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Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani is one of the names people look up to when discussing the greatest traders and investors in the country.

We’ll look at his investment journey and his holdings through this blog. This will help us understand his portfolio in a better manner.

The blog will also talk about the change in his net worth in the last 5 years.

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About Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani

Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani has a portfolio with nearly 6 public holdings as per the information generated from the recently published reports regarding his investments and holdings during the year 2020.

Comparing his current investments to the ones he made in the previous quarters leads us to a pattern showing how he has been a bold player in the market.

Given the current scenario, IT and Pharma are undoubtedly two of the best sectors for investment. However, when we talk about Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani, we realize there is no single holding from the sectors mentioned above.

This is because he has never had the above sectors in his portfolio.

One must be wondering, if not these, then what sectors does he invest in. Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani is known to invest his money in the lesser-known sectors.

Therefore, before making any investment, there is a lot of research to analyze the companies.

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    Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani Latest Portfolio & Holdings

    Now that we have understood his preference and investment ideologies let us look at his recent holdings.

    According to the quarter December 2021, Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani held a portfolio with 6 public holdings.

    The portfolio’s net worth amounted to a total of 554 crore rupees. Among these 6 holdings, he has put a major chunk of his money in the three stocks mentioned below.

    Holdings in Kama Holdings Ltd.

    Kama Holdings is the greatest investment in Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani’s portfolio in terms of monetary value.

    He holds a 4.8% stake in the company’s total share capital, which leads to a total of 310,158 shares, amounting to a net value of 331.9 crore rupees presently.

    Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani had Kama Holdings in his portfolio since 2015 when he purchased a 4.9% stake in the company, and since then, he has diluted this stake by merely 0.1%.

    Holdings in Nalwa Sons Investment Ltd.

    Nalwa Sons Investment Ltd is another company in which Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani holds a significant stake.

    Going by the reports from the recent quarter of December 2021, he has a 3.6% stake in the company’s total share capital.

    The stake equals 182,621 shares that are worth more than 30.4 crore rupees. Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani has maintained a constant stake of 3.6% in the company for the last 2 years.

    The only time changed his stake in the company was in December 2019, when he increased it by 0.6, changing it from 3% to 3.6%.

    Holdings in Uflex Ltd.

    Another major holding that forms a significant part of Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani’s portfolio is Uflex Ltd.

    As per the reports of the recent quarter, i.e., December 2021, he holds a 3.4% stake in the firm.

    This stake is equivalent to a total share count of 2,431,419 that amounts to more than 124 crore rupees.

    Uflex is a company in which Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani has constantly been investing.

    In the last 2 years, he has increased his stake in the company from 1.7% to 3.4% depicting his trust in the company.

    Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani Portfolio in 2020

    The first quarter of 2020 proved to be a devastating phase for the financial markets, due to which we witnessed a fall in almost every major portfolio.

    During the year 2020, Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani had 6 holdings in his portfolio worth 248 crores, out of which the major ones were:

    • Kama Holdings Ltd, 4.8%
    • Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd, 3.6%
    • Deccan Cements Ltd, 2.9%
    • Uflex Ltd, 2.8%

    Among these 4 holdings, Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani maintained a constant stake in Kama Holdings and Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd throughout the year.

    However, he diluted his stake by 0.3% in Deccan Cements and added another 1% stake in Uflex Ltd.

    Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani Portfolio in 2019

    In 2019, Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani held 6 shares in his portfolio that amounted to a total net worth of over 240 crore rupees.

    Out of these 3 holdings, he had put a major chunk of his money and had a significant stake in the companies mentioned below:

    • Kama Holdings Ltd, 4.8%
    • Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd, 3.6%
    • Deccan Cements Ltd, 3.2%
    • Polyplex Corporation Ltd, 2.1%

    He increased his stake in Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd by nearly 0.6% while reducing his stake in Polyplex Corporation Ltd by 0.8.

    Other than this, there were no significant changes made by Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani in his portfolio in 2019.

    Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani Portfolio in 2018

    In 2018, Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani owned a portfolio with 7 holdings that amounted to a net worth of nearly 250 crore rupees.

    Even though the number of holdings in 2018 was higher, the major holdings were still the same.

    • Kama Holdings Ltd, 4.8%
    • Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd, 3.0%
    • Deccan Cements Ltd, 2.8%
    • Polyplex Corporation Ltd, 2.8%

    However, his stake in these holdings was different from the years 2019 and 2020.

    In 2018, he dissolved a significant stake in Polyplex Corporation Ltd from 4.1% to 2.8%.

    Apart from this, there were no major changes in the portfolio.

    What is Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani’s Net Worth?

    Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani’s Networth
    QuarterNet worth(Cr)Change%
    Mar-18 235.09-1%
    Jun-18 225.33-4%
    Sep-18 261.916%
    Dec-18 249.57-4%
    Mar-19 268.217%
    Jun-19 251.35-6%
    Sep-19 221.86-11%
    Dec-19 241.328%
    Mar-20 155.57-35%
    Jun-20 191.623%
    Sep-20 179.91-6%
    Dec-20 248.137%
    Mar-21 253.372%
    Jun-21 358.0141%
    Sep-21 465.8130%
    Dec-21 440.08-5%

    We have the following table to understand and analyze Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani’s net worth over the years.

    The table mentioned below talks about the change in Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani’s net worth in the last 5 years, along with the significant financial quarters in his investment journey.

    As the table depicts, the net worth of Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani increased gradually over the years.

    He lost nearly 30% portfolio value, but they were balanced by the subsequent quarters.

    His net worth increased from 159 crores at year end 2015 to 440 crores at year end 2021.

    Know more on Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani’s Networth

    In the first quarter of 2016, Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani lost 22% of his net worth, but it was recovered later as a result of which his net worth at the end of the year was 192 crores.

    A year after that, in Dec 2017, he had one of the most profitable quarters of his career with 26% profit, and his net worth jumped to 238 crores.

    The next two years proved to be quite mediocre, and there was no significant change in the net worth of Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani.

    However, in March 2021, his portfolio hit nearly 35% due to covid and dropped down to 155 crores.

    As mentioned earlier, with the recovery of the financial markets, many portfolios recovered, and the same was the case with Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani.

    By the year 2020, his portfolio reached 248 crores.

    This marked the beginning of the most profitable year of Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani as his net worth shot up from 248 crores to 553 crores presently.

    Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani Portfolio – Conclusion

    As discussed previously, the present net worth of Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani is close to 553 crore rupees. He has a portfolio with 6 public holdings.

    The ones with a major stake are Kama Holdings Ltd, Nalwa Sons Investment Ltd, and Uflex Ltd. Pharma and IT are the two sectors in which Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani has not invested.

    However, he loves investing in lesser-known sectors and generates huge profits from those investments.

    As a result, the growth of Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani has been consistent and noteworthy.

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