Best Pharma Stocks to Buy – Compare Top 10 Pharma Shares to Buy in India

This article is going to feature the best and profitable Pharma Stocks to buy in the Indian market.

The Pharmaceutical industry in India is one of the most developing and prominent pharmaceutical sectors in the global market.

Going by the current scenario, it is the worldwide leader in providing generic medicines. Therefore it is one of the biggest hubs of pharmaceutical companies, and so investors can choose from various Pharma Shares to buy.

Top 10 Pharma Stocks to Buy in India – List of Best Pharma Shares to Buy

RankStock Broker
1Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
2Divi’s Laboratories
3Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
6Torrent Pharmaceuticals
9Cadila Healthcare
10Abbott India

This article will highlight the Top 10 Pharma Stocks present in the market currently. With the rapidly developing and growing pharmaceutical market, the shares are also going upwards.

Pharma Stocks to BuyAnd so, for the investors to earn the maximum profit, it is always essential to trust the best contenders in this market to get guaranteed returns.

The top 10 companies that are leading the pharma market are Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Divi’s Laboratories, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Cipla Ltd, Biocon Ltd, Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd, AurobindoPharma Ltd, Lupin Ltd, Cadila Healthcare Ltd, and Abbott India.

These companies are the Best Pharma Stocks to Buy at present time. Investing in their stocks guarantees a profit every time since these companies are providing services not only in the Indian market but also worldwide.

Hence, it is essential to know more about them.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd – Best Pharma Shares to buy in India.

The first rank is secured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, a multinational Indian company situated in Mumbai.

Its main market is India and the US and is currently the largest pharma company of India, alongside being the largest Indian pharmaceutical company in the United States.

A leader in the Indian pharma sector, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries has a market capitalization of Rs.120422.62 crores – the reason why it is the Best Pharma Shares to buy.

The 52 weeks low and high ratio show the lowest being 312.00 and the highest being 564.75.

With a prominent client base and a huge reputation in the pharma market, the shareholders of this company get a good dividend of 0.80%

Divi’s Laboratories – Top Pharma Stocks to buy in India 

Coming in the second position in the list of Best Pharma Stocks to buy is the hugely successful Divi’s Laboratories, an Indian company headquartered in Hyderabad. Started in 1990, this company is a major producer of APIs in India.

It has a prominent market presence in Asia, Europe, and the US alongside subsidiaries in The US and Switzerland – the reason why 87% of its productions get exported. As a result, the market capitalization of Divi’s Laboratories stands at Rs. 83,116.89 crores.

Moreover, it has effectively turned its 52weeks low of 1570.50 into a 52weeks high of 3349.40 very efficiently. This company also provides a significant dividend of 0.51% to its shareholders.

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Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories – Most Traded Pharma Shares in India

Ranking third is the renowned Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, which is an Indian multinational pharma company. Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Hyderabad, they have transitioned to the global market over the last decades.

They have become one of the most profitable and Most Traded Pharma Shares in India. Currently, it holds a market capitalization of Rs. 72,819.69 crores -which is huge.

The company has succeeded in providing profits to the investors and at present gives a dividend of 0.57%.

The shares of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories have a significant 52weeks low and high ratio, with the highest being 4758.60 and the lowest being 2495.05.

Cipla Ltd – Top 10 Pharma Stocks to buy

Cipla Ltd is one of the largest Indian multinational pharmaceutical companies which has improved rapidly over the past few decades.

Ranking fourth in the list of the Top 10 Pharma Stocks to buy, Cipla has 34 manufacturing centres in India and is marketing products in over 80 countries all around the globe.

It has done excellently in terms of the stocks and has 52weeks low and high at 355.30 and 814.50 respectively.

With a large number of shareholders and a massive client base, the net worth of Cipla is Rs. 57245.24 crores.

Performing well in the share market, the stock had yielded a dividend of 0.56% for the shareholders.

Biocon Ltd – Best Pharma Shares in India

Founded in 1978, the consistent performance that Biocon Limited has displayed over the years has successfully landed it the fifth rank in the list of Best Pharma Shares to buy.

Situated in Bangalore, this Indian biopharmaceutical company manufactures generic APIs which are marketed in more than 120 countries.

These reasons are enough for convincing the investors in investing this stock, and therefore the net worth of this company stands at an estimated Rs. 50076.00 crores at present.

The dividend Biocon provides to its shareholders is 0.08%. The growth of this pharma-giant can be seen from its 52weeks low and high ratio analysis, where the low is 212.20, and the high is 446.95.

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Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd – Top Pharma Shares to buy in India 

The sixth rank goes to Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd, the main company of the Torrent Group.

This company is headquartered in Ahmedabad and has managed to go global with operation in over 40 countries and to manufacture more than 2000 products.

It has also had seven subsidiaries all located outside India. With such an impressive portfolio, Torrent Pharmaceuticals have a market capitalization of around Rs. 46656.40 crores.

It has experienced a fantastic run in the share market as evident from its 52weeks low, and the high ratio is the lowest and the highest being 1555.00 and 3031.20, respectively.

It provides a dividend of 1.16% to the shareholders, thus making it one of the Top Pharma Shares to buy.

AurobindoPharma Ltd – Best Pharma Shares to Buy

AurobindoPharma Limited is the eighth addition to this list of Best Pharma Shares to Buy. This Indian company is situated in HITEC City, Hyderabad, and is a significant contender in the pharmaceutical sector of India.

It controls a significant amount of shares in the market and has a market capitalization of Rs. 45588.95 crores.

AurobindoPharma has a client reach in over 125 countries all around the globe that have helped it to make a name for itself.

After a 52weeks low of 288.85, it has managed to stand back, securing a 52weeks high of 967.50. The shareholders of AurobindoPharma receive a dividend of 0.39%.

Lupin Ltd – Best Pharma Stocks to buy 

In the eighth position, there is Lupin Ltd, an Indian multinational pharma company headquartered in Mumbai.

It has managed to become one of the biggest generic pharmaceutical companies by global revenue – a reason, why it is one of the Best Pharma Stocks in India.

It has a market capitalization of Rs. 41790.85 crores, owing to the fact that Lupin has a right market presence in places like the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Philippines, Mexico, and Latin America.

Its record of 52weeks low and high ratio is also good, where its lowest was recorded at 504.75 while the highest was 1035.00. Its shareholders get a dividend of 0.65%.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd – Top Pharma Stocks to buy in India 

Cadila Healthcare Ltd, an Indian pharmaceutical company, formed in 1952, secures the ninth position in the list of Top Pharma Stocks in India.

Situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat; Cadila has been performing wonderfully over the last few decades in the market, because of which more and more investors are willing to invest in this stock.

As a result, its market capitalization has garnered a value of almost Rs. 37074.84 crores. As one of the most reputed pharma ventures of the country it has served a long list of clients over the years.

It provides a dividend of 0.97% to the shareholders and has 52weeks low and high at 202.00 and 411.50 respectively.

Abbott India Ltd – Pharma Stocks to buy 

Last but certainly not the least; Abbott India Ltd secures the tenth position. It is an Indian subsidiary of the American multinational company Abbott Laboratories and has managed to overgrow in the Indian market.

The excellent performance of this share can be witnessed from its performance in the 52weeks low and high ratio with the lowest being 9710.00 and the highest being 18679.75.

Abbott India commands a large market capitalization of Rs. 35062.52 crores. Because of its foreign roots, it has become one of the best Pharma Stocks to buy for its investors, who are receiving a dividend of 1.52% from this company’s shares.

Pharma Stocks to Buy – Conclusion

This article highlights the top 10 Pharma Shares to buy in the Indian market. The shares of these companies are currently the best-performing stocks with high capitalization and a good dividend.

So, one should consider these pharma companies if he or she is thinking of the ideal Pharma Stocks to buy and make a good profit.

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