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Mukul Agrawal is one of the newest members in the stock market who make it so big with his aggressive trading. His investments are mostly long-term and in bulk.

He trades very aggressively though never put the principal at stake. This 40+ years old investor is having winning stocks in Bharat Bijlee, Honda Siel Power and also in Hindustan Dorr-Oliver.

In this article, we will discuss in detail about all his shareholdings and the stocks he holds in his latest portfolio and also about his earlier portfolios.

This article will give you the insights of Mukul Agrawal Portfolio and also you will understand how the investor invests aggressively without losing his principal money.

We will also discuss the ups and downs of the value of the portfolio in terms of the market price and you will also learn about the investor, his career in this market and all other details that you want to know about Mukul Agrawal.

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About Mukul Agrawal

Mukul Agrawal is one of the recent stars in Dalal Street who make it to the richest clubs in this market. Being an aggressive investor, he takes up large bets but he is rational and very much practical investor as well.

He only jumps into these bulk trades when he is completely sure of them. He has got many acquaintances in Dalal Street with whom he consults about his trades and investments and only gets into the trades when he gets a green signal from them.

His investments or bets if you say mostly range within the amount of Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 crores. He has been recognized to maintain two portfolios – one for his trading purpose and for investments.

Mr.Mukul has been born and brought up in the city of Mumbai, and the city showed him the way to enter the stock market. He along with brother, Mayank Agarwal, entered the market towards the end of the ’90s.

He took it slow but steady, he invested in stocks as per the information available in the market and the stock tips which he got from the market itself.

Then with time and money coming in from the bets, he started increasing the value of his bets and he is one such investor who followed the patterns of notorious stocks and also gained from them.

In this article, besides talking about Mukul Agrawal Latest Portfolio, we will also take you through the stocks he held in the previous years that are in 2021 and in 2020 and we will also let you know about his net worth at present, taking reference from the past.

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    Mukul Agrawal Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    Mukul Agrawal is known for his aggressive trading strategy, and his portfolio depicts the same. Currently, there are around 52 stocks in his portfolio. The holdings in every stock are also not very concentrated. For instance, Apollo piper forms 3.67% of his portfolio. Mukul Agrawal holds 1500000 shares of Apollo Pipes, whose live holding value is 72.57 cr.

    As of the last quarter, few new stocks have been added to the portfolio, whereas Dynamatic Technologies Ltd. with a holding value of 19.4 cr. and Somany Home Innovation Ltd., with a holding value of 40 cr., have been diluted.

    Holdings in Apollo Pipes

    Starting with a quantity of 4,00,000 in 2018, Mukul Agrawal has 15,00,000 shares of Apollo Pipes with a holding value of 70.3 cr. He has increased his holding in this stock over time.

    As from the previous quarter, there is no new addition in the number of stocks of this stock, but its holding value has changed from 77 cr. on March 22 to 70.3 cr. in June 2022.

    Apollo Pipes is engaged in the manufacturing of pipes and fitting and is an Indian company. It has a wide range of products to offer.

    Holdings in Arman Financial Service Ltd.

    Brought into the portfolio in 2020, Mukul Agrawal diluted a small part of the holdings in this stock in this quarter only by 0.3% after maintaining its holding of 5.1% since December 2020.

    The current holding is 4.8%, and the holding value stands at 51.7 cr. with the stock quantity of 4,04,262.

    The holding value of the stock has increased by 7.48% this quarter.

    Holdings in Delta Corp

    One of the top stocks in this portfolio is Delta Corp. It is third on the list of this highly diversified portfolio. Mukul Agrawal has been holding 30,00,000 shares in Delta Corp since 2020, forming a 1.1% holding.

    In recent times, its holding value has decreased from 98.5 cr. in the first quarter of 2022 to 52.9 cr. by the end of the second quarter showing a -46.29% change.

    After constant holding since 2020, a recent addition was made in the stock investment.

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    Mukul Agrawal Portfolio in 2021

    The year 2021 showed a lot of addition and elimination in the portfolio of Mukul Agrawal.

    Substantial investments were made in Allcargo Logistics Ltd. 33,00,000 shares for a holding of 1.3%, along with EKI Energy Services Ltd. for 133.9 cr.

    Alongside, some long-hold stocks were diluted, including BEML Ltd., Birlasoft Ltd., Cords Cable Industries Ltd., Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospital Ltd., HSIL Ltd., Religare Enterprises Ltd., Sequent Scientific Ltd., Stylam Industries Ltd., Sunshield Chemicals Ltd., and Total Transport Systems Ltd.

    The Net Worth of this portfolio reached new peaks this year with 2,504.61 cr. During the year, with each quarter, the net worth grew higher and attained a new mark for the portfolio.

    Net Worth was 1,424.72 cr. for the first quarter, 1,729.77 cr. for the second, and 1,901.42 cr. for the third quarter.

    Mukul Agrawal Portfolio in 2020

    The year 2020 was wholesome in the portfolio of Mukul Agrawal. The portfolio stock count became more than double this year. There were numerous additions to the portfolio, from Total Transport Systems Ltd. to Mastek Ltd.

    This year, the stock with the highest value was Intellect Design Arena Ltd., with a holding value of 177.5 cr. After that, Birlasoft Ltd. and Radico Khaitan Ltd. with holding values of 170.1 cr. and 170.9 cr. come further.

    The Net Worth of Mukul Agrawal’s Portfolio for the last quarter took a high jump to 1,073.45 cr. as compared to previous quarter (July-September) 654.96 cr.

    Apart from the additions, stocks in which heavy investments were being made till last year like IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. with a holding value of 197.2 cr., and V-Mart Retail Ltd. with a holding value of 99.5 cr. were eliminated.

    Mukul Agrawal Portfolio in 2019

    According to Mukul Agrawal Portfolio 2019, the investor has been mainly focussing on the manufacturing sector and he has different stocks of different companies.

    The highest investment made this year is in the shares of V Mart and there were many stocks which were sold off in a certain quantity in this year up till now.

    There are also many stocks like Manpasand Beverages Ltd and others where for the first time, the percentage of the stake held by Mukul Agarwal dropped below 1%.

    After the V Mart investment, the highest value of investment is in the shares of Intellect Designs Arena Ltd. Here the investor has 1.74% of the stake and currently the share price is Rs. 205.3 and that makes the investment worth Rs. 47.2 crores.

    The net worth of the investor in the year up till now has been calculated and in the June 2019 quarter, the net worth of the stock investment added up to Rs. 395.53 crores.

    This is 10% down from the March 2019 quarter when the net worth was Rs. 440.87 crores which were 7% up from the previous year’s last quarter.

    Mukul Agrawal Portfolio in 2018

    There were a lot of new additions in the Mukul Agrawal Portfolio 2018. In the December quarter of the last year, there were two new stocks added to the portfolio which were of J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. and of LT Foods Ltd.

    The former investment’s holding value is Rs. 14.5 crore and the latter’s worth is Rs. 9 crores at the current market price.

    In the September quarter of 2018, there were more than 10 stocks of different companies that were added to the portfolio. Amongst them, there were shares of Jet Freight Logistics Ltd., MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd., Sanghvi Paints India Ltd. MPS Ltd, and many more.

    Then Mukul Agarwal also invested in the shares of JTEKT India Ltd. and the value of this investment is at the top amongst the new investments made in this quarter. He also invested in the shares of ADF Foods Ltd. Apollo Pipes Ltd. and others in the June 2018 quarters.

    The net worth of the investments in the year 2018 ended at Rs. 408.37 crores which were 1% up from the September quarter of 2018.

    In the September quarter, the value of the investment was at Rs. 403.47, 3% up from the June quarter of the year when the investment’s value dropped by 13% to Rs. 388.87 crores and in the March 2018 quarter, the worth of the investment dropped by 10% as well.

    Mukul Agrawal Portfolio in 2017

    In the Mukul Agrawal Portfolio 2017, the interesting facts that you must know to learn more about Mukul Agarwal are like his investments in the shares of Chamak Holdings Ltd. where he invested Rs. 19.4 lakhs in 4.77% stake of the company.

    Then in the December 2017 quarter, he invested in the shares of Prakash Industries Ltd., and the investment worth Rs. 12.6 crores. Apart from that, in the September quarter, he invested in Vardhman Special Steels Ltd. and the investment worth Rs. 3.8 crores.

    In the MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd. the percentage of stake he holds is Rs. 6.21% and the investment worth Rs. 2.7 crores.

    This year, the net worth of the investor increased in every quarter and to say increased would not suit the percentage it surged, it jumped in every quarter exactly describes the growth of the portfolio.

    In the March quarter of 2017, the investment surged from Rs. 188.4 crores to Rs. 236.33 crores which were 25% increase. Then in the next quarter, there was a surge of 25% again which made the investment worth Rs. 296.27 crores.

    Then in the September quarter, there was an increase of 20% followed by a whopping 40% increase in the December quarter which made the investment worth Rs. 501.99 crores.

    What is Mukul Agrawal’s Net Worth?

    Mukul Agrawal’s Networth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-22 2,283.910%
    Mar-22 2,266.12-9%
    Dec-21 2,504.6131%
    Sep-21 1,901.429%
    Jun-21 1,729.7721%
    Mar-21 1,424.7232%
    Dec-20 1,073.4563%
    Sep-20 654.9669%
    Jun-20 385.9621%
    Mar-20 317.63-27%
    Dec-19 440.745%
    Sep-19 417.74-2%
    Jun-19 426.343%

    The Net Worth in the second quarter of 2022 was 2,283.91 cr. The net worth has come up a little from the first quarter, which was 2,266.12 cr.

    The portfolio of Mukul Agrawal presently consists of 52 stocks. These stocks fall under different sectors. There have been some stock additions in this quarter only.

    An investment of 77.9 cr. was made in Ethos Ltd. for 9,24,121 shares through the IPO, along with 30.8 cr. in Hindware Home Innovation Ltd., 45.5 cr. in Karur Vysya Bank Ltd., 96.2 cr. Raymond Ltd., and others.

    Also, investment was diluted from Somany Home Innovation Ltd. for 40 cr. and Dynamatic Technologies Ltd. for 19.4 cr.

    Mukul Agrawal Portfolio – Conclusion

    The Portfolio of Mukul Agrawal is an interesting one and tilted towards the stocks form the manufacturing industries.

    He has been a pioneer in these industries and his thoughts on the market are sought after by many investors and traders. His current portfolio depicts his aggressive nature of trading without putting the principal amount he has at stake.

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