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Mohnish Pabrai is one of the known faces in the stock market because of his well-thought investment plans and his precise portfolio.

He has been trading in the market since 1999 when he founded his company named Pabrai Investment Funds.

The company comes under the hedge funds category which was founded in the year 1999 along the lines of the Buffett Partnership. Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio has a net worth of Rs. 1,185.62 crore as per the June 2022 reports.

In this article, you will read about his early life and career and then we will get into the details of the portfolio he has. In the article, you will read about the different stocks he holds in his portfolio and their percentages and valuations and current market price and other details.

The article will also take you through the portfolios he had in the past years like in 2021 and 2020 apart from 2019 which we will discuss elaborately.

This will give an insight into the investor’s thought process and how he chose stocks for his portfolio and why he is one of the top investors in the country.

So, let us start with a brief history of the investor and then dig deeper into the finer details.

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About Mohnish Pabrai

Mohnish Pabrai was born in the city of Mumbai in the year 1964 and then move to the US for his studies when he went to college. He went to one of the American universities that are Clemson University and presently resides in California, America.

He lived his childhood in the city of Mumbai and may be that is what stayed in his mind which took him to Dalal Street once again when he dropped his IT consulting firm and got engaged in the hedge funds business in the year 1999.

At the beginning of his career, he also worked for Tellabs from the year 1986 to 1991 and then joined the sales team in the international subsidiary of the firm.

Later on he started the IT consulting firm but sold it off to Kurt Salmon Associates in the year 2000 for $20 million. He made a huge profit from this deal as he started the business with around $1 lakh.

Mr.Parbrai has been not only an investor but a philanthropist and a writer who wrote “The Dhandho Investor: The low – Risk Value Method to High Returns”.

He has been a die-hard follower of Warren Buffet and in his next book which is called Mosaic: Perspective on Investing, he has cleared the ideas of Warren Buffet investing methodologies.

In this article, we will cover the Mohnish Pabrai Latest Portfolio, his stocks, investments, and net worth.

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    Mohnish Pabrai Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    An intact portfolio, with very few changes in the stocks and their preferences. Mohnish Pabrai has maintained his portfolio to be simple and contain lesser stocks. And this stock number has come down with the passage of time even more.

    The current portfolio value of Mohnish Pabrai is Rs. 1,315.48 Crore.

    As of June 2022, only three stocks are in the portfolio, and all three have been a part of the portfolio for years. Rain Industries Ltd., Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd., and Sunteck Realty Ltd stocks.

    There has been a positive 4.31% change in the holding value of Sunteck Realty Ltd. from last quarter, and for the other two, the changes are negative.

    Investment in Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd

    Mohnish Pabrai holds a substantial portion of this investment and financial services company. His current holding in Edelweiss Financial Services is for 6,06,06,000 shares, whose holding value as of June 2022 is 354 crores.

    After December 2021, the holding in this stock increased from 5,87,03,028 shares. The stock has been in Mohnish Pabrai’s portfolio since 2019.

    At the time, the holding value was 79.4 crores with 1,04,30,793 shares which has been taken to way higher stakeholding. The current share price in the market is Rs. 57.15.

    Investment in Rain Industries Ltd

    With the present holding of 28,224,219 shares, the holding of Mohnish Pabrai in Rain Industries Ltd is Rs. 456.1 Crores. The company’s shares are currently trading at around Rs. 161.60 in the market.

    In the second quarter, the holding in Rain Industries changed from 1,88,55,170 shares to 2,82,24,219 shares. The change in holding value has been -20.04% in recent time.

    Mohnish Pabrai holds about 8.4% of the shares of the company. The investment has been for quite a time now; the quantum has been altered from time to time.

    Investment in Sunteck Realty Ltd

    Starting with an investment of 627.6 crores for 1,24,70,471 shares, Sunteck Realty Ltd has been one of the longest holdings of this portfolio. The present holding is for 6.7% of the shares of the company.

    Its holding has been brought down to 97,81,736 shares having a holding value of 496 cr. The stock marked a 4.31% change in the holding value from the last quarter.

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    Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio in 2021

    The Net worth of Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio as of December 2021 was 1,355.53 cr.

    This year, there were no new stocks brought into the portfolio. Instead, shares in Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. were diluted, and now the portfolio is left with just three stocks.

    Holding in Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. was brought down from 6,13,74,866 shares to 5,87,03,028 shares leading to a dropped holding value of -5.12%. So was Rain Industries Ltd.’s holding value went from 440.5 crores to 695.4 crores, leading to a -36.66% change.

    The net worth this year marked a high point of 1,355.53 crores in December 2021, and even during the year, the net growth started making positive differences from the third quarter with 31% in September 2021.

    Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio in 2020

    As per Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio 2020, there are only four stocks in the portfolio as of December 2020, and the stocks are Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd., Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd., Rain Industries Ltd., and Sunteck Realty Ltd.

    As of the last year holding in Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. for 301.9 crores and Kaveri Seed Company Ltd. for 309.3 crores have been diluted. There were no new stocks added to the portfolio this year.

    The holdings in the existing stocks were increased this year by some portion.

    The holding value of Sunteck Realty Ltd., Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd., Rain Industries Ltd., and Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. increased by 6.88%, 488.29%, and 5.83%, and 7.78% this year.

    Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio in 2019

    According to the Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio 2019, the net worth of the portfolio of Mohnish Pabrai didn’t change in the last quarter that is June 2019 quarter. Before that, it dropped by 2% in the March 2019 quarter.

    The firm has been investing in the six stocks that have been discussed above in the last quarter which is two less from the eight stocks that Mohnish Pabrai held in the March 2019 quarter.

    The two stocks that have been removed from the portfolio of Mohnish Pabrai are Care Ratings Ltd. and Phoenix Mills Ltd.

    Apart from that the in the March quarter, the Edelweiss stocks were added to the Mohnish Pabrai portfolio and he invested more in Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. stocks in the March Quarter.

    In the June quarter, the holding in Kaveri Seed Company had been increased by 0.08% and at the same time, the Indian Energy Stocks were reduced by 0.04%.

    In 2019, until now he is more focused on the Realty and infrastructure and manufacturing companies and added a financial service company Edelweiss for the first time in the portfolio.

    The highest investment worth of stocks this year as of now is in the Sunteck Realty Ltd and then comes the Rain Industries.

    Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio in 2018

    If you see the Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio 2018, you will find that the portfolio worth dropped tremendously in the December quarter.

    The dip was up to 23% when the investment valuation stood at Rs. 2090.85 Crores. In the quarter preceding the December quarter, that is the September quarter,

    This time, the portfolio gained 6% from the previous June 2018 quarter and same goes for the June quarter as well. In the first quarter of 2018 that is March quarter, the portfolio gained 5% from the 2017 December quarter.

    If we see the holdings in the portfolio at this time, the stocks of Phoenix Mills Ltd. were bought in the December quarter of 2018 which was sold off in the March quarter 2019 as we read above.

    Then the shareholding in Care Ratings Ltd. dropped by 6.11% and finally in the March 2019 quarter, it was completely waived off from the portfolio.

    In the June 2018 quarter, the stocks of Indian Energy Exchanges, Care Ratings, Kaveri Seed, Phoenix Mills were added to the portfolio of Mohnish Pabrai.

    If you take a look at this December quarter of 2018, you will find that the investor invested in quite a few new shares and among them most of the stocks are of manufacturing, infra stocks, and financial stocks.

    In 2018 also, the highest investment was in Sunteck Realty Ltd. followed by Rain Industries.

    Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio in 2017

    As per the Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio 2017, the beginning of the year was marked by a huge loss where 33% of the valuation of the investment dropped in the March quarter of the year from the previous net worth of Rs. 613.33 crores.

    However, the year was a turning point in the positive direction as the days passed. With just 3% increase in the worth of the portfolio, in the June quarter, hardly anyone would have imagined that the pro-investor, Mohnish Pabrai will gain 65% and 222% in the two consecutive quarters of September 2017 and December 2017 and the net worth of the investment would stand at Rs. 2282.63 Crores.

    2017, was a turnaround year for many investors but a whopping 222% of gain on the investment is completely unimaginable. However, that took the investor’s portfolio to another level.

    Inthis year, he was holding only 4 stocks of four different company namely Rain Industries, Sunteck, Balaji Amines, and Kolte-Patil Developers. With these 4 stocks in hand, he turned around the table for himself and made that whopping gain.

    All these four stocks are either Realty or manufacturing stocks or this makes one thing clear that the investor in inclined towards the manufacturing industry and also towards the Realty and infra stocks.

    What is Mohnish Pabrai’s Net Worth?

    Mohnish Pabrai’s Networth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-22 1,185.62-7%
    Mar-22 1,280.12-5%
    Dec-21 1,355.539%
    Sep-21 1,236.0931%
    Jun-21 937.1-25%
    Mar-21 1,259.11-10%
    Dec-20 1,400.2125%
    Sep-20 1,114.7428%
    Jun-20 866.7311%
    Mar-20 778.7-47%
    Dec-19 1,479.621%
    Sep-19 1,456.84-2%
    Jun-19 1,487.16-5%

    Mohnish Pabrai’s Portfolio Net Worth for June 2022 is 1,185.62 crores. The value has gone down by -7% from the previous quarter.

    As of June 2022, he is holding a stronghold in three stocks: Rain Industries Ltd., whose holding value is 409 crores, Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd., whose holding value is 354 crores, and Sunteck Realty Ltd., whose holding value is 496 crores.

    The portfolio is not very expanded into diverse sectors. Mohnish Pabrai has maintained fewer stocks in this portfolio all year.

    Mohnish Pabrai Portfolio – Conclusion

    The Portfolio of Mohnish Pabrai consists of very few stocks but all the stocks and investment in them are well though off. Every single stock is picked after proper scrutiny and thus each of the stocks generates such high returns.

    With just four stocks in the portfolio in 2017, he generated 222% of return which is incredible.

    Being a Warren Buffet fan and follower, he is very much involved in his stock picking and thus he can trun the table around with just few stocks in his portfolio.

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