio looks quite promising for this share as it has managed to take a giant leap.

This stock had the lowest value of 455 and the highest value of 884.25 in the past 52 weeks.

The Ramco Cements shares yield a dividend of 0.34%, and investors receive it according to the number of shares they hold.

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Dalmia Bharat Ltd. – Top Cement Shares to buy in India

Dalmia Bharat Ltd. is one of the most popular cement manufacturing companies and has been serving the infrastructure segment of the nation since 1949.

Currently, this share stays on the sixth position among the Top Cement Shares to buy with a market capitalisation of Rs.14406.66 crores.

The value of this share has increased steadily in the past few years. And it has become a favourite of investors. Its 52 weeks low was 402.70 while the 52 weeks high recorded was 919.

Dalmia Bharat Ltd. has a promising future and thus, can be considered as a useful investment tool for shareholders.

They can earn a substantial amount of money by holding this share for a long time.

JK Cement Ltd. – Best Cement Shares to Buy

JK Cement Ltd. is a premium company that deals in fine quality cement. This cement manufacturer has a vast client base across the country and is expanding its business horizons steadily.

It is one of the Best Cement Shares to Buy and is having an upward trend in the market at present.

The net worth of the company is Rs.12131.12 crores. The 52 weeks low of JK Cement shares is 795.25, whereas the 52 weeks high was 1615, which is commendable.

This share yields a dividend of 0.48% and will bring more profitable opportunities for shareholders in the future.

A large number of traders bank upon this share, and they are investing in it efficiently.

Birla Corporation Ltd. – Best Cement Stocks to buy

Birla Corporation is an A-listed cement manufacturing company that is one of the key players in the business.

The company came into being in 1910 and is the eighth name among the 10 Best Cement Stocks in India.

It has the net market value of Rs.5192.47 crores and is expanding its portfolio steadily. Birla Corporation has kept parity with the latest requirements of its clients and evolved effectively.

Its share has gone down the price of 372.20 in the past 52 weeks. And it has risen to the value of 807 in the same span.

A dividend of 1.11% is yielded by the Birla Corporation share that is an added earning for shareholders.

Heidelberg Cement India Ltd – Top Cement Stocks to buy in India

Founded in 1958, Heidelberg Cement India Ltd. is a famous cement company that holds the penultimate position among the Top Cement Stocks in India.

Its net value in the market is Rs.4313.58 crores, and a large volume of this share is traded every day. The 52 weeks low was 122 while this share exhibited the 52 weeks high of 217.75.

Heidelberg Cement India shares yield a high amount of dividend, which is of 3.94% and thus, investors, should indulge in buying a large number of it.

Century Textiles & Industries Ltd. – Cement Stocks to buy

The list of the top 10 Cement Stocks to buy in India comes to an end with Century Textiles & Industries Ltd. It is a prevalent cement manufacturer that has a diversified business portfolio.

The company has the market capitalisation of Rs.4045.06 crores, and its client base is increasing aggressively.

Century Textiles & Industries shares have faced the lowest value of 218.60 in the past 52 weeks, whereas the high price attained was 656.90.

It yields a dividend of 0.83%, and shareholders get their portions paid according to their holding.

Cement Stocks to BuyConclusion

The main objective of this content was to highlight the top 10 Cement Shares to buy in this country, and it has done so efficiently.

Readers were given an insight into these shares along with their market values, 52 weeks low and high, dividend percentages, and other details.

Choosing the best Cement Stocks to buy is very important for a share trader if he wants to ditch the market risks and earn a fair amount of profit.

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