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Best Trading Platform in India – List of Top 10 Stock Trading Platforms of 2024

Last Updated Date - Jan 02, 2024

Check out the list of Best Trading Platform in India. The Indian stock market has witnessed a boom in the last few years.

Furthermore, it has also seen increasing investor interest and increasing inflows. Along with this, investors are also becoming more educated.

Therefore, they are now looking to make stock trades independently. For this, they must rely on trading platforms.

A trading platform is an online portal that uses technology to undertake trades on behalf of its users.

These platform operates on a networked system and are often available for free or at nominal prices to their users.

There are several trading platforms in India. Apart from executing trades, these platforms offer various value-added services as well.

This makes them more attractive to investors. In this article, we help you select the best online trading platform. This selection is basis several different specified criteria.

Best Trading Platforms in India - List of Top 10 Trading Platforms of 2022

Top 10 Trading Platforms in India

We have carried out a study to find the best online trading platform in India. The platforms have been assessed based on certain relevant parameters.

Basis these we have tabulated the top 10 trading platforms of 2021 in India today along with their ratings:

Rank Broker Name Ratings
1 Zerodha Kite 3 9.66 / 10
2 Upstox Pro Web 9.48 / 10
3 Groww Trading Platform 9.46 / 10
4 Angel One Speed Pro 9.35 / 10
5 5Paisa Trade Station 9.23 / 10
6 Kotak Keat Pro X 9.10 / 10
7 Sharekhan Trade Tiger 9.06 / 10
8 Motila Oswal MO Web Trader 9.02 / 10
9 IIFL Trading Platform 8.95 / 10
10 ICICI Trade Racer Web 8.75 / 10

In addition to the tabulated top stock trading platforms, some more trading platforms have also ranked well in our study. We will discuss those platforms in the later half of the article.

The parameters used for this assessment or ranking are:

  1. Super-fast trading
  2. Bulk trade processing
  3. Trading without errors
  4. World-class features
  5. Easy to use
  6. Charts & tools
  7. Research & advisory

With the help of these parameters, we have made the ranking list & you can check each of these trading platforms in detail & then finalize the best trading terminal of your choice.

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    Zerodha Kite 3 – Best Trading Platform in India

    The Zerodha Kite 3 is a web platform. It can also be accessed on both your desktop and through mobile apps. It is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

    Zerodha Kite 3 - Best Trading Platform in India

    In recent years, Zerodha has become famous for its low brokerage services. One of its mainstays is that it can carry out trades at lightning speeds.

    It also executes high volumes of trades every day making it very suitable for bulk trade processing.

    Top Features of Zerodha Kite Kite 3

    Zerodha is also equipped with several world-class features. These include:

    • Customer support – a well-equipped customer support service makes troubleshooting easy. This allows users to enjoy a hassle-free trade experience.
    • Easy to navigate interface – quick access to all tabs of the platform makes it very easy to use as well. These tabs include portfolio holding, trade tab, charts tab, etc
    • Watchlist feature – you can add up to 100 scrips to this watchlist
    • …. And many more

    All in all, Zerodha gives users, including newbies a smooth and hassle-free trading experience. Thus, making it the best trading platform in India.

    Upstox Pro Web – Best Stock Trading Platform

    The next on our list of best stock trading platforms is the Upstox Pro Web. Upstox too can be accessed through your mobile device & desktop via web browser.

    Upstox Pro Web - Best Stock Trading Platform

    Once an account is created, it can be easily accessed by simply putting in your login ID and password.

    The Upstox trading platform provides users with an interface that allows for super quick trade execution.

    Furthermore, this is complemented by a trading experience that is devoid of trading errors.

    Just like Zerodha, in Upstox too you can process bulk trades easily and quickly. Thus, making it an ideal choice for traders.

    Top Features of Upstox Pro Web

    Upstox also offers an array of features that include:

    • Trading across NSE, BSE, and MCX exchanges. This means you can trade in stocks and commodities simultaneously through the same platform
    • Creation of several different watchlists. This means you can manage different trades for different purposes simultaneously
    • Real-time information of all stocks and trades. Thus, keeping you in control of your portfolio, trades, and open positions.
    • Incorporation of updates in market-related news. This keeps you relevant in the market.
    • Easy navigation – giving you single-point access to search across asset classes

    All of this puts Upstox in the second rank of the top 10 trading platforms in India.

    Groww Trading Platform – Top Trading Platforms in India

    Groww trading platform is one the best online trading platforms today. Users can access Groww through a simple online application.

    Groww Trading Platform - Top Trading Platforms in India

    It is a completely paperless exercise. Furthermore, your account is created within minutes.

    Groww executes a large volume of trades for its users and at lightning speeds. As per user experience, the trades are also executed fairly free of errors.

    Top Features of Groww Trading Platform

    Groww offers several value-add features to its users:

    User assistance – Groww gives users recommendations on the asset type to choose. This is done based on user-defined criteria

    Inbuilt calculators – The platform also incorporates mutual fund calculators that help calculate the expected returns from your investments.

    These can also calculate the investments required to achieve your decided goals.

    Easy buy and sell – Groww has a ‘one-click’ trade interface allowing for quick and easy trades.

    Technical analysis tools – Incorporates several tools and charts that help you to research your trades.

    High level of security – The web security offered by Groww is very high. It applies a 128-bit SSL Encryption technique to ensure your data and trades are secure.

    Groww is thus equipped with all world-class features and benefits. This has made Groww occupy a high position in our search for the top trading platforms in India.

    Angel One Speed Pro – Best Trading Platform

    The Angel One Speed Pro has been around for many years. Being previously known as Angel Broking.

    Angel One Speed Pro - Best Trading Platform

    What first began as a trading broker has now also launched its online trading platform. Angel One is one of the most widely used trading platforms with over 1 crore users.

    Top Features of Angel One Speed Pro

    This trading platform has several features that make it one of the best trading platforms for beginners. These features include:

    Superfast trading – This ensures high-speed processing of your trades. It also supports bulk trade processing well.

    Trading across asset classes – Investors can trade-in equity, funds, commodities, currencies, and even IPOs through a single interface

    Multiple accounts support – Investors can access and manage multiple family accounts through a single trade login at one place

    Research database – The Angel one platform also incorporates in-depth research tools including technical charts for ease of use of traders.

    The platform also provides research tips and investing ideas for the benefit of investors.

    High-security features – Angel one also ensures the security of your data and trade. It does not share any of users’ confidential information with third parties.

    All of these features make Angel One Speed Pro one of the best trading platforms.

    5Paisa Trade Station – Stock Trading Platforms

    The next ranked amongst the stock trading platforms is the 5Paisa trade Station.5Paisa Trade Station - Stock Trading Platforms

    This portal is relatively new but is amongst the fastest-growing trading platforms in India. Its super-fast trade processing and ease of use are some of the factors contributing to its fast growth.

    Top Features of 5Paise Trade Station

    5Paisa has provided various beneficial services within its platform, it includes:

    Single interface for all your investments – It has an easy-to-use, single-click interface. From this interface, you can trade across asset classes. You can also access your entire portfolio in one go.

    Charting features – It also incorporates all value-add features such as charts and other analytical tools, trade reports, etc.

    Advisory service – It also has a unique advisory service. It carries out in-depth research across scrips to provide users with intelligent stock tips.

    Its advanced charting also generates considerable intra-day and derivatives trading leads.

    Assists user planning – Investors can also set up their investment plans through their unique auto-debit feature. This feature allows investors to set up SIPs for their investments.

    Finschool – Provides step-by-step training to users to learn to trade in stocks and derivatives

    Kotak Securities Keat Pro X – Best Investment Platform

    Being established in 1994, Kotak securities is one of the oldest and most popular amongst the Top 10 trading platforms. It has over 2.5 million users in India.

    Kotak Securities Keat Pro X - Best Investment Platform

    It is free to use the platform and has one of the lowest brokerage charges. Being a very robust platform, it is well suited for bulk trade processing.

    Top Features of Kotak Keat Pro X

    It has an advanced trading terminal that incorporates several trades and investing features such as:

    Fast and error-free trading – Due to its well-developed trading platform

    One platform for all – A single gateway to your trades and investments across asset classes

    Kotak Trade API – It includes several trading tools such as charts and technical analysis. Market data is live-streamed on a real-time basis.

    Thus, making this platform effective for traders. It is easy to use interface that allows users to customize their trade panel. This can include setting target price, stop loss, auto-execution, etc.

    Advanced research capabilities – It also has an efficient research department. This department focuses on carrying out in-depth research on scrips.

    Basis this fundamental and technical research, Kotak securities provides several stock tips and investment ideas to its users.

    Advanced security measures – It also has a high level of security features for the safety of all users. All of this makes Kotak Securities amongst the top investment platforms in the country.

    Sharekhan Trade Tiger – Best Share Trading Terminals in India

    Sharekhan Trade Tiger is a platform put together by BNP Paribas.Sharekhan Trade Tiger - Best Share Trading Terminals in India

    It was established in the year 2000. It is a trade-cum-investment solution that is known for its error-free trading abilities.

    Top Features of Sharekhan Trade Tiger

    Due to its high-quality features, it is used by over 2.5 million Indians:

    Trading across asset classes and products – This includes equity, mutual funds, futures and options, intraday as well as investment advisory portfolio products.

    Trading charts and tools – It incorporates several trading charts and tools such as candlestick, retracement line, Bollinger band, etc within its platform.

    Their charting capabilities are constantly being innovated upon. Thus, they regularly keep adding more charts to their platform.

    In-person assistance – They also have a physical presence in over 600 cities through more than 3000 centers. Due to this, they can provide in-person assistance to their traders and investors.

    These aspects make it one of the best share trading terminals in India.

    The USP of Sharekhan that has made it one of the best investment platforms is:

    Robust research capabilities – Its in-house research team carries out in-depth fundamental, technical research on equity. It also specializes in mutual fund research.

    Sharekhan carries out knowledge sharing and networking events as well, to benefit investors.

    Motilal Oswal MO Web Trader – Top Share Trading Platforms

    The next ranked in our quest for which is the Best Share Trading Platform – Motilal Oswal MO Web Trader.

    Motilal Oswal MO Web Trader - Top Share Trading PlatformsMotilal Oswal is a renowned financial services provider. Its focus is thus on its research and advisory capabilities.

    Top Features of Motilal Oswal MO Web Trader

    It has developed a world-class trading platform for users to trade across asset classes. Its special features include:

    Established track record of high speed and error-free trading – Making it a popular choice for traders.

    Leader in its charting capabilities – It has over 40 plus technical indicators within its platform. It also provides customized tools for traders.

    Through this, they can track their positions and orders to understand performance.

    High investment focus as well – Apart from trading, Motilal Oswal is also focused on investing. It allows investors to create multiple-asset watchlists.

    It includes several other key parameters apart from just price within the same single screen.

    High-level research expertise – With 30 plus years of research expertise, Motilal Oswal provides more than 80,000 research reports.

    These cover more than 100 scrips, in 45+ sectors. It also provides you with several custom investment strategies basis your various investment needs.

    IIFL Trading Platform – Top Online Trading Platforms

    IIFL finds its place on the list of top 10 share trading platforms in India primarily due to the world-class features it offers.IIFL Trading Platform - Top Online Trading Platforms

    India Infoline is primarily a portfolio management services company. Therefore, it has incorporated a trading platform as well for the benefit of its customers.

    IIFL is a well-designed and easy-to-use platform that provides high-speed trade processing to users.

    Top Features of IIFL Trading Platform

    Its notable user features include:

    All-in-one dashboard – Its world-class features include an all-in-one dashboard that gives you access to all tabs of the platform at one go.

    Custom watchlist – It includes a customizable watchlist option to better users’ trading experience. The watchlists have a price alert feature.

    Through this, you will receive push notifications for your chosen stocks. Ensuring you do not miss any trading opportunity.

    PMS specialty – Portfolio management services being its specialty, it incorporates several research offerings on its platform.

    These may take the shape of in-depth research reports or trade recommendations. IIFL also has advanced charting and technical analysis tools for the benefit of traders.

    Super secure portal – IIFL is an extremely secure portal and it has a 4-digit MPIN access system for its users.

    It is amongst the highest user-rated online trading platforms in the country.

    ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web – Best Stock Trading Platform in India

    The Bank Group of ICICI is one of the largest companies in the financial services business in India.ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web - Best Stock Trading Platform in India

    ICICI Direct provides one of the top web trading platforms in India through a platform called – Trade racer.

    Top Features of ICICI Direct Trade Racer

    Through this, it assists traders to execute their trades seamlessly. Its service offerings include:

    Customisation – Allows traders to customize their trading parameters. It also incorporates a trend scanner tool to assist traders in their technical analysis.

    Market tracker – With a real-time and in-depth market tracker, it provides data on several trading aspects.

    This includes information on trending stocks, top stocks on various parameters, bulk deals, volumes of trade, heat map, etc.

    Grid view Charting – ICICI Direct platform allows both stock and fund investments through the same portal.

    Thus, investors can invest in different asset classes in their portfolios through a single platform. Its grid view features also allow a snapshot all-in-one view of an investors’ portfolio.

    Its focus on developing a robust platform has made it one of the best stock trading platforms in India.

    Honorable Mentions of Best Free Trading Platforms

    Although they did not make it to the top 10, there are some more trading platforms that we would like to mention.

    These are amongst the largest trading platforms in the country and have made it to our honorable mentions list. These include:

    HDFC Securities Blink is very popular among investors as it has a continuously updated research section to help investors.

    It also has a unique referral program to attract investors. It has also recently included a global investment capability – which allows investors to invest globally

    Axis Direct Swift Trader has a 3-in-1 concept – Banking, Demat and stock trading account all in one

    SBI Smart Express includes SBI Smart Xpress primarily for bulk traders

    Edelweiss TX3 Terminal is a fast and easy to use trading platform with excellent research capabilities

    SMC Easy Trade is an all-in-one portal for NSE, BSE, and MCX

    We shall now understand the parameters that have been used in assigning the rankings to the above platforms:

    Best Trading Platform providing Superfast Trading

    The first parameter that we have used to assess the best trading platform is ‘Super-fast trading’.

    Trading involves buying and selling of shares, units of funds, or commodities across stock exchanges. Traders tend to execute several such trades in a single trading day.

    Furthermore, the price at which these trades take place is key for traders. Prices in the stock exchange can change every second.

    The price that is available for stock now may not be so available after a few seconds.

    This makes super-fast trade processing extremely essential. Else traders may lose out on their trade opportunities which can cause them losses.

    Super-fast trading essentially means that the trade order put in gets accepted and processed practically instantly and without any time lag.

    Therefore, trading platforms must be able to execute buy and sell trades within seconds for them to be considered effective.

    These platforms that have scored high on this parameter of super-fast trading have been shortlisted within the top 10 ranks.

    Top 10 Trading Platform processing Bulk Trades

    Profit margin in intraday and derivative trading tends to be low. Thus, regular traders whose business is stock trading, often carry out trades at huge volumes.

    They may want to execute trades across hundreds of different scrips within a single day.

    They may also need to execute trades with high volumes and at high turnovers to make sizeable profits.

    Thus, trading platforms must be able to process and execute these bulk trades.

    If a portal is unable to handle such bulk trades and faces lags and system hangs, traders may face operational difficulties and may also suffer losses.

    Thus, bulk trade processing capability is one of the important features that a trading terminal must have.

    Bulk trade processing is thus one of the considerations in assessing the top 10 trading platforms.

    Top Share Trading Terminal in India works without Errors

    Every second counts in stock trading. Prices tend to be volatile, making timely and correct execution of trades important.

    Traders generally have a trading plan in place. This includes various prices such as buy price; target sell price and stop-loss price.

    Target price is the price at which they want to book profits.

    Stop loss price is the price at which they will exit trades to cut their losses. For each stock, a trader will set up this trading plan.

    For a trading platform to be effective, it must be able to execute these trades without errors.

    If for example, the platform misses the stop-loss price of the trader, he may suffer huge losses.

    If on the other hand, trade is not executed by the platform at the target price the trader may lose profit.

    Thus, for a good user experience, trading without errors is important.

    Trading platforms that have a considerable record of trading without errors can rank amongst the top share trading terminals in India.

    Top 10 Stock Trading Platform in India with World-Class Features

    The Top 10 share trading platforms in India also offer several world classes features to their users.

    These features can include:

    • Education for investors – They incorporate several blogs and articles on topics relevant to trading and markets. In doing so investors are continuously educated about various aspects of trading.
    • New and updates – Several of these platforms also have a segment dedicated to news. They provide daily news updates on all relevant matters such as markets, economy, legislation, etc. This helps users to make informed decisions about their investments and trades.
    • Watchlist tracking – The platforms allow users to create several watchlists for different investing purposes. These can incorporate 100s of scrips. Through watchlists, users can track the scrips on a real-time basis on a snapshot basis.
    • Portfolio at your fingertips
    • Reports – Users can extract several types of reports. These include their order book, trade book, open positions, dividend income report, capital gains/loss report, etc.
    • Charts and tools – Platforms incorporate several Technical charts and analytical tools which assist in user research. This parameter has been explained in detail in subsequent paragraphs.

    Top Trading Platform in India that are Easy to Use

    The key purpose of a trading platform is to help stock traders or investors execute trades independently without having to rely on brokers.

    Thus, they must be easy to use to be effective. For an online trading platform to be easy to use, it must have an easy-to-navigate user interface.

    Trading Terminals generally include grid views or all-in-one dashboards to make them user-friendly.

    Well-designed, easy to navigate with self-explanatory tabs is essential.

    The top 10 trading platforms in India have been considered on the ‘easy to use’ parameter as this is what makes a favorite amongst investors.

    Best Platform for Trading providing Charts & Tools

    Traders use several technical analysis tools to determine their trading plan. They analyze their selected stock basis these technical parameters to make decisions.

    The decisions include setting buy price, target price, stop-loss price, etc. To decide these price levels, several advanced charting methods are included.

    These Intraday Indicators include MACD, Bollinger band, relative strength index, spread charts, etc. The best platform for trading includes several or all of these charts to help traders.

    Many may also include a feature of customizable charts wherein traders can set up their parameters to draw up charts.

    Best Stock Trading Platform for Research & Advisory

    Investors and traders can become successful only if they make the right investing decisions.

    The trading platforms generally have a team of experts. These experts carry out in-depth research on stocks and markets.

    Basis this research they release research reports. They also provide periodic stock tips and recommendations.

    The better the research and advisory capabilities of a platform the better services it can provide to its investors.

    Thus, this parameter has been considered while assessing the best stock trading platform.

    Best Trading Platform – Conclusion

    All in all, we have carried out a detailed study of all trading platforms in India on each of these 7 parameters.

    Depending on how they perform on each of these parameters they have been assigned a rating.

    The ratings are then accumulated and considered to rank the best trading platforms.

    Users can individually assess each of these platforms. Basis their requirements, they can choose what suits them.

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