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Best Cement Stocks to Buy – Compare Top 10 Cement Shares to Buy in India

Last Updated Date - Mar 21, 2023

Profitability is the key metric that cheers you for an investment round. You invest because you find vast potential packed in a particular stock.

But sometimes, the exploration itself sounds daunting when the best stocks are hard to find. So let’s make things simpler for you.

This time we bring you the top cement companies in India. After all, stories about savvy investors making a fortune in the cement industry continue to inspire us.

And there’s no denying that you can make safer dealing through some of the best cement stocks to buy. So plan a gig in profitable cement stocks.

By this article, we intend to offer you decent clarity over some must-know stocks in the cement sector carrying the vast potential to fetch sky-high returns. So without further, let’s jump straight to the list.

Know About Cement Sector In India

The stellar rise in the growth of top cement companies in India compels investors to dig as soon as they find the best stock in the cement industry.

After all, as per IBEF, India’s cement production witnessed a sharp rise of 7.8% in 2021 compared with the previous year. Surprisingly, this notable growth was recorded after the global recession.

Till February 2021, the nation’s total cement production was recorded at around 262 million tonnes. However, experts also claim that the growth percentage is likely to tick 10% to 12% in the upcoming years.

So, beyond a doubt, it is high time to begin your hunt for cement sector stocks to buy. Read on! We have added a few best picks to our list of 10 stores to look out for this year for your assistance.Top 10 Cement Companies In India

Top 10 Cement Companies In India

Let’s catch a glimpse of the best cement shares in India. In the table, we can get a quick overview of the most promising stocks in the cement sector.

Few stocks are probably well-known to investors because of their popular profile in the market. On the other hand, there are few hidden opportunities for built-in top plaster shares to buy.

Going ahead, you will discover an in-depth summary of each stock. Take the help of our quick guide on choosing and investing in cement companies in the nation for further assistance.

So without further ado, let’s try to understand these stocks in detail.

UltraTech Cement Ltd. – Best Concrete Stock in India

Let’s unwrap! The best concrete stock in India to achieve the first position in this list is Ultratech Cement. The Mumbai-based company is one of the largest cement production firms in the nation.UltraTech Cement Ltd. - Best Cement Shares to buy in India

White cement to mix concrete, every cement type the company manufactures has long been the first choice for consumers.

To date, the country has made a significant contribution to India’s infrastructure and real-estate sector. However, Ultratech Cement is also a joint venture of Aditya Birla Group, backing up its strong profile in the industry.

But it is worth noting the achievements earned by Ultratech cement in India and the world.

To simply put, UltraTech Cement Limited Company stands at the no.1 position globally to have a cement production capacity of over 100 million tones.

Products or Services – Let’s watch major products produced and supplied by UltraTech Cement to customers around the world –

  • UltraTech Weather Plus
  • Concrete Solution
  • Ready Mixed Concrete
  • UltraTech Building Solutions
  • Waterproofing Systems
  • Birla White Cement
  • White Topping Concrete

Why invest in Ultratech Cement?

It’s time to break down a series of reasons compelling us to stick with cement shares to buy. UltraTech Cement Limited currently enjoys a good spot in the public market.

Over the past couple of years, the company’s share value has jumped by almost 150%. It is the reason how much investors are passionate about UltraTech cement.

Revenue and net income figures are also stable for ultra-tech creating a safe zone for aspiring investors.

Shree Cement Ltd. – Cement Stocks in India

Another big player in the cement industry is undoubtedly Shree Cement. Set up in 1979, the Kolkata-based firm also has a significant role in supercharging the nation’s infrastructure.Shree Cement Ltd. - Top Cement Stocks to buy in India

Owing to its long-established image and rising product demand, Shree Cement has become the second-largest cement manufacturer in the nation since 2018.

However, the company for long has been reserving the title of ‘the largest cement producer in Northern India.’

Shree Cement has recorded turnover in billions so far, making it one of the best concrete shares to buy without wasting time. Year on year, the company expands to new areas and exposes itself to more profits and revenue.

Such as, most people might have been clueless that Bangur Cement Ltd. is also a subsidiary of Shree Cement.

Products or Services – Let’s figure out significant products and services with the help of Shree Cement enjoys the second most prestigious spot in the cement industry –

  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
  • Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)
  • Portland Slag Cement (PSC)

Why invest in Shree Cement Ltd?

It’s time to hit some investigation for this one of the popular cement stocks in India. Shree Cement Ltd is a large-cap stock.

So it is likely to take your ample investment to buy the Shree Cement costs about Rs. 23,000/share or above. And in case your budget allows investing a big buck, Shree Cement can never disappoint you for sure.

Prices of this large-cap stock have risen by 43.68% over the past five years.

And since the growth isn’t driven by excessive demand and buyers, the company enjoyed stability in 2020 and 2021 when almost every company was in a significant loss.

So existing investors are flourishing, and new investors can also make a safe gig by investing in Shree Cement.

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Ambuja Cements Ltd. – Top Cement Sector Stock

It’s no surprise that Ambuja Cement is one of the oldest names, recalled and used popularly across construction sites.Ambuja Cements Ltd. - Most Traded Cement Shares in India

And it is also no denying that currently, it stands tall as the top cement sector stock in India. From both consumer and investors’ perspectives, Ambuja Cement has performed a phenomenal job.

In 1983, the India Limited firm employed more than 5000 people in its team, excluding the suppliers and bottom line workers.

In construction, the brand garners a good amount of recognition for its broad-ranging products and services.

First, however, it’s worth noting that Ambuja doesn’t deal in cement material alone but does business in various relevant products and services.

Products or Services – Here’s a quick glimpse of the products and services in which the company does business in the mainstream –

  • Ambuja Cement
  • Ambuja Plus, Kawach, Cool Walls
  • Build
  • Powered
  • Railcem
  • Alccofine

Why invest in Ambuja Cement Ltd?

Get your eyes on the summary of this concrete share price. Ambuja Cement Ltd. is unarguably one of the most popular shares, particularly for the two key reasons.

The first is affordability. Ambuja Cement ltd cost floats around 200 price points, enabling you to buy long-term or trade without running out of budget.

The second reason is its long-lived reputation in the industry. Ambuja Cement Ltd., since its inception, has enjoyed stable revenue and profits with no drops or rises.

Beyond a doubt, it is a positive indication as you can predict a company’s profile with more accuracy.

External affairs are less likely to affect your decision, except for demands and supply that are judged by the pool of investors in the market.

Ambuja Cement Stock predictions say that the stock prices will rise in the next few months.

ACC Ltd. – Top Cement Companies

Here comes our 4th most popular name in India’s list of top cement companies. ACC Ltd is also one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of cement in India.ACC Ltd. - Top 10 Cement Stocks to buy

Formerly known as Associated Cement Companies Limited, the company was founded in 1936 by Sridhar Balakrishnan. Later in 2016, the company was started by ACC Ltd.

And owing to this upgraded name, which was short and easy to remember, the company experienced a sharp inclination in its product’s demand. As a result, the brand earns recognition and keeps moving forward.

To date, the company employs more than 6400 people in its team and makes profits higher than ever in history in 2021.

To simply put, the company makes Rs. 161.52 billion revenue while securing the net income at around Rs. 18.63 Billion, higher by 30.26% than the previous year.

Products or Services – Let’s try to understand a bit more about the ACC Ltd. offerings through its series of products and services

  • Bulk cement
  • Solutions & products
  • Acc Ecopact
  • Ready-mixed concrete
  • value-added products
  • Digital and customer solutions

Why invest in ACC Ltd?

The cement share price is sometimes self-describing whether a trade will be profitable. Such as, if we figure out ACC Ltd. prices have almost tripled within the last couple of years.

As of April 3, 2020 company’s share prices were reported at 962.60 and 2440.50 as of November 8, 2021. Beyond a doubt, ACC Ltd. has registered a growth of 167.19% within one year, which is incredible.

Moreover, the growth was recorded right after the company registered the lowest low during the global pandemic. This signifies that more investors are willing to take its share price up if it ever drops.

Dalmia Bharat Ltd. – Top Plaster Stocks in India

It is hard to ignore Dalmia Bharat when the review of top plaster stocks in India is on. Set up in 1939, the company is recognised as India’s oldest firm engaged in the supply chain of cement business.Dalmia Bharat Ltd. - Top Plaster Stocks in India

The company registers remarkable profitability yearly, as the green figures show.

For example, in 2021, the company generated 10.5 billion revenue, almost 8% higher than the previous year, while securing a net income of 12.31 billion, which went up by 449.55% than the last year.

But it is worth noting that the cement business company also serves products to different industries. Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Dalmia OCL are also the popular subsidiaries of Dalmia Bharat Ltd.

Products or Services – Below is a list of businesses the company is primarily engaged in –

  • Refractory Business
  • Sugar Business
  • Cement Business

Why invest in Dalmia Bharat Ltd?

As of March 3, 2022, the share price has been reported at 1429, which is fairly attractive.

By selecting Dalmia Bharat Ltd, both small and big level investors can include enough in their portfolio as the company’s price per share is fairly less.

The company’s lowest share price was reported at 422.30 as of April 3, 2020, and recently formed a higher high at 2332.70 as of September 9, 2021.

In a nutshell, you may watch the price to form a stable zone and try spotting another lower low to discover a BUY Opportunity.

JK Cement Ltd. – Top 10 Cement Stocks

JK Cement Ltd. is one of the top 10 cement stocks to capture fame in the industry for its wide-ranging products and capabilities.JK Cement Ltd. - Top 10 Cement Stocks

Set up in 1975, the company has now emerged as an attractive name among investors. Company currently employs more than 3,751 people in its team; this excludes bottom line workers and irregular employees.

The NSE-listed firm also reports consistent growth in its turnover. Year on year, JK Cement Ltd performance is increasing in the stock market and on financial charts too.

To simply put, the company generated 66.06 billion in revenue in 2021 that went high by almost 13.87%.

The company’s net income by the end of 2021 was also reported at 7.10 billion, nearly 44.14% higher than the former year.

Products or Services – Let’s discuss major products and services with the support of JK Cement Ltd, which establish itself atop many big players in the industry.

  • Grey Cement
  • White Cement
  • Wall Putty
  • Gypsum Plaster
  • Wood Finishes
  • Tile Adhesives and Grouts

Why invest in JK Cement Ltd?

Year on year, the adhesive share price is witnessing an uptick. Over the past five years, JK Cement Ltd has registered a growth of 213.90%.

Investors’ money has increased by almost two folds of what they might have invested back in 2017 in JK Cement Ltd. Company embraces a stable growth pattern on financial charts.

Without any fall, revenue and net income generated by the company from one year to the next is rising gradually. However, as of March 3, 2022.

JK Cement Ltd may cost you a bit pricey. Till then, you can wait and spot a lower low for a great BUY.

JK Cement Share Forecast suggests that it has very good future potential.

Dalmia Bharat (Amalg) Ltd. – Best Cement Stocks to Buy

If you are searching for an individual stock with more power, perhaps you are looking for Dalmia Bharat (Amalg) Ltd. It could be the best cement stocks to buy because Dalmia Bharat (Amalg) Ltd merges with other companies.Dalmia Bharat (Amalg) Ltd. - Best Cement Stocks to Buy

In its newest press release the company mentions that it will consolidate its position in the cement world. DBL has partnered with OCL India Ltd.

However, much of this joint-venture business will be transferred to DCBL’s cement manufacturing. And the best thing is the newly merged entity has already been registered with NSE and BSE but isn’t tradable for now.

So you can wait and keep your eyes actively on the share as it can fetch excellent returns in the future.

Products or Services – Dalmia Bharat (Amalg) Ltd primarily engages in the cement business.

Why invest in Dalmia Bharat (Amalg)?

The merger entity is expected to create the world’s 4th cement play, and operations are underway. However, much information on the cement shares in India isn’t available.

The Ramco Cements – Top Cement Stocks to Buy

Ramco Cements is, however, lesser-known yet a notable name when the discussion of top cement stocks to buy begins. Set up in 1961, the company became the fastest-growing producer of quality cement in the industry.The Ramco Cements - Top Cement Stocks to Buy

But before you invest in Ramco Cements, it’s worth noting that the company is indeed a subsidiary of Ramco Group.

Yet, there’s nothing to worry about as it is no longer a part of a conglomerate. In 1997, the company became independent, let the brand earn the title of Chennai-based corporation.

Together with a team of 3,374, the company is establishing itself in a good spot while becoming a popular pick among investors.

But it is worth noting that the company’s business isn’t just limited to cement as it manufactures different products.

Products or Services – Here’s a list of major products and services offered by Ramco Cements

  • Cement
  • Drymix Products
  • Ramco Concrete
  • MACE
  • Mobile Technical Services

Why invest in Ramco Cements?

Cement companies in India are usually known for their reliable price points. The price of shares grows gradually from one year to the next because it is one of the well-established industries.

Still, investing in Ramco Cements for a highly long duration may not be an amazing deal when you can fetch ample returns within a short time.

Ramco Cements Ltd share price is highly volatile. Thus, day traders or swing traders can enjoy more profits overnight.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd. – Best Cement Companies in India

If you are looking for the best cement companies in India that are investable and yield unexpected returns in the future, then it’s worth investing in some hidden shares in the market.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd. - Best Cement Companies in India

Such as Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd., which has been swiftly gaining an edge over other shares you might have been planning to include in your portfolio.

Set up in 1999, the company is now a proud organization for over 2800 working employees and innumerable investors.

However, the company’s product profile is centric around industrial materials and not anything additional beyond or above that.

Products or Services – These are the few great products and services with the support of a company that enjoys a profitable image in the industry.

  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Modern Building Materials

Why invest in Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd?

If you are looking for the newest concrete stocks to buy, you may find Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd the best pick. However, the stock doesn’t have much to reveal except it’s affordable price tag.

Company prices float between 295.00 – 577.90, respectively. And if we look at the revenue figures in 2021, the company makes 10.24% more within a year.

However, net income figures are a bit shaky, but it may be because of the company’s investments in its business and overall infrastructure.

You may include this stock if you are looking for affordable alternatives to diversify your portfolio.

Century Textiles & Industries Ltd. – Top 10 Cement Shares to Buy

We had some great reasons to include Century Textile & Ind. in this last spot of the top 10 cement shares to buy list. Set up in 1897, the company is known as one of the oldest in the cement industry.Century Textiles & Industries Ltd. - Cement Stocks to buy

At present, the company employs more than 4000+ people in its team. But unlike other cement-specific companies, Century Textile & Ind. doesn’t produce cement.

To simply put, the company’s business is primarily built in textile and paper manufacturing.

Yet the company earns a name in this list for its marginal production in the cement industry. The company merges in the cement business as well.

Products or Services – Mentioned below are the primary businesses run by Century Textile & Ind.

  • Birla Century
  • Century Pulp and Paper
  • Birla Estates

Why invest in Century Textile & Ind?

Here are the last and the most popular concrete shares to buy on the list. However, the Mumbai-based corporation is not too stable at its price points.

Still, you can make an impressive investment by opting for Century Textile and Industries Ltd for your portfolio. Mainly day traders can expect good returns as the prices are highly volatile.

Before the global pandemic, the stock was affordable and had done a brilliant job. So again, investors can hope for the best.

According to Century Textile & Ind Stock Prediction, it is expected to provide decent returns.

Birla Corporation – Cement Sector Stocks to Buy

Birla Corporation Ltd is among the emerging names you may set higher expectations for. The company is one of the highly accredited cement sector stocks to buy for specific good reasons. But, surprisingly, the company isn’t new.

The establishment of Birla Corporation was done way before the independence of India. In short, the company set its foot in the market in 1910.

Another thing worth considering is that the company is the flagship company of MP Birla Group. Before entering the cement industry, Birla corporation had contributed to India’s Jute manufacturing.

Formerly the company has its name inscribed on financial pages as Birla Jute Manufacturing. However, the company is no longer a part of Aditya Birla Group, and the growth that it enjoys today is the result of its dedication.

Today, the company is a proud organization of over 7000+ employees.

India Cements Ltd. – Cement Companies Stocks to Buy

India cements Ltd. is also the fastest evolving name for investors. However, the stock is a hidden goldmine, utterly intact from the vision of investors searching for the best cement companies stocks to buy.

Mainly for traders, it becomes a well-paying stock for its highly volatile prices in the live market. Set up in 1946, the company currently employs more than 2000 people in its team.

Most notably, the company has seven integrated cement plants spread across the nation.

Mainly south, the company has its massive production line available, actively serving the cement and relevant industry of the country and around the world.

The company is also abbreviated as a south-based cement ltd firm for its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

However, its share currently belongs to a small-cap category, making it an affordable pick for investors. Moreover, from 2017 to 2022, the company will capture 24.04%, which is impressive.

Returns might not be that much, but it is an indication that the stock still has potential.

OCL India (Amalgamate) – Concrete Companies Shares to Buy

From the list of superbly performing concrete companies shares to buy, OCL India remains one of the most controversial.

Mainly because the company is a merger of multiple business entities. Simply put, the company is a merger of OCL India Ltd and Odisha Cement Ltd, including other companies.

However, the share isn’t available for trading publicly in the market. Still, it is likely to outpace other prominent players in the market for its strong merger with other companies, as stated above.

Till then, stay tuned with us or keep your eyes on this honorable mention

JK Lakshmi Cement – Cement Companies in India

Cement companies in India are unstoppable in generating more profits for investors. And JK Lakshmi Cement also has its significant contribution here.

In 1938, the company became the notable name to manufacture quality cement, ready to supply and serve the industry for different specifications.

The India-based firm employs more than 1500 people and registers stable profits in the last financial years.

To simply put, the company sees an 8.33% rise in its revenue in 2021 and a 63.43% rise in net income by the end of 2021.

And not just that, year on year the company is making more than what it generates in its previous financial years.

Briefing the company’s products, JK Lakshmi Cement is primarily known for its quality plaster, wall putty, ready-mix concrete, white cement, and so on.

The company’s products have mainly been used across commercial and residential projects.

Heidelberg Cement India Ltd – Plaster Stocks in India

Last but not least in our honorable mention for plaster stocks in India is Heidelberg Cement Ltd. The German-based company entered India in 2016 and built a big market for its supplies.

Later on, the company merged with Indorama Cement and Mysore cement, replacing its name with Heidel Berg Cement To Heidelberg Cement India Ltd in 2009.

Presently, the company produces cement in millions of tons in the nation, with a massive production unit established across multiple states.

However, few people also believe that Heidelberg cement can get its name cognized among the top 10 cement shares in India.

How To Find Cement Stocks For Trading?

When you plan to trade in cement stocks, it is advisable to keep a few essential things in mind. On every trading route, you discover a certain degree of risk that is vital to mitigate or adjust if you run into trouble.

Therefore, always search for two or more rather than sticking to a single one when buying a cement stock.

Almost every cement stock is working pretty well in the public market. Still, if you want to set higher expectations from a stock, try finding a company with a long-lived profile in the industry.

Moreover, the company’s revenue and profits are equally important to evaluate as some hidden clues are available.

How To Invest In Cement Sectors Stocks?

Find a trusted broker first when you want to invest in cement stocks. We recommend starting as an investor from an affordable broker.

Moreover, some high-cost brokerage service providers also exist in the share market, but their services might be much more convenient and centric towards big investment rounds.

But if you are self-sufficient and can predict assets better, then go with a low-cost yet trusted broker. Before jumping straight to a cement stock, watch out for the best companies in the cement industry.

Try not to stick with a single share, but invest in multiples. If you are holding a position for the long term investment, do nothing. But if you are trading for a day or a week, keep your stop losses and target ready.

Top Cement Companies in India – Conclusion

In the end, you will have a good amount of satisfaction from these top cement companies in India.

Cement, concrete, and plasters are daily-used materials used on a massive scale across construction, industrial and builder sites.

Therefore, the demand and growth profile of the companies producing cement will always stay up.

So it builds a solid reason why you should also invest in cement companies. And if you have already planned an investment, our list of top cement giants will help you further.

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