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Seetha Kumari is a well-known stock market enthusiast and investor who has recently made a name for herself in the Indian stock market for her exceptional stock screening skills and the ways she has adopted for making investments. Her net worth has grown significantly over the years.

However, in the past quarter, the same dipped sharply as well. She has been investing in a few numbers of shares from the time she has started her investments and her stock picking is different from many ace investors but that has never affected her profits from the investments.

In this article, you will find the details about her, her career in investments and all about her investments in recent times and also from the past.

The article will take you through the various investment she made over the years, Seetha Kumari Portfolio and how her net worth grew over the last few years.

So, let us start with her career in investments and then dig into the insights of her latest and past investments and shareholdings

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About Seetha Kumari

Seetha Kumari’s latest portfolio is the mirror of what Seetha Kumari believes about investing in stock market. She never believed in investing a huge number of stocks but her stock-picking has always been limited to minimum number of shares which yields huge profit.

She has been one of the famous investors in recent times and most importantly one of the few women in the stock market who made a space for themselves in this male-dominated profession.

She has always been interested in the stock market from an early age and started investing as well at a young age. Her investments have always been on the point and the stocks she chooses, are always after thorough scrutiny and analysis.

In this article, now we will discuss the latest shareholdings in Seetha Kumari’s latest portfolio. Then we will go year-by-year for three consecutive years to analyze how she has invested in the past three years and how that affected her net worth.

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    Seetha Kumari Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    Seetha Kumari is a popular name in the stock market. Not to mention, she is well known as an investor, rather a passionate investor in the stock market. She has shown extraordinary stock screening skills while investing. This has led to the growth of her net worth.

    Seetha Kumari currently holds six stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 100.4 Cr. according to the corporate shareholdings filed for March 31, 2020.

    The top 3 stocks she holds currently are Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd., Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd., and Jindal Poly Films Ltd. Besides, she holds other stocks like Uflex Ltd., Khaitan (India) Ltd., Sandesh Ltd., and Universus Photo Imagings Ltd.

    Holdings in Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd

    The first shares in which the investor has invested her money into but holds 50.26% of the stakes of the company is in Hinduja Global Solutions. which is obviously the well-known brand.

    The shares of this company are currently trading at a price of Rs. 1303.80 per shares and the investor has 1941416 shares of the company which makes her investment in this company worth Rs. 86.04 Cr at present.

    Holdings in Jindal Poly Films Ltd

    The second stock that comes on the top of her profile is of Jindal Poly Films Ltd. The number of shares that Seetha Kumari has been holding of this company is close to 2052497 and that makes 43.01% of the company’s total stakes.

    The present market price of the shares of this firm is Rs. 1053.30 and that amounts to Rs. 192.75 crores of investment. She has reduced her holding in this share in the June 2022 quarter by 43.01% and that depicts her bearishness about this stock.

    Holdings in Sandesh Ltd

    The third share that is there in the portfolio of Seetha Kumari is of Sandesh Ltd. whose shares worth Rs. 702.95 at the stock market and the investor holds 147132 shares of the company after a deduction in the shareholding by 2.05%.

    These number of shares accounts for 2.05% of the stakes of the company. The total investment in this share at present worth Rs. 9.39 crores.

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    Seetha Kumari Portfolio in 2021

    Let’s have a look at the portfolio of Seetha Kumari in 2021. In this section, we will compare all the stocks she had in her portfolio in the year 2021.

    Starting with Universus Photo Imagings Ltd., in March 2021, she had a holding of 4.6% in the company. In December 2021, she decreased her holdings to 4.1%.

    Then comes Jindal Poly Films Ltd. As of March 2021, she had a holding of 4.5% in the company, and by December 2021, she increased her holdings by 0.2%, which left her with a 4.7% holding in the company.

    Next, we have Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd, and in March 2021, she had a holding of 3.7%, which increased to 3.9% in December 2021.

    In June 2021, she bought a 1.4% stake in Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd., which went up to 1.5% in December 2021.

    In companies like Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd., Sandesh Ltd., and Liberty Shoes Ltd., her holdings are below 1%. This was last recorded in December 2021.

    Seetha Kumari Portfolio in 2020

    In this section, we will review the portfolio holdings of Seetha Kumari in 2020. First, we will talk about Universus Photo Imagings Ltd.

    In March 2020, she had a holding of 4.5% in the company, and in June 2020, she increased her holdings to 4.6%, and as of December 2020, there was no further change in her holdings.

    Next, we have Jindal Poly Films Ltd. In March 2020, her holdings in the company were 4.5%. This increased to 4.7% in September 2020. After that, it finally changed to 4.9% in December 2020.

    The next company we are going to talk about is Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd. In March 2020, she had a holding of 3.9% in this company. After that, she dropped her holding to 3.4% in September 2020, and in December 2020, she increased her holding to 3.5%.

    In both companies, Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd. and Sandesh Ltd., she had a holding of 1.7% as of December 2020.

    Seetha Kumari Portfolio in 2019

    The Seetha Kumari Portfolio 2019 has been the result of many permutation and combination and most importantly, she has taken some major disinvestment decisions this year until now.

    Let us compare each of the shares that she has in her portfolio this year. Starting with the Hinduja Global shares, in the March quarter, the investor had Rs. 48.2 crores invested in this stock in its 3.81% of the stakes of the company.

    Then the market price of the shares of the company was Rs. 607.9 per share and in the June 2019 quarter, she dropped her stake in this company below 1% resulting in a massive decrease in her net worth as well.

    In this June 2019 quarter, the price of the Hinduja Global also dropped and presently the price is Rs. 605.35 per share. This might be one of the reasons for her decision behind dropping this IT share from her portfolio.

    The next share that she has invested her money in is Jindal Drilling & Industries which is an offshore drilling company and one of the subsidiaries of the famous Jindal group.

    In the March quarter, the investment in this share was increased by 0.69% and in June 2019, she held the same stake in the company and the investment vale also remained the same with a little decrease in the share price that is from Rs. 87.85, it dipped to Rs. 87.5 per share.

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    In addition to that, there is another Jindal Group share in the portfolio of Seetha Kumari and that is of Jindal Poly Films. Ltd. where she increased her investment in the March 2019 quarter by 1.18% and then decreased it by 0.17% in the June 2019 quarter.

    The investment in this share is at the highest in the portfolio at present. With the dip in the price of the share from Rs. 255.8 to Rs. 250 per share in the June quarter, the investment value also dipped from Rs. 445.7 crores to Rs. 42.7 crores and also owning to the decrease in the shareholding.

    The shares of Khaitan Ltd. has not been increased or decreased in the last quarter from the March quarter and until now there is Rs. 11 lakhs invested in this share.

    The other share is of Sandesh Ltd. where the investor increased the shareholding from the March quarter by 0.02%.

    There are two more quarters left for this year, up till now, the shareholdings of Seetha Kumari portfolio in this year has been like this.

    Seetha Kumari Portfolio in 2018

    In the Seetha Kumari Portfolio 2018, she had Hinduja Global as the top stock where she had more or less Rs. 40 crores invested all through the year.

    In the March quarter, Seetha Kumari increased her shareholding in this share by 0.12% which she reduced in the next quarter by 0.08%. In the first quarter, the investment worth Rs. 40.3 crores which dipped to Rs. 39.3 crores in the next quarter.

    Then in the September quarter, she again added 0.15% of the stakes of this company to her existing portfolio and the investment worth Rs. 41.2 crores at the time from this share, and in the December quarter of 2018, she again added 0.19% of the stakes to her portfolio of Hinduja and the investment worth Rs. 43.7 crores.

    In the September quarter of 2018, she added the stocks of Jindal Drilling & Industries Ltd. and then in the December quarter of the year, she increased her stake in this company by 0.1%.

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    Also, Seetha Kumari decreased 0.78% of the stakes in the Jindal Poly shares in the June 2018 quarter and the next two quarters, she increased the same by 0.2% and 0.06% respectively. At the end of the year 2018, the shareholding in Jindal Poly films worth Rs. 32.4 crores.

    She added the Khaitan shares to her portfolio in the March quarter of this year and invested Rs. 11 lakhs which she is maintaining up till now.

    And there has been no change in the shareholding of Sandesh Ltd. which is a media company with more than 90 years of history in shaping of Indian Economy.

    Seetha Kumari Portfolio in 2017

    This year, Seetha Kumari held almost the same shares that we discussed in the years 2018 and 2019. She had Hinduja Global in her portfolio and in this year also he altered her shareholding in this share a lot over all the quarters.

    In the March 2017 quarter she dipped the investment by 0.43% when the investment worth Rs. 16.2 crores. Then in the June 2017 quarter she increased her stakes in this company by 0.33% and then held 1.61% of the stakes and the investment worth Rs. 20.4 crores.

    Again in the September 2017 quarter she increased her stake by 1.04% to 2.65% of the company’s total stake and her investment worth Rs. 33.4 crores.

    At the end of 2017, her investment valued Rs. 38.8 crores when she increased her investment by 0.42% and reached 3.07% of the stakes of the company.

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    Moreover, she had shares of Vindhya Telelinks Ltd. this year. However, only data that is available for this share is in the month of March when the investor decreased her holding in this stock below 1% of the stake of the company and later on in June 2017, she completely removed the shares from her portfolio.

    Apart from these, there were shares of Jindal Poly Films and Sandesh Ltd. and Khaitan Ltd. In the December quarter of 2017, the stakes of Khaitan were sold off by the investor and her stakes in this share in the December quarter were less than 1%.

    What is Seetha Kumari’s Net Worth?

    Seetha Kumari Net Worth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Jun-22 427.6430%
    Mar-22 327.8-38%
    Dec-21 532.0610%
    Sep-21 479.5116%
    Jun-21 412.2837%
    Mar-21 298.8154%
    Dec-20 193.1830%
    Sep-20 148.6-2%
    Jun-20 153.0952%
    Mar-20 100.386%
    Dec-19 94.017%
    Sep-19 87.8282%
    Jun-19 48.07-52%

    Recently in March 2022, Seetha Kumaris’ net worth dropped to 327.8, which was a change of -38%. Then we see that in June 2022, her net worth increased to 427.64, which is a 30% change.

    The final report shows her July 2022 net worth, which stands at 451.78, and shows a change of 5% from the previous month.

    In March 2021, her net worth was 298.81 crores which is a 54% change compared to the previous year. In June 2021, her net worth was 412.28  which is an increase of 37% from the previous year.

    Then in September 2021, her net worth rose to 479.51, which means there is a change of 16%. In December 2021, her net worth was 532.06, which shows a change of 10% from the previous year.

    In March 2020, she started with 100.38 crores, and then it increased to 153.09, which was a 52% change. In December 2020, her net worth increased by 30%, which was 193.18 crores.

    Seetha Kumari Portfolio – Conclusion

    After going through the whole portfolio of Seetha Kumari and her latest shareholdings and the previous ones and also her net worth, it is evident that Seetha Kumari has been very particular about her investments.

    She is inclined to the well-known company’s stocks like Jindal and Hinduja and hardly invest in any unknown stocks.

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