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Ashish Kacholia is an investor who is little known by others but he knows the stocks he needs to pick which will churn out great profits for him.

He is an Indian equity investor who is more in love with the small and the medium scale business and their stocks fascinate him the most.

He is known for his stock finding capabilities as well and he really founds gems in the market which are not spotted by others often. This article is about the portfolio he has and the kind of stocks he has in it.

The article will discuss in detail about the shareholding pattern, the types of shares he has, about his net worth in details.

The article is a comprehensive article where you find all the details not only for the year 2022 but also for his portfolio in 2021 and 2020 with reference from the past years as well.

So, let us not waste much time and let see Ashish Kacholia Portfolio in detail.

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About Ashish Kacholia

The name Ashish Kacholia is not heard that much but he is amongst the top 50 investors in the country. He is a completely private person and that is the reason he just does his job and does not bother to become famous for it.

He started his career with the firm called Prime Securities and then he went to the well-known firm called Edelweiss where he used to handle the equity research desk.

In the year 2003, he started his own equity broking firm with the name of Lucky Securities and since then he has been focusing on building his own portfolio and earn from it.

Little is known about the childhood and other details of this great investor as he keeps his personal life completely personal and not even talks much about his accomplishments in the trading market as well.

Some of his holdings provided him returns which are 1000% more than what he invested in the share. He had many multi-bagger returns from the stocks he picked from the market and most of the stocks are from the small and medium scale industry.

More about Ashish Kacholia Portfolio

Also, he has spotted many multi-bagger stocks like eClerx, Pokarna, and many such in all these years. He has a unique rule for trading and that he applied to his portfolio all the time.

If the market is sluggish then he drops a portion of his holdings to check whether the stocks can resist the sell-off going on in the market or not and if it does, then he again increases his holdings.

He focussed much more on the fundamentals of the company and thus he sells off shares immediately if the fundamentals of the companies weaken at any point in time, even if it is halfway to target.

Amongst Ashish Kacholia Latest Portfolio, there are shares worth Rs. 500 crore and more where the investor has more than a 1% stake in the company. Now let us see his latest shareholdings.

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    Ashish Kacholia Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    With 37 stocks in the portfolio, Ashish Kacholia is an investor open to new stocks. He invests in small and medium-scale businesses primarily and has built his strong portfolio with it.

    The current overall worth of the portfolio is 1,681.93 Cr, with an 8.66% growth from the previous period. Some of the preferred sectors of Ashish Kacholia are industrials, software & services, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, and more.

    One of the major changes you will see in the portfolio holdings is in Inflame Appliances Ltd., new stock with a holding of 4.2%, whereas the holding in Mold-Tek has decreased by 1.2%.

    Holdings in Acrysil

    The current holding in Acrysil is 10,00,000 shares, whose present holding value is 62.1 crore. The holding in this stock is stable for now from the last 2-3 quarters. Earlier, it was enhanced and brought down in different periods.

    As talking about the change, there has been a -32.40% change from the previous quarter in the holding value. Presently, Ashish Kacholia holds 5.09% of the holding in the company.

    In December 2020, the holding was for 11,05,930 shares with a holding value of 91.2 cr.

    Holdings in ADF Foods

    You must have been these stocks in multiple portfolios belonging to the top investors of India. And it also has a place in Ashish Kacholia’s Portfolio, with a holding of 1.31% in the stocks of the company.

    The holding value as of June 2022 of ADF Foods is 16.2 crore. The holding value has changed by -12.43% from the first quarter of 2022, i.e., Jan-Mar.

    Ashish Kacholia has maintained his holding of 2,27,605 shares in ADF Foods.

    Holdings in Ador Welding

    The next stock we will be discussing in Kacholia’s Portfolio is Ador Welding. He has invested 2.72% stakes in the company. It is an industrial manufacturing company whose current share price is Rs. 26.25.

    The investor has an investment for its 4,37,700 shares, and its live holding value is 33.15 cr.

    The share quantity has not changed ever since it was added to the portfolio. Its holding value has though taken some up and downturns over the years.

    In December 2021, the holding value was 31.2 cr., which shrunk to 29.1 cr. in March 2022.

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    Ashish Kacholia Portfolio in 2021

    The year 2021 was a year for the expansion of the portfolio. There was a total of 26 stocks by the end of the year in this portfolio. It did even take the portfolio worth higher with the new investments.

    As of December 2021, the net worth was 1,666.27 cr. The net worth was on an upward movement till the third quarter, and thereafter, it took a minor dip of 1% in the last quarter.

    The year started with a 24% growth in March 2021 of 1,291.59 cr. In the first three quarters, the net worth grew by 24%, 17%, and 11%.

    In terms of stocks, a variety of stocks were added to the portfolio this year. A substantial stock investment was made in Garware Hi-Tech Films Ltd. for its 7,58,577 shares having a holding value of 62.8 cr.

    Some other stocks were Ador Welding Ltd., Ami Organics Ltd., Faze Three Ltd., Gateway Distriparks Ltd., Kwality Pharmaceuticals Ltd., and others.

    Ashish Kacholia Portfolio in 2020

    In 2020, the portfolio basket of Ashish Kacholia had 21 stocks at the end.

    At the end of this year, the Net Worth was expanded to a whole new level and touched new heights with 1,039.38 cr.

    The portfolio net worth grew across the year from being 377.78 cr. in March 2020 to climbing to 417.17 cr. in June 2020. Thereafter, in September, it rose by 96% to 820.92 cr.; in the end, it reported a 26% growth in December.

    Though the count of stocks in 2020 remained almost the same as in 2019 in the end, there were stock add-ons and some dilutions from the stocks.

    One of the substantial holdings in 2020 was in Birlasoft Ltd. The investor bagged 64,99,879 shares of this company and attained a holding value of 368.5 cr.

    Further, some other stocks with the substantial investment are Poly Medicure Ltd. having a holding value of 168.2 cr., and Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd. having a holding value of 115.6 cr.

    Apart from that, holding in Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd., Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd., and Vishnu Chemicals Ltd. remained the same at 9,47,497 shares, 5,99,696 shares, and 5,88,793 shares, respectively.

    Ashish Kacholia Portfolio in 2019

    As per Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2019, the net worth of the portfolio dropped from Rs. 600.26 crores to Rs. 581.2 crores in the June 2019 quarter.

    There has been a dip of 3% in this June quarter and in the last quarter, there was a dip of 14% as well. Since the market is volatile in this year up till now, the portfolio has suffered this loss.

    This year, he has newly invested in the stocks of KPIT Technologies Ltd. and now holds 1.56% of the stakes of the company.

    There were total 23 stocks in this quarter’s portfolio amongst which the majority of the investments are in the manufacturing sector of the small and medium scale businesses.

    There are mostly stocks that you don’t hear so regularly and this is the forte of this investor that he finds stocks from the market which are rare but are gold. He has investment in NIIT Ltd. with a stake of 2.87% as well.

    Another great fact about the portfolio is you see is that the portfolio has stocks from all the sectors, whether it is food, retail, chemicals, engineering goods which is mostly present in the portfolio and realty developers and others. He has a very well-diversified portfolio which helps him reduce the risk of trading and investment.

    This year, the investor has invested in 4 new stocks up till now and those are KPIT Technologies which we already mentioned above, then there are Marshall Machines Ltd, GTPL Hathway Ltd., and Beta Drugs Ltd.

    In all these companies, the stake held by Ashish Kacholis is above 1%. He bought 8.68% stakes in the Marshall Machines Ltd.

    Ashish Kacholia Portfolio in 2018

    The Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2018 has quite a lot of new investments. He invested in the shares of IFB Industries this year with a stake percentage of 1.05%. Then he invested in Marshal Machines in the September quarter and has 8.68% of the stakes.

    In September, June, and in the March quarters of 2018, he invested in 14 new shares and in 1 new share in the December quarter.

    All the investments made in this year by this investor are mostly in the shares of machinery making companies, food, technologies and retail sector among others.

    In the March quarter of 2018, the net worth of the portfolio of Ashish Kacholia was Rs. 869.1 crores which increased to Rs. 873.96 crores in the next quarter of June 2018.

    Then it dipped to Rs. 755.61 Crores with a percentage dip of 13%. Then in the December quarter, there was a further dip in the valuation of the portfolio by 6% and the net worth of the portfolio stood at Rs. 705.46 crores.

    Ashish Kacholia Portfolio in 2017

    The Ashish Kacholia Portfolio 2017 saw a great rise in the net worth. From the March quarter when the net worth of the portfolio was Rs.526.09 crores, it reached Rs.594.28 Crores in the June quarter of the year and then to Rs.699 Crores with a rise of 17% in the September quarter of 2019. In the last quarter of 2019, it further increased to Rs.841.45 crores by a rise of 20%.

    So, the year 2017 changed the scenario a lot. This year, the new investments were made in the shares of Aptech Ltd. where the investor invested in 2.26% of the stakes in the company and this is a company that belongs to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala mainly.

    Then the investor invested in shares of Vaibhav Global Ltd. and took 1.45% of the stakes in the company. Then in the September quarter, new shares of Birlasoft Ltd. were bought and the investment worth Rs. 26.3 crores.

    The other shares which were bought in this year were Mold-Tek Packaging, Royal Orchids, and others amongst 13 new shares.

    What is Ashish Kacholia’s Net Worth?

    Ashish Kacholia’s Networth
    Quarter Net worth(Cr) Change%
    Jun-22  1,536.31 -21%
    Mar-22  1,948.75 16%
    Dec-21  1,666.27 -1%
    Sep-21  1,697.6 11%
    Jun-21  1,520.54 17%
    Mar-21  1,291.59 24%
    Dec-20  1,039.38 26%
    Sep-20  820.92 96%
    Jun-20  417.17 10%
    Mar-20  377.78 -34%
    Dec-19  575.61 3%
    Sep-19  554.57 -9%
    Jun-19  614.8 -3%

    After the end of the second quarter of 2022, the Net Worth of Ashish Kacholia’s Portfolio stands at 1,536.31 cr. The present portfolio value of Ashish Kacholia is 1,681.93 Cr.

    In March 2018, the net worth was 861.52 cr.; one year later, the net worth dropped to 638.14 cr. There has been growth on certain levels during the year.

    The highest peak of Ashish Kacholia’s Portfolio’s net worth is 1,948.75 cr.

    Ashish Kacholia Portfolio – Conclusion

    The Portfolio of Ashish Kacholia is a mixed bag where he has stocks from most of the sectors. He mainly invests in stocks that are not so common in the market and most are from the small and medium scale industries.

    He has been a very strong player in the market but he likes to keep his life private and focus on his work and that is why he is known for his eyes for hidden gems (stocks) in the market.

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